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Vigiliae Christianae, ISSN 0042-6032, 04/2014, Volume 68, Issue 2, pp. 178 - 191
Abstract Justin Martyr reports (and rejects) the curious argument that the practice of prayer is mutually exclusive with God's providential care for individual... 
Greek philosophy | Justin Martyr | Providence | prayer | Platonism | Stoicism | RELIGION
Journal Article
Vigiliae Christianae, ISSN 0042-6032, 04/2014, Volume 68, Issue 2, pp. 178 - 191
Abstract Justin Martyr reports (and rejects) the curious argument that the practice of prayer is mutually exclusive with God’s providential care for individual... 
Journal Article
by Peden, Carol J and Stephens, Tim and Martin, Graham and Kahan, Brennan C and Thomson, Ann and Rivett, Kate and Wells, Duncan and Richardson, Gerry and Kerry, Sally and Bion, Julian and Pearse, Rupert M and Pearse, Rupert and Peden, Carol and Stephens, Tim and Bion, Julian and Martin, Graham and Thomson, Ann and Kahan, Brennan and Kerry, Sally and Rivett, Kate and Wells, Duncan and Richardson, Gerry and Brett, Stephen and Ackland, Gareth and Grocott, Mike and Holt, Peter and Robert, Glenn and Ukoumunne, Obioha and Waring, Justin and Everingham, Kirsty and Phull, Mandeep and Cromwell, David and Evley, Rachel and Lilford, Richard and Kocman, David and Asaria, Miqdad and Tarrant, Carolyn and Yang, Fan and Abraham, Ajit and Bothma, Pieter and Conway, Daniel and Stapleton, Clare and Edwards, Mark and Minto, Gary and Saunders, David and Owen, Tom and Waldmann, Carl and Hayden, Paul and Gillies, Michael and Tighe, Sean and Smith, Neil and Mythen, Monty and Murray, David and Lobo, Dileep and Leuwer, Martin and Kirk-Bayley, Justin and Howell, Simon and Gordon, Anthony and Anderson, Iain and Lourtie, Jose and Walker, Simon and Drake, Sharon and Murray, Dave and Watson, Nick and Szakmany, Tamas and Sutcliffe, Robert and Mahajan, Ravi and Girling, Alan and Forbes, Gordon and Faiz, Omar and Blunt, Mark and Singh, Surjait and Steel, Alistair and Wong, Kate and Cabreros, Leilani and Chitre, Vivek and Obideyi, Ayodele and Ali, Dhiraj and Blenk, Karl and Broad, Dan and Brodbeck, Andreas and Dumpala, Rajesh and Engel, Arnth and Ganepola, Ranjit and Garg, Sudha and Gay, Mike and Karlikowsk, Michael and Lams, Edward and Millican, Dean and Misane, Inga and Mull, Ajaya and Naik, Veena and Pushpa, Nathan and Nutt, Chris and Sagadai, Saravanna and Stuart, Hazel and Noble, Paul and Van De Velde, Niko and Hudson, Liam and Benlloch, Raoul and ... and Enhanced Peri-Operative Care for High-risk patients (EPOCH) trial group
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 06/2019, Volume 393, Issue 10187, pp. 2213 - 2221
Journal Article
Journal of Medical Internet Research, ISSN 2292-9495, 10/2018, Volume 20, Issue 10, p. e28
Persuasive design is an approach that seeks to change the behaviors of users. In primary care, clinician behaviors and attitudes are important precursors to... 
Health care | User interface | Data collection | Persuasive systems design framework | Persuasive design | Data accuracy | Data entry
Journal Article
Journal Article
Liver Transplantation, ISSN 1527-6465, 12/2019, Volume 25, Issue 12, pp. 1833 - 1840
Liver grafts from donation after circulatory death (DCD) are a source of organs to decrease wait‐list mortality. While there have been lower rates of graft... 
Journal Article
NATURE REVIEWS DRUG DISCOVERY, ISSN 1474-1776, 04/2015, Volume 14, Issue 4, pp. 229 - 229
Journal Article
by Ahmadi, Emad and Namati, Jacqueline and Blair, Parry and Padole, Atul and Chico-Calero, Isabel and Lev, Michael and Lee, Jarone and Hamblin, Michael and Vakoc, Benjamin and Yung, Lok and Romero, Angelica and Santiago, Tiffany and Guber, Kenneth and Kastuar, Shivani and Nguyen, Nhuquynh and Wu, Yu-Kuang and Carmel, Jason and Spungen, Ann and Bauman, William and Ziebell, Jenna and Harrison, Jordan and Law, Matthew and Adelson, David and Lifshitz, Jonathan and Kulich, Danielle and Austin, Scarlett and Kranz, Victoria and Houle, John and Mountney, Andrea and Mendelev, Natalia and Mendelev, Natalia and Ge, Yongchao and Shear, Deborah and Haghighi, Fatemeh and Ichkova, Aleksandra and Bessy, Thomas and Bertrand, Sandrine and Badaut, Jerome and Kurpad, Shekar and Schmit, Brian and Muftuler, L. Tugan and Budde, Matthew and Mullah, Saad and Mullah, Saad and Lashof-Sullivan, Margaret and Mehalick, Melissa and Mehalick, Melissa and Shaughness, Michael and Mccarron, Richard and Ahlers, Stephen and Ahlers, Stephen and Ahlers, Stephen and Benner, Brooke and Muccigrosso, Megan and McKim, Daniel and Fenn, Ashley and Lifshitz, Jonathan and Eiferman, Daniel and Godbout, Jonathan and Holmes, Gregory and Aceves, Miriam and Okoreeh, Andre and Okoreeh, Andre and Terminel, Mabel N and Aceves, Alejandro R and Hook, Michelle A and VanRooyen, Jenna and Patel, Samir and Patel, Samir and Mashburn, Charles and Eldahan, Khalid and Cox, David and Sullivan, Patrick and Rabchevsky, Alexander and Rabchevsky, Alexander and Dixit, Shilpi and Boon, Wah Chin and O'Brien, Terence and O'Brien, Terence and Furones, Concepcion and Gurney, Mark and Dietrich, W. Dalton and Dietrich, W. Dalton and Atkins, Coleen and Adewole, Dayo and Browne, Kevin and Browne, Kevin and Petrov, Dmitriy and Struzyna, Laura and Struzyna, Laura and Cullen, D. Kacy and Cullen, D. Kacy and Cullen, D. Kacy and Cullen, D. Kacy and Cullen, D. Kacy and Oh, Byung-Mo and Wang, Zhensheng and Conley, Yvette and Failla, Michelle and Kumar, Raj and ...
Journal of Neurotrauma, ISSN 0897-7151, 07/2016, Volume 33, Issue 13, pp. A-1 - A-139
Journal Article
by Jampol, Lee M and Glassman, Adam R and Liu, Danni and Aiello, Lloyd Paul and Bressler, Neil M and Duh, Elia J and Quaggin, Susan and Wells, John A and Wykoff, Charles C and Browning, David and Antoszyk, Andrew N and Price, Angela K and Fredenberg, Sherry L and Herby, Jenna T and Fleming, Christina J and McClain, Ashley A and Ennis, Sarah A and Gallagher, Kelly R and Karow, Angella S and Grupp, Autumn C and Puskas, Danielle and Watson, Lynn and Bojaj, Swann J and Balasubramaniam, Uma M and McClain, Donna and Styles, Donna R and Kuopus, Jeff A and Kimrey, Kathryn and Clark, Loraine M and Jackson, Lisa A and McOwen, Michael D and Dunlap, Matt and Held, Susannah J and Pieramici, Dante J and Nasir, Ma'an A and Castellarin, Alessandro A and Dhoot, Dilsher and Fishbein, Sarah and Giust, Jack and Wan, Lisha and Hanna, Michelle S and Rabena, Melvin D and Smith, Jerry and Bone, Layne J and Avery, Kelly and Giust, Matthew and Walker, Aimee and Shook, Aimee H and Esau, Sara and Ruvalcaba, Nitce L and Wells, John A and Clark, W. Lloyd and Johnson, David L and Payne, John F and Swinford, Tiffany R and Taylor, Mallie M and Garrison, Cassandra L and Miller, Peggy D and Houlahan, Amber R and O'Neill, Charlotte A and Floyd, Ashley and Parker, Crystal C and Sease, Courtney and Graham, Tara and Spencer, Robin and Ogbuewu, Tiffany N and Studebaker, Ashley and Huggins, Tyler and Spivey, Robbin and Jones, Brian and Williams, Ashley and Petty, Ron and Poston, Erin L and Ward, G. Michael and Baker, Carl W and Tilford, Ron H and Caldwell, Tracey M and Lambert, Lynnette F and Palmer, Mary J and Martin, Tracey R and Williams, Tana R and Kettler, Samantha and Camp, Alecia B and Silva, Paolo S and Arrigg, Paul G and Sharuk, George S and Shah, Sabera T and Sun, Jennifer K and Westerfeld, Corey and Andreoli, Christopher Michael and Aiello, Lloyd Paul and Schlossman, Deborah and Murtha, Timothy and Kwak, Hanna and Flores, Flor M and Stockman, Margaret E and Kieser, Troy and Krigman, Michael N and Bestourous, Leila and Weimann, Elizabeth S and ... and Diabetic Retinopathy Clinical Research Network and Diabet Retinopathy Clinical Res Ne
Ophthalmology, ISSN 0161-6420, 07/2018, Volume 125, Issue 7, pp. 1054 - 1063
Journal Article