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Journal Article
by Adair, Linda S and Kuhn, Louise and Matare, Cynthia R and Tavengwa, Naume V and Stoltzfus, Rebecca J and Berbari, Linda Shaker and Ochoa, Theresa J and Ramani, Sasirekha and Hu, Liya and Yu, Ying and Smith, David F and Cummings, Richard and Estes, Mary K and Hinde, Katie and Scelza, Brooke and Valeggia, Claudia and Jasienska, Grazyna and Hinde, Katie and Klein, Laura D and Martin, Melanie and Guiterrez, Sarah and Wren, Hilary M and Solomons, Noel W and Scott, Dr. Marilyn E and G. Koski, Dr. Kristine and Baker, Jean and Tharaney, Manisha and Sanghvi, Tina and Nguyen, Tuan and Abebe, Yewelsew and McAuliffe, Corey and Broe-Vayda, Jessica and Hackett, Kristy and McGuire, Michelle and McGuire, Mark and Bode, Lars and Geddes, Donna Tracy and Cannon, Anna Maria and Hartmann, Peter Edwin and Pundir, Shikha and Thorstensen, EB and Linderborg, KM and Wall, CR and Hadsell, Louise A and Olea, Walter and Rijnkels, Monique and Prentice, Ann and Goldberg, Gail R and Billing, Georgia and Wu, Jianhua and Cole, Darren and Prentice, Ann and Rasmussen, Kathleen and Hopkins, Ann and Neville, Margaret and Talhouk, Rabih S and Bazzoun, Dana and H.A, Adissu and Groer, Maureen and Ashmeade, Terri and Dishaw, Larry and Gilbert, Jack and Koletzko, Berthold and Hellmuth, Christian and Kirchberg, Franca F and Castillejo, Gemma and Korponay-Szabo, Ilma R and Polanco, Isabel and Werkstetter, Katharina and Mearin, M. Luisa and Grunewald, Maria and Uhl, Olaf and Ong, Ken and Donovan, Sharon M and Musaad, Salma M and Shukri, Nurul Husna M and Wells, Jonathan and Fewtrell, Mary and Louis-Jacques, Adetola and Louis-Jacques, Adetola and Berglund, Anders and Romero, Stephanie and Qureshey, Emma and Abunamous, Yasir and Twigger, Alecia-Jane and Kakulas, Foteini and Mildon, Alison and Brandt, Amelia and Brandt, Amelia and Oria, Oscar Serrano and Engstrom, Janet and Szotek, Jennifer and Wicks, Jennifer and Meier, Paula and Dozier, Ann M and Dozier, Ann M and Brownell, Elizabeth A and Thevenet-Morrison, Kelly and Goh, Gyuhyeong and Martin, Hayley and ...
Breastfeeding medicine, ISSN 1556-8253, 03/2016, Volume 11, Issue 2, pp. A-3 - A-75
Journal Article
International journal of odontostomatology, ISSN 0718-381X, 2012, Volume 6, Issue 3, pp. 275 - 280
Journal Article
Daimon, ISSN 1578-8423, 2016, Volume 2016, pp. 199 - 210
Journal Article
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