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by Taurog, Norman, 1899-1981, film director and Wallace, Richard, 1894-1951, film director and Leisen, Mitchell, 1898-1972, film director and Lang, Walter, 1898-1972, film director and Howard, William K., 1899-1954, film director and Ruggles, Wesley, 1889-1972, film director and Zukor, Adolph, 1873-1976, film producer and Sheldon, E. Lloyd 1886-1957, film producer. (Eugene Lloyd) and Laemmle, Carl, 1867-1939, film producer and Grainger, Edmund, 1906-1981, film producer and Hornblow, Arthur, Jr., 1893-1976, film producer and Lewin, Albert, 1894-1968, film producer and Binyon, Claude, 1905-1978, screenwriter and Butler, Frank, 1890-1967, screenwriter and DeLeon, Walter, 1884-1947, screenwriter and Delmar, Viña, 1903-1990, screenwriter and Fields, Herbert, 1897-1958 screenwriter and Hartman, Don, 1900-1958, screenwriter and Jackson, Horace, 1898-1952, screenwriter and Krasna, Norman, screenwriter and Lawrence, Vincent, 1890-1946, screenwriter and Mankiewicz, Herman J. 1897-1953 screenwriter. (Herman Jacob) and MacDonald, Philip, screenwriter and Marion, George, Jr., 1899-1968, screenwriter and Martin, Francis, 1900-1979, screenwriter and Milner, Victor, 1893-1972, director of photography and Lang, Charles B. director of photography and Tetzlaff, Ted, 1903-1995 directorof photography and Waxman, Franz, 1906-1967, musical director and Morros, Boris, 1891-1963, musical director and Gordon, Mack, 1904-1959, composer (expression),lyricist and Revel, Harry, 1905-1958, composer (expression),lyricist and Boutelje, Phil, 1895-1979, composer (expression),lyricist and Scholl, Jack, 1903-1988, composer (expression),lyricist and Hollaender, Friedrich, composer (expression) and Wright, Maurice E. film editor and Weatherwax, Paul, film editor and D'Agostino, Albert, 1893-1970, art director and Dreier, Hans, 1885-1966, art director and Fegté, Ernst, 1900-1976, art director and Usher, Robert, art director and Banton, Travis, 1894-1958, costume designer and Freudeman, A. E. set decorator and Lombard, Carole, 1908-1942, actor and Powell, William, 1892-1984, actor and Crosby, Bing, 1903-1977, actor and MacMurray, Fred, 1908-1991, actor and Barrymore, John, 1882-1942, actor and Allen, Gracie, 1902-1964, actor and Allwyn, Astrid, 1909-1978, actor and Auer, Mischa, 1905-1967, actor and Barbier, George, 1864-1945, actor and Beecher, Janet, actor and Bellamy, Ralph, 1904-1991, actor and Burns, George, 1896-1996, actor and Carle, Richard, 1871-1941, actor and Chandler, George, 1898-1985, actor and Compton, Joyce, 1907-1997, actor and Donnelly, Ruth, 1896-1982, actor and Dumbrille, Douglass, 1890-1974, actor and Errol, Leon, 1881-1951, actor and Foster, Preston, 1900-1970, actor and Frawley, William, 1887-1966, actor and Gibson, Diana, 1915-1991, actor and Gibson, Wynne, 1898-1987, actor and Gray, Lawrence, 1898-1970, actor and Hall, Porter, 1888-1953, actor and Hare, Lumsden, 1875-1964, actor and Harvey, Forrester, 1884-1945, actor and Kennedy, Edgar, 1890-1948, actor and Kibbee, Guy, 1882-1956 actor and Komai, Tetsu, 1894-1970, actor and Lawford, Betty, 1910-1960, actor and Merkel, Una, 1903-1986, actor and Merman, Ethel, actor and Overman, Lynne, 1887-1943, actor and Page, Bradley, actor and Prevost, Marie, 1898-1937, actor and Roach, Bert, 1891-1971, actor and Romero, Cesar, 1907-1994, actor and Rumann, Sig, 1884-1967, actor and Skipworth, Alison, 1863-1952, actor and Smith, Walton Hall, 1898- author and Glazer, Benjamin F. 1887-1956, author. (Benjamin Floyer) and Baldwin, Faith, 1893-1978 and Rogger, Louis Lucien, author and Verneuil, Louis, 1893-1952, author and Berr, Georges, 1867-1942, author and Universal Pictures (Firm), production company and Paramount Pictures Corporation, production company
2006, Franchise collection, ISBN 9781417069934
(Man of the world) A young American girl visits Paris accompanied by her fiancee and her wealthy uncle. (We're not dressing) Beautiful high society type Doris... 
Man-woman relationships | Upper class women
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