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2012, 1., Veroeffentlichungen der Historischen Kommission fuer Niedersac, ISBN 9783775260626, Volume 262
JAMA pediatrics, ISSN 2168-6203, 06/2017, Volume 171, Issue 6, pp. 564 - 572
Journal Article
by Schmidt, Barbara and Roberts, Robin S and Davis, Peter G and Doyle, Lex W and Asztalos, Elizabeth V and Opie, Gillian and Bairam, Aida and Solimano, Alfonso and Arnon, Shmuel and Sauve, Reginald S and D'Ilario, Judy and Cairnie, Janice and Dix, Joanne and Adams, Beth Anne and Warriner, Erin and Marie Kim, Mee-Hai and Anderson, Peter and Davis, Peter and Doyle, Lex and Argus, Brenda and Callanan, Catherine and Davis, Noni and Duff, Julianne and McDonald, Marion and Asztalos, Elizabeth and Hohn, Denise and Lacy, Maralyn and Haslam, Ross and Barnett, Christopher and Goodchild, Louise and Lontis, Rosslyn Marie and Fraser, Simon and Keng, Julie and Saunders, Kerryn and Opie, Gillian and Kelly, Elaine and Woods, Heather and Marchant, Emma and Turner, Anne-Marie and Magrath, Emma and Williamson, Amanda and Bélanger, Sylvie and Fraser, Annie and Blayney, Marc and Lemyre, Brigitte and Frank, Jane and Synnes, Anne and Grunau, Ruth E and Hubber-Richard, Philippa and Rogers, Marilyn and Mackay, Margot and Petrie-Thomas, Julianne and Butt, Arsalan and van Wassenaer, Aleid and Nuytemans, Debbie and Houtzager, Bregje and van Sonderen, Loekie and Regev, Rivka and Itzchack, Netter and Chalaf, Adiba and Ohlsson, Arne and O'Brien, Karel and Hamilton, Anne-Marie and Chan, May Lee and Sankaran, Koravangattu and Proctor, Pat and Golan, Agneta and Goldsch-Lerman, Esther and Reynolds, Graham and Dromgool, Barbara and Meskell, Sandra and Parr, Vanessa and Maher, Catherine and Broom, Margaret and Kecskes, Zsuzsoka and Ringland, Cathy and McMillan, Douglas and Spellen, Elizabeth and Christianson, Heather and Anseeuw-Deeks, Deborah and Creighton, Dianne and Heath, Jennifer and Alvaro, Ruben and Chiu, Aaron and Porter, Ceceile and Turner, Gloria and Moddemann, Diane and Granke, Naomi and Penner, Karen and Bow, Jane and Mulder, Antonius and Wassenberg, Renske and van der Hoeven, Markus and Clarke, Maxine and Parfitt, Judy and Parker, Kevin and Nwaesei, Chukwuma and Ryan, Heather and Saunders, Cory and Schulze, Andreas and ... and Caffeine for Apnea of Prematurity (CAP) Trial Investigators and Caffeine Apnea Prematurity CAP Tr and Caffeine for Apnea of Prematurity CAP Trial Investigators
The Journal of pediatrics, ISSN 0022-3476, 2015, Volume 167, Issue 5, pp. 982 - 986.e2
Journal Article
by Murphy, Kellie E., MD and Hannah, Mary E., MDCM and Willan, Andrew R., PhD and Ohlsson, Arne, MD and Kelly, Edmond N., MB and Matthews, Stephen G., PhD and Saigal, Saroj, MD and Asztalos, Elizabeth, MD and Ross, Sue, PhD and Delisle, Marie-France, MD and Tomat, Laura, MSc and Amankwah, Kofi, MD and Guselle, Patricia, MSc and Gafni, Amiram, DSc and Lee, Shoo K., MBBS and Anthony Armson, B., MD and for the MACS Collaborative Group and Murphy, Kellie E and Amankwah, Kofi and Armson, B. Anthony and Asztalos, Elizabeth and Delisle, MarieFrance and Gafni, Amiram and Guselle, Patricia and Hannah, Mary E and Hewson, Sheila A and Kelly, Edmond N and Lee, Shoo K and Matthews, Stephen G and Ohlsson, Arne and Ross, Sue and Rovet, Joanne and Saigal, Saroj and Sananes, Renee and Schmid, Isabelle and Willan, Andrew R and Kwiatkowski, Leonardo and Tortorella, Susana Marisa and Bertin, Marta Susana and Castaldi, José Luis and Deguer, Carlos and Klun, Milton and Besegato, Cintia and Izbizky, Gustavo and Vaneri, Maria Cristina and Fustinana, Carlos Alberto and Otano, Lucas and Palermo, Mario S.F and Murua, Emerson Javier and Valera, Dolores Montes and Sampietro, Hector and Monaco, Antonio and Savransky, Argentina Ricardo and Dunaiewsky, Armando and Basualdo, Maria Natalia and Andina, Elsa and Di Marco, Ingrid and Rivero, Mabel and Feu, Maria Celeste and Garcia, Sergio and Aguirre, Jesus Daniel and Morales, Elba Mirta and Ayala, Liana Elisa and De Sagastizabal, Maria Teresa and Abreo, Griselda and Uranga, Alfredo and Martin, Raquel de Lourdes and Arias, Carlos and Gorostiaga, Raul Abalos and Curioni, Miguel and Alvarado, Jorge and Fuchtner, Carlos and Flores, Desiree Mostajo and Tonoli Tessari, Dilma Maria and Madi, Jose Mauro and de Lorenzi, Dino Roberto Soares and Mattana, Maria do Carmo and Brunstein, Carla and Trapani, Alberto and Schmaltz, Luiza and de Souza, Goianice Ribero and de Assis, Maria Elaine and Melo Melgaco, Irene Angela and Moreira de Sa, Renato Augusto and Bornia, Rita Guerios and Demianczuk, Nestor N and Penttinen, Elizabeth and Butt, Kimberly and Hay, Kathryn and Sandwich, Vicki and Armson, B Anthony and Vincer, Michael and Allen, Victoria and Fanning, Cora and Kulkarni, Ramesh and Laplante, Joanne and Carson, George D and Williams, Suzanne and Holfeld, Sandy and Olatunbosun, Femi and ... and MACS Collaborative Group
Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada (JOGC), ISSN 1701-2163, 2011, Volume 33, Issue 9, pp. 909 - 921
Journal Article
by Pouessel, Guillaume and Dorkenoo, Aimée and Moneret-Vautrin, Anne and Grabenhenrich, Linus and Worm, Margitta and Dölle, Sabine and Scherer, Kathrin and Hutteger, Isidor and Christensen, Morten and Carneiro-Leão, Leonor and Badas, Jenny and Levy, Dikla Pivko and Ben-Shoshan, Moshe and Arends, Nicolette J. T and Edelbroek, Nikki and de Groot, Hans and van Veen, Leonieke N and de Jong, Nicolette W and Noh, Geunwoong and Jang, Eun Ha and Dominguez, Olga and del Mar Folqué, Maria and Plaza, Ana María and Turner, Paul and Lindsley, Sarah and Walker, Lucy and Rosenberg, Simon and Alessandri, Claudia and Giangrieco, Ivana and Tuppo, Lisa and Rafaiani, Chiara and Mitterer, Georg and Bernardi, Maria Livia and Harwanegg, Christian and Fernandez, Antonio and Hoffmann-Sommergruber, Karin and Koning, Frits and Clare Mills, E. N and Moreno, Javier and van Loveren, Henk and Diesner, Susanne and Bergmayr, Cornelia and Pfitzner, Barbara and Endesfelder, David and Eiwegger, Thomas and Fehrenbach, Heinz and Hartmann, Anton and Pali-Schöll, Isabella and Untersmayr, Eva and Meyer, Peter and Ehrenberg, Angelica and Dubiela, Pawel and Bublin, Merima and Radauer, Christian and Guerrero, Maria Auxiliadora and Mayorga, Cristobalina and Barber, Domingo and Torres, Maria Jose and Ballmer, Barbara and Vieths, Stefan and Scheurer, Stephan and Mihailovic, Jelena and Krstic, Maja and Hamsten, Carl and van Hage, Marianne and van Erp, Francine C and Knol, Edward F and Meijer, Yolanda and van der Ent, Cornelis K and Knulst, André C and Sayers, Rebekah and Brown, Helen and Custovic, Adnan and Simpson, Angela and Mills, Claire and Akkerdaas, Jaap and van Ree, Ronald and Banerjee, Antima and Bouchaud, Grégory and Castan, Laure and Tranquet, Olivier and Bodinier, Marie and Brossard, Chantal and De Poi, Rosella and Popping, Bert and de Laureto, Patrizia Polverino and Pelkonen, Anna and Lee, Nanju Alice and Rost, Johanna and Muralidharan, Sridevi and Mehr, Sam and Baumert, Joseph and Taylor, Steve and Mastrorilli, Carla and Perna, Serena and Di Rienzo Businco, Andrea and Dascola, Carlotta Povesi and del Giudice, Michele Miraglia and Varin, Elena and Peroni, Diego and ... and The Anaphylaxis Working Group of the French Allergology SocietyThe Anaphylaxis Working Group of the French Allergology Society and Network for Online Registration of Anaphylaxis (NORA)
Clinical and translational allergy, ISSN 2045-7022, 03/2017, Volume 7, Issue S1, pp. 1 - 79
Journal Article
Chicago tribune (1963), ISSN 1085-6706, 02/2003
  The greatest difficulty is that those with insurance increasingly become more responsible for paying the growing cost of treating the underinsured and the... 
Newspaper Article
Book Review
by Abdallah, J and Abreu, H and Abulaiti, Y and Aielli, G and Albert, J and Alexopoulos, T and Alio, L and Alison, J and Álvarez Piqueras, D and Amor Dos Santos, S. P and Amorim, A and Amoroso, S and Anulli, F and Arduh, F. A and Arratia, M and Atkinson, M and Avolio, G and Azuelos, G and Bachacou, H and Balek, P and Bates, R. L and Beddall, A. J and Bee, C. P and Begel, M and Benhar Noccioli, E and Benitez Garcia, J. A and Benjamin, D. P and Bergeaas Kuutmann, E and Bernius, C and Bessidskaia Bylund, O and Bianchini, L and Biebel, O and Biesuz, N. V and Bilokon, H and Blackburn, D and Blair, R. E and Blanco, J. E and Blazek, T and Blocker, C and Blum, W and Bold, T and Boveia, A and Boyd, J and Brandt, G and Brandt, O and Bratzler, U and Brendlinger, K and Brenner, L and Brenner, R and Brooks, T and Bugge, L and Bugge, M. K and Burckhart, H and Burgard, C. D and Busato, E and Büscher, V and Buzykaev, A. R and Cakir, O and Camarda, S and Cameron, D and Caminal Armadans, R and Campanelli, M and Campoverde, A and Canale, V and Cardillo, F and Carvalho, J and Castelli, A and Catastini, P and Catmore, J. R and Cerrito, L and Chen, X and Cheremushkina, E and Chiodini, G and Chouridou, S and Christodoulou, V and Chudoba, J and Chuinard, A. J and Ciftci, A. K and Clark, A and Clarke, R. N and Coccaro, A and Colombo, T and Connell, S. H and Costanzo, D and Cowan, G and Cristinziani, M and Czirr, H and D’Auria, S and Da Cunha Sargedas De Sousa, M. J and Dabrowski, W and Dallapiccola, C and Dam, M and Davies, E and Dawe, E and De la Torre, H and Debbe, R and Dedovich, D. V and Deigaard, I and Delgove, D and Della Pietra, M and ... and Atlas Collaboration
The European physical journal. C, Particles and fields, ISSN 1434-6052, 2017, Volume 77, Issue 8, pp. 1 - 15
Journal Article
The Modern language review, ISSN 0026-7937, 04/1991, Volume 86, Issue 2, p. 322
Journal Article
02/2007, Volume 86
Upon the release of a recording of George Frideric Handel's "Messiah" in its reconstructed April 13 and June 3, 1742 version, choral conductor Butt describes... 
Musical Interpretation | Music History | Baroque music | Musical Styles | Music in Ritual | Händel, George Frideric | Vocal Music | Sound Recordings
Magazine Article
Harper's Bazaar (1867-1912), 05/1877, Volume 10, Issue 20, p. 310
A BEAUTIFUL night in the early autumn! clear and cool, and infinitely pleasanter than the rainy day, that had left such an impression of discomfort and misery... 
Journal Article
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