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respiratory system (61) 61
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nebulizers and vaporizers (47) 47
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asthma - drug therapy (38) 38
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bronchodilator agents - administration & dosage (36) 36
lung - metabolism (35) 35
dry powder inhalers (32) 32
biological availability (31) 31
deposition (31) 31
particle size (29) 29
lung deposition (28) 28
metered-dose inhaler (26) 26
aerosols (25) 25
albuterol - pharmacokinetics (24) 24
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budesonide (23) 23
delivery (22) 22
pulmonary disease, chronic obstructive - drug therapy (22) 22
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pharmacokinetics (21) 21
anti-asthmatic agents - administration & dosage (20) 20
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turbuhaler (19) 19
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inhalation technique (18) 18
powders (18) 18
albuterol - urine (17) 17
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bronchodilator agents - pharmacokinetics (16) 16
patients (16) 16
time factors (15) 15
treatment outcome (15) 15
adolescent (14) 14
cardiac & cardiovascular systems (14) 14
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metered dose inhalers (14) 14
pharmacy (14) 14
pulmonary and respiratory medicine (14) 14
research article (14) 14
administration, oral (13) 13
inhalers (13) 13
relative bioavailability (13) 13
terbutaline (13) 13
aged, 80 and over (12) 12
allergy (12) 12
asthma - physiopathology (12) 12
drug delivery systems (12) 12
equipment design (12) 12
management (12) 12
metered-dose inhalers (12) 12
urinary excretion (12) 12
analysis (11) 11
budesonide - administration & dosage (11) 11
chemistry, analytical (11) 11
children (11) 11
cross-over studies (11) 11
formoterol (11) 11
lung (11) 11
lung diseases, obstructive (11) 11
primary health care (11) 11
young adult (11) 11
adrenal cortex hormones - administration & dosage (10) 10
bronchodilator agents - urine (10) 10
chromatography, high pressure liquid - methods (10) 10
corticosteroids (10) 10
medicine, general & internal (10) 10
obstructive pulmonary-disease (10) 10
patient compliance (10) 10
reproducibility of results (10) 10
usage (10) 10
adults (9) 9
albuterol (9) 9
asthma control (9) 9
dose-response relationship, drug (9) 9
drug combinations (9) 9
fluticasone propionate (9) 9
nebulizer (9) 9
patient satisfaction (9) 9
performance (9) 9
pulmonary/respiratory (9) 9
relative lung bioavailability (9) 9
respiratory agents (9) 9
studies (9) 9
aerosol (8) 8
bioavailability (8) 8
clinical medicine (8) 8
drug dosages (8) 8
drug therapy (8) 8
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Journal Article
NPJ primary care respiratory medicine, ISSN 2055-1010, 11/2018, Volume 28, Issue 1, pp. 43 - 6
Inhaled medications are the cornerstone of treatment and management of asthma and COPD. However, inhaler device errors are common among patients and have been... 
Journal Article
Journal Article