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2007, ISBN 9780521690348, 376
What distinguishes a peace enforcement operation from an invasion? This question has been asked with particular vehemence since the US intervention in Iraq,... 
Peacekeeping forces
by Wray, Naomi R and Ripke, Stephan and Mattheisen, Manuel and Trzaskowski, MacIej and Byrne, Enda M and Abdellaoui, Abdel and Adams, Mark J and Agerbo, Esben and Air, Tracy M and Andlauer, Till M. F and Bacanu, Silviu-Alin and Bækvad-Hansen, Marie and Beekman, Aartjan F. T and Bigdeli, Tim B and Binder, Elisabeth B and Blackwood, Douglas R. H and Bryois, Julien and Buttenschøn, Henriette N and Bybjerg-Grauholm, Jonas and Cai, Na and Castelao, Enrique and Christensen, Jane Hvarregaard and Clarke, Toni-Kim and Coleman, Jonathan I. R and Coloo-Conde, Lucía and Couvy-Duchesne, Baptiste and Craddock, Nick and Crawford, Gregory E and Crowley, Cheynna A and Dashti, Hassan S and Davies, Gail and Deary, Ian J and Degenhardt, Franziska and Derks, Eske M and DIrek, Nese and Dolan, Conor V and Dunn, Erin C and Eley, Thalia C and Eriksson, Nicholas and Escott-Price, Valentina and Kiadeh, Farnush Hassan Farhadi and Finucane, Hilary K and Forstner, Aneas J and Frank, Josef and Gaspar, H. léna A and Gill, Michael and Giusti-Roíguez, Paola and Goes, Fernando S and Gordon, Scott D and Grove, Jakob and Hall, Lynsey S and Hannon, Eilis and Hansen, Christine S. holm and Hansen, Thomas F and Herms, Stefan and Hickie, Ian B and Hoffmann, Per and Homuth, Georg and Horn, Carsten and Hottenga, Jouke-Jan and Hougaard, David M and Hu, Ming and Hyde, Craig L and Ising, Marcus and Jansen, Rick and Jin, Fulai and Jorgenson, Eric and Knowles, James A and Kohane, Isaac S and Kraft, Julia and Kretzschmar, Warren W and Krogh, Jesper and Kutalik, Zoltán and Lane, Jacqueline M and Li, Yihan and Li, Yun and Lind, Penelope A and Liu, Xiaoxiao and Lu, Leina and MacIntyre, Donald J and MacKinnon, Dean F and Maier, Robert M and Maier, Wolfgang and Marchini, Jonathan and Mbarek, Hamdi and McGrath, Patrick and McGuffin, Peter and Medland, Sarah E and Mehta, D. Ivya and Middeldorp, Christel M and Mihailov, Evelin and Milaneschi, Yuri and Milani, Lili and Mill, Jonathan and Mondimore, Francis M and Montgomery, Grant W and Mostafavi, Sara and Mullins, Niamh and Nauck, Matthias and Ng, Bernard and ... and Major Depressive Disorder Working and EQTLGEN and eQTLGen and Major Depressive Disorder Working Group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium and 23andMe and the Major Depressive Disorder Working Group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium
Nature genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 2018, Volume 50, Issue 5, pp. 668 - 681
Journal Article
10/2019, 1, ISBN 9780367273323, Volume 1, 290
This book examines Africa’s internal and external relations by focusing on three core concepts: orders, diplomacy and borderlands. The contributors examine... 
Borderlands | International Relations | Regional Security | International Organizations | African & Third World Politics | Military & Strategic Studies | International Relations Theory | Africa-Politics and government-1960 | Africa-Foreign relations | Human rights-Africa
by Elsik, Christine G and Worley, Kim C and Bennett, Anna K and Beye, Martin and Camara, Francisco and Childers, Christopher P and de Graaf, Dirk C and Debyser, Griet and Deng, Jixin and Devreese, Bart and Elhaik, Eran and Evans, Jay D and Foster, Leonard J and Graur, Dan and Guigo, Roderic and Hoff, Katharina J and Holder, Michael E and Hudson, Matthew E and Hunt, Greg J and Jiang, Huaiyang and Joshi, Vandita and Khetani, Radhika S and Kosarev, Peter and Kovar, Christie L and Ma, Jian and Maleszka, Ryszard and Moritz, Robin F. A and Munoz-Torres, Monica C and Murphy, Terence D and Muzny, Donna M and Newsham, Irene F and Reese, Justin T and Robertson, Hugh M and Robinson, Gene E and Rueppell, Olav and Solovyev, Victor and Stanke, Mario and Stolle, Eckart and Tsuruda, Jennifer M and Vaerenbergh, Matthias V and Waterhouse, Robert M and Weaver, Daniel B and Whitfield, Charles W and Wu, Yuanqing and Zdobnov, Evgeny M and Zhang, Lan and Zhu, Dianhui and Gibbs, Richard A and Patil, S and Gubbala, S and Aqrawi, P and Arias, F and Bess, C and Blankenburg, K.B and Brocchini, M and Buhay, C and Challis, D and Chang, K and Chen, D and Coleman, P and Drummond, J and English, A and Evani, U and Francisco, L and Fu, Q and Goodspeed, R and Haessly, T.H and Hale, W and Han, H and Hu, Y and Jackson, L and Jakkamsetti, A and Jayaseelan, J.C and Kakkar, N and Kalra, D and Kandadi, H and Lee, S and Li, H and Liu, Y and Macmil, S and Mandapat, C.M and Mata, R and Mathew, T and Matskevitch, T and Munidasa, M and Nagaswamy, U and Najjar, R and Nguyen, N and Niu, J and Opheim, D and Palculict, T and Paul, S and Pellon, M and Perales, L and Pham, C and Pham, P and Pu, L.-L and Qi, S and Qu, J and Ren, Y and ... and Honey Bee Genome Sequencing Consor and HGSC Prod Teams and Honey Bee Genome Sequencing Consortium and HGSC production teams and on behalf of Honey Bee Genome Sequencing Consortium and Honeybee Genome Sequencing Consortium
BMC Genomics, ISSN 1471-2164, 01/2014, Volume 15, Issue 1, pp. 86 - 86
Journal Article
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 08/2019, Volume 51, Issue 8, pp. 1207 - +
Journal Article
European Journal of International Relations, ISSN 1354-0661, 3/2013, Volume 19, Issue 1, pp. 163 - 186
Venue — the institutional setting in which actors interact — is a critical but neglected factor in international norm creation. This article brings together... 
International Relations | constructivism | norms | anti-personnel landmines | global institutions | responsibility to protect | TRADE | LOCALIZATION | PERSUASION | MULTILATERALISM | POWER | OVERLAPPING INSTITUTIONS | COOPERATION | SMALL ARMS | SOCIETY | EVOLUTION | Studies | Norms | Political theory | Diplomacy | Negotiations | International relations
Journal Article
Journal of Peace Research, ISSN 0022-3433, 11/2018, Volume 55, Issue 6, pp. 726 - 741
Developing states furnish the vast majority of UN peacekeeping troops, a fact academics and policymakers often attribute (at least partly) to developing... 
peacekeeping | personnel contributions United Nations | financial incentives | MISSIONS | INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS | OPERATIONS | POLITICAL SCIENCE | BURDEN | Peacekeeping | Armed forces | Intellectuals | Equipment | Pressure | Quantitative analysis
Journal Article
Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations, ISSN 1075-2846, 08/2017, Volume 23, Issue 1, pp. 101 - 120
Journal Article
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 02/2017, Volume 376, Issue 6, pp. 536 - 547
Journal Article
by Nievergelt, Caroline M and Maihofer, Adam X and Klengel, Torsten and Atkinson, Elizabeth G and Chen, Chia-Yen and Choi, Karmel W and Coleman, Jonathan R and Dalvie, Shareefa and Duncan, Laramie E and Gelernter, Joel and Levey, Daniel F and Logue, Mark W and Polimanti, Renato and Provost, Allison C and Ratanatharathorn, Anew and Stein, Murray B and Torres, Katy and Aiello, Allison E and Almli, Lynn M and Amstadter, Ananda B and Andersen, Sren B and Aneassen, Ole A and Arbisi, Paul A and Ashley-Koch, Allison E and Austin, S. Bryn and Avdibegovic, Esmina and Babic, gan and Baekvad-Hansen, Marie and Baker, Dewleen G and Beckham, Jean C and Bierut, Laura J and Bisson, Jonathan and Boks, Marco P and Bolger, Elizabeth A and Brglum, Anders D and Bradley, Bekh and Brashear, Megan and Breen, Gerome and Bryant, Richard A and Bustamante, Angela C and Bybjerg-Grauholm, Jonas and Calabrese, Joseph R and Caldas-de-Almeida, Jose M and Dale, Anders M and Daly, Mark J and Daskalakis, Nikolaos P and Deckert, Juergen and Delahanty, Douglas L and Dennis, Michelle F and Disner, Seth G and Domschke, Katharina and Dzubur-Kulenovic, Alma and Erbes, Christopher R and Evans, Alexana and Farrer, Lindsay A and Feeny, Norah C and Flory, Janine D and Forbes, David and Franz, Carol E and Galea, Sano and Garrett, Melanie E and Gelaye, Bizu and Geuze, Elbert and Gillespie, Charles and Uka, Aferdita Goci and Gordon, Scott D and Guffanti, Guia and Hammamieh, Rasha and Harnal, Supriya and Hauser, Michael A and Heath, Anew C and Hemmings, Sian M. J and Hougaard, David Michael and Jakovljevic, Miro and Jett, Marti and Johnson, Eric Otto and Jones, Ian and Jovanovic, Tanja and Qin, Xue-Jun and Junglen, Angela G and Karstoft, Karen-Inge and Kaufman, Milissa L and Kessler, Ronald C and Khan, Alaptagin and Kimbrel, Nathan A and King, Anthony P and Koen, Nastassja and Kranzler, Henry R and Kremen, William S and Lawford, Bruce R and Lebois, Lauren A. M and Lewis, Catrin E and Linnstaedt, Sarah D and Lori, Aiana and Lugonja, Bozo and Luykx, Jurjen J and Lyons, Michael J and Maples-Keller, Jessica and Marmar, Charles and Martin, Alicia R and ...
Nature Communications, ISSN 2041-1723, 10/2019, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp. 4558 - 16
Journal Article
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 03/2019, Volume 51, Issue 3, pp. 431 - 444
Journal Article