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by Avila-Tomas, JF and Olano-Espinosa, E and Minue-Lorenzo, C and Martinez-Suberbiola, FJ and Matilla-Pardo, B and Serrano-Serrano, ME and Escortell-Mayor, E and Garcia-Mesa, AM and Gomez, C and Liebana-Nistal, E and Molina-Alameda, L and Andrade-Rosa, C and Caballero-Jimenez, A and Escribano-Romo, G and Espejo-Romero, M and Ferrero-Brenes, A and Hernandez-Garcia, JL and Perez-Perez, E and Zambrano-Alvarez, J and Ayuso-Hernandez, E and Cuesta-Monedero, MJ and Sanchez-Jimenez, FJ and Vigil-Escaiera, A and Casado-Nistal, S and Garcia-Alva, M and Martin-Gomez, I and Puyo-Rodriguez, N and Rodriguez-Cosio, A and Sanchez-Vazquez, I and Alcala-Olmo, MA and Garcia-Alegre, MT and Garda-Alva, M and Hurtado-Monterrubio, C and Martin-Burillo, T and Moral-Moraleda, C and Holgado, EC and Hermoso-Duran, C and Hernandez-Rodriguez, S and Lafraya-Puente, AL and Melero-Serrano, JL and Molina-Sanchez, MJ and Muniz-Dominguez, E and Saiz-Loma-Osorio, C and Aparicio-Veiasco, J and Cerezo-Pascual, E and Fonte-Elizondo, L and Gomez-Martinez, MI and Marin-Osorio, C and Orozco-Diaz, P and Prieto-Villegas, E and Rodriguez-Donoso, J and Rodriguez-Huete, A and Romero-Blanco, FJ and Urbano-Femandez, JP and Castillo-Portales, SJ and Collados-Navas, R and Gutierrez-Sordo, P and Martin-Sacristan-Martin, MB and Sanchez-Quejido, M and Abad-Schilling, C and Arenas-Gonzalez, S and Calonge-Garcia, ME and Capitan-Jurado, M and Menendez-Alvarez, S and Regalado-Valle, MA and Alache-Zuniga, HC and Cerrada-Cerrada, E and Garcia-Camps, R and Gutierrez-Notario, MJ and Mendez-Cabezas-Velazquez, J and Molina-Paris, J and Pensado-Freire, H and Vinas-Fernandez, G and Jaenes-Barrios, B and Jurado-Sueiro, M and Ortiz-Sanchez, M and Santiago-Hernando, ML and Arjona-Perez, S and Delgado-Mellado, I and Diaz-Martin, R and Fandino-Garcia, B and Gomez-Ortiz, MC and Lopez-Martin-Aragon, MT and Martinez-Alvaro, C and Miguel-Abanto, MA and Noguerol-Alvarez, M and Parra-Roman, S and Pascual-Garcia, Z and Ranz-Granados, AL and Rey-Rodriguez, S and Sanz-Perez, C and Aguilar-Hurtado, E and Aguilera-Rubio, M and Carbonero-Martin, AI and Esteban-Garcia, M and Esteban-Pena, C and Fernandez-Sanchez, M and Garcia-Contreras, C and Hernandez-Sanchez, AM and Herrera-Garcia, ML and ... and Grp Dejlo and Group Dej@lo and the Group Dej@lo
BMC MEDICAL INFORMATICS AND DECISION MAKING, ISSN 1472-6947, 12/2019, Volume 19, Issue 1, pp. 249 - 10
Journal Article
by Abbott, B P and Abbott, T D and Abernathy, M R and Ackley, K and Adams, C and Adhikari, R X and Adya, V B and Affeldt, C and Aggarwal, N and Ain, A and Ajith, P and Allen, B and Altin, P A and Anderson, W G and Araya, M C and Arceneaux, C C and Arun, K G and Ashton, G and Aston, S M and Aufmuth, P and Aulbert, C and Babak, S and Baker, P T and Ballmer, S W and Barayoga, J C and Barish, B C and Barker, D and Bartlett, J and Bartos, I and Bassiri, R and Batch, J C and Berger, B K and Bergmann, G and Berry, C P L and Betzwieser, J and Bhandare, R and Bilenko, I A and Birch, J and Birney, R and Bisht, A and Blair, C D and Blair, R M and Bose, S and Braginsky, V B and Brau, J E and Brinkmann, M and Brockill, P and Broida, J E and Brooks, A F and Brown, D D and Brown, N M and Brunett, S and Buikema, A and Buonanno, A and Cabero, M and Cadonati, L and Calderón Bustillo, J and Callister, T and Cannon, K C and Cao, J and Caride, S and Caudill, S and Cavaglià, M and Cepeda, C B and Chamberlin, S J and Chan, M and Charlton, P and Cheeseboro, B D and Chen, H Y and Chen, Y and Cheng, C and Cho, H S and Cho, M and Chow, J H and Clara, F and Clark, J A and Collette, C G and Cominsky, L and Cook, D and Corbitt, T R and Cornish, N and Costa, C A and Coughlin, M W and Coughlin, S B and Countryman, S T and Couvares, P and Cowan, E E and Coward, D M and Coyne, D C and Coyne, R and Craig, K and Creighton, J D E and Cripe, J and Crowder, S G and Cumming, A and Dal Canton, T and Danilishin, S L and Danzmann, K and Darman, N S and Dasgupta, A and ... and LIGO Scientific Collaboration and LIGO Sci Collaboration
Classical and quantum gravity, ISSN 1361-6382, 2017, Volume 34, Issue 4, p. 044001
The second-generation of gravitational-wave detectors are just starting operation, and have already yielding their first detections. Research is now... 
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Engman, M and Bystrom, B and Varghese, S and Lalitkumar, P. G. L and Gemzell-Danielsson, K and Romeu, C and Urries, A and Lierta, M and Sanchez Rubio, J and Sanz, B and Perez, I and Casis, L and Salerno, A and Nazzaro, A and Di Iorio, L and Bonassisa, P and Van Os, L and Vink-Ranti, C. Q. J and de Haan-Cramer, J. H and Rijnders, P. M and Jansen, C. A. M and Marino, S and Granato, C and Pastore, E and Brandes, M and Hamilton, C. J. C. M and de Bruin, J. P and Bots, R. S. G. M and Nelen, W. L. D. M and Kremer, J. A. M and Szkodziak, P and Wozniak, S and Czuczwar, P and Paszkowski, T and Agirregoitia, N and Peralta, L and Mendoza, R and Exposito, A and Matorras, R and Agirregoitia, E and Chuderland, D and Ben-Ami, I and Kaplan-Kraicer, R and Grossman, H and Satchi- Fainaro, R and Eldar-Boock, A and Ron-El, R and Shalgi, R and Custers, I. M and Scholten, I and Moolenaar, L. M and Flierman, P. A and Dessel, T. J. H. M and Gerards, M. H and Cox, T and Janssen, C. A. H and van der Veen, F and Mol, B. W. J and Wathlet, S and Adriaenssens, T and Verheyen, G and Coucke, W and Smitz, J and Feliciani, E and Ferraretti, A. P and Paesano, C and Pellizzaro, E and Magli, M. C and Gianaroli, L and Hernandez, J and Rodriguez-Fuentes, A and Garcia-Guzman, R and Palumbo, A and Radunovic, N and Tosic, T and Djukic, S and Lockwood, J. C and Van Landuyt, L and Karayalcin, R and Ozcan, S. A. R. P and Ozyer, S and Gurlek, B and Kale, I and Moraloglu, O and Batioglu, S and Chaudhury, K and Narendra Babu, K and Mamata Joshi, V and Srivastava, S and Chakravarty, B. N and Viardot-Foucault, V and Prasath, E. B and Tai, B. C and Chan, J. K. Y and Loh, S. F and Cordeiro, I and Leal, F and Soares, A. P and Nunes, J and Sousa, S and ...
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Journal Article
Journal Article
Physical review. D, ISSN 2470-0010, 2019, Volume 99, Issue 10, pp. 1 - 13
Journal Article
Journal Article