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by Su, Zhenqiang and Labaj, Pawel P and Li, Sheng and Thierry-Mieg, Jean and Thierry-Mieg, Danielle and Shi, Wei and Wang, Charles and Schroth, Gary P and Setterquist, Robert A and Thompson, John F and Jones, Wendell D and Xiao, Wenzhong and Xu, Weihong and Jensen, Roderick V and Kelly, Reagan and Xu, Joshua and Conesa, Ana and Furlanello, Cesare and Gao, Hanlin and Hong, Huixiao and Jafari, Nadereh and Letovsky, Stan and Liao, Yang and Lu, Fei and Oakeley, Edward J and Peng, Zhiyu and Praul, Craig A and Santoyo-Lopez, Javier and Scherer, Aneas and Shi, Tieliu and Smyth, Gordon K and Staedtler, Frank and Sykacek, Peter and Tan, Xin-Xing and Thompson, E. Aubrey and Vandesompele, Jo and Wang, May D and Wang, Jian and Wolfinger, Russell D and Zavadil, Jiri and Auerbach, Scott S and Bao, Wenjun and Binder, Hans and Blomquist, Thomas and Brilliant, Murray H and Bushel, Pierre R and Cain, Weimin and Catalano, Jennifer G and Chang, Ching-Wei and Chen, Tao and Chen, Geng and Chen, Rong and Chierici, Marco and Chu, Tzu-Ming and Clevert, Djork-Arne and Deng, Youping and Derti, Adnan and Devanarayan, Viswanath and Dong, Zirui and Dopazo, Joaquin and Du, Tingting and Fang, Hong and Fang, Yongxiang and Fasold, Mario and Fernandez, Anita and Fischer, Matthias and Furio-Tari, Peo and Fuscoe, James C and Caiment, Florian and Gaj, Stan and Gandara, Jorge and Gao, Huan and Ge, Weigong and Gondo, Yoichi and Gong, Binsheng and Gong, Meihua and Gong, Zhuolin and Green, Bridgett and Guo, Chao and Guo, Lei and Guo, Li-Wu and Hadfield, James and Hellemans, Jan and Hochreiter, Sepp and Jia, Meiwen and Jian, Min and Johnson, Charles D and Kay, Suzanne and Kleinjans, Jos and Lababidi, Samir and Levy, Shawn and Li, Quan-Zhen and Li, Li and Li, Peng and Li, Yan and Li, Haiqing and Li, Jianying and Li, Shiyong and Lin, Simon M and Lopez, Francisco J and ... and SEQC/MAQC-III Consortium
Nature Biotechnology, ISSN 1087-0156, 09/2014, Volume 32, Issue 9, pp. 903 - 914
We present primary results from the Sequencing Quality Control (SEQC) project, coordinated by the US Food and Drug Administration. Examining Illumina HiSeq,... 
TRANSCRIPTOME | BIOTECHNOLOGY & APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY | BIAS | GENOME ANNOTATION | DIFFERENTIAL GENE-EXPRESSION | ARRAYS | PCR | Reproducibility of Results | Polymerase Chain Reaction | Sequence Analysis, RNA - standards | RNA sequencing | Genetic research | Methods | Quality control | Quality management | Consortia | Ribonucleic acid--RNA
Journal Article
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