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by Ivezić, Željko and Kahn, Steven M and Tyson, J. Anthony and Abel, Bob and Acosta, Emily and Allsman, Robyn and Alonso, David and Alsayyad, Yusra and Anderson, Scott F and Andrew, John and Angel, James Roger P and Angeli, George Z and Ansari, Reza and Antilogus, Pierre and Araujo, Constanza and Armstrong, Robert and Arndt, Kirk T and Astier, Pierre and Aubourg, Eric and Auza, Nicole and Axelrod, Tim S and Bard, Deborah J and Barr, Jeff D and Barrau, Aurelian and Bartlett, James G and Bauer, Amanda E and Bauman, Brian J and Baumont, Sylvain and Bechtol, Ellen and Bechtol, Keith and Becker, Andrew C and Becla, Jacek and Beldica, Cristina and Bellavia, Steve and Bianco, Federica B and Biswas, Rahul and Blanc, Guillaume and Blazek, Jonathan and Blandford, Roger D and Bloom, Josh S and Bogart, Joanne and Bond, Tim W and Booth, Michael T and Borgland, Anders W and Borne, Kirk and Bosch, James F and Boutigny, Dominique and Brackett, Craig A and Bradshaw, Andrew and Brandt, William Nielsen and Brown, Michael E and Bullock, James S and Burchat, Patricia and Burke, David L and Cagnoli, Gianpietro and Calabrese, Daniel and Callahan, Shawn and Callen, Alice L and Carlin, Jeffrey L and Carlson, Erin L and Chandrasekharan, Srinivasan and Charles-Emerson, Glenaver and Chesley, Steve and Cheu, Elliott C and Chiang, Hsin-Fang and Chiang, James and Chirino, Carol and Chow, Derek and Ciardi, David R and Claver, Charles F and Cohen-Tanugi, Johann and Cockrum, Joseph J and Coles, Rebecca and Connolly, Andrew J and Cook, Kem H and Cooray, Asantha and Covey, Kevin R and Cribbs, Chris and Cui, Wei and Cutri, Roc and Daly, Philip N and Daniel, Scott F and Daruich, Felipe and Daubard, Guillaume and Daues, Greg and Dawson, William and Delgado, Francisco and Dellapenna, Alfred and Peyster, Robert De and Val-Borro, Miguel De and Digel, Seth W and Doherty, Peter and Dubois, Richard and Dubois-Felsmann, Gregory P and Durech, Josef and Economou, Frossie and Eifler, Tim and Eracleous, Michael and Emmons, Benjamin L and Neto, Angelo Fausti and ... and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States) and Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States) and Fysikum and Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten and Stockholms universitet and Oskar Klein-centrum för kosmopartikelfysik (OKC)
Astrophysical Journal, ISSN 0004-637X, 03/2019, Volume 873, Issue 2, p. 111
Journal Article
Administrative Theory & Praxis, ISSN 1084-1806, 03/2012, Volume 34, Issue 1, pp. 120 - 124
Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is a well-known story, published in 1866 and first illustrated by John Tenniel. Disney's 1951 film adaptation... 
Queens | Discourse | Nonsense | Forum: Public Administration and Film, Part 2 | Marriage | Mental illness | Destiny | Oracles | Motion pictures | Novels | Political dissent
Journal Article
npj Breast Cancer, ISSN 2374-4677, 12/2019, Volume 5, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 14
Journal Article
by Easton, Douglas F and Pooley, Karen A and Dunning, Alison M and Pharoah, Paul D. P and Thompson, Deborah and Ballinger, Dennis G and Struewing, Jeffery P and Morrison, Jonathan and Field, Helen and Luben, Robert and Wareham, Nicholas and Ahmed, Shahana and Healey, Catherine S and Bowman, Richard and Meyer, Kerstin B and Haiman, Christopher A and Kolonel, Laurence K and Henderson, Brian E and Le Marchand, Loic and Brennan, Paul and Sangrajrang, Suleeporn and Gaborieau, Valerie and Odefrey, Fabrice and Shen, Chen-Yang and Wu, Pei-Ei and Wang, Hui-Chun and Eccles, Diana and Evans, D. Gareth and Peto, Julian and Fletcher, Olivia and Johnson, Nichola and Seal, Sheila and Stratton, Michael R and Rahman, Nazneen and Chenevix-Trench, Georgia and Bojesen, Stig E and Nordestgaard, Børge G and Axelsson, Christen K and Garcia-Closas, Montserrat and Brinton, Louise and Chanock, Stephen and Lissowska, Jolanta and Peplonska, Beata and Nevanlinna, Heli and Fagerholm, Rainer and Eerola, Hannaleena and Kang, Daehee and Yoo, Keun-Young and Noh, Dong-Young and Ahn, Sei-Hyun and Hunter, David J and Hankinson, Susan E and Cox, David G and Hall, Per and Ween, Sara and Liu, Jianjun and Low, Yen-Ling and Bogdanova, Natalia and Schürmann, Peter and Dörk, Thilo and Tollenaar, Rob A. E. M and Jacobi, Catharina E and Devilee, Peter and Klijn, Jan G. M and Sigurdson, Alice J and Doody, Michele M and Alexander, Bruce H and Zhang, Jinghui and Cox, Angela and Brock, Ian W and MacPherson, Gordon and Reed, Malcolm W. R and Couch, Fergus J and Goode, Ellen L and Olson, Janet E and Meijers-Heijboer, Hanne and van den Ouweland, Ans and Uitterlinden, Ané and Rivadeneira, Fernando and Milne, Roger L and Ribas, Gloria and Gonzalez-Neira, Anna and Benitez, Javier and Hopper, John L and McCredie, Margaret and Southey, Melissa and Giles, Graham G and Schroen, Chris and Justenhoven, Christina and Brauch, Hiltrud and Hamann, Ute and Ko, Yon-Dschun and Spurdle, Amanda B and Beesley, Jonathan and Chen, Xiaoqing and Mannermaa, Arto and Kosma, Veli-Matti and Kataja, Vesa and Hartikainen, Jaana and Day, Nicholas E and ... and kConFab and AOCS Management Grp and SEARCH Collaborators and AOCS Management Group and SEARCH collaborators and The SEARCH collaborators
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 2007, Volume 447, Issue 7148, pp. 1087 - 1093
Journal Article
by Pelttari, Liisa M and Khan, Sofia and Vuorela, Mikko and Kiiski, Johanna I and Vilske, Sara and Nevanlinna, Viivi and Ranta, Salla and Schleutker, Johanna and Winqvist, Robert and Kallioniemi, Anne and Dörk, Thilo and Bogdanova, Natalia V and Figueroa, Jonine and Pharoah, Paul D. P and Schmidt, Marjanka K and Dunning, Alison M and García-Closas, Montserrat and Bolla, Manjeet K and Dennis, Joe and Michailidou, Kyriaki and Wang, Qin and Hopper, John L and Southey, Melissa C and Rosenberg, Efraim H and Fasching, Peter A and Beckmann, Matthias W and Peto, Julian and Dos-Santos-silva, Isabel and Sawyer, Elinor J and Tomlinson, Ian and Burwinkel, Barbara and Surowy, Harald and Guénel, Pascal and Truong, Thérèse and Bojesen, Stig E and Nordestgaard, Børge G and Benitez, Javier and González-Neira, Anna and Neuhausen, Susan L and Anton-Culver, Hoda and Brenner, Hermann and Arndt, Volker and Meindl, Alfons and Schmutzler, Rita K and Brauch, Hiltrud and Brüning, Thomas and Lindblom, Annika and Margolin, Sara and Mannermaa, Arto and Hartikainen, Jaana M and Chenevix-Trench, Georgia and Van Dyck, Laurien and Janssen, Hilde and Chang-Claude, Jenny and Rudolph, Anja and Radice, Paolo and Peterlongo, Paolo and Hallberg, Emily and Olson, Janet E and Giles, Graham G and Milne, Roger L and Haiman, Christopher A and Schumacher, Fredrick and Simard, Jacques and Dumont, Martine and Kristensen, Vessela and Borresen-Dale, Anne-Lise and Zheng, Wei and Beeghly-Fadiel, Alicia and Grip, Mervi and Andrulis, Irene L and Glendon, Gord and Devilee, Peter and Seynaeve, Caroline and Hooning, Maartje J and Collée, Margriet and Cox, Angela and Cross, Simon S and Shah, Mitul and Luben, Robert N and Hamann, Ute and Torres, Diana and Jakubowska, Anna and Lubinski, Jan and Couch, Fergus J and Yannoukakos, Drakoulis and Orr, Nick and Swerdlow, Anthony and Darabi, Hatef and Li, Jingmei and Czene, Kamila and Hall, Per and Easton, Douglas F and Mattson, Johanna and Blomqvist, Carl and Aittomäki, Kristiina and Nevanlinna, Heli and Aghmesheh, Morteza and Amor, David and Andrews, Lesley and ... and kConFab AOCS Investigators and kConFab/AOCS Investigators
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 2016, Volume 11, Issue 5, p. e0153788
Journal Article
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, ISSN 2045-2322, 11/2019, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 16
Next generation sequencing has revolutionised genomic studies of cancer, having facilitated the development of precision oncology treatments based on a... 
LUNG-CANCER | HEAD | DNA | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | GUIDELINES | SQUAMOUS-CELL CARCINOMA | GERMLINE VARIANTS | MUTATIONS | NECK | Next-generation sequencing | Gene frequency | Biopsy | Genetic testing | Bioinformatics | Deoxyribonucleic acid--DNA | Cancer | DNA sequencing | Tumors
Journal Article
BMC Medicine, ISSN 1741-7015, 07/2015, Volume 13, Issue 1
textabstractBackground: Annexin A1 (ANXA1) is a protein related with the carcinogenesis process and metastasis formation in many tumors. However, little is... 
Annexin A1 | BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations | Breast cancer | SURVIVAL | CELLS | COMPLEX | METASTASIS | PHOSPHORYLATION | PROTEIN-KINASE | ADENOCARCINOMA | CHEMOTHERAPY | MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL | GROWTH-FACTOR | DIFFERENTIATION | Medical equipment and supplies industry | Prognosis | Gene mutations | Analysis | Medical test kit industry | Oncology, Experimental | Genetic aspects | Metastasis | Research | Cancer
Journal Article