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by Machado, Flavia R and Cavalcanti, Alexandre Biasi and Bozza, Fernando Augusto and Ferreira, Elaine M and Angotti Carrara, Fernanda Sousa and Sousa, Juliana Lubarino and Caixeta, Noemi and Salomao, Reinaldo and Angus, Derek C and Pontes Azevedo, Luciano Cesar and Zajac, S R and Bley, M V and Scazufca, A and Rosateli, P and Reis, T and Junior, A Nogueira and Neto, P A Nunes and Filho, I L S and Lima, H and Vieira, M and Zanchet, M and Ferreira, I and Miguita, R and Petisco, G M and Westphal, G A and Santos, J R P and Damasceno, V and dos Santos, J T and Fernandes, F and Almeida, EP and Lemos, M and Lima, M F A and Camacho, R and Ribeiro, A and Douglas, M O G and Mattei, G A and Junior, E A and Ferreira, P and Rabelo, H R M P and Pinto, S P S and Fontes, L E and Machado, D and Guitzel, M and Lucio, M and Conceição, C N P and Barros, A and Salgado, D and Veiga, V C and Rojas, S S O and de Paula, KM and Hatum, R and Fraenkel, L and Viana, W N and Santos, A P G and Rabello, L and Tanaka, L and Uchoa, M and Moura, M D and Gneco, H and Buarque, M F and Monteiro, K and Nassar, A P and Koterba, E and Teixeira, M J and Falcão, A L E and Pinto, V G S and Junior, J M M and Gut, A L and Stefano, L M and Damasceno, M and Lontra, M V and Cozzani, C and Sobrinho, E B and Lage, S G and Kopel, L and Youssef, N C M and Sanches, L C and Amendola, C P and Kmohan, C and Silva, C B and Schifelbain, L and Bellotto, E and Viecili, P and Azevedo, L and Monteiro, L and Vieira, S and Abrão, A M and Moraes, A P and Insaurrale, H and Gadelha, M and Marisa, D and Diniz, R N and Romano, E R and Luzzi, S and Rezende, E and Filho, M C and Martins, R H F C and Carvalho, F B and Moreira, G C and Paula, J and ... and Latin American Sepsis Institute Network and SPREAD Investigators and Latin American Sepsis Institute Ne
The Lancet infectious diseases, ISSN 1473-3099, 11/2017, Volume 17, Issue 11, pp. 1180 - 1189
Journal Article
by Benavente, O. R and Coffey, C. S and Conwit, R and Hart, R. G and McClure, L. A and Pearce, L. A and Pergola, P. E and Szychowski, J. M and Benavente, O. R and Hart, R. G and Pergola, P. E and Palacio, S and Castro, I and Farias, A and Roldan, A and Kase, C and Gavras, I and Lau, H and Ogrodnik, M and Allen, N and Meissner, I and Graves, J and Herzig, D and Covalt, J and Meyer, B and Jackson, C and Gamble, P and Kelly, N and Warner, J and Bell, J and Demaerschalk, B and Hogan, M and Wochos, D and Wieser, J and Cleary, B and Wood, L and Hanna, J and Zipp, T and Bailey, S and Cook, D and Liskay, A and Simcox, D and Kappler, J and Anderson, D and Grimm, R and Brauer, D and Pettigrew, C and Vaishnov, A and Sawaya, P and Fowler, A and Hughes, N and Rice, J and Vanderpool, K and Cruz-Flores, S and Walden, H. D and Holzemer, E and Santhakumar, S and Van Stavern, R and Chatuverdi, S and Flack, J and Mada, F and Wiseman, D and Berlow, E and Klinker, J and Chiu, D and Taylor, A and Katz, L and Coull, B and Howard, L and Malekniazi, M and VanSkiver, M and Bruck, D and Redman, S and Logan, W and Carpenter, D and Schroer, S and Katramados, A and Silver, B and Yee, J and Aiello, K and Wilson, K and McCarthy, S and Dandapani, B and Spies, C. P and Vasile, C and Anthony, B and Ferguson, J and Krubel, S and Synman, A and Andrews, N and Kirshner, H and Sussman, C and Brown, D and Elkind, M and Crew, R. J and Radhakrishan, J and Corporan, T. E and Diaz, J and Aragon, R and Slivka, A and ... and The SPS3 Study Group and SPS3 Study Group
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 2013, Volume 382, Issue 9891, pp. 507 - 515
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Abreu, H and Adersberger, M and Alconada Verzini, M.J and Allbrooke, B.M.M and Allport, P.P and Aloisio, A and Amadio, B.T and Amorim, A and Andeen, T and Andrei, V and Antonelli, M and Anulli, F and Aoki, M and Arabidze, G and Arce, A.T.H and Argyropoulos, S and Arnaez, O and Arslan, O and Artoni, G and Artz, S and Asquith, L and Backes, M and Bahrasemani, H and Balek, P and Banas, E and Barak, L and Barone, G and Bates, R.L and Beacham, J.B and Becker, K and Bellerive, A and Benhammou, Y and Benjamin, D.P and Bensinger, J.R and Bernlochner, F.U and Berta, P and Bielski, R and Bjergaard, D.M and Black, C.W and Blackburn, D and Blunier, S and Boldyrev, A.S and Boonekamp, M and Borisov, A and Bortoletto, D and Boveia, A and Brau, B and Brau, J.E and Brosamer, J and Brunt, Bh and Bryant, P and Buchholz, P and Bugge, M.K and Burdin, S and Burr, J.T.P and Büscher, V and Butler, J.M and Buttar, C.M and Cakir, O and Calderini, G and Calvente Lopez, S and Cameron, D and Camincher, C and Campana, S and Campanelli, M and Cano Bret, M and Carquin, E and Casolino, M and Cerrito, L and Chang, P and Cheng, H.J and Chytka, L and Ciocio, A and Citterio, M and Clark, B.L and Collot, J and Colombo, T and Coniavitis, E and Connell, S.H and Constantinescu, S and Corriveau, F and Cortiana, G and Cree, G and Da Cunha Sargedas De Sousa, M.J and Dabrowski, W and Dallaire, F and Dallapiccola, C and Dam, M and Darmora, S and Dassoulas, J and Davey, W and Davidek, T and Davison, P and Dawe, E and De La Torre, H and Del Gaudio, M and Dewhurst, A and Dhaliwal, S and Di Ciaccio, L and Dias, F.A and ...
Physical review. D, ISSN 2470-0010, 10/2017, Volume 96, Issue 7, p. 072002
Journal Article
by Abeloos, B and Adelman, J and Adersberger, M and Allbrooke, B.M.M and Allport, P.P and Aloisio, A and Alstaty, M and Alviggi, M.G and Amadio, B.T and Amor Dos Santos, S.P and Amorim, A and Andeen, T and Anisenkov, A.V and Antel, C and Anulli, F and Aoki, M and Arabidze, G and Araque, J.P and Arce, A.T.H and Argyropoulos, S and Arnaez, O and Arslan, O and Artoni, G and Artz, S and Asquith, L and Augsten, K and Baas, A.E and Backes, M and Bahrasemani, H and Baker, O.K and Baldin, E.M and Barak, L and Barone, G and Barreiro, F and Bassalat, A and Bates, R.L and Beacham, J.B and Beau, T and Becker, K and Bellerive, A and Benary, O and Benhammou, Y and Benjamin, D.P and Bensinger, J.R and Bernlochner, F.U and Berta, P and Bertolucci, F and Besson, N and Bielski, R and Bjergaard, D.M and Black, C.W and Blunier, S and Bocci, A and Bogavac, D and Bold, T and Boonekamp, M and Bressler, S and Brost, E and Bruni, G and Cairo, V.M and Calderini, G and Caloba, L.P and Calvet, S and Calvet, T.P and Camincher, C and Camplani, A and Campoverde, A and Cardarelli, R and Carli, I and Carli, T and Carquin, E and Carrillo-Montoya, G.D and Carvalho, J and Casadei, D and Castillo Gimenez, V and Celebi, E and Ceradini, F and Cerri, A and Cerrito, L and Chau, C.C and Che, S and Cheplakov, A and Chiarella, V and Chizhov, M.V and Christodoulou, V and Chudoba, J and Ciocca, C and Ciubancan, M and Coniavitis, E and Cooke, M and Cranmer, K and Crescioli, F and Cribbs, W.A and Croft, V and Czirr, H and Dabrowski, W and Dallaire, F and Dallapiccola, C and Dam, M and Daneri, M.F and ...
Physical review. D, ISSN 2470-0010, 09/2017, Volume 96, Issue 5
Journal Article
by Abbott B and Abed Abud A and Abeling K and AbouZeid O S and Adamczyk L and Adersberger M and Adye T and Afik Y and Agheorghiesei C and Ai X and Åkesson T P A and Akimov A V and Alexa C and Aliev M and Aloisio A and Amaral Coutinho Y and Anastopoulos C and Andreazza A and Angerami A and Aparo M A and Armstrong A and Artoni G and Astalos R and Augsten K and Ayoub M K and Backes M and Bailey V R and Bakos E and Balunas W K and Banas E and Barkeloo J and Barnea R and Baroncelli A and Barranco Navarro L and Bartels F and Bartolini G and Bauer K T and Beacham J B and Beddall A J and Bee C P and Belfkir M and Benekos N and Benjamin D P and Bergmann B and Bernlochner F U and Bessidskaia Bylund O and Bethke S and Bhattacharya D S and Bi R and Bini C and Bocchetta S S and Bogdanchikov A G and Boonekamp M and Bortfeldt J and Bossio Sola J D and Bouaouda K and Bracinik J and Brandt O and Brau J E and Bressler S and Brooks W K and Bruckman de Renstrom P A and Büscher V and Bussey P J and Buxo Vazquez C J and Calace N and Calfayan P and Caltabiano A and Camerlingo M T and Canale V and Cao Y and Cardillo F and Carlson E M and Catmore J R and Celli F and Chan W Y and Charman T P and Chau C C and Chen J and Cheplakov A and Chevalérias T J A and Chiarelli G and Chizhov M V and Chu X and Chudoba J and Ciocio A and Ciubotaru D A and Ciungu B M and Clark A and Clawson S E and Colijn A P and Cooper-Sarkar A M and Crescioli F and Cueto A and Dado T and Dahbi S and Dallapiccola C and Danninger M and D’Auria S and David C and ... and ATLAS Collaboration
The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1029-8479, 11/2020, Volume 2020, Issue 11, pp. 1 - 47
Journal Article