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Physica B: Condensed Matter, ISSN 0921-4526, 04/2019, Volume 558, pp. 38 - 43
Structural, thermal, and permeability measurements were conducted in Ni Mn Fe Ga samples to study the effect on their properties when substituting Mn by Fe.... 
Relaxation process | Specific heat measurements | Magnetic phase transition | Heusler alloys | Impedance measurements
Journal Article
Physica B: Physics of Condensed Matter, ISSN 0921-4526, 04/2019, Volume 558, p. 38
Structural, thermal, and permeability measurements were conducted in Ni.sub.2Mn.sub.1-xFe.sub.xGa samples to study the effect on their properties when... 
Journal Article
by Aaron-Morrison, A.P and Ackerman, S.A and Adams, N.G and Adler, R.F and Albanil, A and Alfaro, E.J and Allan, R and Alves, L.M and Amador, J.A and Aneassen, L.M and Arendt, A and Arévalo, J and Arndt, D.S and Arzhanova, N.M and Aschan, M.M and Azorin-Molina, C and Banzon, V and Bardin, M.U and Barichivich, J and Baringer, M.O and Barreira, S and Baxter, S and Bazo, J and Becker, A and Bedka, K.M and Behrenfeld, M.J and Bell, G.D and Belmont, M and Benedetti, A and Bernhard, G and Berrisford, P and Berry, D.I and Bettolli, M.L and Bhatt, U.S and Bidegain, M and Bill, B.D and Billheimer, S and Bissolli, P and Blake, E.S and Blunden, J and Bosilovich, M.G and Boucher, O and Boudet, D and Box, J.E and Boyer, T and Braathen, G.O and Bromwich, D.H and Brown, R and Bulygina, O.N and Burgess, D and Calderón, B and Camargo, S.J and Campbell, J.D and Cappelen, J and Carrasco, G and Carter, B.R and Chambers, D.P and Chandler, E and Christiansen, H.H and Christy, J.R and Chung, D and Chung, E.-S and Cinque, K and Clem, K.R and Coelho, C.A and Cogley, J.G and Coldewey-Egbers, M and Colwell, S and Cooper, O.R and Copland, L and Cosca, C.E and Cross, J.N and Crotwell, M.J and Crouch, J and Davis, S.M and De Eyto, E and De Jeu, R.A.M and De Laat, J and Degasperi, C.L and Degenstein, D and Demircan, M and Derksen, C and Destin, D and Di Girolamo, L and Di Giuseppe, F and Diamond, H.J and Dlugokencky, E.J and Dohan, K and Dokulil, M.T and Dolgov, A.V and Dolman, A.J and Domingues, C.M and Donat, M.G and Dong, S and Dorigo, W.A and Dortch, Q and Doucette, G and zdov, D.S and Ducklow, H and Dunn, R.J.H and ... and Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States)
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, ISSN 0003-0007, 2016, Volume 97, Issue 8, pp. S1 - S275
In 2015, the dominant greenhouse gases released into Earth’s atmosphere—carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide—all continued to reach new high levels. At... 
Journal Article
by Zappi, Daniela C and Ranzato Filardi, Fabiana L and Leitman, Paula and Souza, Vinícius C and Walter, Bruno M.T and Pirani, José R and Morim, Marli P and Queiroz, Luciano P and Cavalcanti, Taciana B and Mansano, Vidal F and Forzza, Rafaela C and Abreu, Maria C and Acevedo-Rodríguez, Pedro and Agra, Maria F and Almeida, Eduardo B and Almeida, Gracineide S.S and Almeida, Rafael F and Alves, Flávio M and Alves, Marccus and Alves-Araujo, Anderson and Amaral, Maria C.E and Amorim, André M and Amorim, Bruno and Andrade, Ivanilza M and Andreata, Regina H.P and Andrino, Caroline O and Anunciação, Elisete A and Aona, Lidyanne Y.S and Aranguren, Yani and Aranha Filho, João L.M and Araújo, Andrea O and Araújo, Ariclenes A.M and Araújo, Diogo and Arbo, María M and Assis, Leandro and Assis, Marta C and Assunção, Vivian A and Athiê-Souza, Sarah M and Azevedo, Cecilia O and Baitello, João B and Baitello, João B and Barberena, Felipe F.V.A and Barbosa, Maria R.V and Barros, Fábio and Barros, Lucas A.V and Barros, Michel J.F and Baumgratz, José F.A and Bernacci, Luis C and Berry, Paul E and Bigio, Narcísio C and Biral, Leonardo and Bittrich, Volker and Borges, Rafael A.X and Bortoluzzi, Roseli L.C and Bove, Cláudia P and Bovini, Massimo G and Braga, João M.A and Braz, Denise M and Bringel, João B.A and Bruniera, Carla P and Buturi, Camila V and Cabral, Elza and Cabral, Fernanda N and Caddah, Mayara K and Caires, Claudenir S and Calazans, Luana S.B and Calió, Maria F and Camargo, Rodrigo A and Campbell, Lisa and Canto-Dorow, Thais S and Carauta, Jorge P.P and Cardiel, José M and Cardoso, Domingos B.O.S and Cardoso, Leandro J.T and Carneiro, Camila R and Carneiro, Cláudia E and Carneiro-Torres, Daniela S and Carrijo, Tatiana T and Caruzo, Maria B.R and Carvalho, Maria L.S and Carvalho-Silva, Micheline and Castello, Ana C.D and Cavalheiro, Larissa and Cervi, Armando C and Chacon, Roberta G and Chautems, Alain and Chiavegatto, Berenice and Chukr, Nádia S and Coelho, Alexa A.O.P and Coelho, Marcus A.N and Coelho, Rubens L.G and Cordeiro, Inês and Cordula, Elizabeth and Cornejo, Xavier and Côrtes, Ana L.A and Costa, Andrea F and Costa, Fabiane N and Costa, Jorge A.S and Costa, Leila C and Costa-e-Silva, Maria B and ...
Rodriguesia, ISSN 0370-6583, 10/2015, Volume 66, Issue 4, pp. 1085 - 1113
Abstract An updated inventory of Brazilian seed plants is presented and offers important insights into the country's biodiversity. This work started in 2010,... 
Biomes | Life-forms | Endemism | Angiosperms | Gymnosperms | life-forms | endemism | biomes
Journal Article
Diabetic Medicine, ISSN 0742-3071, 01/2011, Volume 28, Issue 1, pp. 31 - 35
Diabet. Med. 28, 31–35 (2011) Aim  To analyse the performance of HbA1c in diagnosing Type 2 diabetes based on fasting plasma glucose and/or 2‐h plasma glucose... 
diagnosis | diagnostic tests | diabetes | glycated hemoglobin | Diabetes | Diagnosis | Glycated hemoglobin | Diagnostic tests
Journal Article
Helminthologia, ISSN 0440-6605, 12/2017, Volume 54, Issue 4, p. 336
Mexicana rubra sp. nov. and Encotyllabe cf. spari are described from the gills of the marine fish Orthopristis ruber (Haemulidae) caught off Rio de Janeiro,... 
Journal Article
by Gomes, V.H.F and IJff, S.D and Raes, N and Amaral, I.L and Salomão, R.P and De Souza Coelho, L and De Almeida Matos, F.D and Castilho, C.V and De Anade Lima Filho, D and Cárdenas López, D and Guevara, J.E and Magnusson, W.E and Phillips, O.L and Wittmann, F and De Jesus Veiga Carim, M and Pires Martins, M and Irume, M.V and Sabatier, D and Molino, J.-F and Bánki, O.S and Da Silva Guimarães, J.R and Pitman, N.C.A and Fernandez Piedade, M.T and Monteagudo Mendoza, A and Luize, B.G and Venticinque, E.M and Moraes De Leão Novo, E.M and Núñez Vargas, P and Freire Silva, T.S and Manzatto, A.G and Terborgh, J and Farias Costa Reis, N and Montero, J.C and Casula, K.R and Marimon, B.S and Marimon, B.-H and Honorio Coronado, E.N and Feldpausch, T.R and Duque, A and Zartman, C.E and Castaño Arboleda, N and Killeen, T.J and Mostacedo, B and Vasquez, R and Schöngart, J and Assis, R.L and Medeiros, M.B and Simon, M.F and Anade, A and Laurance, W.F and Camargo, J.L and Demarchi, L.O and Laurance, S.G.W and De Sousa Farias, E and Mendonça Nascimento, H.E and Cardenas Revilla, J.D and Quaresma, A and Costa, F.R.C and Guimarães Vieira, I.C and Ladvocat Cintra, B.B and Castellanos, H and Brienen, R and Stevenson, P.R and Feitosa, Y and Duivenvoorden, J.F and Aymard C., G.A and Mogollón, H.F and Targhetta, N and Comiskey, J.A and Vicentini, A and Lopes, A and Damasco, G and Dávila, N and García-Villacorta, R and Levis, C and Schietti, J and Souza, P and Emilio, T and Alonso, A and Neill, D and Dallmeier, F and Valle Ferreira, L and Araujo-Murakami, A and Praia, D and do Amaral, D.D and Carvalho, F.A and Coelho De Souza, F and Feeley, K and Arroyo, L and Pansonato, M.P and Gribel, R and Villa, B and Licona, J.C and Fine, P.V.A and Cerón, C and Baraloto, C and Jimenez, E.M and Stropp, J and Engel, J and Silveira, M and ...
Scientific Reports, ISSN 2045-2322, 01/2018, Volume 8, Issue 1, pp. 1003 - 12
Journal Article
ACS Catalysis, ISSN 2155-5435, 11/2014, Volume 4, Issue 11, pp. 3815 - 3819
The surface plasmon resonance (SPR) excitation by visible light in plasmonic nanostructures can be put to work to mediate catalytic processes. However, the... 
Journal Article
Thyroid, ISSN 1050-7256, 10/2017, Volume 27, Issue S1, pp. P-1 - A-156
Journal Article
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 10/2017, Volume 377, Issue 14, pp. 1319 - 1330
Journal Article