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biodiversity conservation (12) 12
biomass (12) 12
ecology (12) 12
forests (12) 12
agriculture, multidisciplinary (11) 11
carbon cycle (11) 11
index medicus (11) 11
nitrogen (11) 11
analysis (10) 10
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agriculture (9) 9
ecosystems (9) 9
soil science (9) 9
soils (9) 9
decomposition (8) 8
dynamics (8) 8
ecosystem (7) 7
land use (7) 7
life sciences (7) 7
rain-forest (7) 7
sediments (7) 7
soil carbon (7) 7
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climate (6) 6
climate change (6) 6
fish (6) 6
nutrients (6) 6
organossolo (6) 6
pasture (6) 6
stable isotopes (6) 6
water quality (6) 6
animals (5) 5
carbon sequestration (5) 5
chemistry, multidisciplinary (5) 5
conservation (5) 5
dry season (5) 5
fluxes (5) 5
geochemistry (5) 5
greenhouse gases (5) 5
histosols (5) 5
isotopes (5) 5
matéria orgânica do solo (5) 5
organic-matter (5) 5
photosynthesis (5) 5
radiocarbon (5) 5
seasons (5) 5
soil organic matter (5) 5
tropical climate (5) 5
turnover (5) 5
δ13c (5) 5
14c (4) 4
agregação do solo (4) 4
amazon (4) 4
carbono (4) 4
chemistry (4) 4
cycles (4) 4
deforestation (4) 4
ecology, environment (4) 4
emissions (4) 4
environmental aspects (4) 4
environmental monitoring (4) 4
fitofisionomias (4) 4
floresta (4) 4
forestry (4) 4
forests and forestry (4) 4
growth (4) 4
humic acids (4) 4
management (4) 4
mortality (4) 4
rivers (4) 4
soil (4) 4
stocks (4) 4
storage (4) 4
streams (4) 4
studies (4) 4
sugarcane (4) 4
systems (4) 4
tree growth (4) 4
tropical forest (4) 4
tropical soil (4) 4
water (4) 4
water pollution (4) 4
wetlands (4) 4
abundance (3) 3
age (3) 3
air pollution (3) 3
atmospheric composition and structure (3) 3
bioaccumulation (3) 3
biology (3) 3
biosphere/atmosphere interactions (3) 3
café (3) 3
campo (3) 3
carbon capture and storage (3) 3
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Journal Article
by Esquivel-Muelbert, Aiane and Baker, Timothy R and Dexter, Kyle G and Lewis, Simon L and Brienen, Roel J. W and Feldpausch, Ted R and Lloyd, Jon and Monteagudo-Mendoza, Abel and Arroyo, Luzmila and Alvarez-Davila, Esteban and Higuchi, Niro and Marimon, Beatriz S and Marimon-Junior, Ben Hur and Silveira, Marcos and Vilanova, Emilio and Gloor, Emanuel and Malhi, Yadvinder and Chave, Jerome and Barlow, Jos and Bonal, Damien and Davila Cardozo, Nallaret and Erwin, Terry and Fauset, Sophie and Herault, Bruno and Laurance, Susan and Poorter, Lourens and Qie, Lan and Stahl, Clement and Sullivan, Martin J. P and ter Steege, Hans and Vos, Vincent Antoine and Zuidema, Pieter A and Almeida, Everton and Almeida de Oliveira, Edmar and Anade, Ana and Vieira, Simone Aparecida and Aragao, Luiz and Araujo-Murakami, Alejano and Arets, Eric and Aymard C, Gerardo A and Baraloto, Christopher and Camargo, Plinio Barbosa and Barroso, Jorcely G and Bongers, Frans and Boot, Rene and Camargo, Jose Luis and Castro, Wendeson and Chama Moscoso, Victor and Comiskey, James and Cornejo Valverde, Fernando and Lola da Costa, Antonio Carlos and del Aguila Pasquel, Jhon and Di Fiore, Anthony and Fernanda Duque, Luisa and Elias, Fernando and Engel, Julien and Flores Llampazo, Gerardo and Galbraith, David and Herrera Fernandez, Rafael and Honorio Coronado, Euridice and Hubau, Wannes and Jimenez-Rojas, Eliana and Lima, Aiano Jose Nogueira and Umetsu, Ricardo Keichi and Laurance, William and Lopez-Gonzalez, Gabriela and Lovejoy, Thomas and Aurelio Melo Cruz, Omar and Morandi, Paulo S and Neill, David and Nunez Vargas, Percy and Pallqui Camacho, Nadir C and Parada Gutierrez, Alexander and Pardo, Guido and Peacock, Julie and Pena-Claros, Marielos and Penuela-Mora, Maria Cristina and Petronelli, Pascal and Pickavance, Georgia C and Pitman, Nigel and Prieto, Aiana and Quesada, Carlos and Ramirez-Angulo, Hirma and Rejou-Mechain, Maxime and Restrepo Correa, Zorayda and Roopsind, Anand and Rudas, Agustin and Salomao, Rafael and Silva, Natalino and Silva Espejo, Javier and Singh, James and Stropp, Juliana and Terborgh, John and Thomas, Raquel and Toledo, Marisol and Torres-Lezama, Armando and Valenzuela Gamarra, Luis and van de Meer, Peter J and van der Heijden, Geertje and van der Hout, Peter and ...
Global Change Biology, ISSN 1354-1013, 01/2019, Volume 25, Issue 1, pp. 39 - 56
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Gardner, Toby A and Ferreira, Joice and Barlow, Jos and Lees, Alexander C and Parry, Luke and Guimarães Vieira, Ima Célia and Berenguer, Erika and Abramovay, Ricardo and Aleixo, Alexandre and Andretti, Christian and Aragão, Luiz E.O.C and Araújo, Ivanei and de Ávila, Williams Souza and Bardgett, Richard D and Batistella, Mateus and Begotti, Rodrigo Anzolin and Beldini, Troy and de Blas, Driss Ezzine and Braga, Rodrigo Fagundes and de Lima Braga, Danielle and de Brito, Janaína Gomes and de Camargo, Plínio Barbosa and dos Santos, Fabiane Campos and de Oliveira, Vívian Campos and Nunes Cordeiro, Amanda Cardoso and Cardoso, Thiago Moreira and de Carvalho, Déborah Reis and Castelani, Sergio André and Mário Chaul, Júlio Cézar and Cerri, Carlos Eduardo and de Assis Costa, Francisco and da Costa, Carla Daniele Furtado and Coudel, Emilie and Coutinho, Alexandre Camargo and Cunha, Dênis and D'Antona, Álvaro and Dezincourt, Joelma and Dias-Silva, Karina and Durigan, Mariana and Dalla Mora Esquerdo, Júlio César and Feres, José and de Barros Ferraz, Silvio Frosini and de Melo Ferreira, Amanda Estefânia and Fiorini, Ana Carolina and da Silva, Lenise Vargas Flores and Frazão, Fábio Soares and Garrett, Rachel and dos Santos Gomes, Alessandra and da Silva Gonçalves, Karoline and Guerrero, José Benito and Hamada, Neusa and Hughes, Robert M and Igliori, Danilo Carmago and da Conceição Jesus, Ederson and Juen, Leandro and Junior, Miércio and de Oliveira Jr, José Max Barbosa and de Oliveira Jr, Raimundo Cosme and Junior, Carlos Souza and Kaufmann, Phil and Korasaki, Vanesca and Leal, Cecília Gontijo and Leitão, Rafael and Lima, Natália and de Fátima Lopes Almeida, Maria and Lourival, Reinaldo and Louzada, Júlio and Nally, Ralph Mac and Marchand, Sébastien and Maués, Márcia Motta and Moreira, Fátima M.S and Morsello, Carla and Moura, Nárgila and Nessimian, Jorge and Nunes, Sâmia and Fonseca Oliveira, Victor Hugo and Pardini, Renata and Pereira, Heloisa Correia and Pompeu, Paulo Santos and Ribas, Carla Rodrigues and Rossetti, Felipe and Schmidt, Fernando Augusto and da Silva, Rodrigo and da Silva, Regina Célia Viana Martins and da Silva, Thiago Fonseca Morello Ramalho and Silveira, Juliana and Siqueira, João Victor and de Carvalho, Teotônio Soares and Solar, Ricardo R. C and Holanda Tancredi, Nicola Savério and Thomson, James R and Torres, Patrícia Carignano and Vaz-de-Mello, Fernando Zagury and Stulpen Veiga, Ruan Carlo and Venturieri, Adriano and Viana, Cecília and Weinhold, Diana and Zanetti, Ronald and Zuanon, Jansen
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, ISSN 0962-8436, 06/2013, Volume 368, Issue 1619, pp. 20120166 - 20120166
Journal Article
Science of the Total Environment, ISSN 0048-9697, 04/2018, Volume 619-620, pp. 1420 - 1430
Nhecolândia is a vast sub-region of the Pantanal wetland in Brazil with great diversity in surface water chemistry evolving in a sodic alkaline pathway under... 
Brazil | Greenhouse gas emission | Alkaline lakes | Pantanal wetland | O2 supersaturation | supersaturation | Geochemistry | Earth Sciences | Sciences of the Universe | Environmental Sciences
Journal Article
Biogeosciences Discussions, ISSN 1810-6285, 04/2017, pp. 1 - 26
Nhecolândia is a vast sub-region of the Pantanal wetland in Brazil with great diversity in surface water chemistry evolving in a sodic alkaline pathway under... 
Journal Article
Biotropica, ISSN 0006-3606, 07/2017, Volume 49, Issue 4, pp. 531 - 538
Journal Article