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by Bicer, M and Duran Yildiz, H and Yildiz, I and Coignet, G and Delmastro, M and Alexopoulos, T and Grojean, C and Antusch, S and Sen, T and He, H.-J and Potamianos, K and Haug, S and Moreno, A and Heister, A and Sanz, V and Gomez-Ceballos, G and Klute, M and Zanetti, M and Wang, L.-T and Dam, M and Boehm, C and Glover, N and Krauss, F and Lenz, A and Syphers, M and Leonidopoulos, C and Ciulli, V and Lenzi, P and Sguazzoni, G and Antonelli, M and Boscolo, M and Dosselli, U and Frasciello, O and Milardi, C and Venanzoni, G and Zobov, M and van der Bij, J and de Gruttola, M and Kim, D.-W and Bachtis, M and Butterworth, A and Bernet, C and Botta, C and Carminati, F and David, A and Deniau, L and d’Enterria, D and Ganis, G and Goddard, B and Giudice, G and Janot, P and Jowett, J. M and Lourenço, C and Malgeri, L and Meschi, E and Moortgat, F and Musella, P and Osborne, J. A and Perrozzi, L and Pierini, M and Rinolfi, L and de Roeck, A and Rojo, J and Roy, G and Sciabà, A and Valassi, A and Waaijer, C. S and Wenninger, J and Woehri, H and Zimmermann, F and Blondel, A and Koratzinos, M and Mermod, P and Onel, Y and Talman, R and Castaneda Miranda, E and Bulyak, E and Porsuk, D and Kovalskyi, D and Padhi, S and Faccioli, P and Ellis, J. R and Campanelli, M and Bai, Y and Chamizo, M and Appleby, R. B and Owen, H and Cuna, H. Maury and Gracios, C and Munoz-Hernandez, G. A and Trentadue, L and Torrente-Lujan, E and Wang, S and Bertsche, D and Gramolin, A and Telnov, V and Kado, M and Petroff, P and Azzi, P and Nicrosini, O and ... and The TLEP Design Study Working Group and TLEP Design Study Working Grp
The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1029-8479, 2014, Volume 2014, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 49
Journal Article
by Aaltonen, T and Alvarez González, B and Amerio, S and Amidei, D and Anastassov, A and Annovi, A and Antos, J and Apollinari, G and Appel, J.A and Arisawa, T and Artikov, A and Asaadi, J and Ashmanskas, W and Auerbach, B and Aurisano, A and Azfar, F and Badgett, W and Bae, T and Barbaro-Galtieri, A and Barnes, V.E and Barnett, B.A and Barria, P and Bartos, P and Bauce, M and Bedeschi, F and Behari, S and Bellettini, G and Bellinger, J and Benjamin, D and Beretvas, A and Bhatti, A and Bisello, D and Bizjak, I and Bland, K.R and Blumenfeld, B and Bocci, A and Bodek, A and Bortoletto, D and Boudreau, J and Boveia, A and Brigliadori, L and Bromberg, C and Brucken, E and Budagov, J and Budd, H.S and Burkett, K and Busetto, G and Bussey, P and Buzatu, A and Calamba, A and Calancha, C and Camarda, S and Campanelli, M and Campbell, M and Canelli, F and Carls, B and Carlsmith, D and Carosi, R and Carrillo, S and Carron, S and Casal, B and Casarsa, M and Castro, A and Catastini, P and Cauz, D and Cavaliere, V and Cavalli-Sforza, M and Cerri, A and Cerrito, L and Chen, Y.C and Chertok, M and Chiarelli, G and Chlachidze, G and Chlebana, F and Cho, K and Chokheli, D and Chung, W.H and Chung, Y.S and Ciocci, M.A and Clark, A and Clarke, C and Compostella, G and Convery, M.E and Conway, J and Corbo, M and Cordelli, M and Cox, C.A and Cox, D.J and Crescioli, F and Cuevas, J and Culbertson, R and Dagenhart, D and D'ascenzo, N and Datta, M and De Barbaro, P and Dell'orso, M and Demortier, L and Deninno, M and Devoto, F and D'errico, M and ...
Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 09/2012, Volume 109, Issue 11
Journal Article
Atmospheric chemistry and physics, ISSN 1680-7324, 2019, Volume 19, Issue 5, pp. 3065 - 3095
Mountainous regions are often considered pristine environments; however they can be affected by pollutants emitted in more populated and industrialised areas,... 
REGIONAL BACKGROUND SITE | SECONDARY ORGANIC AEROSOL | LIDAR OBSERVATIONS | AIR-POLLUTION | HEAT-TRANSFER PROCESSES | CHEMICAL-COMPOSITION | OPTICAL-PROPERTIES | METEOROLOGY & ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES | PARTICULATE MATTER | IN-SITU | SIZE DISTRIBUTION | Environmental aspects | Aerosols | Polonium | Atmospheric chemistry | Analysis | Distribution | Ammonium | Size distribution | Inorganic compounds | Profiling | Atmospheric models | Photometers | Water uptake | Air masses | Ceilometers | Industrial areas | Atmospheric pollution | Case studies | Phenomenology | Pollution | Prediction models | Alpine regions | Optical depth of aerosols | Aerosol size distribution | Public health | Outdoor air quality | Computer simulation | Rural areas | Environmental health | Air quality | Uptake | Pollution dispersion | Mitigation | Winds | Organic chemistry | Ammonium compounds | Particle size distribution | Chemical transport | Optical analysis | Lidar | Valley winds | Transport | Chemical analysis | Climate effects | Ecosystems | Suspended particulate matter | Weather forecasting | Exploitation | Valleys | Occupational health | Mathematical models | Modelling | Pollutants | Particulate emissions | In situ measurement | Alpine environments | Aerosol properties | Emission inventories | Environments | Advection | Particulate matter | Air pollution | Water pollution | Sulfate
Journal Article
by Ahdida, C and Albanese, R and Alexandrov, A and Anokhina, A and Aoki, S and Arduini, G and Atkin, E and Azorskiy, N and Baaltasar Dos Santos, F and Back, J. J and Bagulya, A and Baranov, A and Bardou, F and Barker, G. J and Battistin, M and Bauche, J and Bay, A and Bayliss, V and Bencivenni, G and Berdnikov, Y. A and Berdnikov, A. Y and Berezkina, I and Bertani, M and Betancourt, C and Bezshyiko, I and Bezshyyko, O and Bick, D and Bieschke, S and Blanco, A and Boehm, J and Bogomilov, M and Bondarenko, K and Bonivento, W. M and Borburgh, J and Boyarsky, A and Brenner, R and Breton, D and Brundler, R and Bruschi, M and Büscher, V and Buonaura, A and Buontempo, S and Cadeddu, S and Calcaterra, A and Calviani, M and Campanelli, M and Casolino, M and Charitonidis, N and Chau, P and Chauveau, J and Chepurnov, A and Chernyavskiy, M and Choi, K.-Y and Chumakov, A and Ciambrone, P and Cornelis, K and Cristinziani, M and Crupano, A and Dallavalle, G. M and Datwyler, A and D’Ambrosio, N and D’Appollonio, G and Dedenko, L and Dergachev, P and De Carvalho Saraiva, J and De Lellis, G and de Magistris, M and De Roeck, A and De Serio, M and De Simone, D and Dib, C and Dijkstra, H and Dipinto, P and Di Crescenzo, A and Di Marco, N and Dmitrenko, V and Dmitrievskiy, S and Dolmatov, A and Domenici, D and Donskov, S and Dougherty, L. A and Drohan, V and Dubreuil, A and Ebert, J and Enik, T and Etenko, A and Fabbri, F and Fabbri, L and Fabich, A and Fedin, O and Fedotovs, F and Ferro-Luzzi, M and Felici, G and Filippov, K and Fini, R. A and Fonte, P and Franco, C and Fraser, M and Fresa, R and Froeschl, R and ... and SHIP Collaboration and The SHiP collaboration
The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1029-8479, 2019, Volume 2019, Issue 4, pp. 1 - 20
Journal Article
by Bandyopadhyay, A and Choubey, S and Gandhi, R and Goswami, S and Roberts, B L and Bouchez, J and Antoniadis, I and Ellis, J and Giudice, G F and Schwetz, T and Umasankar, S and Karagiorgi, G and Aguilar-Arevalo, A and Conrad, J M and Shaevitz, M H and Pascoli, S and Geer, S and Campagne, J E and Rolinec, M and Blondel, A and Campanelli, M and Kopp, J and Lindner, M and Peltoniemi, J and Dornan, P J and Long, K and Matsushita, T and Rogers, C and Uchida, Y and Dracos, M and Whisnant, K and Casper, D and Chen, Mu-Chun and Popov, B and Äystö, J and Marfatia, D and Okada, Y and Sugiyama, H and Jungmann, K and Lesgourgues, J and Zisman, M and Tórtola, M A and Friedland, A and Davidson, S and Antusch, S and Biggio, C and Donini, A and Fernandez-Martinez, E and Gavela, B and Maltoni, M and Lopez-Pavon, J and Rigolin, S and Mondal, N and Palladino, V and Filthaut, F and Albright, C and de Gouvea, A and Kuno, Y and Nagashima, Y and Mezzetto, M and Lola, S and Langacker, P and Baldini, A and Nunokawa, H and Meloni, D and Diaz, M and King, S F and Zuber, K and Akeroyd, A G and Grossman, Y and Farzan, Y and Tobe, K and Aoki, Mayumi and Murayama, H and Kitazawa, N and Yasuda, O and Petcov, S and Romanino, A and Chimenti, P and Vacchi, A and Yu Smirnov, A and Couce, E and Gomez-Cadenas, J J and Hernandez, P and Sorel, M and Valle, J W F and Harrison, P F and Lunardini, C and Nelson, J K and Barger, V and Everett, L and Huber, P and Winter, W and Fetscher, W and van der Schaaf, A and ISS Phys Working Grp
Reports on Progress in Physics, ISSN 0034-4885, 10/2009, Volume 72, Issue 10, pp. 106201 - 106201 (185)
Journal Article
by Aaltonen, T and Adelman, J and Akimoto, T and Alvarez Gonzalez, B and Amerio, S and Amidei, D and Annovi, A and Antos, J and Apollinari, G and Apresyan, A and Arisawa, T and Artikov, A and Attal, A and Aurisano, A and Azfar, F and Barnes, VE and Barnett, BA and Barria, P and Bartsch, V and Beauchemin, PH and Bedeschi, F and Beecher, D and Behari, S and Bellinger, J and Benjamin, D and Beretvas, A and Bhatti, A and Binkley, M and Bisello, D and Bizjak, I and Blair, RE and Blocker, C and Blumenfeld, B and Bocci, A and Bodek, A and Boisvert, V and Boudreau, J and Boveia, A and Brau, B and Bridgeman, A and Brigliadori, L and Bromberg, C and Brubaker, E and Budagov, J and Budd, HS and Budd, S and Burke, S and Burkett, K and Buzatu, A and Byrum, KL and Cabrera, S and Calancha, C and Campbell, M and Canepa, A and Carls, B and Carosi, R and Carrillo, S and Carron, S and Casal, B and Castro, A and Cauz, D and Cavaliere, V and Cavalli-Sforza, M and Cerri, A and Cerrito, L and Chang, SH and Chen, YC and Chertok, M and Chiarelli, G and Chlebana, F and Cho, K and Chokheli, D and Chou, JP and Choudalakis, G and Chuang, SH and Chung, WH and Chung, YS and Chwalek, T and Clark, A and Clark, D and Compostella, G and Convery, ME and Conway, J and Cordelli, M and Cortiana, G and Cox, CA and Cox, DJ and Crescioli, F and Cuenca Almenar, C and Cuevas, J and Culbertson, R and Cully, JC and Dagenhart, D and Datta, M and Davies, T and de Barbaro, P and De Cecco, S and De Lorenzo, G and Dell'Orso, M and Deluca, C and ... and CDF Collaboration
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, ISSN 0031-9007, 06/2009, Volume 102, Issue 24
Evidence is reported for a narrow structure near the J/psi phi threshold in exclusive B+ -> J/psi phi K+ decays produced in (p) over barp collisions at root s... 
PHYSICS, MULTIDISCIPLINARY | MESONS | QCD | Physics - High Energy Physics - Experiment
Journal Article