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2017, ISBN 1487500297, xii, 432 pages
"Nineteenth-century New Brunswick society was dominated by white, Protestant, Anglophone men. Yet, during this time of state formation in Canada, women... 
Women | Women immigrants | Diarists | History | Social life and customs | Social conditions
2001, Cross-cultural perspectives on women, ISBN 9781859734797, xii, 330
Journal Article
by Gatsonis, Constantine A and Aberle, Denise R and Fagerstrom, Richard M and Gareen, Ilana F and Gohagan, John K and Hillman, Bruce and Sullivan, Daniel C and Cody, Dianna and Fletcher, Glenn and Kruger, Randell and Payne, Thomas and Abbott, Gerald and Coppage, Lynn and Gemmel, David and Goldin, Jonathan G and Hazelton, Todd and Johnson, Elizabeth and McComb, Barbara and McLennan, Geoffrey and Torigian, Drew A and Balkin, Peter and Garg, Kavita and Hocking, William and Inampudi, Subbarao and Isaacs, Claudine and Manor, William and Strollo, Diane C and Duan, Fenghai and Evans, William K and Machtay, Mitchell and Clingan, Kathy L and Márquez, Guillermo and Moore, Steven M and Vydareny, Kay and Worrell, John and DeMets, David and Jacobs, Paula and Naidich, David P and Tatum, James and Emerson, Scott and Harris, Russell and Korn, Edward L and Mayer, Robert and Selby, Joe V and Turnbull, Bruce W and Caporaso, Neil and Dennis, Philip and Grizzle, William and Hirsch, Fred and Spitz, Margaret and Berg, Christine B and Hu, Ping and Jackson, Charles and Lange, Erin and Papadopoulos, Evanthia and Gareen, Iiana and Apgar, Charles and Boyle, Anna and Hartfeil, Donna and Mahon, Irene and Masiejczyk, Cindy and Zamora, Peter and Brastater, Hank and George, Jincy and Bradley, Michael and Crozier, Cheryl and Oh, Maria and Kelly-Truran, Mary and Thompson, Tess and Smith, Kesha and Wilton, Fraser and Welsh, Timothy and Welsh, Rex and Clabo, Stephanie and Clune, Roberta and Falcone, Julianne and Hill, Jane and Letizia, Donna and Looney, Kendrick and Mean, Angelee and Sabina, Sophia and Stetz, JoAnn and Ssali, Arnold and White, Shovonna and Lu, Bo and Adams, Amanda and Meganathan, Karthikeyan and Sicks, JoRean D and Duggan, Maryann and Souza, Cheryl and Brewer, Brenda K and Devereux, Gillian and Fritz, Melissa S and Harkins, Judith and Keating, Kristen J and Price, Helen and Yang, Jennifer and McSwain, June and Rosario, Rhonda and Singh, Jagdish and ... and Natl Lung Screening Trial Res Team and National Lung Screening Trial Research Team
Radiology, ISSN 0033-8419, 01/2011, Volume 258, Issue 1, pp. 243 - 253
Journal Article
by van den Berg, Stéphanie M and de Moor, Marleen H. M and Verweij, Karin J. H and Krueger, Robert F and Luciano, Michelle and Arias Vasquez, Alejano and Matteson, Lindsay K and Derringer, Jaime and Esko, T. nu and Amin, Najaf and Gordon, Scott D and Hansell, Narelle K and Hart, Amy B and Seppälä, Ilkka and Huffman, Jennifer E and Konte, Bettina and Lahti, Jari and Lee, Minyoung and Miller, Mike and Nutile, Teresa and Tanaka, Toshiko and Teumer, Alexander and Viktorin, Alexander and Wedenoja, Juho and Abdellaoui, Abdel and Abecasis, Goncalo R and Adkins, Daniel E and Agrawal, Arpana and Allik, J. ri and Appel, Katja and Bigdeli, Timothy B and Busonero, Fabio and Campbell, Harry and Costa, Paul T and Smith, George Davey and Davies, Gail and de Wit, Harriet and Ding, Jun and Engelhardt, Barbara E and Eriksson, Johan G and Fedko, Iryna O and Ferrucci, Luigi and Franke, Barbara and Giegling, Ina and Grucza, Richard and Hartmann, Annette M and Heath, Anew C and Heinonen, Kati and Henders, Anjali K and Homuth, Georg and Hottenga, Jouke-Jan and Iacono, William G and Janzing, Joost and Jokela, Markus and Karlsson, Robert and Kemp, John P and Kirkpatrick, Matthew G and Latvala, Antti and Lehtimäki, Terho and Liewald, David C and Madden, Pamela A. F and Magri, Chiara and Magnusson, Patrik K. E and Marten, Jonathan and Maschio, Anea and Mbarek, Hamdi and Medland, Sarah E and Mihailov, Evelin and Milaneschi, Yuri and Montgomery, Grant W and Nauck, Matthias and Nivard, Michel G and Ouwens, Klaasjan G and Palotie, Aarno and Pettersson, Erik and Polasek, Ozren and Qian, Yong and Pulkki-Råback, Laura and Raitakari, Olli T and Realo, Anu and Rose, Richard J and Ruggiero, Daniela and Schmidt, Carsten O and Slutske, Wendy S and Sorice, Rossella and Starr, John M and St Pourcain, Beate and Sutin, Angelina R and Timpson, Nicholas J and Trochet, Holly and Vermeulen, Sita and Vuoksimaa, Eero and Widen, Elisabeth and Wouda, Jasper and Wright, Margaret J and Zgaga, Lina and Generation Scotland and Porteous, David and Minelli, Alessana and Palmer, Abraham A and ... and Generation Scotland
Behavior genetics, ISSN 0001-8244, 2016, Volume 46, Issue 2, pp. 170 - 182
Journal Article
by Al-Shahi Salman, Rustam and Dennis, Martin S and Murray, Gordon D and Innes, Karen and Drever, Jonathan and Dinsmore, Lynn and Williams, Carol and White, Philip M and Whiteley, William N and Sandercock, Peter A.G and Sudlow, Cathie L.M and Newby, David E and Sprigg, Nikola and Werring, David J and Dennis, Martin and Sudlow, Cathie and Whiteley, William and Lerpiniere, Christine and McCormick, Katrina and Perry, Jack and Parakramawansha, Ruwan and Hunter, Neil and Doubal, Fergus and Paulton, Ruth and O'Brien, Richard and Burgess, Seona and Mead, Gillian and Taylor, Pat and MacLeod, Mary-Joan and Maclennan, Beverly and Clarke, Rebecca and Taylor, Vicky and Klaasen, Katrina and Crouch, Nichola and Jagpal, Baljit and Furnace, Jacqueline and Irvine, Janice and Gow, Heather and Joyson, Anu and Nelson, Sandra and Ross, Sarah and Davies, Ruth and Jose, Deepa and Robinson, Naomi and Codd, Laura and Dodd, Angela and Moroney, Helen and Weir, Pauline and Little, Victoria and Gott, Valerie and Sangster, Graeme and Owings, Paula and Cherian, Suja and Downham, Susan and Epstein, Daniel and Webber, Adam and Qureshi, Sammie and Nicholas, Paul and Krishnamurthy, Vinodh and Shukla, Avani and Jones, Ifan and Ahmed, Ashraf and Cunningham, Mishell and Zahoor, Tajammal and Johnson, Sharon and Denniss, Carol and Albazzaz, Mo and Ramadan, Hawraman and Maguire, Stuart and Patterson, Chris and Bellfield, Ruth and Hairsine, Brigid and Quinn, Outi and Hooley, Michaela and Nair, Anand and Alam, Mohammad Irfan and Greig, Jill and Rana, Pratap and Robinson, Matthew and Sajid, Mahmud and Ball, Margaret and Gascoyne, Rachel and Ghaly, George and Raghunathan, Senthil and Clarke, Judith and Wilkes, Gwendoline and Law, Zhe and Appleton, Jason and Matias, Oliver and Jackson, Benjamin and Keshvara, Rekha and Whittamore, Katherine and Jordan, Carla and Sheikh, Saima and Roffe, Jack and Gilzeane, Nicola and Krishnan, Kailash and Buck, Amanda and Havard, Diane and Hedstrom, Amanda and ... and RESTART Collaborators and RESTART collaborators and the RESTART collaborators
Trials, ISSN 1745-6215, 03/2018, Volume 19, Issue 1, pp. 162 - 11
Journal Article
2016, Lloytd John Ogilvie Institute of Preaqching series, ISBN 9781498207898, xvii, 243 pages
Teaching preaching, like preaching itself, is a noble endeavor. After nearly four decades of teaching, Richard Lischer has sent legions of preachers across the... 
Study and teaching | Preaching
by Asanza, Juan and Meinerz, Meghan and Arrowood, Cynthia and Matsuwaka, Shawn and Burns, Stephen and Keys, Kari and Yu, Tommy and Walling, Erica and Hoefnagel, Michelle and Jacobs, Geneva and Osborne, Raine and Ghovanloo, Maysam and Sahadat, Nazmus and Morgan, James and Taylor, J Andrew and Vivodtzev, Isabelle and Hon, Beverly and Linsenmeyer, Todd and Miller, Carrie and Garlanger, Kristin and Kortes, Sam and Schnorenberg, Alyssa and Slavens, Brooke and Lee, Kenneth and Braatz, Elizabeth and Fitzgerald, Kathryn and Haven, Jessica and Durant, Brittany and Lee, Venessa and Campbell, Carolyn and Henrie, Michael and Sudo, Victor and Williams, Roger and Lauer, Pamela and Cole, Shu and Svetina, Dubravka and Deci, Edward and Whiteneck, Gale and Hong, EunKyoung and Knezevic, Steven and Asselin, Pierre and Kornfeld, Stephen and Gorman, Peter H and Forrest, Gail and Spungen, Ann M and Chay, Wesley and Edmiston, Travis and Marrero-Prats, Carlos and Casella, Gizelda and Froehlich-Grobe, Katherine and Cole, Maria and Hamilton, Rita and Driver, Simon and Isaacs, Tammy and Parmar, Raj and Charbonneau, Rebecca and Miller, Amanda and Fox, Ida and James, Aimee and Whitehead, Meredith and Hamm, Rebecca and Kahn, Lorna and Juknis, Neringa and Ruvinskaya, Rimma and Jones, Margaret and Roddick, Kayla and Abramson, Nicholas and Casella, Gizelda and Turk, Margaret and Leung, Audrey and Kim, Ki and Micham, Brittni and Horton, John and Zarreii, Parisa and Alfonso, Lourdes and Cochrane, Meghan and Hess, Marika and Chun, Audrey and Lazaro, Arlene and Jones, Dara and Escalon, Miguel and Specht, Adam F and Cirnigliaro, Christopher and Lombard, Alexander and LaFountaine, Michael and Hobson, Joshua and Sauer, Susan and Kirshblum, Steven and McKenna, Cristin and Spungen, Ann and Bauman, William and Dalamagkas, Kyriakos and Wenzel, Lisa and Miller, Kenneth and York, Henry and Ketchum, Jessica and Delaney, Kate and Kolodge, Gavin and Lisenby, Suzan and Asanza, Juan and ...
The journal of spinal cord medicine, ISSN 1079-0268, 09/2018, Volume 41, Issue 5, pp. 576 - 598
Journal Article
Intensive care medicine, ISSN 0342-4642, 2017, Volume 43, Issue 7, pp. 971 - 979
Journal Article