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2016, The Princeton economic history of the Western world, ISBN 9780691162911, xviii, 259
Brazil is the world's sixth-largest economy, and for the first three-quarters of the 20th century was one of the fastest-growing countries in the world. While... 
Social policy | Brazil Social policy | Brazil Economic policy | Brazil | Economic policy | Brazil Politics and government | Politics and government | Brazil -- Social policy | Brazil -- Politics and government | Brazil -- Economic policy | Economics | History | Business | Development | Economic History | BUSINESS & ECONOMICS | Economic Development
SAE technical paper series, Volume 2006-01-1407.
The access of disabled people to the driving of a vehicle necessarily goes through the adequate adaptation of its controls. Among other aspects, the lack of... 
Data acquisition and handling
Annual review of biochemistry, ISSN 0066-4154, 7/2012, Volume 81, Issue 1, pp. 407 - 427
Journal Article
by Wagenpfeil, Stefan and Tavazzi, Luigi and Böhm, Michael and Ponikowski, Piotr and Anker, Stefan D and Cowie, Martin R and Aleksanyan, A and Avetisyan, A and Davtyan, N and Drambyan, M and Gevorgyan, K and Hakobyan, Z and Kocharyan, L and Kramarevskaya, T and Melqonyan, A and Muradyan, F and Nanyan, R and Ordyan, M and Piruzyan, A and Podosyan, G and Sargsyan, T and Sarkisyan, A and Sisakyan, H and Ter‐Grigoryan, V and Ustyan, T and Amerena, J and Arstall, M and Ayres, B and Barron, G and Beltrame, J and Cross, D and Dwyer, N and Eccleston, N and Hare, D and Ho, B and Hopper, I and Jackson, B and Korczyk, D and Pandeli, V and Playford, D and Richardson, M and Senior, J. A and Shah, A and Shetty, P and Soward, A and Srivastava, P and Swale, M and Vogl, E and Wai, B and Worthington, A and Wright, S and Brunner, B and Fuhrmann, W and Horer, L and Maca, T and Nahler, A and Ortner, H and Racz, G and Scheibner, P and Abdullayev, A and Abdullayev, R and Ahmadov, A and Alakbarov, E and Aliyev, Farid and Aliyev, Fuad and Dashdamirov, R and Faradjova, N and Guliyev, Akif and Guliyeva, S and Ibrahimov, F and Imanov, G and Isayeva, A and Jabrailova, U and Jafarov, R and Khalilov, A and Khalilov, S and Mehdiyev, S and Najafov, R and Samedova, H and Shahhuseynov, S and Yusifly, R and Yusifov, T and Zahidova, K and Zeynalov, A and Haiky, W and Husain, A and Jamsheer, A and Barbuk, O and Borodko, V and Kurlianskaya, A and Mackevich, S and Mankevich, N and Moroz‐Vodolazhskaya, N and Ravtovich, O and Saevich, A and Troyanova, T and Luqman, N and Nair, T.C.‐R and Deyoung, P and Frenette, M and ... and on behalf of the QUALIFY Investigators and QUALIFY Investigators
European journal of heart failure, ISSN 1879-0844, 04/2019, Volume 21, Issue 7, pp. 921 - 929
Background Physicians' adherence to guideline‐recommended therapy is associated with short‐term clinical outcomes in heart failure (HF) with reduced ejection... 
Heart failure | Adherence | Medication | Dosage | Outcomes | Guidelines | Cardiac & Cardiovascular Systems | Life Sciences & Biomedicine | Cardiovascular System & Cardiology | Science & Technology | Index Medicus
Journal Article
by Schuler, M and Yang, J.C.-H and Park, K and Kim, J.-H and Bennouna, J and Chen, Y.-M and Chouaid, C and De Marinis, F and Feng, J.-F and Grossi, F and Kim, D.-W and Liu, X and Lu, S and Strausz, J and Vinnyk, Y and Wiewrodt, R and Zhou, C and Wang, B and Chand, V.K and Planchard, D and Ignatius Ou, SaiHong and Planchard, David and Park, Keunchil and Schuler, Martin and Yang, James and Chand, Vikram and Rohr, Klaus and Bagnes, Claudia and Martin, Claudio Marcelo and Recondo, Gonzalo and Zarba, Juan Jose and Blajman, Cesar and Richardet, Martín and McLachlan, Sue-Anne and Parente, Phillip and Underhill, Craig and Crombie, Catherine and Mainwaring, Paul and Greil, Richard and Humblet, Yves and Bustin, Frédérique and Carestia, Luciano and Galdermans, Danny and Lambrechts, Marc and Delval, Laetitia and Vercauter, Piet and Zhou, Caicun and Wang, Jin and Huang, Cheng and Lin, Xiaoyan and Wu, Yilong and Liu, Xiaoqing and Cheng, Ying and Qin, Shukui and Feng, Jifeng and Huang, Jianjin and Zhang, Yiping and Lu, Shun and Zereu, Manuela and Garicochea, Bernardo and Zadra, Cyntia Albuquerque and Riska, Henrik and Alanko, Tuomo and Cadranel, Jacques and Chouaid, Christos and Zalcman, Gérard and Sibilot, Denis Moro and Perol, Maurice and Bennouna, Jaafar and Fournel, Pierre and Gervais, Radj and Rotarski, Maciej and Coudert, Bruno and Thomas, Michael and Wehler, Thomas and Faehling, Martin and Keilholz, Ulrich and Laack, Eckart and von Pawel, Joachim and Huber, Rudolf and Dickgreber, Nicolas and Wiewrodt, Rainer and Mark, Zsuzsanna and Tehenes, Sandor and Strausz, Janos and Sarosi, Veronika and Prabhash, Kumar and Jain, Minish and Venkatesan, Srinivasan and Sharma, Lalit and Dadhich, Hemant and Nagarkar, Rajnish Vasant and Onn, Amir and Gottfried, Maya and Stemmer, Solomon and Migliorino, Maria Rita and Grossi, Francesco and Bidoli, Paolo and Bearz, Alessandra and Gridelli, Cesare and ... and for the LUX-Lung 5 Investigators and Lux-Lung 5 Investigators and LUX-Lung 5 Investigators
Annals of oncology, ISSN 0923-7534, 03/2016, Volume 27, Issue 3, pp. 417 - 423
Journal Article
by Salinero-Fort, Miguel A and San Andrés-Rebollo, Francisco J and De Burgos-Lunar, Carmen and Gómez-Campelo, Paloma and Chico-Moraleja, Rosa M and De Andrés, Ana López and Jiménez-García, Rodrigo and Abánades-Herranz, J.C and Alayeto-Sánchez, A.M and Alonso-Menéndez, A and Álvarez-Embarba, B and Álvarez-Navarro, E and Arias-Salgado-Robsy, A.M and Arnaiz-Kompanietz, A and Arnalte-Barrera, M and Arrieta-Blanco, F.J and Artiach-Geiser, G and Artola-Menéndez, S and Barrios-Martos, E and Barutell-Rubio, L and Beamud-Victoria, D and Bedoya-Frutos, M.J and Bello-González, C and Benítez-Arroyo, A and Blanco-Urzaiz, F and Caballero-Sánchez, M and Calonge-García, M.E and Calvo-Arregui, R and Calvo-García, E and Camarero-Shelly, M and Canals-Aracil, M and Cano-Espín, A and Carreno-Freire, P.P and Carrillo-De Santa Pau, E and Casado-González, S and Casado-Pérez, P and Casella-Barban, C and Castellanos-Redondo, S and Castillo-Lizarraga, M.J and Castro-Martín, J and Cava-Rosado, M.A and Cerrada-Somolinos, I and Chamorro-Escobar, C and De Felipe-Medina, R and De Hoyos-Alonso, M.C and De La Fuente-de La Fuente, G and De La Iglesia-Moreno, S and De La Pena-Gutierrez, O and De Llama-Arauz, B and De Miguel-Ballano, A and De Santiago-De Hernando, M.L and De Vicente-Aymat, L and De Vicente-Martínez, M and Díaz-Crespo, M.A and Domínguez-Paniagua, M and Donaire-Jimenez, E.M and Endrino-Gómez, F and Escobar-Moreno, J and Fernández-Fernández, R and Fernández-Ferrero, M.I and Fernández-García, J and Fernández-García, M.R and Ferreras-Eleta, M.R and Fonseca-Capdevilla, E and Gallego-Gómez, P and García-Alonso, M.A and García-Carmona, S and García-Cubero, M.C and García-García, F and García-García, M.I and García-Pascual, J.N and García-Serrano, B and García-Virosta, E and Gil-Díaz, P and Gil-Díaz, M and Gomara-Martínez, M.J and Gómez-Criado, M.S and Gomez-Navarro, E and González-Benito, C and González-Fernández, C and González-García, M.I and González-González, A and González-Romero, E and Gonzalo-Hernández, C and Herreros-Hernanz, I and Huelin-Martín, P and Iglesias-González, R and Iglesias-Iglesias, M.J and Innerarity-Martínez, J and Jaime-Siso, Á and Jiménez-Moreno, A and León-Morales, B.E and López-Burillo, E and López-Gutiérrez, M.C and López-Noguero, I and López-Parra, E and López-Rodríguez, C and López-Sabater, M.B and López-Sediles, L and Maestro-Martín, A and ... and MADIABETES Grp and MADIABETES Group
PloS one, ISSN 1932-6203, 04/2015, Volume 10, Issue 4, pp. e0122030 - e0122030
Journal Article