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ebola virus (19) 19
duncan, thomas eric (18) 18
hospitals (14) 14
business administration (11) 11
humanities and social sciences (11) 11
sheriffs (11) 11
disease control (8) 8
manslaughter (8) 8
epidemics (7) 7
female (7) 7
humans (7) 7
obama, barack (7) 7
public health (7) 7
research (7) 7
male (6) 6
murders & murder attempts (6) 6
analysis (5) 5
case studies (5) 5
higher education (5) 5
personal protective equipment (5) 5
shootings (5) 5
aliens (4) 4
bates, robert c (4) 4
criminal investigations (4) 4
district attorneys (4) 4
education (4) 4
harris, eric (4) 4
life sciences (4) 4
preservice teacher education (4) 4
studies (4) 4
teaching methods (4) 4
[ shs.gestion ] humanities and social sciences/business administration (3) 3
[shs.gestion] humanities and social sciences/business administration (3) 3
adolescent (3) 3
adult (3) 3
arrests (3) 3
behavior (3) 3
college school cooperation (3) 3
deadly force (3) 3
drug therapy (3) 3
educational change (3) 3
educational technology (3) 3
elementary secondary education (3) 3
epidemiology (3) 3
errors (3) 3
hasse, mark (3) 3
human resource management (3) 3
immigration policy (3) 3
language (3) 3
leadership (3) 3
learning (3) 3
learning disabilities (3) 3
liability (3) 3
litigation (3) 3
management (3) 3
nonlethal weapons (3) 3
nurses (3) 3
organization theory (3) 3
press conferences (3) 3
professional development schools (3) 3
reflective teaching (3) 3
social support (3) 3
spain (3) 3
spanish (3) 3
teacher education (3) 3
teachers (3) 3
teaching (3) 3
training (3) 3
volunteers (3) 3
adoption (2) 2
airports (2) 2
ammunition (2) 2
applied linguistics (2) 2
attention (2) 2
beef (2) 2
benign prostatic hyperplasia (2) 2
bilingual education (2) 2
border patrol (2) 2
boys clubs (2) 2
burwell, sylvia mathews (2) 2
childrens literature (2) 2
computer science, information systems (2) 2
cost effectiveness analysis (2) 2
cultural studies (2) 2
deportation (2) 2
determinants (2) 2
disease (2) 2
electronic health records (2) 2
elementary education (2) 2
emergency medical care (2) 2
employee attitude (2) 2
english (2) 2
faculty development (2) 2
family relations (2) 2
firearms (2) 2
follow-up (2) 2
food and beverages (2) 2
foreign countries (2) 2
frieden, thomas r (2) 2
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MLN, ISSN 0026-7910, 2020, Volume 135, Issue 2, pp. 575 - 578
Journal Article
BMC genomics, ISSN 1471-2164, 2017, Volume 18, Issue 1, pp. 404 - 15
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Suma, Antonio and Micheletti, Cristian and Ludescher, Josef and Bunde, Armin and Schellnhuber, Hans Joachim and Wu, Grace C and Deshmukh, Ranjit and Ndhlukula, Kudakwashe and Radojicic, Tijana and Reilly-Moman, Jessica and Phadke, Amol and Kammen, Daniel M and Callaway, Duncan S and Morrison, Tiffany H and Vazao, Helena and Rosa, Susana and Barata, Tania and Costa, Ricardo and Pitrez, Patricia R and Honorio, Ines and de Vries, Margreet R and Papatsenko, Dimitri and Benedito, Rui and Saris, Daniel and Khademhosseini, Ali and Quax, Paul H. A and Pereira, Carlos F and Mercader, Nadia and Fernandes, Hugo and Ferreira, Lino and Henderson, Kate L and Felth, Lindsey C and Molzahn, Cristen M and Shkel, Irina and Wang, Si and Chhabra, Munish and Ruff, Emily F and Bieter, Lauren and Kraft, Joseph E and Record Jr., M. Thomas and Moreno-Beltran, Blas and Guerra-Castellano, Alejandra and Diaz-Quintana, Antonio and Del Conte, Rebecca and Garcia-Maurino, Sofia M and Diaz-Moreno, Sofia and Gonzalez-Arzola, Katiuska and Santos-Ocana, Carlos and Velazquez-Campoy, Adrian and De la Rosa, Miguel A and Turano, Paola and Diaz-Moreno, Irene and Lenaeus, Michael J and El-Din, Tamer M. Gamal and Ing, Christopher and Ramanadane, Karthik and Pomes, Regis and Zheng, Ning and Catterall, William A and Eser, Umut and Chandler-Brown, Devon and Ay, Ferhat and Straight, Aaron F and Duan, Zhijun and Noble, William Stafford and Skotheim, Jan M and Luo, Dan and de Morree, Antoine and Boutet, Stephane and Quach, Navaline and Natu, Vanita and Rustagi, Arjun and Rando, Thomas A and Ding, Yi and Ploper, Diego and Sosa, Eric A and Colozza, Gabriele and Moriyama, Yuki and Benitez, Maria D. J and Zhang, Kelvin and Merkurjev, Daria and De Robertis, Edward M and Braakman, Rogier and Follows, Michael J and Chisholm, Sallie W and Chawanthayatham, Supawadee and Valentine III, Charles C and Fedeles, Bogdan I and Fox, Edward J and Loeb, Lawrence A and Levine, Stuart S and Slocum, Stephen L and Wogan, Gerald N and Croy, Robert G and Essigmann, John M and Ali, Moustafa R. K and Rahman, Mohammad Aminur and Wu, Yue and Han, Tiegang and Peng, Xianghong and ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - PNAS, ISSN 0027-8424, 4/2017, Volume 114, Issue 15, pp. 3801 - 3804
Journal Article
Revue française de gestion, ISSN 0338-4551, 2007, Volume 175, Issue 6, pp. 139 - 153
Alors que les DRH essaient de développer par tous les moyens l'implication de leurs salariés, gage d'une meilleure performance au travail, cette étude se... 
Journal Article
The Wall Street journal. Eastern edition, 10/2014
... and health-care workers, and that none have had any symptoms of the disease. They and an additional 40 people who may have come into contact with Thomas Eric Duncan... 
Hospitals | Duncan, Thomas Eric | Physicians | Emergency medical care | Disease control | Electronic health records | Public health
Newspaper Article
Journal of perinatal medicine, ISSN 1619-3997, 2008, Volume 36, Issue 1, pp. 5 - 14
Journal Article
The Wall Street journal. Eastern edition, 11/2014
... friends and family of Thomas Eric Duncan, who died of Ebola on Oct. 8, as well as the workers who treated him. "We're happy to reach this milestone, but our guard... 
Personal protective equipment | Pham, Nina | Duncan, Thomas Eric | Nurses
Newspaper Article
The Wall Street journal. Eastern edition, 04/2015
The Tulsa County sheriff's office asked the FBI to review the April 2 incident, in which Robert Bates shot Eric Harris during an undercover sting operation... 
Sheriffs | Firearms | Press conferences
Newspaper Article
The Wall Street journal. Eastern edition, 04/2015
The Tulsa County sheriff's office asked the FBI to review the April 2 incident, in which Robert Bates shot Eric Harris during an undercover sting operation... 
Sheriffs | Firearms | Press conferences
Newspaper Article
The Wall Street journal. Eastern edition, 06/2015
... Wednesday, saying through his lawyer he never intended to mistreat anyone. The officer, Eric Casebolt, was under emotional duress when he responded Friday evening... 
Newspaper Article
The Wall Street journal. Eastern edition, 10/2014
... sickened in the West African outbreak, out of a total of six people with the deadly virus treated in the U.S. The case of Thomas Eric Duncan differed from the others... 
Newspaper Article
Vie & sciences de l'entreprise, ISSN 2262-5321, 2006, Volume 172, Issue 3, pp. 80 - 100
RésuméParmi les comportements individuels dits extra-rôle, les comportements déviants, voire dysfonctionnels du point de vue de l'organisation (négligence,... 
Journal Article
Revue de gestion des ressources humaines, ISSN 1163-913X, 2019, Volume 112, Issue 2, pp. 41 - 65
Malgré l'identification d'une pluralité de tensions de rôle dans la littérature, l'échelle de mesure de Rizzo, House et Lirtzman (1970) - pourtant utilisée... 
Journal Article
Group & Organization Management, ISSN 1059-6011, 6/2014, Volume 39, Issue 3, pp. 247 - 273
Understanding and facilitating new hires’ adjustment are critical to maximizing the effectiveness of recruitment and selection. The aim of the current study is... 
learning outcomes | organizational socialization | perceived organizational support | socialization tactics | role innovation | ROLE STRESS | ENTRY | MANAGEMENT | EMBEDDEDNESS | BEHAVIOR | INFORMATION-SEEKING | PSYCHOLOGY, APPLIED | SOCIAL-EXCHANGE | COMMITMENT | ANTECEDENTS | OUTCOMES | HUMAN-RESOURCE PRACTICES | Influence | Organizational structure | Personality | Research | Professional socialization
Journal Article
by Danis, Kostas and Epaulard, Olivier and Bénet, Thomas and Gaymard, Alexandre and Campoy, Séphora and Botelho-Nevers, Elisabeth and Bouscambert-Duchamp, Maude and Spaccaferri, Guillaume and Ader, Florence and Mailles, Alexandra and Boudalaa, Zoubida and Tolsma, Violaine and Berra, Julien and Vaux, Sophie and Forestier, Emmanuel and Landelle, Caroline and Fougere, Erica and Thabuis, Alexandra and Berthelot, Philippe and Veil, Raphael and Levy-Bruhl, Daniel and Chidiac, Christian and Lina, Bruno and Coignard, Bruno and Saura, Christine and Brottet, Elise and Casamatta, Delphine and Gallien, Yves and George, Scarlett and Viriot, Delphine and Ait Belghiti, Fatima and Bernard-Stoecklin, Sibylle and Desenclos, Jean-Claude and Giese, Coralie and Ghislain, Didier and Gounon, Magali and Grangeret, Nathalie and Marie, Cécile and Morel, Bruno and Deher, Muriel and Ronnaux Baron, Anne-Sophie and Courbis, Geneviève and Ragozin, Nathalie and Wolska, Monika and Serange, Eric and Mercatello, Delphine and Aiouaz, Soraya and Valette, Martine and Frobert, Emilie and Josset, Laurence and Escuret, Vanessa and Morfin, Florence and Billaud, Geneviève and Blanc, Myriam and Arata-Bardet, Julie and Froidure, Marie and Le Maréchal, Marion and Pavese, Patricia and Pierre, Isabelle and Becker, Agathe and Chauvelot, Pierre and Conrad, Anne and Ferry, Tristan and Miailhes, Patrick and Perpoint, Thomas and Pouderoux, Cécile and Roux, Sandrine and Valour, Florent and Lutz, Marie-France and Pouvaret, Anne and Vitrat, Virginie and Maillet, Mylène and Janssen, Cécile and Piet, Emilie and Bosch, Alexie and Destrem, Anne-Laure and Isnard, Margaux and Challan-Belval, Thibault and Wackenheim, Chloe and Couturier, Alice and Gheno, Gael and Roupioz, Thierry and Lucet, Nicolas and Ayouni, Stéphane and Vincent, Mireille and de Epidemiología, Servicio and General de Salud Pública del Gover Balear, Dirección and Masserey Spicher, Virginie and Bourquin, Catherine and Stoll, Jeanine and Chaud, Pascal and Mounayar, Anne-Laure and Investigation Team
Clinical infectious diseases, ISSN 1058-4838, 07/2020, Volume 71, Issue 15, pp. 825 - 832
Abstract Background On 7 February 2020, French Health authorities were informed of a confirmed case of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2... 
Journal Article