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by Tefferi, Ayalew, MD and Kantarjian, Hagop, MD and Rajkumar, S. Vincent, MD and Baker, Lawrence H., DO and Abkowitz, Jan L., MD and Adamson, John W., MD and Advani, Ranjana Hira, MD and Allison, James, MD and Antman, Karen H., MD and Bast, Robert C., MD and Bennett, John M., MD and Benz, Edward J., MD and Berliner, Nancy, MD and Bertino, Joseph, MD and Bhatia, Ravi, MD and Bhatia, Smita, MD and Bhojwani, Deepa, MD and Blanke, Charles D., MD and Bloomfield, Clara D., MD and Bosserman, Linda, MD and Broxmeyer, Hal E., PhD and Byrd, John C., MD and Cabanillas, Fernando, MD and Canellos, George Peter, MD and Chabner, Bruce A., MD and Chanan-Khan, Asher, MD and Cheson, Bruce, MD and Clarkson, Bayard, MD and Cohn, Susan L., MD and Colon-Otero, Gerardo, MD and Cortes, Jorge, MD and Coutre, Steven, MD and Cristofanilli, Massimo, MD and Curran, Walter J., MD and Daley, George Q., MD, PhD and DeAngelo, Daniel J., MD, PhD and Deeg, H. Joachim, MD and Einhorn, Lawrence H., MD and Erba, Harry P., MD, PhD and Esteva, Francisco J., MD, PhD and Estey, Elihu, MD and Fidler, Isaiah J., DVM, PhD and Foran, James, MD and Forman, Stephen, MD and Freireich, Emil, MD and Fuchs, Charles, MD, MPH and George, James N., MD and Gertz, Morie A., MD and Giralt, Sergio, MD and Golomb, Harvey, MD and Greenberg, Peter, MD and Gutterman, Jordan, MD and Handin, Robert I., MD and Hellman, Samuel, MD and Hoff, Paulo Marcelo, MD and Hoffman, Ronald, MD and Hong, Waun Ki, MD and Horowitz, Mary, MD, MS and Hortobagyi, Gabriel N., MD and Hudis, Clifford, MD and Issa, Jean Pierre, MD and Johnson, Bruce Evan, MD and Kantoff, Philip W., MD and Kaushansky, Kenneth, MD and Khayat, David, MD, PhD and Khuri, Fadlo R., MD and Kipps, Thomas J., MD, PhD and Kripke, Margaret, PhD and Kyle, Robert A., MD and Larson, Richard A., MD and Lawrence, Theodore S., MD, PhD and Levine, Ross, MD and Link, Michael P., MD and Lippman, Scott M., MD and Lonial, Sagar, MD and Lyman, Gary H., MD, MPH and Markman, Maurie, MD and Mendelsohn, John, MD and Meropol, Neal J., MD and Messinger, Yoav, MD and Mulvey, Therese M., MD and O’Brien, Susan, MD and Perez-Soler, Roman, MD and Pollock, Raphael, MD, PhD and Prchal, Josef, MD and Press, Oliver, MD, PhD and Radich, Jerald, MD and Rai, Kanti, MD and Rosenberg, Saul A., MD and Rowe, Jacob M., MD and Rugo, Hope, MD and Runowicz, Carolyn D., MD and Sandmaier, Brenda M., MD and Saven, Alan, MD and Schafer, Andrew I., MD and Schiffer, Charles, MD and Sekeres, Mikkael A., MD, MS and Silver, Richard T., MD and Siu, Lillian L., MD and Steensma, David P., MD and ...
Mayo Clinic Proceedings, ISSN 0025-6196, 2015, Volume 90, Issue 8, pp. 996 - 1000
Journal Article
2006, 2nd ed., ISBN 0721600816, xiv, 582
Edited and written by world authorities, this text encompasses all aspects of Hodgkin's disease, non-Hodgkin's lymphomas, and related disorders. Provides... 
Lymphoma | Lymphomas
Knight Ridder Tribune Business News, 11/2005, p. 1
  Nov. 8--WASHINGTON -- The names on the ballot are Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Jerry Kilgore, but bragging rights in today's gubernatorial election in... 
Newspaper Article
Boston Globe, ISSN 0743-1791, 11/2005
  WASHINGTON - The names on the ballot are Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Jerry Kilgore, but bragging rights in today's gubernatorial election in Virginia... 
Candidates | Presidential elections | State elections -- Virginia
Newspaper Article
Boston Globe, ISSN 0743-1791, 01/2009
  When he finally won, there was a wave of enthusiasm that struck even the conservative media, who saw fit to congratulate the nation on breaking the ultimate... 
Newspaper Article
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