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college teachers (7) 7
electroencephalography (7) 7
endocrinology & metabolism (7) 7
follow-up studies (7) 7
medicine, general & internal (7) 7
mutation (7) 7
seizures (7) 7
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valproic acid - therapeutic use (7) 7
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sensitivity and specificity (6) 6
valproate (6) 6
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anticonvulsants - adverse effects (5) 5
biochemistry & molecular biology (5) 5
biomarkers - blood (5) 5
cancer (5) 5
chemical properties (5) 5
cytokines (5) 5
drugs (5) 5
e?itim bilimleri (5) 5
epilepsy - blood (5) 5
experience (5) 5
genetics & heredity (5) 5
infant, newborn (5) 5
leptin (5) 5
neurosciences. biological psychiatry. neuropsychiatry (5) 5
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physiological aspects (5) 5
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AJIC: American Journal of Infection Control, ISSN 0196-6553, 2014, Volume 42, Issue 9, pp. 942 - 956
Journal Article
Home Cultures, ISSN 1740-6315, 05/2017, Volume 14, Issue 2, pp. 193 - 210
Ali Ağaoğlu is the leading figure in the construction industry in Turkey, specializing in luxury housing estates. His sales figures have reached record levels... 
desire | fantasy | identification | housing | commercials | masculinity | Ali Ağaoğlu | Commercials | Masculinity | Ali agaoglu | Desire | Fantasy | Identification | Housing | ARCHITECTURE | Ali Agaoglu
Journal Article
by Ötünçtemur, Alper and Çakır, Süleyman Sami and Dursun, Murat and Polat, Emre Can and Somay, Adnan and Somay, Adnan and Özbay, Nurver and Özbay, Nurver and Çekmen, Mustafa and Lee, Ming Chak and Brooks, Andrew and Drummond, Malcolm and Lau, Howard and Patel, Manish and Wang, Audrey and Woo, Henry and Kim, Hyun Jin and Averch, Timothy D and Averch, Timothy D and Kim, Hyung and Yildirim, Ibrahim and Tapan, Serkan and Aydur, Emin and Tahmaz, Lutfu and Dayanc, Murat and Olweny, Ephrem O and Faddegon, Stephen and Faddegon, Stephen and Best, Sara L and Jackson, Neil and Wehner, Eleanor F and Tan, Yung K and Tan, Yung K and Zuzak, Karel J and Cadeddu, Jeffrey A and Cadeddu, Jeffrey A and Cadeddu, Jeffrey A and Tan, Yung Khan and Olweny, Ephrem O and Liu, Zhou Wei and Kapur, Payal and Faddegon, Steve and Yin, Gang and Cadeddu, Jeffrey and Park, Jane Hyeon and Castillo, Josefino Cortez and Morales Jr, Marcelino Lopeztan and Colli, Janet and Wang, Zijun and Keel, Christopher and Lee, Benjamin R and Dilli, Alper and Zengin, Kürşad and Yalçınkaya, Fatih and Yiğitbaşı, Orhan and Sertçelik, Memduh Nurettin and Arıdoğan, Ibrahim Atilla and Izol, Volkan and Acıkalın, Arbil and Abat, Deniz and Tuli, Abdullah and Bayazıt, Yıldırım and Resorlu, Berkan and Unsal, Ali and Saitz, Theodore and Grossman, Leah and Dorsey, Philip and Pedersen, Ditte and Lund, Martin and Marcussen, Niels and Lund, Lars and Graversen, Joseph A and Wikenheiser, Jamie and Kerkoutian, Susan and Abdelshehid, Corollos and Abdelshehid, Corollos and Alipanah, Reza and Quach, Stephen and Zarraga, Jerome P and Gerbatsch, Isabelle and Huang, Jiaoti and Landman, Jaime and Landman, Jaime and Kyriazis, Iason and Kagadis, George and Loudos, George and Kallidonis, Panagiotis and Kallidonis, Panagiotis and Georgiopoulos, Ioannis and Liourdi, Despoina and Apostolopoulos, Dimitris and Nikiforidis, George and Liatsikos, Evangelos and Liatsikos, Evangelos and Fishman, Andrew and Dorai, Thambi and Dorai, Thambi and Ding, Cheng and Haberle, Ines Batinic and Grasso, Michael and ...
Journal of Endourology, ISSN 0892-7790, 09/2012, Volume 26, Issue S1, pp. P1 - A572
Journal Article
Safety Science, ISSN 0925-7535, 01/2017, Volume 91, pp. 24 - 32
The most important stage in the field of occupational health and safety is the assessment stage, where the risk point of each identified hazard is calculated,... 
Fine Kinney method | AHP | Risk assessment | ANALYTIC HIERARCHY PROCESS | OPERATIONS RESEARCH & MANAGEMENT SCIENCE | MANAGEMENT | OIL | FUZZY AHP | MODEL | SELECTION | ENGINEERING, INDUSTRIAL | Methods | Mathematical analysis | Analytic hierarchy process | Risk | Assessments | Hazard assessment | Occupational hazards | Acceptability
Journal Article
by Aksu, Funda and Topacoglu, Hakan and Arman, Candan and Atac, Aytul and Tetik, Suleyman and Hasanovic, Aida and Kulenovic, Amela and Mornjakovic, Zakira and Pikula, Branko and Sarac-Hadzihalilovic, Aida and Voljevica, Alma and Bamac, Belgin and Colak, Tuncay and Alemdar, Murat and Dundar, Gulmine and Selekler, Macit and Dincer, Ozgur and Colak, Enis and Ozbek, Aydin and Kilic, Cenk and Kamburoglu, Kivanc and Ozen, Tuncer and Kavak, Vatan and Kirici, Yalcin and Oztas, Emin and Soysal, Handan Altinkaya and Unur, Erdogan and Ekinci, Nihat and Karaca, Omur and Malakhova, Olga and Kocaoglu, Murat and Toker, Serdar and Taser, Figen and Kilincoglu, Volkan and Yurtgun, Mustafa Fahri and Dalcik, Cannur and Zeybek, Ali and Baroncini, Marc and Peltier, Johann and Jissendi, Patrice and Pruvo, Jean-Pierre and Francke, Jean-Paul and Prevot, Vincent and Kosif, Rengin and Arifoglu, Yasin and Diramali, Murat and Sarsilmaz, Mustafa and Kose, Evren and Ogeturk, Murat and Akpinar, Burhan and Kus, Ilter and Meydan, Sedat and Kara, Alev and Kurtoglu, Zeliha and Tekdemir, Ibrahim and Elhan, Alaittin and Bas, Orhan and Odaci, Ersan and Mollaoglu, Hakan and Ucok, Kagan and Kaplan, Suleyman and Senoglu, Mehmet and Nacitarhan, Vedat and Kurutas, Ergul Belge and Senoglu, Nimet and Altun, Idris and Atli, Yalcin and Ozbag, Davut and Karakas, Sacide and Bilgin, M Dincer and Tellioglu, Ayfer Metin and Ozlem, Sercin and Akcanal, Betul and Yildiz, Yuksel and Gunes, Hakki and Kose, Hayrullah and Uzum, Ibrahim and Gundogmus, Umit Naci and Caglayan, Cigdem and Pavlova, Velichka and Dimitrova, Mashenka and Georgieva, Lilia and Nikolova, Elena and Uzmansel, Deniz and Ozturk, Nail Can and Saylam, Canan Yurttas and Ozgiray, Erkin and Orhan, Mustafa and Cagli, Sedat and Zileli, Mehmet and Ozkan, Derya and Akkaya, Taylan and Comert, Ayhan and Balikci, Nilgun and Ozdemir, Esra and Gumus, Haluk and Ergul, Zafer and Kaya, Oskay and Altun, Serdar and Unlu, R Erkin and ...
Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy, ISSN 0930-1038, 9/2009, Volume 31, Issue S1, pp. 95 - 229
Journal Article
Nutrition, ISSN 0899-9007, 04/2018, Volume 48, pp. 40 - 47
Journal Article
Journal of Education and Learning, ISSN 1927-5250, 2019, Volume 8, Issue 1, p. 182
The main purpose of this study is to reveal the view of preschool teachers who are in the first five years of the occupation about mentoring programs applied... 
Teacher Attitudes | Beginning Teachers | Professional Isolation | Barriers | Classroom Techniques | Help Seeking | Foreign Countries | Preservice Teacher Education | Classroom Communication | Preschool Teachers | Mentors
Journal Article
LWT - Food Science and Technology, ISSN 0023-6438, 10/2016, Volume 72, pp. 457 - 466
Journal Article
by Dinçer, Mustafa and Çelik, Cemil and Helvalı, Elif Ecem and Bodur, Şahin and Akçaer, Emine Tuğçe and Can, Serdar Süleyman and Uğurlu, Görkem Karakaş and İslamoğlu, Sümeyye and Kaymak, Semra Ulusoy and Taştorun, Yasemin and Helvalı, Elif Ecem and Can, Serdar Süleyman and Peker, Oğuz and Akçaer, Emine Tuğçe and İslamoğlu, Sümeyye and Çayköylü, Ali and Soğucak, Zehra Ece and Adanır, Aslı Sürer and Özatalay, Esin and Önder, Arif and Başaran, Abdurrahman Erdem and Bingöl, Ayşen and Akdağ, Berhan and Adanır, Aslı Sürer and Özatalay, Esin and Atagün, Murat İlhan and Doğan, Yakup and Bilaç, Öznur and Kavurma, Canem and Önder, Arif and Önder, Arif and Bilaç, Öznur and Adanır, Aslı Sürer and Doğan, Yakup and Kavurma, Canem and Taşkıran, Gülseren and Erdem, Aybike and Kocagöz, Zehra Başar and Özçetin, Adnan and Ataoğlu, Ahmet and Toraman, Merve Çavdar and Kaymak, Semra Ulusoy and Özçelik, Özgen and Kara, Hüseyin and Tomar, Talya and Cinemre, Buket and Tokgöz, Yusuf and Öznur, Taner and Bolu, Abdullah and Çelik, Cemil and Uzun, Özcan and İnanlı, İkbal and Altunova, Deniz and Çalışkan, Ali Metehan and Eren, İbrahim and Elmas, Tüba Şerife and Gökçenoğlu, Yasemin and Çalışır, Saliha and Tanrıkulu, Ali Baran and Bozdoğan, Şenay Yıldız and Eren, İbrahim and Şahin, Fatma and Tokgöz, Yusuf and Bolu, Abdullah and Öznur, Taner and Çelik, Cemil and Uzun, Özcan and Çamur, Ceren and Uğurlu, Görkem Karakaş and Gündoğmuş, İbrahim and Karagöz, Abdulkadir and Algül, Ayhan and Gündoğmuş, İbrahim and Karagöz, Abdulkadir and Algül, Ayhan and Doneray, Ebru and Yazici, Ipek Percinel and Yazici, Kemal Utku and Adanır, Aslı and Işıldar, Yetiş and Sağlam, Ebru and Bilgiç, Ayhan and Akbaş, Betül and Bilgiç, Ayhan and Çelikkol, Çağla and Öztürrk, Seher Serez and Seven, Hilal and Demiröz, Dudu and Özbek, Seda and Çiçek, İsmet Esra and Eren, İbrahim and Coşkun, Fatma and Akça, Ömer Faruk and Sevinçok, Doğa and Memiş, Çağdaş Öykü and Çakaloz, Burcu and Çalışır, Saliha and İlhan, Bilge Çetin and Gökçenoğlu, Yasemin and Elmas, Tuba Şerife and ...
Psychiatry and Clinical Psychopharmacology, ISSN 2475-0573, 04/2018, Volume 28, Issue sup1, pp. 114 - 270
Journal Article
Computers & Industrial Engineering, ISSN 0360-8352, 11/2016, Volume 101, pp. 286 - 294
Global system pressures prompt hospitals to consider the risk factors of the healthcare system. The sterilization unit is a focal point of the healthcare... 
Journal Article
Cocuk Enfeksiyon Dergisi, ISSN 1307-1068, 12/2018, Volume 12, Issue 4, pp. e147 - e152
According to CSF culture results and clinical response, 14 patients received carbapenem, 8 patients received aminoglycosides, 4 patients received linezolid and... 
Hydrocephalus | Ventriculoperitoneal shunt infection | Children | Pediatrics | Microorganisms | Hospital costs | E coli | Antibiotics | Surgery | Mortality | Infections
Journal Article
by Onur, Özge Şahmelikoğlu and Şahmelikoğlu Onur, Özge and Çukurova, Merve and Bağ, Sevda and Yalçın, Suat and Çakır Şen, Cansu and Karşıdağ, Çağatay and Can, Serdar Süleyman and Süleyman Can, Serdar and Tuğçe Akçaer, Emine and Kul, Ayşegül Taşdelen and Taşdelen Kul, Ayşegül and İspir, Mustafa and Bakkal, Osman and Algül, Ayhan and Ebrinç, Servet and Yükselir, Cihad and Zincir, Serkan and Öztürk, Pelin and Karaahmetoğlu, Bülent and Baş, Özlem and Ulukaya, Sema and Soykan, Çağlar and Çayköylü, Ali and Yazar, Neslihan and Başar Kocagöz, Zehra and Özçetin, Adnan and Bahar Ölmez, Safiye and Ataoğlu, Ahmet and Hasan Balcioglu, Yasin and Balcioglu, Yasin Hasan and Demir Berkol, Tonguc and Ekim Cevik, Filiz and Oncu, Fatih and Ozgen, Guliz and Demiröz, Dudu and Özayhan, Hatice Yardım and Yardım Özayhan, Hatice and Seven, Hilal and Çağrı Yıldız, Mustafa and Yıldız, Mustafa Çağrı and Başaran, Recep and Eren, İbrahim and Özlem Canazlar, Elif and Sevinçok, Levent and Doğan, Bilge and Öykü Memiş, Çağdaş and Memiş, Çağdaş Öykü and Baran Tanrikulu, Ali and İnanli̇, İkbal and Çağri̇ Yi̇ldi̇z, Mustafa and Şerife Elmas, Tuba and Eren, Ibrahim and Alperen Korkmaz, Şükrü and Korkmaz, Şükrü Alperen and Pınar Şen, Cansu and Ceylan, Mehmet Fatih and Fatih Ceylan, Mehmet and Hesapçıoğlu, Selma Tural and Bakar, Burcu and Tuncer, Can and Elbay, Rümeysa Yeni and Yeni Elbay, Rümeysa and Görmez, Aynur and Tokgöz, Yusuf and Bolu, Abdullah and Çelik, Cemil and Uzun, Özcan and Kirlioglu, Simge Seren and Balcioglu, Yasin Hasan and Aydin, Pinar Cetinay and Uğurlu, Mustafa and Uğurlu, Görkem Karakaş and Akçaer, Emine Tuğçe and Can, Serdar Süleyman and Çayköylü, Ali and Koç, Zuhal and Kapubağlı, Nazlı and Tuncer, Ömer Faruk and Ünlü, Gülsen and Kirlioglu, Simge Seren and Uğurlu, Mustafa and Şahin, Esra Kabadayı and Uğurlu, Görkem Karakaş and Apaydın, Zuhal Koç and Kaymak, Semra Ulusoy and Peker, Oğuz and Özkan, Bedriye and Kılıçoğlu, Ali Güven and Karaçetin, Gül and Yücehan, Zeynep and Elmas, Tuğba Şerife and Demiröz, Dudu and Yağlı, Nafiye and İlhan, Bilge Çetin and Eren, İbrahim and Aker, Derya Adali and Kıvılcım, Yiğit and Solmaz, Mustafa and Kutlu, Yeşim Ruhat and ...
Psychiatry and Clinical Psychopharmacology, ISSN 2475-0573, 03/2017, Volume 27, Issue sup1, pp. 85 - 180
Journal Article
Human and Ecological Risk Assessment: An International Journal, ISSN 1080-7039, 01/2018, Volume 24, Issue 1, pp. 90 - 104
Journal Article