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The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 10/2016, Volume 388, Issue 10054, pp. 1883 - 1892
Journal Article
Energy procedia, ISSN 1876-6102, 02/2019, Volume 158, pp. 4523 - 4528
IMO issued latest environmental regulations Tier Ⅲ has strengthened the emission standards, in which the NOx emission should be less than 3.4g/(kWh) for marine... 
EGR | emission | fuel injection strategies | Marine engine
Journal Article
by Vogel, John P and Garvin, David F and Mockler, Todd C and Schmutz, Jeremy and Rokhsar, Dan and Bevan, Michael W and Barry, Kerrie and Lucas, Susan and Harmon-Smith, Miranda and Lail, Kathleen and Tice, Hope and Grimwood, Jane and McKenzie, Neil and Huo, Naxin and Gu, Yong Q and Lazo, Gerard R and Anderson, Olin D and You, Frank M and Luo, Ming-Cheng and Dvorak, Jan and Wright, Jonathan and Febrer, Melanie and Idziak, Dominika and Hasterok, Robert and Lindquist, Erika and Wang, Mei and Fox, Samuel E and Priest, Henry D and Filichkin, Sergei A and Givan, Scott A and Bryant, Douglas W and Chang, Jeff H and Wu, Haiyan and Wu, Wei and Hsia, An-Ping and Schnable, Patrick S and Kalyanaraman, Anantharaman and Barbazuk, Brad and Michael, Todd P and Hazen, Samuel P and Bragg, Jennifer N and Laudencia-Chingcuanco, Debbie and Weng, Yiqun and Haberer, Georg and Spannagl, Manuel and Mayer, Klaus and Rattei, Thomas and Mitros, Therese and Lee, Sang-Jik and Rose, Jocelyn K. C and Mueller, Lukas A and York, Thomas L and Wicker, Thomas and Buchmann, Jan P and Tanskanen, Jaakko and Schulman, Alan H and Gundlach, Heidrun and Beven, Michael and Costa De Oliveira, Antonio and Da C. Maia, Luciano and Belknap, William and Jiang, Ning and Lai, Jinsheng and Zhu, Liucun and Ma, Jianxin and Sun, Cheng and Pritham, Ellen and Salse, Jerome and Murat, Florent and Abrouk, Michael and Bruggmann, Remy and Messing, Joachim and Fahlgren, Noah and Sullivan, Christopher M and Carrington, James C and Chapman, Elisabeth J and May, Greg D and Zhai, Jixian and Ganssmann, Matthias and Gurazada, Sai Guna Ranjan and German, Marcelo and Meyers, Blake C and Green, Pamela J and Tyler, Ludmila and Wu, Jiajie and Thomson, James and Chen, Shan and Scheller, Henrik V and Harholt, Jesper and Ulvskov, Peter and Kimbrel, Jeffrey A and Bartley, Laura E and Cao, Peijian and Jung, Ki-Hong and Sharma, Manoj K and Vega-Sanchez, Miguel and Ronald, Pamela and Dardick, Christopher D and De Bodt, Stefanie and Verelst, Wim and ... and The International Brachypodium Initiative and Int Brachypodium Initiative and International Brachypodium Initiative and Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States). BioEnergy Science Center (BESC)
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 02/2010, Volume 463, Issue 7282, pp. 763 - 768
Journal Article
by Zhang, Jisen and Zhang, Xingtan and Tang, Haibao and Zhang, Qing and Hua, Xiuting and Ma, Xiaokai and Zhu, Fan and Jones, Tyler and Zhu, Xinguang and Bowers, John and Wai, Ching Man and Zheng, Chunfang and Shi, Yan and Chen, Shuai and Xu, Xiuming and Yue, Jingjing and Nelson, David R and Huang, Lixian and Li, Zhen and Xu, Huimin and Zhou, Dong and Wang, Yongjun and Hu, Weichang and Lin, Jishan and Deng, Youjin and Pandey, Neha and Mancini, Melina and Zerpa, Dessireé and Nguyen, Julie K and Wang, Liming and Yu, Liang and Xin, Yinghui and Ge, Liangfa and Arro, Jie and Han, Jennifer O and Chakrabarty, Setu and Pushko, Marija and Zhang, Wenping and Ma, Yanhong and Ma, Panpan and Lv, Mingju and Chen, Faming and Zheng, Guangyong and Xu, Jingsheng and Yang, Zhenhui and Deng, Fang and Chen, Xuequn and Liao, Zhenyang and Zhang, Xunxiao and Lin, Zhicong and Lin, Hai and Yan, Hansong and Kuang, Zheng and Zhong, Weimin and Liang, Pingping and Wang, Guofeng and Yuan, Yuan and Shi, Jiaxian and Hou, Jinxiang and Lin, Jingxian and Jin, Jingjing and Cao, Peijian and Shen, Qiaochu and Jiang, Qing and Zhou, Ping and Ma, Yaying and Zhang, Xiaodan and Xu, Rongrong and Liu, Juan and Zhou, Yongmei and Jia, Haifeng and Ma, Qing and Qi, Rui and Zhang, Zhiliang and Fang, Jingping and Fang, Hongkun and Song, Jinjin and Wang, Mengjuan and Dong, Guangrui and Wang, Gang and Chen, Zheng and Ma, Teng and Liu, Hong and Dhungana, Singha R and Huss, Sarah E and Yang, Xiping and Sharma, Anupma and Trujillo, Jhon H and Martinez, Maria C and Hudson, Matthew and Riascos, John J and Schuler, Mary and Chen, Li-Qing and Braun, David M and Li, Lei and Yu, Qingyi and Wang, Jianping and Wang, Kai and Schatz, Michael C and Heckerman, David and ... and Center for Advanced Bioenergy and Bioproducts Innovation (CABBI), Urbana, IL (United States)
Nature genetics, ISSN 1546-1718, 10/2018, Volume 50, Issue 11, pp. 1565 - 1573
Journal Article