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by Bousquet, Jean and Pfaar, Oliver and Togias, Alkis and Schünemann, Holger J and Ansotegui, Ignacio and Papadopoulos, Nikolaos G and Tsiligianni, Ioanna and Agache, Ioana and Anto, Josep M and Bachert, Claus and Bedbrook, Anna and Bergmann, Karl‐Christian and Bosnic‐Anticevich, Sinthia and Bosse, Isabelle and Brozek, Jan and Calderon, Moises A and Canonica, Giorgio W and Caraballo, Luigi and Cardona, Victoria and Casale, Thomas and Cecchi, Lorenzo and Chu, Derek and Costa, Elisio and Cruz, Alvaro A and Czarlewski, Wienczyslawa and Durham, Stephen R and Du Toit, George and Dykewicz, Mark and Ebisawa, Motohiro and Fauquert, Jean Luc and Fernandez‐Rivas, Montserrat and Fokkens, Wytske J and Fonseca, João and Fontaine, Jean‐François and Gerth van Wijk, Roy and Haahtela, Tari and Halken, Susanne and Hellings, Peter W and Ierodiakonou, Despo and Iinuma, Tomohisa and Ivancevich, Juan Carlos and Jacobsen, Lars and Jutel, Marek and Kaidashev, Igor and Khaitov, Musa and Kalayci, Omer and Kleine Tebbe, Jörg and Klimek, Ludger and Kowalski, Marek L and Kuna, Piotr and Kvedariene, Violeta and La Grutta, Stefania and Larenas‐Linemann, Désirée and Lau, Susanne and Laune, Daniel and Le, Lan and Lodrup Carlsen, Karin and Lourenço, Olga and Malling, Hans‐Jørgen and Marien, Gert and Menditto, Enrica and Mercier, Gregoire and Mullol, Joaquim and Muraro, Antonella and O’Hehir, Robyn and Okamoto, Yoshitaka and Pajno, Giovanni B and Park, Hae‐Sim and Panzner, Petr and Passalacqua, Giovanni and Pham‐Thi, Nhan and Roberts, Graham and Pawankar, Ruby and Rolland, Christine and Rosario, Nelson and Ryan, Dermot and Samolinski, Bolesław and Sanchez‐Borges, Mario and Scadding, Glenis and Shamji, Mohamed H and Sheikh, Aziz and Sturm, Gunter J and Todo Bom, Ana and Toppila‐Salmi, Sanna and Valentin‐Rostan, Maryline and Valiulis, Arunas and Valovirta, Erkka and Ventura, Maria‐Teresa and Wahn, Ulrich and Walker, Samantha and Wallace, Dana and Waserman, Susan and Yorgancioglu, Arzu and Zuberbier, Torsten and ARIA Working Group and the ARIA Working Group
Allergy, ISSN 0105-4538, 11/2019, Volume 74, Issue 11, pp. 2087 - 2102
Allergen immunotherapy (AIT) is a proven therapeutic option for the treatment of allergic rhinitis and/or asthma. Many guidelines or national practice... 
mHealth | asthma | rhinitis | allergen immunotherapy | children | stratification | Index Medicus
Journal Article
by Paravicini, Rodolfo and Blau, Edouard and Oliva, Domenico and Di Giacamo, Salvatore and Di Chiara, Vincenzo and Caslar, Dan and Imperial and Somma, Antonio and Halevy, Ludovic and Falvo, Rodolfo and Lalo, Edouard and Cordiferro, Riccardo and Rossini, Gioachino and Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus and Mascheroni, Vittorio and Cesareo, Giovanni Alfredo and Boito, Arrigo and Capurro, Giovanni and Leoncavallo, Ruggero and Adami, Giuseppe and Tremacoldo and Capua, Eduardo di and Palardi, M and Ghislanzoni, Antonio and Forzano, Giovacchino and Pasca, Alberto and Murolo, Ernesto and Menasci, Guido and Furno, Domenico and Cilea, Francesco and Picchianti and Crescenzo, Vincenzo de and Tosti, Francesco Paolo and Cherubini, Bixio and Mazziotti, Nino and Piave, Francesco Maria and Simoni, Renato and Califano, Aniello and Curran, Pearl Gildersleeve and Hartmann, Georges and Fusco, Enzo and Gille, Philippe and Mascagni, Pietro and Grieg, Edvard and Targioni-Tozzetti, Giovanni and Ponchielli, Amilcare and Galdieri, Michele and Illica, Luigi and Becce, Giuseppe and Cottrau, Teodoro and Halevy, Fromental and Da Ponte, Lorenzo and Massenet, Jules and Milliet, Paul and Guido de Mari and Cammarano, Salvadore and Guarini, Alessandro and Nicolardi, Eduardo and Gomes, Carlos and Bodenstedt, Friedrich and De Curtis, Giambattista and Caraballo, Gustavo and Melichar, Alois and Curci, Giuseppe and Meilhac, Henri and Donizetti, Gaetano and Verdi, Giuseppe and Bixio, Cesare Andrea and Carnevali, Vito and Carre, Michel and Turco, Pepito and Denza, Luigi and Marenco, Leopoldo and Giacosa, Giuseppe and Iradier, Sebastian de and Colautti, Arturo and Tosti, Paolo and Lopez Buchardo, Carlos and Handel, George Frideric and Cimmino, Francesco and Bovio, Libero and Cannio, Enrico and Bizet, Georges and Flotow, Friedrich von and Panzeri, Mario and Gounod, Charles-Francois and Scribe, Eugene and Weckerlin, Jean Baptiste and Zangarini, Carlo and Campanino, Mino and Rastelli, Giuseppe Nino and Romani, Felice and Chopin, Fryderyk and De Curtis, Ernesto and Thomas, Ambroise and Di Veroli, Manlio and Salvini, Maso and Donaudy, Alberto and Riese, Friedrich Wilhelm and Guerrini, Olindo and ...
2010, Naxos Music Library
Streaming Audio
Gene Therapy, ISSN 0969-7128, 06/2013, Volume 20, Issue 6, pp. 645 - 657
Journal Article
NoticiasFinancieras, 11/2007, p. 1
"Me llena de mucha satisfaccion recibir esta distincion a nombre de todos los que laboramos en la industria del turismo en Puerto Rico, los mas de 60,000... 
Newspaper Article
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