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by Glenzer, S.H and MacGowan, B.J and Meezan, N.B and Adams, P.A and Alfonso, J.B and Alger, E.T and Alherz, Z and Alvarez, L.F and Alvarez, S.S and Amick, P.V and Andersson, K.S and Andrews, S.D and Antonini, G.J and Arnold, P.A and Atkinson, D.P and Auyang, L and Azevedo, S.G and Balaoing, B.N.M and Baltz, J.A and Barbosa, F and Bardsley, G.W and Barker, D.A and Barnes, A.I and Baron, A and Beeler, R.G and Beeman, B.V and Belk, L.R and Bell, J.C and Bell, P.M and Berger, R.L and Bergonia, M.A and Bernardez, L.J and Berzins, L.V and Bettenhausen, R.C and Bezerides, L and Bhandarkar, S.D and Bishop, C.L and Bond, E.J and Bopp, D.R and Borgman, J.A and Bower, J.R and Bowers, G.A and Bowers, M.W and Boyle, D.T and Bradley, D.K and Bragg, J.L and Braucht, J and Brinkerhoff, D.L and Browning, D.F and Brunton, G.K and Burkhart, S.C and Burns, S.R and Burns, K.E and Burr, B and Burrows, L.M and Butlin, R.K and Cahayag, N.J and Callahan, D.A and Cardinale, P.S and Carey, R.W and Carlson, J.W and Casey, A.D and Castro, C and Celeste, J.R and Chakicherla, A.Y and Chambers, F.W and Chan, C and Chandrasekaran, H and Chang, C and Chapman, R.F and Charron, K and Chen, Y and Christensen, M.J and Churby, A.J and Clancy, T.J and Cline, B.D and Clowdus, L.C and Cocherell, D.G and Coffield, F.E and Cohen, S.J and Costa, R.L and Cox, J.R and Curnow, G.M and Dailey, M.J and Danforth, P.M and Darbee, R and Datte, P.S and Davis, J.A and Deis, G.A and Demaret, R.D and Dewald, E.L and Di Nicola, P and Di Nicola, J.M and Divol, L and Dixit, S and Dobson, D.B and Doppner, T and Driscoll, J.D and Dugorepec, J and Duncan, J.J and ...
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 02/2011, Volume 106, Issue 8, pp. 085004 - 085004
We demonstrate the hohlraum radiation temperature and symmetry required for ignition-scale inertial confinement fusion capsule implosions. Cryogenic gas-filled... 
Physics, Multidisciplinary | Physical Sciences | Physics | Science & Technology
Journal Article
by Bharucha, A and Brod, J and Buras, A. J and Davies, C. T. H and Delaunay, C and Descotes-Genon, S and Ellis, J and Feldmann, T and Gedalia, O and Girrbach, J and Isidori, G and Jäger, S and Jung, M and Kagan, A and Lenz, A and London, D and Mahmoudi, F and Nandi, S and Nir, Y and Perez, G and Rattazzi, R and Silvestrini, L and Virto, J and Wang, Y.-M and Weiler, A and Aaij, R and Adametz, A and Adinolfi, M and Adrover, C and Affolder, A and Albrecht, J and Alessio, F and Ali, S and Alkhazov, G and Alvarez Cartelle, P and Amhis, Y and Anderlini, L and Anderson, J and Andreassen, R and Appleby, R. B and Aquines Gutierrez, O and Archilli, F and Artamonov, A and Aslanides, E and Bachmann, S and Back, J. J and Baesso, C and Baldini, W and Band, H and Barlow, R. J and Barter, W and Bates, A and Bauer, Th and Beddow, J and Beigbeder-Beau, C and Belogurov, S and Belous, K and Belyaev, I and Ben-Haim, E and Benayoun, M and Bencivenni, G and Benson, S and Bernard, F and Bernet, R and Bettler, M.-O and van Beuzekom, M and van Beveren, V and Bifani, S and Bird, T and Bizzeti, A and Bjørnstad, P. M and Blake, T and Blanc, F and Blanks, C and Blusk, S and Bochin, B and Boer Rookhuizen, H and Bogdanova, G and Bonaccorsi, E and Bondar, A and Borghi, S and Borgia, A and Bowen, E and Bozzi, C and Brambach, T and Brarda, L and Bressieux, J and Brett, D and Britsch, M and Brown, H and Burducea, I and Bursche, A and Cacérès, T and Cadeddu, S and Callot, O and Calvi, M and Calvo Gomez, M and Campana, P and Carranza-Mejia, H and Carson, L and ... and LHCb Collaboration and The LHCb Collaboration and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)
The European physical journal. C, Particles and fields, ISSN 1434-6052, 04/2013, Volume 73, Issue 4, pp. 1 - 92
Journal Article
by Aaij, R and Adeva, B and Adinolfi, M and Ajaltouni, Z and Akar, S and Albrecht, J and Alessio, F and Ali, S and Alves, A. A and Amato, S and Amerio, S and Amhis, Y and An, L and Anderlini, L and Andreassi, G and Andreotti, M and Andrews, J. E and Appleby, R. B and Archilli, F and Arnau Romeu, J and Artamonov, A and Artuso, M and Aslanides, E and Auriemma, G and Babuschkin, I and Badalov, A and Baesso, C and Baldini, W and Barschel, C and Barsuk, S and Barter, W and Baryshnikov, F and Baszczyk, M and Battista, V and Bay, A and Bediaga, I and Beiter, A and Bel, L. J and Bellee, V and Belloli, N and Belyaev, I and Ben-Haim, E and Benson, S and Beranek, S and Berninghoff, D and Bertolin, A and Betti, F and Bifani, S and Billoir, P and Bitadze, A and Blake, T and Blanc, F and Blouw, J and Blusk, S and Bocci, V and Boettcher, T and Bondar, A and Bondar, N and Bonivento, W and Borgheresi, A and Borghi, S and Borysova, M and Boubdir, M and Bowcock, T. J. V and Bowen, E and Bozzi, C and Brodzicka, J and Buchanan, E and Buytaert, J and Byczynski, W and Cadeddu, S and Calladine, R and Calvo Gomez, M and Campana, P and Capriotti, L and Carboni, G and Carniti, P and Carvalho Akiba, K and Cassina, L and Cattaneo, M and Cavallero, G and Charles, M and Chatzikonstantinidis, G and Cheung, S. F and Chobanova, V and Chubykin, A and Cid Vidal, X and Ciezarek, G and Clarke, P. E. L and Clemencic, M and Coco, V and Cogan, J and Cogneras, E and Collins, P and Comerma-Montells, A and Contu, A and Cook, A and Coquereau, S and Corti, G and Corvo, M and ... and The LHCb collaboration
The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1029-8479, 08/2017, Volume 2017, Issue 8, pp. 1 - 31
A test of lepton universality, performed by measuring the ratio of the branching fractions of the B 0 → K *0 μ + μ − and B 0 → K *0 e + e − decays, R K * 0 $$ {R}_{K^{*0}} $$ , is presented. The K... 
B physics | Branching fraction | Hadron-Hadron scattering (experiments) | Nuclear and High Energy Physics | Rare decay | Quantum Physics | Quantum Field Theories, String Theory | Classical and Quantum Gravitation, Relativity Theory | Physics | Elementary Particles, Quantum Field Theory
Journal Article
Journal of thermal analysis and calorimetry, ISSN 1388-6150, 11/2018, Volume 134, Issue 2, pp. 1327 - 1335
Journal Article
The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1029-8479, 08/2013, Issue 8
The angular distribution and differential branching fraction of the decay B-0 -> K*(0)mu(+)mu(-) are studied using a data sample, collected by the LHCb... 
K-ASTERISK-L(+)L(-) | B physics | Rare decay | Flavor physics | Hadron-Hadron Scattering | Flavour Changing Neutral Currents | To be checked by Faculty | Physical Sciences | Physics, Particles & Fields | Physics | Science & Technology
Journal Article