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by Price-Whelan, A.M and Sipõcz, B.M and Günther, H.M and Lim, P.L and Crawford, S.M and Conseil, S and Shupe, D.L and Craig, M.W and Dencheva, N and Ginsburg, A and Vanderplas, J.T and Bradley, L.D and Pérez-Suárez, D and De Val-Borro, M and Aldcroft, T.L and Cruz, K.L and Robitaille, T.P and Tollerud, E.J and Ardelean, C and Babej, T and Bach, Y.P and Bachetti, M and Bakanov, A.V and Bamford, S.P and Barentsen, G and Barmby, P and Baumbach, A and Berry, K.L and Biscani, F and Boquien, M and Bostroem, K.A and Bouma, L.G and Brammer, G.B and Bray, E.M and Breytenbach, H and Buddelmeijer, H and Burke, D.J and Calderone, G and Rodríguez, J.L. Cano and Cara, M and Cardoso, J.V.M and Cheedella, S and Copin, Y and Corrales, L and Crichton, D and D'Avella, D and Deil, C and Depagne, É and Dietrich, J.P and Donath, A and Droettboom, M and Earl, N and Erben, T and Fabbro, S and Ferreira, L.A and Finethy, T and Fox, R.T and Garrison, L.H and Gibbons, S.L.J and Goldstein, D.A and Gommers, R and Greco, J.P and Greenfield, P and Groener, A.M and Grollier, F and Hagen, A and Hirst, P and Homeier, D and Horton, A.J and Hosseinzadeh, G and Hu, L and Hunkeler, J.S and Ivezić, Ž and Jain, A and Jenness, T and Kanarek, G and Kendrew, S and Kern, N.S and Kerzendorf, W.E and Khvalko, A and King, J and Kirkby, D and Kulkarni, A.M and Kumar, A and Lee, A and Lenz, D and Littlefair, S.P and Ma, Z and MacLeod, D.M and Mastropietro, M and McCully, C and Montagnac, S and Morris, B.M and Mueller, M and Mumford, S.J and Muna, D and Murphy, N.A and Nelson, S and Nguyen, G.H and Ninan, J.P and ... and Astropy Coordination Comm and Astropy Collaboration and Primary Paper Contributors and Astropy Contributors and The Astropy Collaboration and Astropy Coordination Committee
Astronomical Journal, ISSN 0004-6256, 09/2018, Volume 156, Issue 3, p. 123
The Astropy Project supports and fosters the development of open-source and openly developed Python packages that provide commonly needed functionality to the... 
methods: statistical | methods: data analysis | methods: miscellaneous | reference systems | SPECTRAL-ANALYSIS | ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS
Journal Article
by Olalde, Iñigo and Brace, Selina and Allentoft, Morten E and Armit, Ian and Kristiansen, Kristian and Booth, Thomas and Rohland, Nadin and Mallick, Swapan and Szécsényi-Nagy, Anna and Mittnik, Alissa and Altena, Eveline and Lipson, Mark and Lazaridis, Iosif and Harper, Thomas K and Patterson, Nick and Broomandkhoshbacht, Nasreen and Diekmann, Yoan and Faltyskova, Zuzana and Fernandes, Daniel and Ferry, Matthew and Harney, Eadaoin and De Knijff, Peter and Michel, Megan and Oppenheimer, Jonas and Stewardson, Kristin and Barclay, Alistair and Alt, Kurt Werner and Liesau, Corina and Rios, Patricia and Blasco, Concepcion and Miguel, Jorge Vega and Garcia, Roberto Menduina and Fernandez, Azucena Aviles and Banffy, Eszter and Bernabo-Brea, Maria and Billoin, David and Bonsall, Clive and Bonsall, Laura and Allen, Tim and Buster, Lindsey and Carver, Sophie and Navarro, Laura Castells and Craig, Oliver E and Cook, Gordon T and Cunliffe, Barry and Denaire, Anthony and Dinwiddy, Kirsten Egging and Dodwell, Natasha and Ernee, Michal and Evans, Christopher and Kucharik, Milan and Farre, Joan Frances and Fowler, Chris and Gazenbeek, Michiel and Pena, Rafael Garrido and Haber-Uriarte, Maria and Haduch, Elzbieta and Hey, Gill and Jowett, Nick and Knowles, Timothy and Massy, Ken and Pfrengle, Saskia and Lefranc, Philippe and Lemercier, Olivier and Lefebvre, Arnaud and Martinez, Cesar Heras and Olmo, Virginia Galera and Ramirez, Ana Bastida and Maurandi, Joaquin Lomba and Majo, Tona and McKinley, Jacqueline I and McSweeney, Kathleen and Mende, Balazs Gusztav and Mod, Alessandra and Kulcsar, Gabriella and Kiss, Viktoria and Czene, Andras and Patay, Robert and Endrodi, Anna and Kohler, Kitti and Hajdu, Tamas and Szeniczey, Tamas and Dani, Janos and Bernert, Zsolt and Hoole, Maya and Cheronet, Olivia and Keating, Denise and Veleminsky, Petr and Dobe, Miroslav and Candilio, Francesca and Brown, Fraser and Fernandez, Raul Flores and Herrero-Corral, Ana-Mercedes and Tusa, Sebastiano and Carnieri, Emiliano and Lentini, Luigi and Valenti, Antonella and Zanini, Alessandro and Waddington, Clive and Delibes, German and ... and Institutionen för historiska studier and Humanistiska fakulteten and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Faculty of Arts and Department of Historical Studies
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 03/2018, Volume 555, Issue 7695, pp. 190 - 196
Journal Article
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