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by Canetta, Pietro A and Troost, Jonathan P and Mahoney, Shannon and Kogon, Amy J and Carlozzi, Noelle and Bartosh, Sharon M and Cai, Yi and Davis, T. Keefe and Fernandez, Hilda and Fornoni, Alessia and Gbadegesin, Rasheed A and Herreshoff, Emily and Mahan, John D and Nachman, Patrick H and Selewski, David T and Sethna, Christine B and Srivastava, Tarak and Tuttle, Katherine R and Wang, Chia-shi and Falk, Ronald J and Gharavi, Ali G and Gillespie, Brenda W and Greenbaum, Larry A and Holzman, Lawrence B and Kretzler, Matthias and Robinson, Bruce M and Smoyer, William E and Guay-Woodford, Lisa M and Reeve, Bryce and Gipson, Debbie S and Ahn, Wooin and Appel, Gerald B and Babayev, Revekka and Batal, Ibrahim and Bomback, Andrew S and Brown, Eric and Campenot, Eric S and Canetta, Pietro and Carlassara, Lucrezia and Chan, Brenda and Chatterjee, Debanjana and D’Agati, Vivette D and Delbarba, Elisa and Dogra, Samriti and Fernandez, Hilda and Foroncewicz, Bartosz and Gharavi, Ali G and Ghiggeri, Gian Marco and Hines, William H and Husain, S. Ali and Jain, Namrata G and Khairallah, Pascale and Kil, Byum Hee and Kiryluk, Krzysztof and Jeyabalan, Anushya and Lau, Wai L and Lin, Fangming and Lugani, Francesca and Marasa, Maddalena and Markowitz, Glen and Mohan, Sumit and Mu, Xueru and Mucha, Krzysztof and Nickolas, Thomas L and Piva, Stacy and Radhakrishnan, Jai and Rao, Maya K and Renu, Regunathan-Shenk and Sanna-Cherchi, Simone and Santoriello, Dominick and Shirazian, Shayan and Stokes, Michael B and Uy, Natalie and Valeri, Anthony M and Greenbaum, Larry A and Smoyer, William E and Al-Uzri, Amira and Ambruzs, Josephine and Ashoor, Isa and Aviles, Diego and Baracco, Rossana and Barcia, John and Bartosh, Sharon and Belsha, Craig and Bowers, Corinna and Braun, Michael C and Cai, Yi and Chernitskiy, Vladimir and Chishti, Aftab and Claes, Donna and Clark, Kira and Cramer, Carl and Davis, Keefe and Erkan, Elif and Feig, Daniel and Freundlich, Michael and Gaut, Joseph and Gbadegesin, Rasheed and Hanna, Melisha and Hidalgo, Guillermo and ... and CureGN Consortium
Kidney international, ISSN 0085-2538, 05/2019, Volume 95, Issue 5, pp. 1209 - 1224
Journal Article
1984, ISBN 0898691087, 311
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