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by Schönbach, Etienne M and Schönbach, Etienne and Strauss, Rupert W and Kong, Xiangrong and Muñoz, Beatriz and Ibrahim, Mohamed A and Sunness, Janet S and Birch, David and Birch, David G and Hahn, Gesa Astrid and Hahn, Gesa-Astrid and Nasser, Fadi and Zrenner, Eberhart and Sadda, Srinivas and Sadda, SriniVas R and West, Sheila K and West, Sheila and Scholl, Hendrik P.N and Wolfson, Yulia and Bittencourt, Millena and Shah, Syed Mahmood and Ahmed, Mohamed and Fujinami, Kaoru and Traboulsi, Elias and Ehlers, Justis and Marino, Meghan and Crowe, Susan and Briggs, Rachael and Borer, Angela and Pinter, Anne and Fecko, Tami and Burgnoni, Nikki and Applegate, Carol and Russell, Leslie and Michaelides, Michel and Esposti, Simona Degli and Moore, Anthony and Webster, Andrew and Connor, Sophie and Barnfield, Jade and Salchi, Zaid and Alfageme, Clara and McCudden, Victoria and Pefkianaki, Maria and Aboshiha, Jonathan and Liew, Gerald and Holder, Graham and Robson, Anthony and King, Alexa and Narvaez, Daniela Ivanova Cajas and Barnard, Katy and Grigg, Catherine and Dunbar, Hannah and Obadeyi, Yetunde and Girard-Claudon, Karine and Swann, Hilary and Rughani, Avani and Amoah, Charles and Carrington, Dominic and Bibi, Kanom and Co, Emerson Ting and Illiyas, Mohamed Nafaz and Begum, Hamida and Carter, Andrew and Georgiou, Anne and Lewism, Selma and Shaheen, Saddaf and Shinmar, Harpreet and Burton, Linda and Bernstein, Paul and Wegner, Kimberley and Sawyer, Briana Lauren and Carlstrom, Bonnie and Farnsworth, Kellian and Fry, Cyrie and Chandler, Melissa and Jenkins, Dennis and Jenkins, Glen and Creel, Donnel and Wang, Yi-Zhong and Rodriguez, Luis and Locke, Kirsten and Klein, Martin and Mejia, Paulina and Cideciyan, Artur V and Jacobson, Samuel G and Schwartz, Sharon B and Matsui, Rodrigo and Gruzensky, Michaela and Charng, Jason and Roman, Alejandro J and Wilhelm, Barbara and Peters, Tobias and Beier, Benjamin and Koenig, Tilman and Kramer, Susanne and Kramer, Brendan and Sahel, José-Alain and Mohand-Said, Saddek and Audo, Isabelle and ... and Progstar Study Grp and ProgStar Study Group
American Journal of Ophthalmology, ISSN 0002-9394, 09/2018, Volume 193, pp. 54 - 61
To investigate the natural history of Stargardt disease (STGD1) using fixation location and fixation stability. Multicenter, international, prospective cohort... 
OPHTHALMOLOGY | ATROPHY SECONDARY | VISUAL-ACUITY LOSS | NATURAL-HISTORY | NIDEK MP-1 | PROGRESSION | FEATURES | Medicine, Experimental | Medical research | Atrophy | Studies | Reading | Disease | Clinical trials | Software | Mutation | Ophthalmology | Patients | Age
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Daniel, Ebenezer and Quinn, Graham E and Hildebrand, P. Lloyd and Ells, Anna and Hubbard, G. Baker and Capone, Antonio and Martin, E. Revell and Ostroff, Candace P and Smith, Eli and Wade, Kelly C and Baumritter, Agnieshka and Duros, Trang B and Erbring, Lisa and Repka, Michael X and Shepard, Jennifer A and Emmert, David and Herring, C. Mark and VanderVeen, Deborah and Johnston, Suzanne and Wu, Carolyn and Mantagos, Jason and Ledoux, Danielle and Winter, Tamar and Weng, Frank and Mansfield, Theresa and Bremer, Don L and McGregor, Mary Lou and Jordan, Catherine Olson and Rogers, David L and Fellows, Rae R and Brandt, Suzanne and Mann, Brenda and Wallace, David and Freedman, Sharon and Jones, Sarah K and Tran-Viet, Du and Young, Rhonda and Barr, Charles C and Bhola, Rahul and Douglas, Craig and Fishman, Peggy and Bottorff, Michelle and Hubbuch, Brandi and Keith, Rachel and Bothun, Erick D and DeBecker, Inge and Anderson, Jill and Holleschau, Ann Marie and Miller, Nichole E and Nyquist, Darla N and Siatkowski, R. Michael and Trigler, Lucas and Escobedo, Marilyn and Corff, Karen and Huynh, Michelle and Satnes, Kelli and Mills, Monte D and Anninger, Will and Binenbaum, Gil and Karp, Karen A and Pearson, Denise and Gong, Alice and Stokes, John and Harper, Clio Armitage and Weaver, Laurie and McHenry, Carmen and Conner, Kathryn and Heemer, Rosalind and Cokley, Elnora and Hoffman, Robert and Dries, David and Farnsworth, Katie Jo and Harrison, Deborah and Carlstrom, Bonnie and Frye, Cyrie Ann and Morrison, David and Donahue, Sean and Benegas, Nancy and Owings, Sandy and Phillips, Sandra and Ruark, Scott and Mitchell, Patrick and Ingram, April and Sorbie, Rosie and Maguire, Maureen and Brightwell-Arnold, Mary and McWilliams, Kathleen and Harris, Sandra and Whearry, Claressa and Sepielli, Krista and Davis, Kerry and Gibson, G. Carl and Hansen, Regina and Kemper, Alex R and Prosser, Lisa and Musch, David C and Christiansen, Stephen P and Hess, Ditte J and Kymes, Steven M and Sadda, SriniVas R and ... and E-ROP Cooperative Grp and e-ROP Cooperative Group
JAMA Ophthalmology, ISSN 2168-6165, 06/2015, Volume 133, Issue 6, pp. 675 - 682
Journal Article
by Binenbaum, Gil and Bell, Edward F and Donohue, Pamela and Quinn, Graham and Shaffer, James and Tomlinson, Lauren A and Ying, Gui-Shuang and Donoh, Pamela and Nguyen, Anh and Duros, Trang B and Maguire, Maureen G and Brightwell-Arnold, Mary and Blanco, Maria and Brown, Trina and Helker, Christopher P and Barry, Gerard P and Fisher, Marilyn and Battaglia, Maria V and Drach, Alex M and Repka, Michael X and Doherty, Megan and Shepard, Jennifer A and Reynolds, James D and Connelly, Erin and Cheeseman, Edward and Bradham, Carol and McAlpine, Allison and Sunthankar, Sudeep and Shirer, Kinsey and Abbasian, Javaneh and Lim, Janet and Yang, Michael and Alfano, Elizabeth L and Cobb, Patricia and Rogers, David and Fellows, Rae R and Loh, Kaitlyn and McGregor, Madeline A and Mustafa, Thabit and Reem, Rachel E and Russell, Tess and Stattler, Rebecca and Oravec, Sara and Young, David and Siu, Andrea and Kanemori, Michele and Wang, Jingyun and Haider, Kathryn and Hynes, Elizabeth and Dumitrescu, Alina V and Klein, Jonathan M and Ajjarapu, Avanthi S and Cress, Gretchen A and Funk, Bethany M and Johnson, Claire L and Platt, Angela C and Khazaeni, Leila and Dunbar, Jennifer and Hawkins, Kelley and Lee, Sharon and Sung, Lily and Bhola, Rahul and Bottorff, Michelle and Dimova, Neviana and Keith, Rachel and Thomas, Laura and Anderson, Jill and Gross, Jordan and Holleschau, Ann Marie and Kramer, Andrea and Morrison, David and Donahue, Sean and Fukuda, Neva and Owings, Sandy and Ruark, Scott and Siatkowski, R. Michael and Bhatti, Faizah and Bergman, Vanessa and Corff, Karen and Harkey, Kari and Manfredo, Amy and Talsania, Shrenik and Whisenhunt, Terri and Kirpalani, Haresh and Quinn, Graham E and Dawson, Lindsay and Chen, Wendy S and Jackson, Deidrya and Davitt, Bradley and Govreau, Dawn and Breuer, Linda and Noonan, September and Hoffman, Robert and Beachy, Joanna and Harrison, Deborah and Bernhisel, Ashlie and Carlstrom, Bonnie and Farnsworth, Katie Jo and De Alba Campomanes, Alejandra G and Kemmer, Jacquelyn and ... and G-ROP Study Grp and G-ROP Study Group and for the G-ROP Study Group
JAMA Ophthalmology, ISSN 2168-6165, 09/2018, Volume 136, Issue 9, pp. 1034 - 1040
IMPORTANCE Current retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) guidelines, which are based on studies of high-risk infants and expert opinion, have low specificity for... 
Journal Article