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by Pascual Fuster, Vicente and Ruiz Olivar, Emilio and Pintò Sala, Xavier and Abad Fernandez, J.L and Abajo Quintana, L.C and Abreu Garcia Mar-lene, M and Abuin Vila, A and Aceves Martin, E and Acuña Carrazana, A and Aguado Martinez, B and Aguilar Arnau, M.T and Aguilar Fernan-dez, I and Aguilar Huerta, O and Agullo Fernandez, F and Al Ramahi, N and Alba Alonso, J and Alba Martin, J.P and Albacete Saez, E.D and Albiñana Fernandez, F and Alegre Basagaña, J and Alegre Herrera, J.S and Ale-gria Nicolas, J.L and Ales Conejo, F and Aleza Sierra, T and Alguacil Mata, F and Aliaga López, J and Al-Kourdi, A.R and Almagro Garrido, P and Alonso Aldea, M.L and Alonso Estévez, A and Alonso Garcia, G and Alonso Guervos, C and Alonso-Lamberti, C and Álvarez Arriero, J and Álvarez Cabo, J.M and Álvarez Gonzalez, A and Álvarez Mejorada, E and Álvarez Recio, A and Álvarez Villa, O.M and Álvarez-Franco Cañas, F and Álvaro Meseguer, F and Alzua Blanc, L.M and Andrade Bellido, J.F and Andrés Vengut, P.J and Andrés Vera, J.A and Andreu Ruiz, M and Angulo Vallejo, E and Antelo Gallego, E and Antolín del álamo, J.C and Aparicio Aliseda, L.J and Aparicio Freixa, J and Araez Rodenes, A and Aragón Fierro, A and Arambarri Osoro, I and Ardiaca Burgues, L and Arias Baldas, F.J and Armengol Galbany, F and Arnal Crespo, Crespo and Arnal-dos Herrero, J.D and Arpal Sagrista, L and Arroyo Diaz Juan, A and Arteaga Perez, F and Artero Juárez, A and Arzuaga Arambarri, M.J and Asensio Suarez, M and Ayape Amigot, F.J and Aylagas Manzanares, J.A and Ayllon Ayllon, F.J and Aymerich Tuixans, M.C and Ayuso Her-nandez, M.E and Aznar Tejero, P and Azorín Armela, A and Ballester Camps, A and Ballesteros Álvarez, P and Ballesteros Rivero, S and Bal-tasar Rios, P and Banza Dalmau, G and Bañeras Rius, J and Barajas Lozano, V and Barberan Soriano, J and Barca Romero, A.R and Barrio-canal Gonzalez, A and Barros Gutierrez, M.J and Batalla Insenser, B and Beguer Miquel, J.C and Belda Maruenda, F and Belenguer Prieto, R and Benavides Martinez, P and Benitez Castillo, J.M and Benitez Ran-gel, J and Benito Martin, T and Berbel Leon, S and Berciano Marquez, E and Berdala Vidal, J and Bermejo Barbo, Y and Bermejo Fernandez, S and Bermudez Molina, G and Bermudez Polh, J and Berna Sala, R and Bernardo Castañon, E and ...
Clinica e Investigacion en Arteriosclerosis, ISSN 0214-9168, 03/2015, Volume 27, Issue 2, pp. 45 - 56
Introduction: Treatment of atherogenic dyslipidemia (AD) in type 2 diabetes (DM2) should focus on the global control of dyslipidemia. The aim of this study was... 
Atherogenic dyslipidemia | Primary care | Statins
Journal Article
Hispania Sacra, ISSN 0018-215X, 12/2004, Volume 56, Issue 114, pp. 479 - 512
Journal Article
Revista de investigacion clinica; organo del Hospital de Enfermedades de la Nutricion, ISSN 0034-8376, 09/2002, Volume 54, Issue 5, pp. 415 - 421
Journal Article
GACETA MEDICA DE MEXICO, ISSN 0016-3813, 03/2017, Volume 153, Issue 2, pp. 190 - 204
For years our efforts have been focused on vaccination during childhood. Today we know that this is not enough to ensure health in the rest of the life.... 
Journal Article
GACETA MEDICA DE MEXICO, ISSN 0016-3813, 03/2017, Volume 153, Issue Suppl 1, pp. 5 - 13
For years our efforts have been focused on vaccination during childhood. Today we know that this is not enough to ensure health in the rest of the life.... 
MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL | Adult | Mexico | Vaccine | Vaccination | Consensus | Social Determinants of Health | Age Factors | Attitude to Health | Humans | Risk Factors | Immunization Programs | Aging | Vaccines - administration & dosage | Index Medicus
Journal Article
Gaceta Médica de México, ISSN 0016-3813, 2017, Volume 153, Issue 153, pp. 190 - 204
For years our efforts have been focused on vaccination during childhood. Today we know that this is not enough to ensure health in the rest of the life.... 
Journal Article
The presence of different ethnic groups in Mexico may give rise to genetic diversity between the native Indian population and the Mestizos. It is therefore of... 
Native Indians | E GENOTYPE | MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL | Nahuas | A, B, AB, O blood groups | GENE | ALZHEIMERS-DISEASE | E POLYMORPHISM | apolipoprotein E
Journal Article
by Abad-Arranz, María and Moran-Rodríguez, Ana and Mascarós Balaguer, Enrique and Quintana Velasco, Carmen and Abad Polo, Laura and Núñez Palomo, Sara and Gonzálvez Rey, Jaime and Fernández Vargas, Ana María and Hidalgo Requena, Antonio and Helguera Quevedo, Jose Manuel and García Pardo, Marina and Lopez-Campos, Jose Luis and Morán Rodríguez, Ana and Abad-Arranz, María and Fernández Vargas, Ana M and Elorza Maza, Beatriz and Pulido Vázquez, Cristina and De Haro Muñoz, Eloy and Pérez Ortiz, Enrique and López Verde, Fernando and Guirado Hidalgo, Francisco José and Martínez Ríos, Irene and Lopez López, Jose María and Lara González, Juan Antonio and Navarro González, Juan Carlos and Del Rey Pérez, Manolo and Resa Alcalá, Manuel and Franco Reins, Ramon Nicolas and Rabaneda Bueno, Raúl and Galván Espinosa, José and Cerón, José Miguel and Núñez Montenegro, Antonio and Contreras, Eugenio and Crisán, Andra and Quevedo Benyto, Bárbara and Sanchís Yago, Beatriz and Cañardo Alastuey, Clara and Lanuzzelli Barroso, Clara and López Mas, Clara and Rubio Castro, Daniel and Rojo Calderón, Arancha and Toca Incera, Carmen and Rueda Alonso, Esperanza and Bermejo Ruiz, Helena and López Caro, Juan Carlos and Sainz De Rozas Arpide, Luis and Fernández Lerones, María Jesús and Romero De Ávila Cabezón, Gabriel and Chapela Villa, Carlos and Otero González, Ruth and Parada Jorgal, Jose Ramón and Valle González, Irene and Espantoso Romero, Maite and Friande Pereira, Susana and Montero Costa, Alejandra and Jorge Formariz, Alicia and Hernández Regalado, Ana Isabel and Rey López, Ana Maria and Val, Ángel Alonso and Laguna, Ángel Luis and Quijada Monso, Ángel and Casado Aguado, Ángeles and Bordzynska Michalska, Beata and Orozco Carratalá, Beatriz and Solans Aisa, Beatriz and Mateo Pascual, Carmen and Vieira Pascual, Carmen and Alvarez Alonso, Cristina and García Lombardia, Cristina and González Gallardo, David and Morata Perelló, Dolores and Valinoti, Eleonora and Astorga García, Elisabet and Santos Montealegre, Encarnación and Rodríguez De Mingo, Enrique and Sánchez Martín, Francisco and Viñas Fernández, Gloria and López Fernández, Guillermina and Valero Infantes, Itziar and Marín Cañada, Jaime and Martínez Carrasco, José Luis and Sánchez Picón, José Ramón and Moreno Fernández, Juan Carlos and Pinar Manzanet, Juan Miguel and Caballer Rodilla, Julia and Martínez Irazusta, Juncal and Pérez Esteban, Leticia and Toledano Rubio, Luis and García Benito, Maria Belén and Ortega Trompeta, Maria Belén and Díez Pérez, María Cruz and Tuñón Leiva, María Dolores and Lougedo Calderón, María José and Lorenzo Borda, María Sol and Jimeno Rodríguez, Margarita and Lobón Agúndez, Maria Carmen and García Granado, Maria Dolores and Ruesga Estébanez, Marta and Adriaá Sanz, Mercedes and Capitán Caldas, Mercedes and ... and COACH Study Investigators and COACH study investigators and on behalf of the COACH study investigators
BMC Medical Research Methodology, ISSN 1471-2288, 07/2018, Volume 18, Issue 1, pp. 68 - 68
Journal Article
01/2013, ISBN 9781267344557, Volume 73, Issue 9
What factors define transnational political participation and citizenship for contemporary migrants? This dissertation focused on how and why migrant activists... 
Political science | Hispanic American studies | Latin American Studies | Ethnic studies
Check List, 01/2017, Volume 13, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 4
In this note, we present new locality records and extend the known geographical distribution and elevation range of the dwarf iguana Enyalioides touzeti in... 
Journal Article
Check List, ISSN 1809-127X, 01/2017, Volume 13, Issue 1, p. 2032
In this note, we present new locality records and extend the known geographical distribution and elevation range of the dwarf iguana Enyalioides touzeti in... 
Andes | Dwarf-iguana | Churute | Coastal range | Equatorial Pacific | Geographical distribution | Deforestation | Coastal zone
Journal Article
Journal Article
Hispania, ISSN 0018-2141, 04/2003, Volume 63, Issue 213, pp. 161 - 197
Journal Article
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