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by Mateo, F and Arenas, E.J and Aguilar, Helena and Serra-Musach, Jordi and De Garibay, G.R and Boni, J and Maicas, M and Du, S and Iorio, F and Herranz-Ors, C and Islam, A and Prado, X and Llorente, A and Petit, Anna and Vidal, A and Català, Isabel and Soler, T and Venturas, G and Rojo-Sebastian, A and Serra, H and Cuaas, Daniel and Blanco, I and Lozano, J and Canals, F and Sieuwerts, Anieta and Weerd, Vanja and Look, Maxime and Puertas, S and García, Nadia and Perkins, A.S and Bonifaci, Núria and Skowron, Margaretha and Gómez-Baldó, Laia and Hernández, V and Martínez-Aranda, A and Martínez-Iniesta, M and Serrat, X and Cerón, Julián and Brunet, Joan and Barretina, M.P and Gil, Miguel and Falo, C and Fernández, A and Morilla, I and Pernas, S and Plà, M.J and Aneu, X and Seguí, M.A and Ballester, R and Castellà, E and Nellist, Mark and Morales, S and Valls, J and Velasco, A and Matias-Guiu, Xavier and Figueras, J and Sánchez-Mut, J.V and Sánchez-Céspedes, M and Cordero, A and Gómez-Miragaya, J and Palomero, L and Gómez, A and Gajewski, T.F and Cohen, E.E.W and Jesiotr, M and Bodnar, L and Quintela-Fandino, M and López-Bigas, Núria and Valdés-Mas, Rafael and Puente, Xose and Viñals, F and Casanovas, O and Graupera, M and Hernandez-Losa, Javier and Ramóny Cajal, S and García-Alonso, L and Saez-Roiguez, J and Esteller, Manel and Sierra, A and Martín-Martín, N and Matheu, A and Carracedo, A and González-Suárez, E and Nanjundan, M and Cortés, J and Lázaro, C and Odero, Maria and Martens, John and Moreno-Bueno, G and Barcellos-Hoff, M.H and Villanueva, Alberto and Gomis, R.R and Pujana, M.A
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Alzheimer's & dementia, ISSN 1552-5260, 10/2019, Volume 15, Issue 10, pp. 1333 - 1347
Large variability among Alzheimer's disease (AD) cases might impact genetic discoveries and complicate dissection of underlying biological pathways. Genome... 
Cerebral amyloid angiopathy | GWAS | Alzheimer's disease | Vascular pathology | Biological pathway | IMMUNITY | METAANALYSIS | RARE | COGNITIVE FUNCTION | CLINICAL NEUROLOGY | GENE | VASCULAR RISK | MUTATIONS | ONSET | Genomics
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With the advent of OMICs technologies, both individual research groups and consortia have spear-headed the characterization of human samples of multiple... 
Journal Article