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Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 2017, Volume 551, Issue 7678, pp. 85 - 88
Journal Article
PLoS One, ISSN 1932-6203, 2018, Volume 13, Issue 1, p. e0191592
BACKGROUND: The factors influencing three major outcomes-death, stroke/systemic embolism (SE), and major bleeding-have not been investigated in a large... 
Journal Article
by Soares-Santos, M and Palmese, A and Hartley, W and Annis, J and Garcia-Bellido, J and Lahav, O and Doctor, Z and Fishbach, M and Holz, D. E and Lin, H and Pereira, M. E.S and Garcia, A and Herner, K and Kessler, R and Peiris, H. V and Sako, M and Allam, S and Brout, D and Rosell, A. Carnero and Chen, H. Y and Conselice, C and Derose, J and Devicente, J and Diehl, H. T and Gill, M. S.S and Gschwend, J and Sevilla-Noarbe, I and Tucker, D. L and Wechsler, R and Berger, E and Cowperthwaite, P. S and Metzger, B. D and Williams, P. K.G and Abbott, T. M.C and Abdalla, F. B and Avila, S and Bechtol, K and Bertin, E and Brooks, D and Buckley-Geer, E and Burke, D. L and Kind, M. Carrasco and Carretero, J and Castander, F. J and Crocce, M and Cunha, C. E and D'anea, C. B and Da Costa, L. N and Davis, C and Desai, S and Doel, P and ica-Wagner, A and Eifler, T. F and Evrard, A. E and Flaugher, B and Fosalba, P and Frieman, J and Gaztanaga, E and Gerdes, D. W and Gruen, D and Gruendl, R. A and Gutierrez, G and Hollowood, D. L and Hoyle, B and James, D. J and Jeltema, T and Kuehn, K and Kuropatkin, N and Li, T. S and Lima, M and Maia, M. A.G and Marshall, J. L and Menanteau, F and Miquel, R and Neilsen, E and Ogando, R. L.C and Plazas, A. A and Romer, A. K and Roodman, A and Sanchez, E and Scarpine, V and Schindler, R and Schubnell, M and Serrano, S and Smith, M and Smith, R. C and Sobreira, F and Suchyta, E and Swanson, M. E.C and Tarle, G and Thomas, R. C and Walker, A. R and Wester, W and Zuntz, J and Abbott, B. P and Abbott, R and Abbott, T. D and Abraham, S and Acernese, F and Ackley, K and ... and DES Collaboration and LIGO Sci Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration and The DES Collaboration and The LIGO Scientific Collaboration and the Virgo Collaboration and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States) and Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States) and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States) and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)
Astrophysical Journal Letters, ISSN 2041-8205, 05/2019, Volume 876, Issue 1, p. L7
Journal Article
by Abbott, B. P and Abbott, R and Abbott, T. D and Acernese, F and Ackley, K and Adams, C and Adams, T and Addesso, P and Adhikari, R. X and Adya, V. B and Affeldt, C and Afrough, M and Agarwal, B and Agathos, M and Agatsuma, K and Aggarwal, N and Aguiar, O. D and Aiello, L and Ain, A and Ajith, P and Allen, B and Allen, G and Allocca, A and Altin, P. A and Amato, A and Ananyeva, A and Anderson, S. B and Anderson, W. G and Angelova, S. V and Antier, S and Appert, S and Arai, K and Araya, M. C and Areeda, J. S and Arnaud, N and Arun, K. G and Ascenzi, S and Ashton, G and Ast, M and Aston, S. M and Astone, P and Atallah, D. V and Aufmuth, P and Aulbert, C and AultONeal, K and Austin, C and Avila-Alvarez, A and Babak, S and Bacon, P and Bader, M. K. M and Bae, S and Baker, P. T and Baldaccini, F and Ballardin, G and Ballmer, S. W and Banagiri, S and Barayoga, J. C and Barclay, S. E and Barish, B. C and Barker, D and Barkett, K and Barone, F and Barr, B and Barsotti, L and Barsuglia, M and Barta, D and Barthelmy, S. D and Bartlett, J and Bartos, I and Bassiri, R and Basti, A and Batch, J. C and Bawaj, M and Bayley, J. C and Bazzan, M and Becsy, B and Beer, C and Bejger, M and Belahcene, I and Bell, A. S and Berger, B. K and Bergmann, G and Bero, J. J and Berry, C. P. L and Bersanetti, D and Bertolini, A and Betzwieser, J and Bhagwat, S and Bhandare, R and Bilenko, I. A and Billingsley, G and Billman, C. R and Birch, J and Birney, R and Birnholtz, O and Biscans, S and Biscoveanu, S and Bisht, A and Bitossi, M and Biwer, C and ...
Astrophysical Journal Letters, ISSN 2041-8205, 10/2017, Volume 848, Issue 2, p. L12
Journal Article
by Telesca, G and Ivanova-Stanik, I and Zagorski, R and Brezinsek, S and Carvalho, PJ and Czarnecka, A and Giroud, C and Huber, A and Lerche, E and Wiesen, S and Abduallev, S and Abhangi, M and Abreu, P and Afanasev, V and Afzal, M and Aggarwal, KM and Ahlgren, T and Aho-Mantila, L and Aiba, N and Airila, M and Alarcon, T and Albanese, R and Alegre, D and Aleiferis, S and Alessi, E and Aleynikov, P and Alkseev, A and Allinson, M and Alper, B and Alves, E and Ambrosino, G and Ambrosino, R and Amosov, V and Sunden, EA and Andrews, R and Angelone, M and Anghel, M and Angioni, C and Appel, L and Appelbee, C and Arena, P and Ariola, M and Arshad, S and Artaud, J and Arter, W and Ash, A and Ashikawa, N and Aslanyan, V and Asunta, O and Asztalos, O and Auriemma, F and Austin, Y and Avotina, L and Axton, M and Ayres, C and Baciero, A and Baiao, D and Balboa, I and Balden, M and Balshaw, N and Bandaru, VK and Banks, J and Baranov, YF and Barcellona, C and Barnard, T and Barnes, M and Barnsley, R and Wiechec, AB and Orte, LB and Baruzzo, M and Basiuk, V and Bassan, M and Bastow, R and Batista, A and Batistoni, P and Baumane, L and Bauvir, B and Baylor, L and Beaumont, PS and Beckers, M and Beckett, B and Bekris, N and Beldishevski, M and Bell, K and Belli, F and Belonohy, E and Benayas, J and Bergsaker, H and Bernardo, J and Bernert, M and Berry, M and Bertalot, L and Besiliu, C and Betar, H and Beurskens, M and Bielecki, J and Biewer, T and Bilato, R and Biletskyi, O and Bilkova, P and ... and JET Contributors and Institutionen för fysik och astronomi and För teknisk-naturvetenskapliga fakulteten gemensamma enheter and Fysiska sektionen and Tillämpad kärnfysik and Teknisk-naturvetenskapliga vetenskapsområdet and Tandemlaboratoriet and Uppsala universitet
NUCLEAR FUSION, ISSN 0029-5515, 05/2019, Volume 59, Issue 5, p. 56026
Two high performance JET-ILW pulses, pertaining to the 2016 experimental campaign, have been numerically simulated with the self-consistent code COREDIV with... 
JET-ILW | tokamak | PHYSICS, FLUIDS & PLASMAS | neon seeding | integrated modeling | Fusion, Plasma and Space Physics | Fysik | Physical Sciences | Naturvetenskap | Fusion, plasma och rymdfysik | Natural Sciences
Journal Article
by Abbott, T.M.C and Abdalla, F.B and Allam, S and Amara, A and Annis, J and Asorey, J and Avila, S and Ballester, O and Banerji, M and Barkhouse, W and Baruah, L and Baumer, M and Bechtol, K and Becker, M.R and Benoit-Lévy, A and Bernstein, G.M and Bertin, E and Blazek, J and Bocquet, S and Brooks, D and Brout, D and Buckley-Geer, E and Burke, D.L and Busti, V and Campisano, R and Cardiel-Sas, L and Rosell, A. Carnero and Kind, M. Carrasco and Carretero, J and Castander, F.J and Cawthon, R and Chang, C and Chen, X and Conselice, C and Costa, G and Crocce, M and Cunha, C.E and D'Andrea, C.B and Costa, L. N. Da and Das, R and Daues, G and Davis, T.M and Davis, C and Vicente, J. De and Depoy, D.L and Derose, J and Desai, S and Diehl, H.T and Dietrich, J.P and Dodelson, S and Doel, P and Drlica-Wagner, A and Eifler, T.F and Elliott, A.E and Evrard, A.E and Farahi, A and Neto, A. Fausti and Fernandez, E and Finley, D.A and Flaugher, B and Foley, R.J and Fosalba, P and Friedel, D.N and Frieman, J and Garcia-Bellido, J and Gaztanaga, E and Gerdes, D.W and Giannantonio, T and Gill, M.S.S and Glazebrook, K and Goldstein, D.A and Gower, M and Gruen, D and Gruendl, R.A and Gschwend, J and Gupta, R.R and Gutierrez, G and Hamilton, S and Hartley, W.G and Hinton, S.R and Hislop, J.M and Hollowood, D and Honscheid, K and Hoyle, B and Huterer, D and Jain, B and James, D.J and Jeltema, T and Johnson, M.W.G and Johnson, M.D and Kacprzak, T and Kent, S and Khullar, G and Klein, M and Kovacs, A and Koziol, A.M.G and Krause, E and Kremin, A and Kron, R and Kuehn, K and ... and DES Collaboration and NOAO Data Lab and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States) and Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States) and Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States) and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States) and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)
Astrophysical Journal, Supplement Series, ISSN 0067-0049, 09/2018, Volume 239, Issue 2, p. 18
Journal Article