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by Granzotto, Adeline, BSc and Benadjaoud, Mohamed Amine, PhD and Vogin, Guillaume, MD, PhD and Devic, Clément, MSc and Ferlazzo, Mélanie L., MSc and Bodgi, Larry, PhD and Pereira, Sandrine, PhD and Sonzogni, Laurène, BSc and Forcheron, Fabien, PhD and Viau, Muriel, PhD and Etaix, Aurélie, PharmaD and Malek, Karim, MD, PhD and Mengue-Bindjeme, Laurence, MD, MSc and Escoffier, Clémence, MSc and Rouvet, Isabelle, PharmD, PhD and Zabot, Marie-Thérèse, PhD and Joubert, Aurélie, PhD and Vincent, Anne, PhD and Venezia, Nicole Dalla, PhD and Bourguignon, Michel, MD, PhD and Canat, Edme-Philippe, MD and d'Hombres, Anne, MD and Thébaud, Estelle, MD and Orbach, Daniel, MD and Stoppa-Lyonnet, Dominique, MD, PhD and Radji, Abderraouf, MD and Doré, Eric, MD and Pointreau, Yoann, MD and Bourgier, Céline, MD, PhD and Leblond, Pierre, MD, PhD and Defachelles, Anne-Sophie, MD and Lervat, Cyril, MD and Guey, Stéphanie, MD and Feuvret, Loic, MD and Gilsoul, Françoise, MD and Berger, Claire, MD and Moncharmont, Coralie, MD and de Laroche, Guy, MD and Moreau-Claeys, Marie-Virginie, MD and Chavaudra, Nicole, PhD and Combemale, Patrick, MD and Biston, Marie-Claude, PhD and Malet, Claude, PhD and Martel-Lafay, Isabelle, MD and Laude, Cécile, MD and Hau-Desbat, Ngoc-Hanh, MD and Ziouéche, Amira, MD and Tanguy, Ronan, MD and Sunyach, Marie-Pierre, MD and Racadot, Séverine, MD and Pommier, Pascal, MD, PhD and Claude, Line, MD and Baleydier, Frédéric, MD, PhD and Fleury, Bertrand, MD and de Crevoisier, Renaud, MD, PhD and Simon, Jean-Marc, MD, PhD and Verrelle, Pierre, MD, PhD and Peiffert, Didier, MD, PhD and Belkacemi, Yazid, MD, PhD and Bourhis, Jean, MD, PhD and Lartigau, Eric, MD, PhD and Carrie, Christian, MD and De Vathaire, Florent, PhD and Eschwege, François, MD, PhD and Puisieux, Alain, PharmD, PhD and Lagrange, Jean-Léon, MD, PhD and Balosso, Jacques, MD, PhD and Foray, Nicolas, PhD and The COPERNIC project investigators and COPERNIC Project Investigators and COPERNIC project investigators
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Journal Article