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genetic association studies (6) 6
nucleotide sequencing (6) 6
phenotypes (6) 6
physiological aspects (6) 6
retinitis-pigmentosa (6) 6
tomography, optical coherence (6) 6
variants (6) 6
zebrafish (6) 6
causes of (5) 5
children (5) 5
disorders (5) 5
dna - genetics (5) 5
eye proteins - genetics (5) 5
genetic variation - genetics (5) 5
high-throughput nucleotide sequencing (5) 5
homozygote (5) 5
infant (5) 5
proteins (5) 5
retinal degeneration (5) 5
retinal dystrophies - genetics (5) 5
retinal dystrophy (5) 5
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cohort studies (4) 4
gene frequency (4) 4
genes, recessive (4) 4
genetic predisposition to disease (4) 4
genotype (4) 4
genotype & phenotype (4) 4
genotypes (4) 4
glycosylation (4) 4
hek293 cells (4) 4
heterozygote (4) 4
identification (4) 4
infant, newborn (4) 4
intellectual disability (4) 4
intellectual disability - genetics (4) 4
medicine (4) 4
molecular genetics (4) 4
mutation - genetics (4) 4
mutation, missense (4) 4
report (4) 4
retinitis pigmentosa - genetics (4) 4
reveals (4) 4
spectrum (4) 4
transcription (4) 4
whole exome sequencing (4) 4
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clinical medicine (3) 3
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by Tuijnenburg, Paul and Lango Allen, Hana and Burns, Siobhan O and Burns, Siobhan and Greene, Daniel and Jansen, Machiel H and Staples, Emily and Stephens, Jonathan and Carss, Keren J and Carss, Keren and Biasci, Daniele and Baxendale, Helen and Thomas, Moira and Chandra, Anita and Kiani-Alikhan, Sorena and Longhurst, Hilary and Longhurst, Hilary J and Seneviratne, Suranjith and Seneviratne, Suranjith L and Oksenhendler, Eric and Simeoni, Ilenia and de Bree, Godelieve J and Tool, Anton T.J and van Leeuwen, Ester M.M and Ebberink, Eduard H.T.M and Meijer, Alexander B and Tuna, Salih and Whitehorn, Deborah and Brown, Matthew and Turro, Ernest and Thrasher, Adrian and Thrasher, Adrian J and Smith, Kenneth G.C and Thaventhiran, James E and Thaventhiran, James and Kuijpers, Taco W and Kuijpers, Taco and Adhya, Zoe and Alachkar, Hana and Anantharachagan, Ariharan and Antrobus, Richard and Arumugakani, Gururaj and Bacchelli, Chiara and Bethune, Claire and Bibi, Shahnaz and Boardman, Barbara and Booth, Claire and Browning, Michael and Brownlie, Mary and Clifford, Hayley and Cooper, Nichola and Davies, Sophie and Dempster, John and Devlin, Lisa and Doffinger, Rainer and Drewe, Elizabeth and Edgar, David and Egner, William and El-Shanawany, Tariq and Gaspar, Bobby and Ghurye, Rohit and Gilmour, Kimberley and Goddard, Sarah and Gordins, Pavel and Grigoriadou, Sofia and Hackett, Scott and Hague, Rosie and Harper, Lorraine and Hayman, Grant and Herwadkar, Archana and Hughes, Stephen and Huissoon, Aarnoud and Jolles, Stephen and Jones, Julie and Kelleher, Peter and Klein, Nigel and Kumararatne, Dinakantha and Laffan, James and Lear, Sara and Lorenzo, Lorena and Maimaris, Jesmeen and Manson, Ania and McDermott, Elizabeth and Millar, Hazel and Mistry, Anoop and Morrisson, Valerie and Murng, Sai and Nasir, Iman and Nejentsev, Sergey and Noorani, Sadia and Ponsford, Mark and Qasim, Waseem and Quinn, Ellen and Quinti, Isabella and Richter, Alex and Samarghitean, Crina and Sargur, Ravishankar and Savic, Sinisa and Sewall, Carrock and Shackley, Fiona and ... and NIHR BioResource-Rare Dis
The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, ISSN 0091-6749, 10/2018, Volume 142, Issue 4, pp. 1285 - 1296
Journal Article
by Carss, Keren J and Carss, Keren and Arno, Gavin and Erwood, Marie and Stephens, Jonathan and Sanchis-Juan, Alba and Hull, Sarah and Megy, Karyn and Grozeva, Detelina and Dewhurst, Eleanor and Malka, Samantha and Plagnol, Vincent and Penkett, Christopher J and Penkett, Christopher and Stirrups, Kathleen and Rizzo, Roberta and Wright, Genevieve and Josifova, Dragana and Bitner-Glindzicz, Maria and Scott, Richard H and Scott, Richard and Clement, Emma and Allen, Hana Lango and Allen, Louise and Armstrong, Ruth and Brady, Angela F and Brady, Angie and Carmichael, Jenny and Chitre, Manali and Henderson, Robert H.H and Henderson, Robert and Hurst, Jane and MacLaren, Robert E and MacLaren, Robert and Murphy, Elaine and Paterson, Joan and Rosser, Elisabeth and Thompson, Dorothy A and Thompson, Dorothy and Wakeling, Emma and Ouwehand, Willem H and Michaelides, Michel and Moore, Anthony and Moore, Anthony T and Aitman, Timothy and Alachkar, Hana and Ali, Sonia and Allsup, David and Ambegaonkar, Gautum and Anderson, Julie and Antrobus, Richard and Arumugakani, Gururaj and Ashford, Sofie and Astle, William and Attwood, Antony and Austin, Steve and Bacchelli, Chiara and Bakchoul, Tamam and Bariana, Tadbir K and Baxendale, Helen and Bennett, David and Bethune, Claire and Bibi, Shahnaz and Bleda, Marta and Boggard, Harm and Bolton-Maggs, Paula and Booth, Claire and Bradley, John R and Brown, Matthew and Browning, Michael and Bryson, Christine and Burns, Siobhan and Calleja, Paul and Canham, Natalie and Caulfield, Mark and Chalmers, Elizabeth and Chandra, Anita and Chinnery, Patrick and Church, Colin and Clements-Brod, Naomi and Clowes, Virginia and Coghlan, Gerry and Collins, Peter and Cooper, Nichola and Creaser-Myers, Amanda and DaCosta, Rosa and Daugherty, Louise and Davies, Sophie and Davis, John and De Vries, Minka and Deegan, Patrick and Deevi, Sri V.V and Deshpande, Charu and Devlin, Lisa and Doffinger, Rainer and Dormand, Natalie and Drewe, Elizabeth and Edgar, David and Egner, William and Erber, Wendy N and ... and NIHR-BioResource Rare Dis and NIHR-BioResource Rare Diseases Consortium
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The American Journal of Human Genetics, ISSN 0002-9297, 12/2016, Volume 99, Issue 6, pp. 1305 - 1315
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