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Diabetes Therapy, ISSN 1869-6953, 10/2017, Volume 8, Issue 5, pp. 1187 - 1190
... of Life Valentina Fattorusso . Alida Casale . Valeria Raia . Enza Mozzillo . Adriana Franzese Received: May 7, 2017 / Published online: August 2, 2017 The Author... 
Cystic fibrosis-related diabetes | Medicine & Public Health | Internal Medicine | Cystic fibrosis | Infant | Diabetes in infancy | Diabetes | Cardiology | Endocrinology | Glargine | Glucose metabolism derangements | GLUCOSE | ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM | Pediatrics | Glucose | Comorbidity | Case Report
Journal Article
Microbiologia Medica, 09/2011, Volume 26, Issue 3
Bacilli belonged to genus Kluyvera are Gram negative non-fermentative microorganisms described in the Enterobacteriaceae family, generally considered as... 
Kluyvera ascorbata, Cystic Fibrosis, Chronic obstructive bronchopulmonary disease
Journal Article
by Bevivino, Annamaria and Coiana, Alessandra and Fogazzi, Annalisa and Timelli, Fabiana and Signorini, Sandra and Lucarelli, Marco and Morelli, Patrizia and Padoan, Rita and Giordani, Barbara and Amato, Annalisa and Majo, Fabio and Ferrari, Gianluca and Quattrucci, Serena and Minicucci, Laura and Floridia, Giovanna and Fornaro, Gianna Puppo and Taruscio, Domenica and Salvatore, Marco and Seia, Manuela and Pierandrei, Silvia and Blaconà, Giovanna and Salvati, Valentina and Sette, Giovanni and Cimino, Giuseppe and Sangiuolo, Federica and Eramo, Adriana and Collura, Mirella and Parisi, Elisa and Ferlisi, Annalisa and Traverso, Gabriella and Bertolino, Marcella and Termini, Lisa and Orlando, Maria A and Di Girgenti, Caterina and Pavone, Valeria and Calamia, Maria A and Silvestro, Maria G and Piparo, Caterina Lo and Ficili, Francesca and Colombo, Carla and Tullis, Elizabeth and Davies, Jane C and McKee, Charlotte and DeSouza, Cynthia and Waltz, David and Savage, Jessica and Fisher, Marc and Shilling, Rebecca and Moskowitz, Sam and Robertson, Sarah and Tian, Simon and Taylor-Cousar, Jennifer L and Rowe, Steven M and Beccia, Elisa and Carbone, Annalucia and Favia, Maria and Castellani, Stefano and Angiolillo, Antonella and Casavola, Valeria and Conese, Massimo and Cesana, Bruno M and Falchetti, Diego and Battistini, Fiorella and Bignamini, Elisabetta and Braggion, Cesare and Cirilli, Natalia and Lucanto, Maria C and Lucidi, Vincenzina and Manca, Antonio and Raia, Valeria and Rotolo, Novella and Salvatore, Donatello and Volpi, Sonia and Nazzari, Erica and Guarise, Riccardo and Mileto, Palmiro and Garbarino, Francesca and Alicandro, Gianfranco and Battezzati, Alberto and Di Lullo, Antonella M and Comegna, Marika and Amato, Felice and Iacotucci, Paola and Carnovale, Vincenzo and Cantone, Elena and Iengo, Maurizio and Castaldo, Giuseppe and Orlando, Claudio and Casale, Alida and Sepe, Angela and De Gregorio, Fabiola and De Matteo, Antonia and Castaldo, Alice and Cimbalo, Chiara and Tosco, Antonella and Savi, Daniela and Mordenti, Michela and Bonci, Enea and Troiani, Patrizia and D’Alù, Viviana and ...
Italian journal of pediatrics, ISSN 1824-7288, 01/2018, Volume 44, Issue S1
Journal Article
by Annamaria Bevivino and Alessandra Coiana and Annalisa Fogazzi and Fabiana Timelli and Sandra Signorini and Marco Lucarelli and Patrizia Morelli and Rita Padoan and Barbara Giordani and Annalisa Amato and Fabio Majo and Gianluca Ferrari and Serena Quattrucci and Laura Minicucci and Giovanna Floridia and Gianna Puppo Fornaro and Domenica Taruscio and Marco Salvatore and Manuela Seia and Silvia Pierandrei and Giovanna Blaconà and Valentina Salvati and Giovanni Sette and Giuseppe Cimino and Federica Sangiuolo and Adriana Eramo and Marco Lucarelli and Mirella Collura and Elisa Parisi and Annalisa Ferlisi and Gabriella Traverso and Marcella Bertolino and Lisa Termini and Maria A. Orlando and Caterina Di Girgenti and Valeria Pavone and Maria A. Calamia and Maria G. Silvestro and Caterina Lo Piparo and Francesca Ficili and Carla Colombo and Elizabeth Tullis and Jane C. Davies and Charlotte McKee and Cynthia DeSouza and David Waltz and Jessica Savage and Marc Fisher and Rebecca Shilling and Sam Moskowitz and Sarah Robertson and Simon Tian and Jennifer L. Taylor-Cousar and Steven M. Rowe and Elisa Beccia and Annalucia Carbone and Maria Favia and Stefano Castellani and Manuela Seia and Antonella Angiolillo and Carla Colombo and Valeria Casavola and Massimo Conese and Rita Padoan and Bruno M. Cesana and Diego Falchetti and Fiorella Battistini and Elisabetta Bignamini and Cesare Braggion and Mirella Collura and Natalia Cirilli and Maria C. Lucanto and Vincenzina Lucidi and Antonio Manca and Valeria Raia and Novella Rotolo and Donatello Salvatore and Sonia Volpi and Erica Nazzari and Riccardo Guarise and Palmiro Mileto and Francesca Garbarino and Gianfranco Alicandro and Alberto Battezzati and Carla Colombo and Barbara Giordani and Annalisa Amato and Fabio Majo and Gianluca Ferrari and Serena Quattrucci and Laura Minicucci and Rita Padoan and Giovanna Floridia and Gianna Puppo Fornaro and Domenica Taruscio and Marco Salvatore and Antonella M. Di Lullo and Marika Comegna and Felice Amato and Paola Iacotucci and ...
Italian journal of pediatrics, 01/2018, Volume 44, Issue S1, pp. 1 - 23
Journal Article
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