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Irish Journal of Medical Science (1971 -), ISSN 0021-1265, 2/2017, Volume 186, Issue 1, pp. 23 - 23
To access, purchase, authenticate, or subscribe to the full-text of this article, please visit this link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11845-015-1310-9 
Medicine & Public Health | General Practice / Family Medicine | Internal Medicine | MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL | Evaluation | Emergency service | Care and treatment | Hospitals | Safety and security measures | Practice guidelines (Medicine) | Patients
Journal Article
by Athanasiou, Y and Zavros, M and Arsali, M and Papazachariou, L and Demosthenous, P and Savva, I and Voskarides, K and Deltas, C and Pierides, A and Feriozzi, S and Perrin, A and West, M and Nicholls, K and Sunder-Plassmann, G and Torras, J and Neumann, P and Cybulla, M and Cofiell, R and Kukreja, A and Bedard, K and Yan, Y and Mickle, A and Ogawa, M and Bedrosian, C and Faas, S and Meszaros, K and Pruess, L and Gondan, M and Ritz, E and Schaefer, F and Testa, A and Spoto, B and Leonardis, D and Sanguedolce, M. C and Pisano, A and Parlongo, M. R and Tripepi, G and Mallamaci, F and Zoccali, C and Trujillano, D and Bullich, G and Ballarin, J and Torra, R and Estivill, X and Ars, E and Kleber, M. E and Delgado, G and Grammer, T. B and Silbernagel, G and Kraemer, B. K and Maerz, W and Riccio, E and Pisani, A and Abdalla, A. A and Malone, A. F and Winn, M. P and Goodship, T and Cronin, C and Conlon, P. J and Casserly, L. F and Nishio, S and Sakuhara, Y and Matsuoka, N and Yamamoto, J and Nakazawa, D and Nakagakaki, T and Abo, D and Shibazaki, S and Atsumi, T and Mazzinghi, B and Giglio, S and Provenzano, A and Becherucci, F and Sansavini, G and Ravaglia, F and Roperto, R. M and Murer, L and Lasagni, L and Materassi, M and Romagnani, P and Schmidts, M and Christou, S and Cortes, C and McInerney-Leo, A and Kayserili, H and Zankl, A and Peter, S and Duncan, E and Wicking, C and Beales, P. L and Mitchison, H and Magestro, M and Vekeman, F and Nichols, T and Karner, P and Duh, M. S and Srivastava, B and Van Doorn-Khosrovani, S. B. V. W and Zonnenberg, B. A and Musetti, C and ... and On Behalf Of The MAURO Working Group and On Behalf Of The Fabry Outcome Survey Renal Working Group and Uk1ok Consortium
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2014, Volume 29, Issue suppl 3, pp. iii339 - iii350
Journal Article
by Griva, K and Mooppil, N and Pala Krishnan, D. S and McBain, H and Newman, S. P and Tripepi, G and Pannier, B and Mallamaci, F and London, G and Zoccali, C and Sood, M and Manns, B and Kappel, J and Naimark, D and Dart, A and Komenda, P and Rigatto, C and Hiebert, B and Tangri, N and Perl, J and Karaboyas, A and Tentori, F and Morgenstern, H and Sen, A and Rayner, H and Vanholder, R and Combe, C and Hasegawa, T and Mapes, D and Robinson, B and Pisoni, R and Zepel, L and Mendelssohn, D and Ikizler, T and Fukuhara, S and Gillespie, B and Bieber, B and Wilkie, M and Fluck, R and Li, Y and Kerr, P and Wikstrom, B and Vanita Jassal, S and Comment, L and De Sequera, P and Marshall, M and Jin, H. M and Pan, Y and Raimann, J. G and Etter, M and Kooman, J and Levin, N and Marcelli, D and Marelli, C and van der Sande, F and Thijssen, S and Usvyat, L and Kotanko, P and Lu, K.-C and Yang, H.-Y and Su, S.-L and Palmer, S and Saglimbene, V and Ruospo, M and Craig, J and Celia, E and Gelfman, R and Stroumza, P and Bednarek, A and Dulawa, J and Frazao, J and Del Castillo, D and Ecder, T and Hegbrant, J and Strippoli, G. F. M and Hecking, M and Ethier, J and Kautzky-Willer, A and Jadoul, M and Saito, A and Sunder-Plassmann, G and Saemann, M and Horl, W and Mariani, L and Ramirez, S and Port, F and Leonardis, D and Fukuma, S and Akizawa, T and Akiba, T and Kurokawa, K and Stack, A. G and Casserly, L. F and Abdalla, A. A and Murthy, B. V. R and Hegarty, A and Cronin, C. J and Hannigan, A and Shaw, C and Pitcher, D and ... and MONDO Consortium and on behalf of PROGREDIRE Work Group and Transplantation Work Group and MAURO Work Group
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2013, Volume 28, Issue suppl 1, pp. i472 - i486
Journal Article
by Gelev, S and Toshev, S and Trajceska, L and Pavleska, S and Selim, G and Dzekova, P and Shikole, A and Ulu, S. M and Yilmaz, F and Ahsen, A and Akci, A and Yuksel, S and Mihaescu, A and Olariu, N and Avram, C and Schiller, O and Schiller, A and Xiao, D.-M and Niu, J.-y and Gu, Y and Drechsler, C and van den Broek, H and Vervloet, M and Hoekstra, T and Dekker, F and Ketteler, M and Brandenburg, V and Turkvatan, A and Kirkpantur, A and Mandiroglu, S and Afsar, B and Seloglu, B and Alkis, M and Erkula, S and GURBUZ, H and Serin, M and CALIK, Y and Mandiroglu, F and Balci, M and Choi, B. S and Choi, S. R and Park, H. S and Hong, Y. A and Chung, B. H and Kim, Y. S and Yang, C. W and Kim, Y.-S and Park, C. W and Jung, J. Y and Sung, J. Y and Kim, A. J and Kim, H. S and Lee, C and Ro, H and Chang, J. H and Lee, H. H and Chung, W and Sezer, S and Bal, Z and Tutal, E and Bal, U and Erkmen Uyar, M and Ozdemir Acar, N and Karakas, Y and Sahin, G and Urfali, F and Bal, C and Akcar Degirmenci, N and Sirmagul, B and Janda, K and Krzanowski, M and Dumnicka, P and Kusnierz-Cabala, B and Sulowicz, W and Valtuille, R. A and Gonzalez, M. S and Casos, M. E and Yoshida, T and Yamashita, M and Hayashi, M and Raikou, V. D and Tentolouris, N and Makropoulos, I and Kaisidis, P and Boletis, J. N and Abdalla, A. A and Roche, D and Forbes, J. F and Hannigan, A and Hegarty, A and Cronin, C. J and Casserly, L. F and Stack, A. G and Guinsburg, A and Raimann, J. G and Usvyat, L and Kooman, J and Marelli, C and Etter, M and Marcelli, D and ... and MONDO Consortium
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2013, Volume 28, Issue suppl 1, pp. i440 - i459
Journal Article
by Kurnatowska, I and Grzelak, P and Masajtis-Zagajewska, A and Kaczmarska, M and Stefanczyk, L and Nowicki, M and Wyskida, K and Zak-Golab, A and Labuzek, K and Ficek, R and Pospiech, K and Olszanecka-Glinianowicz, M and Okopien, B and Wiecek, A and Chudek, J and Morena, M and Cristol, J.-P and Jaussent, I and Chenine, L and Brugueirolle, C and Leray-Moragues, H and Schved, J.-F and Canaud, B and Dupuy, A.-M and Giansily-Blaizot, M and Brandenburg, V. M and Specht, P and Floege, J and Ketteler, M and Hwang, I. H and Lee, K. N and Kim, I. Y and Lee, D. W and Lee, S. B and Shin, M. J and Rhee, H and Yang, B. Y and Seong, E. Y and Kwak, I. S and Chitalia, N and Ismail, T and Tooth, L and Boa, F and Goldsmith, D and Kaski, J and Banerjee, D and Iimori, S and Noda, Y and Okado, T and Naito, S and Rai, T and Uchida, S and Sasaki, S and Daenen, K and Fourneau, I and Verbeken, E and Hoylaerts, M. F and Bammens, B and Opdenakker, G and Christensson, A and Melander, O. S and Fjellstedt, E and Berglund, G and Andersson-Ohlsson, M and Shima, H and Shoji, T and Naganuma, T and Nakatani, S and Mori, K and Ishimura, E and Emoto, M and Okamura, M and Nakatani, T and Inaba, M and Hafez, M. H and Mostafa, M. A and Harash, E. L and Okely, A. E. L and Hendi, Y. M and Anan, M. I and Temraz, M. E. L and Fouad, M. Y and Nassar, W. F and Barrios, C and Otero, S and Soler, M and Rodriguez, E and Collado, S and Faura, A and Mojal, S and Betriu, A and Fernandez, E and Pascual, J and Kudo, K and Suzuki, K and Ichikawa, K and Konta, T and Kubota, I and Abdalla, A. A and Weiland, A and ... and The NEFRONA Study Group
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2013, Volume 28, Issue suppl 1, pp. i352 - i357
Journal Article
by El Minshawy, O and Ghabrah, T and Hamza, A and Fadl, A and Adam, M and El Bassuoni, E and Saran, R and Tilea, A and Sands, R and Kiser, M and Han, S. W and Stack, A and Finkelstein, F and Eisele, G and Kotanko, P and Levin, N and Gillespie, B and Krane, V and Bhuvanakrishna, T and Burnapp, L and Hilton, R and Sibley-Allen, C and Blake, G and Goldsmith, D and Taylor-Stokes, G and Ozbay, A. B and Sayers, J and Marx, S. E and Yanai, M and Okada, K and Takeuchi, K and Matsuyama, K and Nitta, K and Takahashi, S and Delanaye, P and Cavalier, E and Moranne, O and Lutteri, L and Bruyere, O and Krzesinski, J.-M and Silverwood, R. J and Richards, M and Pierce, M and Hardy, R and Sattar, N and Ferro, C and Savage, C and Kuh, D and Nitsch, D and Shin, J.-h and Kim, S. H and Yu, S.-H and Oberdhan, D and Krasa, H. B and Cheng, R and Hays, R. D and Chapman, A and Perrone, R and Cole, J. C and Hedgeman, E and Steffick, D and Rein-Weston, A and Banerjee, T and Powe, N and Rios-Burrows, N and Williams, D and Nagasawa, Y and Yamamoto, R and Shinzawa, M and Hasuike, Y and Kuragano, T and Rakugi, H and Isaka, Y and Nakanishi, T and Iseki, K and Yamagata, K and Tsuruya, K and Yoshida, H and Fujimoto, S and Asahi, K and Watanabe, T and Moriyama, T and Warren, S and Rutherford, P and Van Den Bosch, J and Kusztal, M and Trafidlo, E and Madziarska, K and Augustyniak-Bartosik, H and Golebiowski, T and Krajewska, M and Rymaszewska, J and Weyde, W and Klinger, M and Sato, Y and Konta, T and Kurahashi, I and Ohashi, Y and Elsayed, I and Khwaja, A and ... and for the Network of German Kidney Cohorts
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2013, Volume 28, Issue suppl 1, pp. i140 - i154
Journal Article
Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, ISSN 1555-9041, 07/2013, Volume 8, Issue 8, pp. 1279 - 1281
Journal Article
Clinical and Experimental Nephrology, ISSN 1342-1751, 06/2017, Volume 21, Issue 3, pp. 538 - 539
Journal Article
Clinical Kidney Journal, ISSN 2048-8505, 02/2018, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp. 99 - 107
Background: Although anaemia is a common complication of advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD), knowledge of quality of care and management practices in... 
Journal Article