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by Cahn, Pedro and Madero, Juan Sierra and Arribas, José Ramón and Antinori, Andrea and Ortiz, Roberto and Clarke, Amanda E and Hung, Chien-Ching and Rockstroh, Jürgen K and Girard, Pierre-Marie and Sievers, Jörg and Man, Choy and Currie, Alexander and Underwood, Mark and Tenorio, Allan R and Pappa, Keith and Wynne, Brian and Fettiplace, Anna and Gartland, Martin and Aboud, Michael and Smith, Kimberly and Cassetti, Lidia and David, Daniel and Figueras, Laura and Losso, Marcelo and Lopardo, Gustavo and Lupo, Sergio and Porteiro, Norma and Sánchez, Marisa and Bloch, Mark and Cooper, David and Finlayson, Robert and Kelleher, Anthony and Koh, Kenneth and Lewis, David and McMahon, James and Moore, Richard and Roth, Norman and Shields, Matthew and De Wit, Stephane and Florence, Eric and Goffard, Jean-Christophe and Demeester, Remy and Lacor, Patrick and Vandercam, Bernard and Vandekerckhove, Linos and Angel, Jonathan and Baril, Jean-Guy and Conway, Brian and De Pokomandy, Alexandra and Szabo, Jason and Walmsley, Sharon and Bouchaud, Olivier and Chidiac, Christian and Delobel, Pierre and Goujard, Cecile and Katlama, Christine and Molina, Jean-Michel and Pialoux, Gilles and Philibert, Patrick and Bogner, Johannes and Esser, Stefan and Krznaric, Ivanka and Lehmann, Clara and Spinner, Christoph and Stellbrink, Hans-Jurgen and Stephan, Christoph and Stoehr, Albrecht and Barchi, Enrico and Caramello, Pietro and Castelli, Francesco and Cattelan, Anna Maria and D'Arminio Monforte, Antonella and Di Biagio, Antonio and Di Perri, Giovanni and Gori, Andrea and Maggiolo, Franco and Menzaghi, Barbara and Migliorino, Guglielmo and Mussini, Cristina and Penco, Giovanni and Puoti, Massimo and Rizzardini, Giuliano and Gulminetti, Roberto and Lazzarin, Adriano and Quirino, Tiziano and Sighinolfi, Laura and Viale, Pierluigi and Amaya Tapia, Gerardo and Andrade Villanueva, Jaime and Granados Reyes, Enrique R and Perez Rios, Alma and Santoscoy Gomez, Mario and Den Hollander, Jan and Rijnders, Bart and Hidalgo, José A and Hercilla Vasquez, Luis and Illescas, Luis and Olczak, Anita and Mansinho, Kamal and Correia Pacheco, Patricia Paula and ... and GEMINI Study Team
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 01/2019, Volume 393, Issue 10167, pp. 143 - 155
Journal Article
by Orrell, Catherine and Hagins, Debbie P and Belonosova, Elena and Porteiro, Norma and Walmsley, Sharon L and Walmsley, Sharon and Falcó, Vicenç and Man, Choy Y and Aylott, Alicia and Buchanan, Ann M and Wynne, Brian and Vavro, Cindy and Aboud, Michael and Smith, Kimberly Y and Cahn, Pedro Enrique and Cassetti, Lidia Isabel and Porteiro Barreira, Norma and Angel, Jonathan Benjamin and de Pokomandy, Alexandra and Harris, Marianne and Rachlis, Anita R and Allavena, Clotilde and Bouchaud, Oliver and Gatey, Caroline and Rami, Agathe and Casari, Salvatore and Di Perri, Giovanni and Lazzarin, Adriano and Maggiolo, Franco and Penco, Giovanni and Quirino, Tiziana and Rizzardini, Giuliano and Andrade-Villanueva, Jaime-Federico and Sierra-Madero, Juan G and Branco, Teresa and Serrao, Rosario and Teofilo, Eugenio JR and Melendez-Rivera, Ivan and Santiago, Lizette and Zorrilla, Carmen D and Chernova, Oksana E and Pokrovsky, Vadim and Rakhmanova, Aza Gasanovna and Tsybakova, Olga and Voronin, Eugene and Vally, Tasneem and Farisani, Livhuwani ML and Sebopa, Boitumelo Lucrecia and Barros, Carlos Aguado and Cano Sánchez, Alfredo and Castaño, Manuel and Falcó Ferrer, Vicens and González García, Juan J and Hernandez-Quero, Jose and Negredo Puigmal, Eugenia and Pérez Elías, María Jesús and Podzamczer Palter, Daniel and Portilla, Joaquin Sogorb and Viciana Fernández, Pompeyo and Manosuthi, Weerawat and Ruxrungtham, Kiat and Dockrell, David H and Hay, Phillip E and Johnson, Margaret A and Johnson, Marc Alexander and Mackie, Nicola E and Orkin, Chloe M and Taylor, Steve and Bhatti, Laveeza and Brar, Indira and Brennan, Robert Owen and Cade, Jerry L and Casanas, Beata and Casey, Kathleen and Cunningham, Douglas and DeJesus, Edwin and Dietz, Craig and Dretler, Robin Henry and Eron, Joseph J and Felizarta, Franco Antoni B and Fife, Kenneth H and Hoffman-Terry, Margaret and Jain, Mamta and Kinder, Clifford A and Kumar, Princy N and Lewis, Stanley T and McDonald, Cheryl Kay and Meza, Armando D and Mounzer, Karam C and Newman, Cheryl L and Osiyemi, Olayemi O and Poblete, Ronald and Presti, Rachel M and Ramgopal, Moti and Rosenstock, Joel and Samuel, Rafik and Sandkovsky, Uriel Sebastian and Shon, Alyssa So Young and Skiest, Daniel J and Sloan, Louis M and ... and ARIA Study Team and ARIA study team
The Lancet HIV, ISSN 2352-3018, 12/2017, Volume 4, Issue 12, pp. e536 - e546
Dolutegravir is a once-daily integrase strand transfer inhibitor with no need for pharmacokinetic boosting that is approved for the treatment of HIV-1... 
Journal Article
Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, ISSN 1525-4135, 12/2009, Volume 52, Issue 4, p. 488
  To evaluate neurocognitive performance in patients with preserved immunological status using the International HIV Dementia Scale (IHDS) and compare patients... 
Antiretroviral drugs | Cognition & reasoning | Human immunodeficiency virus--HIV | Drug therapy | Patients | Risk factors | Dementia
Journal Article
by Lalezari, Jacob P and Latiff, Gulam H and Brinson, Cynthia and Echevarría, Juan and Treviño-Pérez, Sandra and Bogner, Johannes R and Thompson, Melanie and Fourie, Jan and Pena, Otto A Sussmann and Urbina, Fernando C Mendo and Martins, Marcelo and Diaconescu, Iulian G and Stock, David A and Joshi, Samit R and Hanna, George J and Lataillade, Max and Altclas, Javier D and Amaya-Tapia, Gerardo and Andrade-Villanueva, Jaime F and Arama, Victoria and Arango-Duque, AIvaro and Arasteh, Keikawus and Arribas, Jose and Bardinas-Rodriguez, Rogelio and Benites-Villafane, Carlos M and Bogner, Johannes and Cahn, Pedro E and Casapia-Morales, Wilfredo M and Cassetti, Lidia I and Clotet, Bonaventura and DeJesus, Edwin and Echevarria, Juan I and Elion, Richard and Ernst, Jerome and Feinberg, Judith and Galindez, Jorge and Gatell, M and Granados-Reyes, Enrique R and Hassler, Shawn and Hicks, Charles and Johnson, David and Kaplan, Richard and Lalezari, Jacob and Lama-Valdivia, Javier R and Rodriguez, Alberto M. La Rosa and Leon, Mey and Lupo, Sergio H and Marquez-Diaz, Francisco and Martins, Marcelo D and Mckellar, Mehri and Mendo-Urbina, Fernando C and Pinedo-Ramirez, Yvett and Prisacariu, Liviu J and Rockstroh, Juergen and Rugina, Sorin and Salazar-Castro, Magno R and Scribner, Anita R and Sierra-Madero, Juan G and Sloan, Louis M and Stoehr, Albrecht and Sussmann-Pena, Otto A and Tebas, Pablo and Trevino-Perez, Sandra C and Tsybakova, Olga A and Voronin, Evgeny E and Yakovlev, Alexey A and Zakharova, Natalia G
The Lancet HIV, 10/2015, Volume 2, Issue 10, pp. e427 - e437
Background: BMS-663068 is an oral prodrug of BMS-626529, an attachment inhibitor that binds to HIV-1 gp120, blocking viral attachment to host CD4 cells.... 
Journal Article
Epidemiologia e prevenzione, ISSN 1120-9763, 01/2016, Volume 40, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 24
This collaborative study, based on data collected by the network of Italian Cancer Registries (AIRTUM), describes the burden of rare cancers in Italy.... 
prevalence | Italy | cancer registries | incidence | rare cancers | survival | Genital Neoplasms, Male - epidemiology | Age Distribution | Prevalence | Follow-Up Studies | Humans | Middle Aged | Neoplasms, Glandular and Epithelial - epidemiology | Child, Preschool | Thoracic Neoplasms - epidemiology | Infant | Male | Neoplasms - prevention & control | Neoplasms - diagnosis | Neoplasms, Glandular and Epithelial - prevention & control | Neuroendocrine Tumors - epidemiology | Incidence | Neoplasms, Germ Cell and Embryonal - prevention & control | Registries - statistics & numerical data | Central Nervous System Neoplasms - prevention & control | Endocrine Gland Neoplasms - epidemiology | Head and Neck Neoplasms - epidemiology | Thoracic Neoplasms - prevention & control | Aged, 80 and over | Adult | Eye Neoplasms - prevention & control | Female | Retrospective Studies | Endocrine Gland Neoplasms - prevention & control | Child | Genital Neoplasms, Male - prevention & control | Infant, Newborn | Databases, Factual | Digestive System Neoplasms - epidemiology | Eye Neoplasms - epidemiology | Head and Neck Neoplasms - prevention & control | Risk Factors | Neoplasms, Germ Cell and Embryonal - epidemiology | Digestive System Neoplasms - prevention & control | Europe - epidemiology | Neoplasms - mortality | Survival Rate | Central Nervous System Neoplasms - epidemiology | Adolescent | Neuroendocrine Tumors - prevention & control | Sex Distribution | Italy - epidemiology | Aged | Neoplasms - epidemiology
Journal Article
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