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humans (2) 2
metastasis (2) 2
middle aged (2) 2
neoplasia (2) 2
pulmonary embolism (2) 2
thromboembolism (2) 2
trombosis venosa profunda (2) 2
abdominal aortic aneurysm (1) 1
acoustics (1) 1
adherence to guidelines (1) 1
adhesión a las guías (1) 1
adhesión a las guías - enfermedad arterial periférica - factores de riesgo - servicio de cirugía vascular - tasc ii (1) 1
adult (1) 1
aged, 80 and over (1) 1
ambulatory treatment (1) 1
aneurisma de aorta abdominal (1) 1
aneursima de aorta abdominal (1) 1
aneurysm false (1) 1
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anticoagulation (1) 1
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criteria (1) 1
criterios de wells (1) 1
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deep vein thrombosis (1) 1
diagnosesicherheit (1) 1
diagnosis (1) 1
diagnostische wertigkeit (1) 1
doppler (1) 1
doppler sonography (1) 1
duplexsonographie (1) 1
dímero-d (1) 1
dúplex (1) 1
early mobilisation (1) 1
echo (1) 1
eco-doppler (1) 1
embolia pulmonar (1) 1
emergency room (1) 1
endovascular (1) 1
entzündung (1) 1
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erythrozyten (1) 1
factores de riesgo (1) 1
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fleboextracción (1) 1
gewebedifferenzierung (1) 1
giant cell arteritis - diagnostic imaging (1) 1
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histologie (1) 1
historia clínica (1) 1
impacto presupuestario (1) 1
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lymphozyten (1) 1
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medical care, cost of (1) 1
medicine, general & internal (1) 1
medizinische diagnostik (1) 1
movilización precoz (1) 1
neoplasm recurrence, local - complications (1) 1
nichtinvasives verfahren (1) 1
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by Agnelli, Giancarlo and Gitt, Anselm K and Bauersachs, Rupert and Fronk, Eva-Maria and Laeis, Petra and Mismetti, Patrick and Monreal, Manuel and Willich, Stefan N and Wolf, Wolf-Peter and Cohen, Alexander T and Brodmann, Marianne and Rief, Peter and Eischer, Lisbeth and Stoshikj, Slagjana and Hirschl, Michael and Weinmann, Serge and Marschang, Peter and Abbadie, Fabrice and Achkar, Antoine and Addala, Azeddine and Adnet, Frédéric and Alexandra, Jean-François and Aquilanti, Sandro and Belhassane, Abdelkader and Benaroya, Anne and Berremili, Toufek and Grenot, Marie Chevallier and Birr, Virginie and Holtea, Daniela and Bonnin, Christophe and Bosler, Frederic and Durand, Marie-Gabrielle Bresin and Brisot, Dominique and Brousse, Christophe and De La Fuente, Tarodo and Cayman, Richard and Cazaubon, Michèle and Champion, Olivier and Chanut, Myriam and Chevalet, Pascal and Connault, Jerome and Durant, Cecile and Constans, Joel and Cordeanu, Mihaela and Couturaud, Francis and Lacut, Karine and De Dedker, Laure and Decoulx, Eric and Derrien, Benoit and Diamand, Jean-Marc and Diard, Antoine and Douadi, Youssef and Dupas, Stephane and Remond, Santhi Samy Modeliar and Sevestre, Marie-Antoinette and Edhery, Stéphane and Falvo, Nicolas and Taralunga, Claudia Farcas and Ferrari, Emile and Gaillard, Catherine and Garrigues, Damien and Gillet, Jean Luc and Giordana, Pascal and Grange, Claire and Vital-Durand, Denis and Grare, Frédérick and Henni, Amine Hadj and Heuser, Simone and Schmidt, Jeannot and Hidden-Henic, Valérie and Hottin, Delphine and Imbert, Bernard and Pernod, Gilles and Jakob, Daniel and Jacquinandi, Vincent and Jurus, Christine and Lacoste, Amelie and Laroche, Jean-Pierre and Martin, Myriam and Mazollier, Cyrille and Mersel, Tahar and Miserey, Gilles and Nedey, Charles and Nou, Monica and Quere, Isabelle and Ouvry, Pierre and Peuch, Bernadette and Pichot, Olivier and Poulain, Veyre and Ray, Patrick and Rifai, Abed and Roy, Pierre-Marie and Saby, Jean-Claude and Simon, Frédéric and Simonot-Lalandec, Eliane and Stephan, Dominique and Tissot, Anne and Vodoungnon, Hubert and Adamczyk, Annette and Schnabl, Saskia and ... and PREFER in VTE investigators and On behalf of the PREFER in VTE investigators
Thrombosis Journal, ISSN 1477-9560, 10/2015, Volume 13, Issue 1, p. 41
Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is a major health problem, with over one million events every year in Europe. However, there is a paucity of data on the current... 
Prevention | Anticoagulation | Venous Thromboembolism | Registry | Vitamin K antagonists | Novel Oral Anticoagulants | Pulmonary embolism | Care and treatment | Anticoagulants (Medicine) | Patient satisfaction | Thromboembolism | Medical care, Cost of
Journal Article
Medicina Clinica, ISSN 0025-7753, 10/2009, Volume 133, Issue 14, pp. 529 - 532
Background and objective: There is a bidirectional association between neoplasia and venous thromboembolism (VTE). However, whether this association has an... 
Chemotherapy | Deep venous thrombosis | Metastasis | Neoplasia
Journal Article
Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine, ISSN 0278-4297, 11/2004, Volume 23, Issue 11, pp. 1493 - 1498
Journal Article
by Jiménez, Manuel Abeytua and Adarriaga, Maria Dolores and Luna, Antonio Agarrado and Linares, Eduardo Jesus Alias and Mugica, Fatima Almagro and Martínez, Jose Luis Alonso and García, Guillermo Alonso and Martín, Joaquin Alonso and Recalde, Nelson Maria Alvarenga and Fernández, Luis Javier Álvarez and Auñón, Amparo Álvarez and Novales, Javier Andrés and Revilla, Esther Aragón and Alvarez, Juan Andreu and Serrano, Jose Antonio Antón and Castaño, Juan Carlos Arias and Arroyo, Agustín and De Rojas, Ignacio Artigues Sánchez and Perez, Emilio Baldo and Barrios, Antonio and Prados, Joaquin G. Bautista and Gotarda, M. Nieves Bellera and López, Juan Bello and Ruiz, Oscar Beloqui and Garcia, Jose Maria Bermudez and González, Miguel Blanco and Lobo, Ana Blasco and Sierra, Juan Carlos Bohorquez and Díaz, Alfonso Bolaños and Loidi, Vicente Brossa and Cortada, Jorge Bruguera and Cazón, Antonio Cabarcos and Perez, Purificación Cacabelos and Castellote, Marc Cairols and Gómez, Carlos Calvo and Azcargorta, Ignacio Camacho and Rodriguez, Ana Belen Caminero and Femenia, Joaquin Canoves and Coll, Pere Carbonell and Álvarez, Jose A. Carmona and Hernández, Maria Cruz Carreno and Menendez, Ignacio Casado and Naranjo, Ignacio Casado and Sánchez, Jose Castillo and Sanz, Paz Catalán and Ramos, Jose Ignacio Catalán and Martínez, Aranzazu Caudevilla and Fayos, Jose Cerda and Lázaro, Pilar Raquel Chamarro and Chevannes, Alfredo B. Charles and Clausell, Berta Claramonte and Paya, Vicente Climent and Rubio, Juan Colas and Bergua, Pere Comas and Hernando, Jesus Corrochano and Lopez, Fuensanta Cuesta and Caceres, Carlos Culebras and Ramos, Meliton Francisco Davila and Fernández, María Del Pilar De Luis and Del Pilar, Marta and Pérez, Félix Díaz and Robert, Ignacio Durán and Herrero, Jose Antonio Egido and Soriano, Jose-Bernardo Escribano and Villa, Juan Manuel Escudier and Montpo, Enric Esmatges and Plaza, Antonio Carlos Espinosa and Rosso, Raul Espinosa and Morán, Camino Fernandez and Álvarez, Ovidio Fernández and De La Cigoña, Fabriciano Fernandez and Lebrato, Jose Ramon Fernandez and Ros, Marta Ferrero and Pedauye, Antonio Flores and Ruiz, Jose-Jesus Flores and De La Fuente, Rosa Maria Folgado and Pérez, Francesc Formiga and Cebrián, Joaquín Franco and Aranda, Carlos Franco and Castroseiros, Evaristo Freire and Zafra, Moisés Galan and Del Pulgar, Jesús Galiana Pérez and González, Juan Pedro García and Colodro, Jose Maria García and Corrales, Francisco García and Tays, Jose Maria García De Andoain and De Rico, Fernando García De Burgos and Redondo, Bernardo García De La Villa and Díaz, Juan De Dios García and Gutiérrez, Gonzalo García and Perez, Bartolome García and Polo, Iluminada García and Carra, Juan Carlos García-Mongo and Sclarsky, Daniel Eduardo Geffner and Castromil, Ricardo Gesto and Ubeda, Juan Miguel Giron and Gil, Rosario and Opacua, Ignacio Goicolea and Gómez, Jesus and Cerezo, Jorge Francisco Gómez and ...
Medicina Clinica, ISSN 0025-7753, 01/2008, Volume 130, Issue 2, p. 46
Journal Article
MEDICINA CLINICA, ISSN 0025-7753, 10/2009, Volume 133, Issue 14, pp. 529 - 532
Background and objective: There is a bidirectional association between neoplasia and venous thromboembolism (VTE). However, whether this association has an... 
MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL | Chemotherapy | Deep venous thrombosis | Metastasis | THROMBOEMBOLISM | Neoplasia | CANCER | Young Adult | Humans | Middle Aged | Adult | Aged | Retrospective Studies | Neoplasm Recurrence, Local - complications | Venous Thrombosis - etiology | Cohort Studies
Journal Article
Angiologia, ISSN 0003-3170, 2006, Volume 58, Issue 6, pp. 513 - 516
Journal Article
Angiologia, ISSN 0003-3170, 2006, Volume 58, Issue 2, pp. 85 - 88
Journal Article
Angiologia, ISSN 0003-3170, 2005, Volume 57, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 3
Journal Article
Angiologia, ISSN 0003-3170, 03/2003, Volume 55, Issue 2, pp. 91 - 92
Journal Article
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