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Nucleic acids research, ISSN 0305-1048, 06/2019, Volume 47, Issue 10, pp. 5016 - 5037
Journal Article
Ecological Indicators, ISSN 1470-160X, 01/2019, Volume 96, pp. 81 - 90
•The Labrador Sea (LS) can be subdivided into two bio-regions: south and a north.•The cooling-to-heating shift in heat fluxes favors the bloom onset in the... 
Sub-polar North Atlantic | Phytoplankton bloom | Inter-annual variability | Marine bioregions | Labrador Sea | Physical forcing | Ocean color remote-sensing | DEEP CONVECTION | CRITICAL-DEPTH-HYPOTHESIS | MELTWATER | MODEL | ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES | IMPACT | BIOMASS | CYCLES | NORTH-ATLANTIC PHYTOPLANKTON | WATER | PHENOLOGY | Chlorophyll | Ocean circulation | Ecosystems | Analysis
Journal Article
Geophysical Research Letters, ISSN 0094-8276, 06/2015, Volume 42, Issue 12, pp. 4922 - 4930
Journal Article
by Vaccaro, Carlos Alberto and López‐Kostner, Francisco and Adriana, Della Valle and Palmero, Edenir Inez and Rossi, Benedito Mauro and Antelo, Marina and Solano, Angela and Carraro, Dirce Maria and Forones, Nora Manoukian and Bohorquez, Mabel and Lino‐Silva, Leonardo S and Buleje, Jose and Spirandelli, Florencia and Abe‐Sandes, Kiyoko and Nascimento, Ivana and Sullcahuaman, Yasser and Sarroca, Carlos and Gonzalez, Maria Laura and Herrando, Alberto Ignacio and Alvarez, Karin and Neffa, Florencia and Galvão, Henrique Camposreis and Esperon, Patricia and Golubicki, Mariano and Cisterna, Daniel and Cardoso, Florencia C and Torrezan, Giovana Tardin and Junior, Samuel Aguiar and Pimenta, Célia Aparecida Marques and Cruz Formiga, Maria Nirvana and Santos, Erika and Sá, Caroline U and Oliveira, Edite P and Fujita, Ricardo and Spirandelli, Enrique and Jimenez, Geiner and Guindalini, Rodrigo Santa Cruz and Azevedo, Renata Gondim Meira Velame and Bueno, Larissa Souza Mario and Santos Nogueira, Sonia Tereza and Loarte, Mariela Torres and Padron, Jorge and Carmen Castro‐Mujica, Maria and Monte, Julio Sanchez and Caballero, Carmelo and Peña, Carlos Mario Muñeton and Pinto, Joseph and Barletta‐Carrillo, Claudia and Melva, Gutiérrez Angulo and Piñero, Tamara and Beltran, Paola Montenegro and Ashton‐Prolla, Patricia and Rodriguez, Yenni and Quispe, Richard and Rossi, Norma Teresa and Martin, Claudia and Chialina, Sergio and Kalfayan, Pablo German and Bazo‐Alvarez, Juan Carlos and Cañete, Alcides Recalde and Dominguez‐Barrera, Constantino and Nuñez, Lina and Da Silva, Sabrina Daniela and Balavarca, Yesilda and Wernhoff, Patrik and Plazzer, John‐Paul and Møller, Pål and Hovig, Eivind and Dominguez‐Valentin, Mev and GETH
International Journal of Cancer, ISSN 0020-7136, 07/2019, Volume 145, Issue 2, pp. 318 - 326
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Martínez-Moragón, E and Delgado, J and Mogrovejo, S and Fernández-Sánchez, T and López, Jesús Jiménez and Orenes, Miguel Ángel Moscardó and Montaño, Patricia Prieto and Toro, Miguel Torrecillas and Oliver, Begoña Cueva and Torres, Ángel Ferrer and Delgado, Purificación González and Rodríguez, Teodorikez Wilfox Jiménez and Auli, Brian Vila and Yebenes, Juan José Zapata and Berasategui, María Teresa Audicana and Jiménez, Marta Frias and Ruibio, Nieves Hurtado De Mendoza and Azagra, Marta Velasco and Fernández, Jose Antonio Álvarez and Sainz, Sara Acero and González, Rosa Mª Blanco and Nieves, María Estela Gómez and Carpio, Diego Aisa and Sellés, Núria Angrill and García, Cristina Berastegui and Lessmann, Astrid Crespo and Carrillo, David De La Rosa and Pla, Jordi Juanola and Giraldo, Alejandra López and Sánchez, Olga Luengo and Rivera, Carlos Martínez and Olondris, Pilar Martínez and Gall, Xavier Muñoz and Nogués, Ester Pinto and Coimerma, Francisco Planas and Carroz, Karina Portillo and Blanch, Antoni Riba and Ortún, Mª Luisa Rivera and Berenguer, Dan Sánchez and Batlles, Joan Serra and Mitjà, Pere Serra and Sagardía, Ana Sogo and Retes, Lorena Soto and Combas, Joan Valldeperas and Giralte, Xavier Vila and Zubeldia, Ignacio Ansotegui and Ercoreca, Ignacio Antepara and Peña, Miguel Herrerías and Pascual, María Milagros Iriberri and Michelena, Carmen Jaca and Castro, Adolfo Lahuerta and Legarreta, Amaia Laita and Llorente, Paula Losada and Prieto, Joaquina Prieto and Lorenzo, Vanessa Zorrilla and Gil, Lidia Alonso and Muñoz, Juan Pablo García and Durantez, Marisa Marcos and Miguel, Teresa Peña and Ahmida, Tahar and Izquierdo, María Isabel Alvarado and Olbah, Michael Alwakil and Muñoz, Aurelio Arnedillo and Núñez, Ignacio García and Fernández, Diego Gutiérrez and Camacho, Antonio Letran and Pellon, Luis Fernández and Miguel, Eva Maria Morchon and Portal, Félix Ortiz and Raducan, Isabela and Prats, Juan Antonio Royo and Segarra, María Dolores Salvador and Soler, Frederic Tatay and Naon, Alberto Levy and Bonilla, Pedro Galindo and Muñoz, Francisco Luis Gil and Calderón, Patricia Mata and Costa, Luis Manuel Entrenas and Aparicio, Marina Blanco and Pazos, Jose Manuel García and Paz, Vanessa García and Barcala, Francisco-Javier González and Sotes, Pilar Iriarte and Rodríguez, Pedro Jorge Marcos and Nieto, Fernando Molina and Orjales, Ramón Nuñez and Martín, Carracedo Sevillano and Antelo, Juan Suárez and Rodríguez, Julia Tábara and Español, Santiago Aparicio and Nieto, Carlos Sabadell and Talaverano, Gladis Sabater and Rodríguez, Mª Mar Escribano and López, José Fernando Florido and Jiménez, María Ángeles Lara and Vílchez, María José Rojas and Palacín, Susana Chic and Quintana, Silvia Dorronsoro and Echeverria, Jose Antonio Navarro and Guardia, Eduardo Figueroa De La and ... and On behalf of the grupo de investigación STEP and The authors would like to thank the following participating researchers for their collaboration ordered alphabetically
Revista Clínica Española (English Edition), ISSN 2254-8874, 03/2020, Volume 220, Issue 2, pp. 86 - 93
Although the clinical practice guidelines recommend continuous adjustment of asthma treatment and reducing the maintenance drugs when achieving control... 
Asma | Control | Step-down | Asthma
Journal Article
by Rodríguez-Borjabad, Cèlia and Malo, Ana Irene and Ibarretxe, Daiana and Girona, Josefa and Heras, Mercedes and Ferré, Raimon and Feliu, Albert and Salvadó, María and Varela, Anna and Amigó, Núria and Masana, Luis and Plana, Núria and Fèlix, Aguado and Elisabet, Amigó and Patricia, Andrés and Mercedes, Barrio and Ángel, Bilbao José and Montserrat, Bosch and Luis, Cabedo Jose and Josefa, Calvo and Carmen, Campillo and Alejandra, Caselles and Enma, Castejón and Gemma, Castillejo and Maria, Castro and Rosa, Cliville and Enrique, De Gotardo and Rebeca, De La Hoz and Vanesa, Domènech and Dolores, Domínguez and Maria, Escolà and Marta, Fernández and Joan, García and Raquel, Girona and Sílvia, Gispi and Jara, Guàrdia and Eugenio, Guijarro and MªAntonia, Gutierrez and Dolores, Iglesias and Marta, Jiménez and Verónica, Luque and Pilar, Machado and Jordi, Maixé and Marta, Mallafré and Ramona, Martin and Milagros, Jiménez and Raquel, Monne and Raquel, Morales and Susana, Morillo and Àngels, Naranjo and Cristina, Pérez and MªTeresa, Pérez and Montserrat, Planelles and Cecilia, Querol and MªJosé, Rabadà and Ayelen, Remedi and Carmen, Riquelme and Neus, Rodríguez and Laura, Rosell and Miquel, Roset Laura Salsas Jaume and Maria, Salvadó and Olga, Salvador and Alicia, Santos and Sandra, Segura and Gloria, Subirana and Pilar, Tarrades and Montserrat, Vendrell and Mireia, Vilella and Eduardo, Zabala and DECOPIN GROUP Investigators who have participated in patient recruitment and on behalf of the DECOPIN Group
Clinica e Investigacion en Arteriosclerosis, ISSN 0214-9168, 03/2020, Volume 32, Issue 2, pp. 49 - 58
The first line of therapy in children with hypercholesterolaemia is therapeutic lifestyle changes (TLSC). The efficacy of lifestyle intervention in children... 
Healthy lifestyle | Lipoprotein profile | NMR | RMN | Hiperlipidemia tipo IIa | Perfil lipoproteico | Niños | Estilo de vida saludable | Familial hypercholesterolaemia | Hipercolesterolemia familiar | Children | Type IIa hyperlipidaemia
Journal Article