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risk assessment (12) 12
coronary stenosis - diagnostic imaging (11) 11
percutaneous coronary intervention (11) 11
tomography, optical coherence (11) 11
follow-up studies (10) 10
human health and pathology (10) 10
aortic valve stenosis - surgery (9) 9
coronary artery disease - diagnostic imaging (9) 9
coronary vessels (9) 9
heart attack (9) 9
mortality (9) 9
myocardial infarction - therapy (9) 9
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sensitivity and specificity (9) 9
tomography (9) 9
angiography (8) 8
cardiology and cardiovascular system (8) 8
optical coherence tomography (8) 8
tomography, optical coherence - methods (8) 8
transcatheter aortic valve implantation (8) 8
aortic stenosis (7) 7
cardiovascular disease (7) 7
echocardiography (7) 7
internal medicine (7) 7
retrospective studies (7) 7
severity of illness index (7) 7
stent (7) 7
acute coronary syndrome - therapy (6) 6
angioplasty (6) 6
diseases of the cardiovascular system (6) 6
medical imaging (6) 6
myocardial infarction - diagnostic imaging (6) 6
myocardial infarction - etiology (6) 6
myocarditis. cardiomyopathies (6) 6
patient outcomes (6) 6
prognosis (6) 6
radiology, nuclear medicine & medical imaging (6) 6
radiotherapy. instrumental treatment. physiotherapy. reeducation. rehabilitation, orthophony, crenotherapy. diet therapy and various other treatments (6) 6
reproducibility of results (6) 6
stent thrombosis (6) 6
surgery (6) 6
[sdv.mhep.csc]life sciences [q-bio]/human health and pathology/cardiology and cardiovascular system (5) 5
acute coronary syndrome (5) 5
analysis (5) 5
aortic valve - surgery (5) 5
cardiac catheterization - adverse effects (5) 5
cardiac patients (5) 5
coronary thrombosis - diagnostic imaging (5) 5
coronary vessels - pathology (5) 5
ct imaging (5) 5
general & internal medicine (5) 5
heart valve diseases (5) 5
hospital mortality (5) 5
incidence (5) 5
investigative techniques, diagnostic techniques (5) 5
medicine, general & internal (5) 5
percutaneous coronary intervention - adverse effects (5) 5
percutaneous coronary intervention - instrumentation (5) 5
peripheral vascular disease (5) 5
prosthesis failure (5) 5
thrombosis (5) 5
acute coronary syndromes (4) 4
angina pectoris (4) 4
angioplasty, balloon, coronary - methods (4) 4
aorta (4) 4
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by Iung, Bernard and Armoiry, Xavier and Vahanian, Alec and Boutitie, Florent and Mewton, Nathan and Trochu, Jean‐Noël and Lefèvre, Thierry and Messika‐Zeitoun, David and Guerin, Patrice and Cormier, Bertrand and Brochet, Eric and Thibault, Hélène and Himbert, Dominique and Thivolet, Sophie and Leurent, Guillaume and Bonnet, Guillaume and Donal, Erwan and Piriou, Nicolas and Piot, Christophe and Habib, Gilbert and Rouleau, Frédéric and Carrié, Didier and Nejjari, Mohammed and Ohlmann, Patrick and Saint Etienne, Christophe and Leroux, Lionel and Gilard, Martine and Samson, Géraldine and Rioufol, Gilles and Maucort‐Boulch, Delphine and Obadia, Jean François and Obadia, Jean‐François and Barthelet, Martine and Grinberg, Daniel and Rioufol, Gilles and Thibault, Hélène and Thivolet, Sophie and Furber, Alain and Benard, Thomas and Debrux, Jean‐Louis and Pinaud, Frédéric and Rouleau, Frédéric and Chocron, Sidney and Chopard, Romain and Meneveau, Nicolas and Schiele, François and Gilard, Martine and Boschat, Jacques and Castellant, Philippe and Jobic, Yannick and Le Ven, Florent and Romain, Didier and Beygui, Farzin and Sabatier, Rémi and Saloux, Eric and Motreff, Pascal and Clerfond, Guillaume and Azarnoush, Kasra and Lusson, Jean René and Vorilhon, Charles and Teiger, Emmanuel and Antoine, Clémence and Champagne, Stéphane and Couetil, Jean‐Paul and Damy, Thibault and Dubois‐Rande, Jean‐Luc and Ernande, Laura and Guendouz, Soulef and Lim, Pascal and Monin, Jean‐Luc and Nguyen, Annabelle and Riant, Elisabeth and Ternacle, Julien and Zerbib, Céline and Bertrand, Bernard and Bouvaist, Hélène and Saunier, Carole and Vaislic, Claude and Khelifa, Riadh Cheikh and Favereau, Xavier and Hilpert, Loïc and Maribas, Philippe and Azmoun, Alexandre and Angel, Jean‐Yves and Baruteau, Alban and Brenot, Philippe and Deleuze, Philippe and Garcon, Philippe and Raoux, François and Slama, Michel and Van Belle, Eric and Prat, Alain and Coisne, Augustin and Duvapentiah, Anju and Juthier, Francis and Modine, Thomas and Polge, Anne‐Sophie and Richardson, Marjorie and Rousse, Natacha and Spillemaeker, Hugues and ... and MITRA-FR Investigators and on behalf of the MITRA‐FR Investigators
European journal of heart failure, ISSN 1388-9842, 12/2019, Volume 21, Issue 12, pp. 1619 - 1627
Journal Article
by Silvain, Johanne and Lattuca, Benoit and Beygui, Farzin and Rangé, Grégoire and Motovska, Zuzana and Dillinger, Jean-Guillaume and Boueri, Ziad and Brunel, Philippe and Lhermusier, Thibault and Pouillot, Christophe and Larrieu-Ardilouze, Elisa and Boccara, Franck and Labeque, Jean-Noël and Guedeney, Paul and El Kasty, Mohamad and Laredo, Mikael and Dumaine, Raphaëlle and Ducrocq, Grégory and Collet, Jean-Philippe and Cayla, Guillaume and Blanchart, Katrien and Kala, Petr and Vicaut, Eric and Montalescot, Gilles and SILVAIN, Johanne and COLLET, Jean-Philippe and MONTALESCOT, Gilles and KERNEIS, Mathieu and BRAIK, Nassim and BARTHELEMY, Olivier and HELFT, Gérard and LEFEUVRE, Claude and CHOUSSAT, Rémi and HAUGUEL, Marie and ZEITOUNI, Michel and CUISSET, Thomas and BONNET, Jean-Louis and DEHARO, Pierre and LATTUCA, Benoit and CAYLA, Guillaume and CORNILLET, Luc and LEDERMANN, Bertrand and LONJON, Clément and SCHMUTZ, Laurent and RANGE, Grégoire and ALBERT, Franck and DEMICHELI, Thibault and ROUSSEL, Laurent and BENSAID, Reda and THUAIRE, Christophe and DILLINGER, Jean-Guillaume and HENRY, Patrick and MANZO-SILBERMAN, Stéphane and SIDERIS, Georgios and LOGEART, Damien and SPAGNOLI, Vincent and CACOUB, Léa and POUILLOT, Christophe and VI-FANE, Jean Richard and GLASENAPP, Jens and BOUGRINI, Karim and COMBARET, Nicolas and MOTREFF, Pascal and SOUTEYRAND, Géraud and AMONCHOT, Aimé and MOUYEN, Thomas and LHERMUSIER, Thibault and CARRIE, Didier and BOUISSET, Frédéric and CHOLLET, Thomas and CAMPELO-PARADA, Francisco and DELARCHE, Nicolas and SCHIELE, François and BESUTTI, Mathieu and HAUGUEL-MOREAU, Marie and EL MAHMOUD, Rami and CAUSSIN, Christophe and ZOHEIR, Mami and VEUGEOIS, Aurelie and DIBIE, Alain and VARENNE, Olivier and PICARD, Fabien and LAFONT, Alexandre and ADJEDJ, Julien and DEGRELL, Philippe and BEYGUI, Farzin and SABATIER, Rémi and ROULE, Vincent and BIGNON, Mathieux and BLANCHART, Katrien and ARDOUIN, Pierre and LEMAITRE, Adrien and BRIET, Clément and BOUERI, Ziad and GOUBE, Pascal and COSTE, Pierre and CETRAN, Laura and CLERC, Jérôme and LE BRETON, Hervé and BOULMIER, Dominique and ... and ALPHEUS investigators
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 11/2020, Volume 396, Issue 10264, pp. 1737 - 1744
Journal Article
by Gilard, Martine and Eltchaninoff, Hélène and Donzeau-Gouge, Patrick and Chevreul, Karine and Fajadet, Jean and Leprince, Pascal and Leguerrier, Alain and Lievre, Michel and Prat, Alain and Teiger, Emmanuel and Lefevre, Thierry and Tchetche, Didier and Carrié, Didier and Himbert, Dominique and Albat, Bernard and Cribier, Alain and Sudre, Arnaud and Blanchard, Didier and Rioufol, Gilles and Collet, Frederic and Houel, Remi and Dos Santos, Pierre and Meneveau, Nicolas and Ghostine, Said and Manigold, Thibaut and Guyon, Philippe and Grisoli, Dominique and Le Breton, Herve and Delpine, Stephane and Didier, Romain and Favereau, Xavier and Souteyrand, Geraud and Ohlmann, Patrick and Doisy, Vincent and Grollier, Gilles and Gommeaux, Antoine and Claudel, Jean-Philippe and Bourlon, Francois and Bertrand, Bernard and Laskar, Marc and Iung, Bernard and Gilard, Martine and Laskar, Marc and Eltchaninoff, Hélène and Fajadet, Jean and Iung, Bernard and Teiger, Emmanuel and Donzeau-Gouge, Patrick and Leprince, Pascal and Leguerrier, Alain and Prat, Alain and Chevreul, Karine and Lievre, Michel and Bertrand, Michel and Cassagne, Jean and Boschat, Jacques and Lusson, Jean Rene and Mathieu, Pierre and Logeais, Yves and Bessou, Jean-Paul and Lefevre, Thierry and Chevalier, Bernard and Farge, Arnaud and Garot, Philippe and Hovasse, Thomas and Morice, Marie Claude and Romano, Mauro and Gouge, Patrick Donzeau and Tchetche, Didier and Vahdat, Olivier and Farah, Bruno and Fajadet, Jean and Carrie, Didier and Dumonteil, Nicolas and Fournial, Gérard and Marcheix, Bertrand and Himbert, Dominique and Nataf, Patrick and Vahanian, Alec and Albat, Bernard and Leclercq, Florence and Piot, Christophe and Schmutz, Laurent and Aubas, Pierre and du Cailar, A and Dubar, A and Durrleman, N and Fargosz, F and Levy, Gilles and Maupas, Eric and Rivalland, François and Robert, G and Eltchaninoff, Hélène and Bessou, Jean-Paul and Cribier, Alain and Tron, Christophe and Sudre, Arnaud and Juthier, Francis and Modine, Thomas and Van Belle, Eric and ... and FRANCE 2 Investigators
Journal of the American College of Cardiology, ISSN 0735-1097, 10/2016, Volume 68, Issue 15, pp. 1637 - 1647
Journal Article
The American heart journal, ISSN 0002-8703, 07/2020, Volume 225, pp. 27 - 37
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article