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Journal Article
by Holman, Rury R and Coleman, Ruth L and Chan, Juliana C N and Chiasson, Jean-Louis and Feng, Bo and Feng, Huimei and Feng, Jinhua and Ge, Junbo and Gerstein, Hertzel C and Gray, Richard and Huo, Yong and Huo, Yanming and Lang, Zhihui and McMurray, John J and Rydén, Lars and Schröder, Stefan and Sun, Yu and Sun, Xiaochun and Sun, Yihong and Theodorakis, Michael J and Tendera, Michal and Tucker, Lynne and Tuomilehto, Jaakko and Wei, Xiaoshuai and Wei, Guanglin and Wei, Jinru and Wei, Yidong and Wei, Hua and Yang, Jin and Yang, Bo and Yang, Zhenyu and Yang, Ping and Yang, Wenying and Yang, Tianlun and Yang, Chengming and Yang, Ming and Wang, Dongmei and Wang, Chunxue and Wang, A'li and Wang, Jingping and Wang, Gang and Wang, Duolao and Wang, Mingsheng and Wang, Bangning and Wang, Bin and Wang, Daowen and Wang, Changqing and Wang, Yuanming and Wang, Li'na and Wang, Yanping and Wang, Hairong and Wang, Yan and Hu, Rong and Hu, Taohong and Hu, Ling and Hu, Dayi and Pan, Changyu and Keenan, Joanne and Milton, Joanne and Doran, Zoe and Bray, Chris and Rouleau, Jean L and Collier, Jane and Pocock, Stuart and Standl, Eberhard and Swedberg, Karl and Weng, Jianping and Zhao, Yulan and Zhao, Xia and Zhao, Shuwu and Zhao, Zilin and Zhao, Ruiping and Zhao, Dong and Petrie, John R and Petrie, Mark C and Connolly, Eugene and Jhund, Pardeep and MacDonald, Michael and Myles, Rachel C and Bai, Rong and Bai, Wenwei and Li, Kaili and Li, Hongmei and Li, Ling and Li, Dongye and Li, Zhanquan and Li, Xueqi and Li, Juxiang and Li, Decai and Li, Zhongcheng and Li, Zicheng and Li, Jing and Li, Haitao and Li, Yuehua and Li, Tong and Li, Xiaoyan and Li, Hongwei and Liu, Junming and Liu, Xincan and Liu, Qiliang and ... and ACE Study Grp and ACE Study Group
The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, ISSN 2213-8587, 11/2017, Volume 5, Issue 11, pp. 877 - 886
Journal Article
by Zhang, Y and Ge, MY and Song, LM and Zhang, SN and Qu, JL and Zhang, S and Doroshenko, V and Tao, L and Ji, L and Gungor, C and Santangelo, ARA and Shi, CS and Chang, Z and Chen, G and Chen, L and Chen, TX and Chen, Y and Chen, YB and Cui, W and Cui, WW and Deng, JK and Dong, YW and Du, YY and Fu, MX and Gao, GH and Gao, H and Gao, M and Gu, YD and Guan, J and Guo, CC and Han, DW and Hu, W and Huang, Y and Huo, J and Jia, SM and Jiang, LH and Jiang, WC and Jin, J and Jin, YJ and Li, B and Li, CK and Li, G and Li, MS and Li, W and Li, X and Li, XB and Li, XF and Li, YG and Li, ZJ and Li, ZW and Liang, XH and Liao, JY and Liu, CZ and Liu, GQ and Liu, HW and Liu, SZ and Liu, XJ and Liu, Y and Liu, YN and Lu, B and Lu, XF and Luo, T and Ma, X and Meng, B and Nang, Y and Nie, JY and Ou, G and Sai, N and Sun, L and Tan, Y and Tao, WH and Tuo, YL and Wang, GF and Wang, HY and Wang, J and Wang, WS and Wang, YS and Wen, XY and Wu, BB and Wu, M and Xiao, GC and Xiong, SL and Xu, H and Xu, YP and Yan, LL and Yang, JW and Yang, S and Yang, YJ and Zhang, AM and Zhang, CL and Zhang, CM and Zhang, F and Zhang, HM and Zhang, J and Zhang, T and Zhang, W and Zhang, WC and Zhang, WZ and Zhang, YF and Zhang, YJ and ... and Insight-HXMT Collaboration and Insight-HXMT collaboration
ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL, ISSN 0004-637X, 07/2019, Volume 879, Issue 1, p. 61
The recently discovered neutron star transient Swift J0243.6+6124 has been monitored by the Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope. Based on the obtained data, we... 
LUMINOSITY | pulsars: individual (Swift J0243.6+6124) | stars: magnetic field | X-rays: binaries | SPIN-DOWN | accretion, accretion disks | ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS | stars: distances | ACCRETION | MAGNETIZED NEUTRON-STARS | Physics - High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena
Journal Article
JAMA, ISSN 0098-7484, 04/2015, Volume 313, Issue 13, pp. 1325 - 1335
Journal Article
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, ISSN 1057-7149, 06/2018, Volume 27, Issue 6, pp. 2676 - 2687
In this paper, we propose a novel correlation particle filter (CPF) for robust visual tracking. Instead of a simple combination of a correlation filter and a... 
Visualization | Adaptation models | Target tracking | Correlation | Visual tracking | correlation filter | Robustness | Particle filters | particle filter | MODELS | COMPUTER SCIENCE, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE | OBJECT TRACKING | ENGINEERING, ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC
Journal Article
by Medema, Marnix H and Kottmann, Renzo and Yilmaz, Pelin and Cummings, Matthew and Biggins, John B and Blin, Kai and de Bruijn, Irene and Chooi, Yit Heng and Claesen, Jan and Coates, R Cameron and Cruz-Morales, Pablo and Duddela, Srikanth and Düsterhus, Stephanie and Edwards, Daniel J and Fewer, David P and Garg, Neha and Geiger, Christoph and Gomez-Escribano, Juan Pablo and Greule, Anja and Hadjithomas, Michalis and Haines, Anthony S and Helfrich, Eric J N and Hillwig, Matthew L and Ishida, Keishi and Jones, Adam C and Jones, Carla S and Jungmann, Katrin and Kegler, Carsten and Kim, Hyun Uk and Kötter, Peter and Krug, Daniel and Masschelein, Joleen and Melnik, Alexey V and Mantovani, Simone M and Monroe, Emily A and Moore, Marcus and Moss, Nathan and Nützmann, Hans-Wilhelm and Pan, Guohui and Pati, Amrita and Petras, Daniel and Reen, F Jerry and Rosconi, Federico and Rui, Zhe and Tian, Zhenhua and Tobias, Nicholas J and Tsunematsu, Yuta and Wiemann, Philipp and Wyckoff, Elizabeth and Yan, Xiaohui and Yim, Grace and Yu, Fengan and Xie, Yunchang and Aigle, Bertrand and Apel, Alexander K and Balibar, Carl J and Balskus, Emily P and Barona-Gómez, Francisco and Bechthold, Aneas and Bode, Helge B and Borriss, Rainer and Brady, Sean F and Brakhage, Axel A and Caffrey, Patrick and Cheng, Yi-Qiang and Clardy, Jon and Cox, Russell J and De Mot, René and Donadio, Stefano and Donia, Mohamed S and van der Donk, Wilfred A and Dorrestein, Pieter C and Doyle, Sean and essen, Arnold J M and Ehling-Schulz, Monika and Entian, Karl-Dieter and Fischbach, Michael A and Gerwick, Lena and Gerwick, William H and Gross, Harald and Gust, Bertolt and Hertweck, Christian and Höfte, Monica and Jensen, Susan E and Ju, Jianhua and Katz, Leonard and Kaysser, Leonard and Klassen, Jonathan L and Keller, Nancy P and Kormanec, Jan and Kuipers, Oscar P and Kuzuyama, Tomohisa and Kyrpides, Nikos C and Kwon, Hyung-Jin and Lautru, Sylvie and Lavigne, Rob and Lee, Chia Y and Linquan, Bai and Liu, Xinyu and Liu, Wen and ...
Nature Chemical Biology, ISSN 1552-4469, 08/2015, Volume 11, Issue 9, pp. 625 - 631
Journal Article
ONCOGENE, ISSN 0950-9232, 07/2019, Volume 38, Issue 29, pp. 5792 - 5804
Journal Article
SAE technical paper series, Volume 2016-01-0286.
With the increasing development in automotive industry, finite element (FE) analysis with model bias prediction has been used more and more widely in the... 
Design processes | Fuel tanks | Finite element analysis | Plastics