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2002, Colección Otavalo en la historia. Serie IX. Pensamiento otavaleño en el siglo XX, ISBN 9978988000, Volume 59-60, 2 v.
Future cardiology, 09/2019
Biography Dr Fernando Chaves is a board-certified hematopathologist with over 15 years of experience in the diagnostic industry, where he has focused on... 
Journal Article
1994, 1. ed., Placer de recordar, ISBN 9978722521, Volume 3, 351
Lancet, The, ISSN 0140-6736, 2012, Volume 380, Issue 9847, pp. 1059 - 1065
Journal Article
by Rodrigues, Rodolpho Credo and Hasui, Érica and Assis, Julia Camara and Pena, João Carlos Castro and Muylaert, Renata L and Tonetti, Vinicius Rodrigues and Martello, Felipe and Regolin, André Luis and Costa, Thiago Vernaschi Vieira da and Pichorim, Mauro and Carrano, Eduardo and Lopes, Leonardo Esteves and Vasconcelos, Marcelo Ferreira and Fontana, Carla Suertegaray and Roos, Andrei Langeloh and Gonçalves, Fernando and Banks‐Leite, Cristina and Cavarzere, Vagner and Efe, Marcio Amorim and Alves, Maria Alice S and Uezu, Alexandre and Metzger, Jean Paul and Antas, Paulo and Ferraz, Katia Maria Paschoaletto Micchi and Calsavara, Larissa Corsini and Bispo, Arthur Angelo and Araujo, Helder F. P and Duca, Charles and Piratelli, Augusto João and Naka, Luciano N and Dias, Rafael Antunes and Gatto, Cassiano A. F. R and Vallejos, Marcelo Alejandro Villegas and Menezes, Gregório dos Reis and Bugoni, Leandro and Rajão, Henrique and Zocche, Jairo José and Willrich, Guilherme and Silva, Elsimar Silveira da and Manica, Lilian Tonelli and Guaraldo, André and Althmann, Giulyana and Serafini, Patricia Pereira and Francisco, Mercival Roberto and Lugarini, Camile and Machado, Caio Graco and Marques‐Santos, Fernando and Bobato, Rafaela and Souza, Elivan Arantes and Donatelli, Reginaldo José and Ferreira, Carolina Demetrio and Morante‐Filho, José Carlos and Paes‐Macarrão, Natalia Dantas and Macarrão, Arthur and Lima, Marcos Robalinho and Jacoboski, Lucilene Inês and Candia‐Gallardo, Carlos and Alegre, Vanesa Bejarano and Jahn, Alex E and Barbosa, Karlla Vanessa and Cestari, Cesar and Silva, José Nilton da and Silveira, Natalia Stefanini Da and Crestani, Ana Cristina Vara and Petronetto, Adeliane Peterle and Bovo, Alex Augusto Abreu and Viana, Anderson Durão and Araujo, Andrea Cardoso and Santos, Andressa Hartuiq dos and Amaral, Andreza Clarinda Araújo do and Ferreira, Ariane and Vieira‐Filho, Arnaldo Honorato and Ribeiro, Bianca Costa and Missagia, Caio C. C and Bosenbecker, Camila and Medolago, Cesar Augusto Bronzato and Espínola, Cid Rodrigo Rodriguez and Faxina, Claudenice and Nunes, Cristiane Estrela Campodonio and Prates, Cristine and Luz, Daniela Tomasio Apolinario da and Moreno, Daniele Janina and Mariz, Daniele and Faria, Deborah and Meyer, Douglas and Doná, Eder Afonso and Alexandrino, Eduardo Roberto and Fischer, Erich and Girardi, Fabiane and Giese, Felipe Borba and Shibuya, Felipe Leonardo Santos and Faria, Fernando Azevedo and Farias, Fernando Bittencourt and Favaro, Fernando and Freitas, Fernando José Ferneda and Chaves, Flávia G and Las‐Casas, Flor Maria Guedes and Rosa, Gabriel L. M and Torre, Gabriel Massaccesi De La and Bochio, Gabriela Menezes and ...
Ecology, ISSN 0012-9658, 06/2019, Volume 100, Issue 6, pp. e02647 - n/a
Scientists have long been trying to understand why the Neotropical region holds the highest diversity of birds on Earth. Recently, there has been increased... 
functional diversity | rapid evolution | phylogenetic diversity | body size | individual variation | tropical forest | phenotypic plasticity | interspecific variation | ECOLOGY | Datasets | Species diversity | Forests | Body mass | Morphology | Phenotypic variations | Birds | Body length | Molting | Biodiversity | Species | Anthropogenic factors
Journal Article
by Ramos, Flavio Nunes and Mortara, Sara Ribeiro and Monalisa‐Francisco, Nathalia and Elias, João Pedro Costa and Neto, Luiz Menini and Freitas, Leandro and Kersten, Rodrigo and Amorim, André Márcio and Matos, Fernando Bittencourt and Nunes‐Freitas, André Felippe and Alcantara, Suzana and Alexandre, Marcia Helena Nagahama and Almeida‐Scabbia, Renata Jimenez and Almeida, Odair José Garcia and Alves, Fernanda Eliane and Oliveira Alves, Rogério Marcos and Alvim, Francine Seehaber and Andrade, Antônio Carlos Silva and Andrade, Simone and Aona, Lidyanne Yuriko Saleme and Araujo, Andréa Cardoso and Araújo, Kelianne Carolina Targino and Ariati, Vanessa and Assis, Julia Camara and Azevedo, Cecília Oliveira and Barbosa, Bruno Ferreira and Barbosa, Daniel Elias Ferreira and Barbosa, Fernando dos Reis and Barros, Fabio and Basilio, Geicilaine Alves and Bataghin, Fernando Antonio and Bered, Fernanda and Bianchi, Juliana Santos and Blum, Christopher Thomas and Boelter, Carlos Renato and Bonnet, Annete and Brancalion, Pedro Henrique Santin and Breier, Tiago Bӧer and Brion, Caio de Toledo and Buzatto, Cristiano Roberto and Cabral, Andressa and Cadorin, Tiago João and Caglioni, Eder and Canêz, Luciana and Cardoso, Pedro Henrique and Carvalho, Fábia Silva and Carvalho, Renan Gonçalves and Catharino, Eduardo Luis Martins and Ceballos, Sergio Javier and Cerezini, Monise Terra and César, Ricardo Gomes and Cestari, Cesar and Chaves, Cleber Juliano Neves and Citadini‐Zanette, Vanilde and Coelho, Luiz Francisco Mello and Coffani‐Nunes, João Vicente and Colares, Renato and Colletta, Gabriel Dalla and Corrêa, Nadjara de Medeiros and Costa, Andrea Ferreira and Costa, Grênivel Mota and Costa, Laís Mara Santana and Costa, Natália Gabriela Souza and Couto, Dayvid Rodrigues and Cristofolini, Caroline and Cruz, Ana Carolina Rodrigues and Del Neri, Leopoldo Angelo and Pasquo, Mercedes and Santos Dias, Aline and Dias, Letícia do Carmo Dutra and Dislich, Ricardo and Duarte, Marília Cristina and Fabricante, Juliano Ricardo and Farache, Fernando Henrique Antoniolli and Faria, Ana Paula Gelli and Faxina, Claudenice and Ferreira, Mariana Terrola Martins and Fischer, Erich and Fonseca, Carlos Roberto and Fontoura, Talita and Francisco, Talitha Mayumi and Furtado, Samyra Gomes and Galetti, Mauro and Garbin, Mário Luís and Gasper, André Luís and Goetze, Márcia and Gomes‐da‐Silva, Janaína and Gonçalves, Mateus Felipe Araujo and Gonzaga, Diego Rafael and Silva, Ana Carolina Granero e and Guaraldo, André de Camargo and Guarino, Ernestino de Souza Gomes and Guislon, Aline Votri and Hudson, Luigy Bitencourt and Jardim, Jomar Gomes and Jungbluth, Patricia and Kaeser, Selma dos Santos and Kessous, Igor Musauer and Koch, Natália Mossmann and Kuniyoshi, Yoshiko Saito and ...
Ecology, ISSN 0012-9658, 02/2019, Volume 100, Issue 2, pp. e02541 - n/a
Epiphytes are hyper‐diverse and one of the frequently undervalued life forms in plant surveys and biodiversity inventories. Epiphytes of the Atlantic Forest,... 
phorophyte | abundance | biodiversity data set | tropical forest | Atlantic Forest | biodiversity hotspot | epiphyte | presence/absence | Lichens | Forests | Endemism | Abundance | Ecology | Epiphytes | Forest ecosystems | Plants | Biodiversity | Pliocene | Datasets | Ferns | Qualitative analysis | Flowers & plants | Sampling | Books | Species | Angiosperms
Journal Article
1992, 1. ed., Cuadernos del caminante, ISBN 9789978722343, Volume 2, 349
by van Zaane, Bas and van Klei, Wilton A and Buhre, Wolfgang F and Bauer, Peter and Boerma, E. Christiaan and Hoeft, Aneas and Metnitz, Philipp and Moreno, Rui P and Pearse, Rupert and Pelosi, Paolo and Sander, Michael and Vallet, Benoit and Pettilä, Ville and Vincent, Jean-Louis and Rhodes, Anew and Moreno, Rui and Spies, Claudia and Hoste, Eric and Huyghens, Luc and Jacobs, Rita and van Mossevelde, Veerle and Opdenacker, Godelieve and Poelaert, Jan and Spapen, Herbert and Leleu, Kris and Rijckaert, Dirk and de Decker, Koen and Foubert, Luc and de Neve, Nikolaas and Biston, Patrick and Piagnerelli, Michael and Collin, Vincent and den Blauwen, Nadia and Clauwaert, Charlotte and de Crop, Luc and Verbeke, An and Derumeaux, Pieter and Gardin, Christophe and Kindt, Sebastiaan and Louage, Sofie and Verhamme, Bruno and wé, Patrick and Lahaye, Ingrid and Rosseel, Francis and Rutsaert, Robert and Vanlinthout, Luc and de Kock, Marc and Forget, Patrice and Georges, Pascal and Grosu, Irina and Kahn, David and Lois, Fernande and Momeni, Mona and Yemnga, Auey Pospiech Bernadette and Jadoul, Jean-Luc and Malbrain, Manu and Bosinceanu, Dana and Collard, Edith and Jorens, Philippe and Reyntiens, Dirk and Smitz, Carine and Vercauteren, Marcel and Fagnoul, David and van Obbergh, Luc and Goranović, Tatjana and Mazul-Sunko, Branka and Toplice, Krapinske and Oremuš, Krešimir and Bešlić, Gabrijela and Duzel, Viktor and Hauptman, Ada and Peremin, Sanja and Šribar, Anej and Župčić, Miroslav and Benčević, Josip and Brod, Slavonski and Mirković, Ivan and Šarić Bauer, Zlata and Belavić, Matija and Blažanin, Božidar and Lončarić Katušin, Mirjana and Brozović Krijan, Antonija and Mišković, Petar and Šimić-Korać, Nataša and Topić, Jasna and Žilić, Antonio and Žunić, Josip and Acan, Ivana and Adanić, Mirta and Ivanov, Nikola and Pavičić Šarić, Jaanka and Tomulić, Katarina and Visković, Nataša and Bošnjak, Silvana and Haršanji njančevic, Ivana and Kristek, Gordana and Kvolik, Slavica and Markić, Stela and Stojanovic Rakipovic, Aneja and Tot, Ozana Katarina and ... and European Soc Intensive Care Med and European Soc Anaesthesiology and European Surgical Outcomes Study (EuSOS) group for the Trials groups of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine and the European Society of Anaesthesiology
European journal of anaesthesiology, ISSN 0265-0215, 2015, Volume 32, Issue 7, pp. 477 - 485
Journal Article