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by Lyden, Patrick and Hemmen, Thomas and Grotta, James and Rapp, Karen and Ernstrom, Karin and Rzesiewicz, Teresa and Parker, Stephanie and Concha, Mauricio and Hussain, Syed and Agarwal, Sachin and Meyer, Brett and Jurf, Julie and Altafullah, Irfan and Raman, Rema and Hess, Mary Jane and Mullin, Anthony and Jane Hess, Mary and Muranevici, Gabriela and Piantadosi, Bonnie and Jimenez-Maggiora, Gustavo and So, Jia-Shing and Jain, Sonia and Diringer, Michael and Derdeyn, Colin and Stern, Barney and Hamilton, Scott and Dietrich, Dalton and Becker, Kyra and Yenari, Midori and Dirnagl, Ulrich and Wijman, Christine and Chamorro, Ángel and Janis, Scott and Moy, Claudia and Lin, Felice and Song, Shlee and Schlick, Konrad and Khanolkar, Pooja and Edwards, Nancy J and Roldan, Ana and Wilson, Jeanette and Little, Amy and Lewis, Pam and Neil, William and Bruce, Nhu and Guzik, Amy and Sohdi, Ajeet and Herial, Nabeel and Ovbiagele, Bruce and Meyer, Dawn and Modir, Royya and Chavez, Ronelyn and Velazquez, Angela and Mayer, Stephan and Claassen, Jan and Falo, Cristina and Tafreshi, Gilda and Kelly, Nancy and Shell, Erin and Dugan, Guy and Kim, Elizabeth and Tanner, Amy and Michel, Patrik and Eskandari, Ashraf and Oddo, Mauro and Suys, Tamarah and Remillard, Suzette and Cordier, Maria and Brown, Robert and Jasak, Sara and McCullough, Louise and Brautigam, Robert and Alexandrov, Andrei and Sisson, April and Albright, Karen and Broessner, Gregor and Schmutzhard, Erich and Escioglou, Elissanet and Jones, William and Poisson, Sharon and Simpson, Jennifer and Shah, Qaisar and Jonczak, Karin and Bussinger, Patricia and Lewandowski, Christopher and Berry, Shannen and Lundell, AnneMarie and Miller, Joseph B and Cruz-Flores, Salvador and Holzer, Eve and Torretta, Susan and Brown, David and Heim, Laura and Smith, Carlos and Kelley, Chip and Greer, David and Marcolini, Evadne G and Gilmore, Emily J and Rutledge, Neil and McBee, Del and ... and Collaborators
Stroke, ISSN 0039-2499, 12/2016, Volume 47, Issue 12, pp. 2888 - 2895
Journal Article
by Khatri, Pooja and Kleindorfer, Dawn O and Devlin, Thomas and Sawyer, Robert N and Starr, Matthew and Mejilla, Jennifer and Broderick, Joseph and Chatterjee, Anjan and Jauch, Edward C and Levine, Steven R and Romano, Jose G and Saver, Jeffrey L and Vagal, Achala and Purdon, Barbara and Devenport, Jenny and Pavlov, Andrey and Yeatts, Sharon D and Adeoye, Opeolu and Coleman, Elisheva and Demel, Stacie and Eckerle, Bryan and Flaherty, Matthew and Gensic, Anna and Gillow, Sabreena and Jasne, Adam and Kanter, Daniel and Karamchandani, Rahul and Katz, Brian and Kissela, Brett and Kreitzer, Natalie and Macedo, Julian and McDonough, Erin and Oloizia, Brian and Pancioli, Arthur and Smith, Blake and Star, Michael and Stettler, Brian and Walsh, Kyle and Woo, Daniel and Sawyer, Robert and Hammer, Maxim and Jadhav, Ashutosh and Jovin, Tudor and Kenmuir, Cynthia and Rocha, Marcelo and Wechsler, Lawrence and Sethi, Pramodkumar and Sugg, Rebecca and Adcock, Amelia and Alvi, Muhammad and Brick, John and Smith, Matthew and Katz, Paul and Lopez, Jorge Ivan and Prabhakaran, Shyam and Dechant, Valerie and Nomura, Jason and Raser-Schramm, Jonathan and Jacobs, Bradley and McIntosh, Gerald and Tuhrim, Stanley and Ferencz, Gerald and Sarris, John and Hassan, Ameer and Bradbury, Edward Luke and Wold, Jana and Cochran, John and Gupta, Vipan and Alkhalifah, Moayd and Asdaghi, Negar and Chaubal, Varun and Dillon, George and Escobar, Andrea and Gadient, Paul and Koch, Sebastian and Landman, Avi and Malik, Amer and Marulanda-Londono, Erika and Ortiz, Gustavo and Sharma, Pankaj and Wright, Clinton and Liu, Wei and Remmel, Kerri and Shah, Jignesh and Wise, Elizabeth and Sen, Souvic and Moon, Johnson and Chang, Fen-Lei and Jensen, Judd and Gebel, James and Holmstedt, Christine and Agrawal, Kunal and Ali, Maysun and Chavez, Ronelyn and Claycomb, Robert and Hailey, Lovella and Hemmen, Thomas and Ho, James and Huisa, Branko and Meyer, Brett and ... and PRISMS Investigators and for the PRISMS Investigators
JAMA - Journal of the American Medical Association, ISSN 0098-7484, 07/2018, Volume 320, Issue 2, pp. 156 - 166
Journal Article
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