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organic chemistry (120) 120
performing operations (116) 116
transporting (116) 116
fermentation or enzyme-using processes to synthesise a desiredchemical compound or composition or to separate optical isomersfrom a racemic mixture (105) 105
index medicus (101) 101
humans (98) 98
accessories, closures, or fittings therefor (89) 89
containers for storage or transport of articles or materials,e.g. bags, barrels, bottles, boxes, cans, cartons, crates,drums, jars, tanks, hoppers, forwarding containers (89) 89
conveying (89) 89
handling thin or filamentary material (89) 89
packages (89) 89
packaging elements (89) 89
packing (89) 89
storing (89) 89
preparations for medical, dental, or toilet purposes (87) 87
processes using microorganisms (76) 76
derivatives thereof (73) 73
nucleotides (70) 70
nucleic acids (69) 69
nucleosides (69) 69
sugars (69) 69
female (62) 62
specific use of cosmetics or similar toiletpreparations (58) 58
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foods or foodstuffs (51) 51
their treatment, not covered by other classes (51) 51
culture media (50) 50
compositions thereof (49) 49
microorganisms or enzymes (49) 49
propagating, preserving or maintaining microorganisms (49) 49
heterocyclic compounds (39) 39
animals (35) 35
adult (31) 31
chewing gum (31) 31
cocoa (31) 31
cocoa products, e.g. chocolate (31) 31
confectionery (31) 31
ice-cream (31) 31
preparation thereof (31) 31
substitutes for cocoa or cocoa products (31) 31
foods, foodstuffs, or non-alcoholic beverages, not covered bysubclasses a23b - a23j (28) 28
general tagging of cross-sectional technologies spanning over several sections of the ipc (28) 28
general tagging of new technological developments (28) 28
preservation of foods or foodstuffs, in general (28) 28
technical subjects covered by former uspc cross-reference art collections [xracs] and digests (28) 28
their preparation or treatment, e.g. cooking, modification ofnutritive qualities, physical treatment (28) 28
adolescent (26) 26
agriculture (26) 26
animal husbandry (26) 26
biocides, e.g. as disinfectants, as pesticides, as herbicides (26) 26
fishing (26) 26
forestry (26) 26
hunting (26) 26
pest repellants or attractants (26) 26
plant growth regulators (26) 26
preservation of bodies of humans or animals or plants or partsthereof (26) 26
trapping (26) 26
article (25) 25
mutation (25) 25
technical subjects covered by former uspc (24) 24
technical subjects covered by former uspc cross-reference artcollections [xracs] and digests (24) 24
apparatus for applying liquids or other fluent materials tosurfaces, in general (23) 23
applying liquids or other fluent materials to surfaces, in general (23) 23
spraying or atomising in general (23) 23
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child (18) 18
containers specially adapted for medical or pharmaceuticalpurposes (18) 18
devices for administering food or medicines orally (18) 18
devices for receiving spittle (18) 18
devices or methods specially adapted for bringingpharmaceutical products into particular physical oradministering forms (18) 18
mice (18) 18
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pregnancy (18) 18
endocrinology & metabolism (17) 17
genetics & heredity (17) 17
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burr, aaron, 1756-1836 (16) 16
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Library Location Library Location
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by Ghinda, Diana and Chen, Suzan and Bedaiwy, Mahmoud and Jabri, Hussam and Alshardan, Mohammad and Taccone, Michael S and Lai, Carolyn and Rabski, Jessica and Tsai, Eve and Dedek, Annemarie and Xu, Jian and Tsai, Eve and Lombroso, Paul and Hildebrand, Mike and Mothe, Andrea and Tator, Charles H and Siladi, Andrew and Nally, Jaqueline and Stirling, David and Keller, Anastasia and Buckley, Christian and Shum-Siu, Alice and Magnuson, David and Rosenbaum, Benjamin P and Kelly, Michael L and Ahuja, Christopher and Ahuja, Christopher and Nori, Satoshi and Khazaei, Mohamad and Ahlfors, Jan-Eric and Liu, Yang and Wang, Jian and Fuehrmann, Tobias and Pakulska, Malgosia and Hettiaratchi, Marian H and Poon, Peter and Shoichet, Molly S and Fehlings, Michael G and Fehlings, Michael G and Fehlings, Michael G and Hazrati, Lili-Naz and Cherian, Leela and Nilewski, Lizanne and Tour, James M and Kent, Thomas A and Robertson, Claudia S and Wilde, Elisabeth and Newsome, Mary and Scheibel, Randall and Troyanskaya, Maya and Velez, Carmen and Wade, Benjamin and Drennon, Ann Marie and York, Gerald and Bigler, Erin and Abildskov, Tracy and Taylor, Brian and Jaramillo, Carlos and Eapen, Blessen and Belanger, Heather and Morey, Rajendra and Haswell, Courtney and Levin, Harvey and Hinds, Sidney and Walker, William and Walker, William and Kochunov, Peter and Jahanshad, Neda and Thompson, Paul and Tate, David and Statz, Jonathan and Goodrich, Jessica and Goforth, Cdr Carl and Tschiffely, Anna E and Arena, John D and Smith, Douglas H and Wolf, John A and Johnson, Victoria E and Rhodes, James and Friess, Stuart and Lee, Taylor and Lycke, Roy J and Jang, Ikbeom and Vike, Nicole L and Nauman, Eric A and Talavage, Thomas M and Rispoli, Joseph V and Alonso-Escalante, Jose and Fulton, William and Sodhi, Chhinder and Hackam, David J and Nasr, Isam W and Hubbard, W B and Joseph, Binoy and Spry, Malinda L and Vekaria, Hemendra J and Saatman, Kathryn and Sullivan, Patrick G and Sullivan, Patrick G and Vascak, Michal and ...
Journal of Neurotrauma, ISSN 0897-7151, 08/2018, Volume 35, Issue 16, pp. A-1 - A-285
[...]the vast majority of basic science pain research ends at target identification and validation in rodent models of chronic pain without confirmation in... 
Abstracts | Neurosciences | Keywords | Traumatic brain injury | Cytokines | Central nervous system | Inflammation | Gene expression | Trauma | Studies | Brain research | Hospitals | Pain | Rodents | Stem cells | DNA methylation | Biomarkers | Spinal cord injuries | Growth factors | Research centers
Journal Article
2012, ISBN 9781583944554, xii, 290
"An account of Henry Corbin's life and work that discusses the relation of his spiritual thought to the psychological works of C.G. Jung and James... 
Spirituality | Hillman, James | Jung, C. G. 1875-1961 | Psychology | Corbin, Henry
by Bentley, David R and Balasubramanian, Shankar and Swerdlow, Harold P and Smith, Geoffrey P and Milton, John and Brown, Clive G and Hall, Kevin P and Evers, Dirk J and Barnes, Colin L and Bignell, Helen R and Boutell, Jonathan M and Bryant, Jason and Carter, Richard J and Keira Cheetham, R and Cox, Anthony J and Ellis, Darren J and Flatbush, Michael R and Gormley, Niall A and Humphray, Sean J and Irving, Leslie J and Karbelashvili, Mirian S and Kirk, Scott M and Li, Heng and Liu, Xiaohai and Maisinger, Klaus S and Murray, Lisa J and Obradovic, Bojan and Ost, Tobias and Parkinson, Michael L and Pratt, Mark R and Rasolonjatovo, Isabelle M. J and Reed, Mark T and Rigatti, Roberto and Rodighiero, Chiara and Ross, Mark T and Sabot, Andrea and Sankar, Subramanian V and Scally, Aylwyn and Schroth, Gary P and Smith, Mark E and Smith, Vincent P and Spiridou, Anastassia and Torrance, Peta E and Tzonev, Svilen S and Vermaas, Eric H and Walter, Klaudia and Wu, Xiaolin and Zhang, Lu and Alam, Mohammed D and Anastasi, Carole and Aniebo, Ify C and Bailey, David M. D and Bancarz, Iain R and Banerjee, Saibal and Barbour, Selena G and Baybayan, Primo A and Benoit, Vincent A and Benson, Kevin F and Bevis, Claire and Black, Phillip J and Boodhun, Asha and Brennan, Joe S and Bridgham, John A and Brown, Rob C and Brown, Andrew A and Buermann, Dale H and Bundu, Abass A and Burrows, James C and Carter, Nigel P and Castillo, Nestor and Catenazzi, Maria Chiara E and Chang, Simon and Neil Cooley, R and Crake, Natasha R and Dada, Olubunmi O and Diakoumakos, Konstantinos D and Dominguez-Fernandez, Belen and Earnshaw, David J and Egbujor, Ugonna C and Elmore, David W and Etchin, Sergey S and Ewan, Mark R and Fedurco, Milan and Fraser, Louise J and Fuentes Fajardo, Karin V and Scott Furey, W and George, David and Gietzen, Kimberley J and Goddard, Colin P and Golda, George S and Granieri, Philip A and Green, David E and Gustafson, David L and Hansen, Nancy F and Harnish, Kevin and Haudenschild, Christian D and Heyer, Narinder I and Hims, Matthew M and Ho, Johnny T and Horgan, Adrian M and ...
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 11/2008, Volume 456, Issue 7218, pp. 53 - 59
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Altshuler, David M and Durbin, Richard M and Abecasis, Gonçalo R and Bentley, David R and Chakravarti, Aravinda and Clark, Andrew G and Donnelly, Peter and Eichler, Evan E and Flicek, Paul and Gabriel, Stacey B and Gibbs, Richard A and Green, Eric D and Hurles, Matthew E and Knoppers, Bartha M and Korbel, Jan O and Lander, Eric S and Lee, Charles and Lehrach, Hans and Mardis, Elaine R and Marth, Gabor T and McVean, Gil A and Nickerson, Deborah A and Schmidt, Jeanette P and Sherry, Stephen T and Wang, Jun and Wilson, Richard K and Dinh, Huyen and Kovar, Christie and Lee, Sandra and Lewis, Lora and Muzny, Donna and Reid, Jeff and Wang, Min and Fang, Xiaodong and Guo, Xiaosen and Jian, Min and Jiang, Hui and Jin, Xin and Li, Guoqing and Li, Jingxiang and Li, Yingrui and Li, Zhuo and Liu, Xiao and Lu, Yao and Ma, Xuedi and Su, Zhe and Tai, Shuaishuai and Tang, Meifang and Wang, Bo and Wang, Guangbiao and Wu, Honglong and Wu, Renhua and Yin, Ye and Zhang, Wenwei and Zhao, Jiao and Zhao, Meiru and Zheng, Xiaole and Zhou, Yan and Gupta, Namrata and Clarke, Laura and Leinonen, Rasko and Smith, Richard E and Zheng-Bradley, Xiangqun and Grocock, Russell and Humphray, Sean and James, Terena and Kingsbury, Zoya and Sudbrak, Ralf and Albrecht, Marcus W and Amstislavskiy, Vyacheslav S and Borodina, Tatiana A and Lienhard, Matthias and Mertes, Florian and Sultan, Marc and Timmermann, Bernd and Yaspo, Marie-Laure and Fulton, Lucinda and Fulton, Robert and Weinstock, George M and Balasubramaniam, Senduran and Burton, John and Danecek, Petr and Keane, Thomas M and Kolb-Kokocinski, Anja and McCarthy, Shane and Stalker, James and Quail, Michael and Davies, Christopher J and Gollub, Jeremy and Webster, Teresa and Wong, Brant and Zhan, Yiping and Auton, Adam and Yu, Fuli and Bainbridge, Matthew and Challis, Danny and Evani, Uday S and Lu, James and Nagaswamy, Uma and Sabo, Aniko and ... and 1000 Genomes Project Consortium and The 1000 Genomes Project Consortium
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 11/2012, Volume 491, Issue 7422, pp. 56 - 65
Journal Article