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American Journal of Ophthalmology, ISSN 0002-9394, 07/2015, Volume 160, Issue 1, p. 210
  The notion of genetic factors explaining thicker central retina as determined by OCT is supported by a heritability estimate of 0.90 in a study using... 
Journal Article
by Fritsche, Lars G and Igl, Wilmar and Bailey, Jessica N. Cooke and Grassmann, Felix and Sengupta, Sebanti and Bragg-Gresham, Jennifer L and Burdon, Kathryn and Hebbring, Scott J and Wen, Cindy and Gorski, Mathias and Kim, Ivana K and Cho, David and Zack, Donald and Souied, Eric and Scholl, Henik and Bala, Elisa and ELee, Kristine and Hunter, David J and Sardell, Rebecca J and Mitchell, Paul and Merriam, Joanna E and Cipriani, Francesco and Hoffman, Joshua D and Schick, Tina and Lechanteur, Yara T.E and Guymer, Robyn and Johnson, Matthew and Jiang, Yingda and Stanton, Chloe M and Buitendijk, Gabrielle and Zhan, Xiaowei and Kwong, Alan M and Boleda, Alexis and Brooks, Matthew and Gieser, Linn and Ratna Priya, Rinki and Branham, Kari E and Foerster, Johanna R and Heckenlively, John R and Othman, Mohammad I and Vote, Brendan J and Liang, Helena Hai and Souzeau, Emmanuelle and McAllister, Ian L and Isaacs, Timothy and Hall, Janette and Lake, Stewart and Mackey, David A and Constable, Ian J and Craig, Jamie E and Kitchner, Terrie E and Yang, Zhenglin and Su, Zhiguang and Luo, Hongrong and Chen, Daniel and Ouyang, Hong and Flagg, Ken and Lin, Danni and Mao, Guanping and Ferreyra, Henry and Stark, Klaus and Strachwitz, Claudia and Wolf, Armin and Brandl, Caroline and Rudolph, Guenther and Olden, Matthias and Morrison, Margaux A and Morgan, Denise and Schu, Matthew and Ahn, Jeeyun and Silvestri, Giuliana and ETsironi, Evangelia and Park, Kyu Hyung and Farrer, Lindsay and Orlin, Anton and Brucker, Alexander and Li, Mingyao and Curcio, Christine A and Mohand-Sa'd, Saddek and Sahel, José-Alain and Audo, Isabelle and Benchaboune, Mustapha and Cree, Angela and Rennie, Christina A and Goverdhan, Srinivas V and Grunin, Michelle and Hagbi-Levi, Shira and Campochiaro, Peter and Katsanis, Nicholas and Holz, Frank G and Blond, Frédéric and Blanché, Hél'ne and Deleuze, Jean-Fran'ois and Igo Jr., Robert and Truitt, Barbara and Peachey, Neal S and Meuer, Stacy M and Myers, Chelsea E and Moore, Emily L and Klein, Ronald and ...
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 02/2016, Volume 48, Issue 2, pp. 134 - 143
Journal Article
JAMA Ophthalmology, ISSN 2168-6165, 05/2015, Volume 133, Issue 5, p. 503
  Total serum and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol have been considered risk factors for severe vascular outcomes in persons with type 1 diabetes mellitus.... 
Diabetic retinopathy | Lipids | Retina | Diabetes | Ophthalmology | Epidemiology | Risk factors
Journal Article
JAMA Ophthalmology, ISSN 2168-6165, 09/2015, Volume 133, Issue 9, p. 1054
  Studies have shown oxidized low-density lipoprotein to be associated with the incidence of proliferative retinopathy and other complications of type 1... 
Diabetic retinopathy | Edema | Hemoglobin | Ophthalmology | Medical screening | Low density lipoprotein | Risk factors
Journal Article
by Fritsche, Lars G and Chen, Wei and Schu, Matthew and Yaspan, Brian L and Yu, Yi and Thorleifsson, Gudmar and Zack, Donald J and Arakawa, Satoshi and Cipriani, Valentina and Ripke, Stephan and Igo, Robert P and Buitendijk, Gabriëlle H. S and Sim, Xueling and Weeks, Daniel E and Guymer, Robyn H and Merriam, Joanna E and Francis, Peter J and Hannum, Gregory and Agarwal, Anita and Armbrecht, Ana Maria and Audo, Isabelle and Aung, Tin and Barile, Gaetano R and Benchaboune, Mustapha and Bird, Alan C and Bishop, Paul N and Branham, Kari E and Brooks, Matthew and Brucker, Alexander J and Cade, William H and Cain, Melinda S and Campochiaro, Peter A and Chan, Chi-Chao and Cheng, Ching-Yu and Chew, Emily Y and Chin, Kimberly A and Chowers, Itay and Clayton, David G and Cojocaru, Radu and Conley, Yvette P and Cornes, Belinda K and Daly, Mark J and Dhillon, Baljean and Edwards, Albert O and Evangelou, Evangelos and Fagerness, Jesen and Ferreyra, Henry A and Friedman, James S and Geirsdottir, Asbjorg and George, Ronnie J and Gieger, Christian and Gupta, Neel and Hagstrom, Stephanie A and Harding, Simon P and Haritoglou, Christos and Heckenlively, John R and Holz, Frank G and Hughes, Guy and Ioannidis, John P. A and Ishibashi, Tatsuro and Joseph, Peronne and Jun, Gyungah and Kamatani, Yoichiro and Katsanis, Nicholas and N Keilhauer, Claudia and Khan, Jane C and Kim, Ivana K and Kiyohara, Yutaka and Klein, Barbara E. K and Klein, Ronald and Kovach, Jaclyn L and Kozak, Igor and Lee, Clara J and Lee, Kristine E and Lichtner, Peter and Lotery, Andrew J and Meitinger, Thomas and Mitchell, Paul and Mohand-Saïd, Saddek and Moore, Anthony T and Morgan, Denise J and Morrison, Margaux A and Myers, Chelsea E and Naj, Adam C and Nakamura, Yusuke and Okada, Yukinori and Orlin, Anton and Ortube, M Carolina and Othman, Mohammad I and Pappas, Chris and Park, Kyu Hyung and Pauer, Gayle J. T and Peachey, Neal S and Poch, Olivier and Priya, Rinki Ratna and Reynolds, Robyn and Richardson, Andrea J and Ripp, Raymond and Rudolph, Guenther and Ryu, Euijung and ... and AMD Gene Consortium and The AMD Gene Consortium
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 04/2013, Volume 45, Issue 4, pp. 433 - 439
Journal Article
JAMA Ophthalmology, ISSN 2168-6165, 04/2014, Volume 132, Issue 4, p. 446
  Modifying levels of factors associated with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) may decrease the risk for visual impairment in older persons. To examine... 
Macular degeneration | Oxidative stress | Older people | Biomarkers | Cell adhesion & migration | Endothelium
Journal Article
Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, ISSN 1093-6793, 12/2015, Volume 43, Issue 4, pp. 451 - 455
In this commentary, we explore the clinical and educational implications of the study by Recupero and Harms on the standard of care (SOC) as it pertains to... 
Curriculum | Internship and Residency | Standard of Care | Risk Management - legislation & jurisprudence | Psychiatry | Humans | Index Medicus
Journal Article
Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, ISSN 1093-6793, 12/2015, Volume 43, Issue 4, p. 451
Journal Article
JAMA Ophthalmology, ISSN 2168-6165, 03/2013, Volume 131, Issue 3, p. 383
  To describe the relationships of risk alleles in complement factor H (CFH, rs1061170) and age-related maculopathy susceptibility 2 (ARMS2, rs10490924) to the... 
Macular degeneration | Genotype & phenotype | Genetics | Ophthalmology | Eyes & eyesight | Age
Journal Article
by Clark, Andrew G and Eisen, Michael B and Smith, Douglas R and Bergman, Casey M and Oliver, Brian and Markow, Therese A and Kaufman, Thomas C and Kellis, Manolis and Gelbart, William and Iyer, Venky N and Pollard, Daniel A and Sackton, Timothy B and Larracuente, Amanda M and Singh, Nadia D and Abad, Jose P and Abt, Dawn N and Adryan, Boris and Aguade, Montserrat and Akashi, Hiroshi and Anderson, Wyatt W and Aquadro, Charles F and Ardell, David H and Arguello, Roman and Artieri, Carlo G and Barbash, Daniel A and Barker, Daniel and Barsanti, Paolo and Batterham, Phil and Batzoglou, Serafim and Begun, Dave and Bhutkar, Arjun and Blanco, Enrico and Bosak, Stephanie A and Bradley, Robert K and Brand, Adrianne D and Brent, Michael R and Brooks, Angela N and Brown, Randall H and Butlin, Roger K and Caggese, Corrado and Calvi, Brian R and Bernardo De Carvalho, A and Caspi, Anat and Castrezana, Sergio and Celniker, Susan E and Chang, Jean L and Chapple, Charles and Chatterji, Sourav and Chinwalla, Asif and Civetta, Alberto and Clifton, Sandra W and Comeron, Josep M and Costello, James C and Coyne, Jerry A and Daub, Jennifer and David, Robert G and Delcher, Arthur L and Delehaunty, Kim and Do, Chuong B and Ebling, Heather and Edwards, Kevin and Eickbush, Thomas and Evans, Jay D and Filipski, Alan and Findeiß, Sven and Freyhult, Eva and Fulton, Lucinda and Fulton, Robert and Garcia, Ana C. L and Gardiner, Anastasia and Garfield, David A and Garvin, Barry E and Gibson, Greg and Gilbert, Don and Gnerre, Sante and Godfrey, Jennifer and Good, Robert and Gotea, Valer and Gravely, Brenton and Greenberg, Anthony J and Griffiths-Jones, Sam and Gross, Samuel and Guigo, Roderic and Gustafson, Erik A and Haerty, Wilfried and Hahn, Matthew W and Halligan, Daniel L and Halpern, Aaron L and Halter, Gillian M and Han, Mira V and Heger, Andreas and Hillier, LaDeana and Hinrichs, Angie S and Holmes, Ian and Hoskins, Roger A and Hubisz, Melissa J and Hultmark, Dan and Huntley, Melanie A and Jaffe, David B and Jagadeeshan, Santosh and ... and Drosophila 12 Genomes Consor and Broad Inst Whole Genome Ass and Broad Inst Genome Sequencing and Drosophila 12 Genomes Consortium and Medicinska fakulteten and Umeå centrum för molekylär patogenes (UCMP) (Medicinska fakulteten) and Umeå universitet
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 11/2007, Volume 450, Issue 7167, pp. 203 - 218
Journal Article
Journal Article
American Journal of Ophthalmology, ISSN 0002-9394, 07/2015, Volume 160, Issue 1, pp. 210 - 211
Journal Article
American Journal of Ophthalmology, ISSN 0002-9394, 07/2015, Volume 160, Issue 1, pp. 210 - 211
Journal Article
American Journal of Ophthalmology, ISSN 0002-9394, 07/2015, Volume 160, Issue 1, pp. 210 - 211
Journal Article