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Molecular Cancer Research, ISSN 1541-7786, 08/2003, Volume 1, Issue 10, p. 765
The DF3/MUC1 transmembrane oncoprotein is aberrantly overexpressed in most human breast carcinomas and interacts with the Wnt effector γ-catenin. Here, we... 
MUC1 | ErbB2 | heregulin | γ-catenin | nucleolus | breast cancer
Journal Article
2010, Routledge law in Asia, ISBN 9780203852699, Volume 8, xiv, 378
Although the adoption of market reforms has been a key factor leading to China’s recent economic growth, China continues to be governed by a communist party... 
Trade regulation | Law reform | Jurisprudence & General Issues | Asian Studies | Law & Courts | Asian Law | Trade regulation - Vietnam
by Ablikim, M and Achasov, M.N and Ai, X.C and Albayrak, O and Albrecht, M and Ambrose, D.J and Amoroso, A and An, F.F and An, Q and Bai, J.Z and Baldini Ferroli, R and Ban, Y and Bennett, D.W and Bennett, J.V and Bertani, M and Bettoni, D and Bian, J.M and Bianchi, F and Boger, E and Boyko, I and Briere, R.A and Cai, H and Cai, X and Cakir, O and Calcaterra, A and Cao, G.F and Cetin, S.A and Chang, J.F and Chelkov, G and Chen, G and Chen, H.S and Chen, H.Y and Chen, J.C and Chen, M.L and Chen, S.J and Chen, X and Chen, X.R and Chen, Y.B and Cheng, H.P and Chu, X.K and Cibinetto, G and Dai, H.L and Dai, J.P and Dbeyssi, A and Dedovich, D and Deng, Z.Y and Denig, A and Denysenko, I and Destefanis, M and De Mori, F and Ding, Y and Dong, C and Dong, J and Dong, L.Y and Dong, M.Y and Du, S.X and Duan, P.F and Eren, E.E and Fan, J.Z and Fang, J and Fang, S.S and Fang, X and Fang, Y and Fava, L and Feldbauer, F and Felici, G and Feng, C.Q and Fioravanti, E and Fritsch, M and Fu, C.D and Gao, Q and Gao, X.Y and Gao, Y and Gao, Z and Garzia, I and Geng, C and Goetzen, K and Gong, W.X and Gradl, W and Greco, M and Gu, M.H and Gu, Y.T and Guan, Y.H and Guo, A.Q and Guo, L.B and Guo, Y and Guo, Y.P and Haddadi, Z and Hafner, A and Han, S and Han, Y.L and Hao, X.Q and Harris, F.A and He, K.L and He, Z.Y and Held, T and Heng, Y.K and Hou, Z.L and Hu, C and Hu, H.M and ... and BESIII Collaboration and Carnegie Mellon Univ., Pittsburgh, PA (United States) and Univ. of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN (United States) and Univ. of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI (United States) and Indiana Univ., Bloomington, IN (United States)
Physics Letters B, ISSN 0370-2693, 11/2017, Volume 774, Issue C, pp. 252 - 257
Using a data set of 2.93 fb−1 taken at a center-of-mass energy s=3.773 GeV with the BESIII detector at the BEPCII collider, we perform a search for an extra... 
Dark photon search | Initial state radiation | BESIII | ASTRONOMY AND ASTROPHYSICS | PHYSICS OF ELEMENTARY PARTICLES AND FIELDS | Dark photon searchInitial state radiation
Journal Article
Journal Article
Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 2015, Volume 115, Issue 11, pp. 112003-1 - 112003-7
Journal Article
Journal Article
by F. P. An Q.An J Z. Bai A. B. Balantekin H. R. Band W. Beriguete M. Bishai S. Blyth R. L. Brown G. F. Cao J. Cao R. Carr W. T. Chan J. F. Chang Y. Chang C. Chasman H. S. Chen H. Y. Chen S. J. Chen S. M. Chen X. C. Chen X. H. Chen X. S. Chen Y. Chen Y. X. Chen J. J. Cherwinka M. C. Chu J. P. Cummings Z. Y. Deng Y. Y. Ding M. V. Diwan E. Draeger X. F. Du D. Dwyer W. R. Edwards S. R. Ely S. D. Fang J. Y. Fu Z. W. Fu L. Q. Ge R. L. Gill M. Gonchar G. H. Gong H. Gong Y. A. Gornushkin W. Q. Gu M. Y. Guan X. H. Guo R. W. Hackenburg R. L. Hahn S. Hans H. F. Hao M. He Q. He K.M. Heeger Y. K. Heng P. Hinrichs Y. K. Hor Y. B. Hsiung B. Z. H T. Hu H. X. Huang H. Z. Huang X. T. Huang P. Huber V. Issakov Z. Isvan D. E. Jaffe S. Jetter X. L. Ji X. P. Ji H. J. Jiang J. B. Jiao R. A. Johnson L. Kang S. H. Kettell M. Kramer K. K. Kwan M. W. Kwok T. Kwok C. Y. Lai W. C. Lai W. H. Lai K. Lau L. Lebanowski J. Lee R. T. Lei R. Leitner J. K. C. Leung K. Y. Leung C. A. Lewis F. Li G. S. Li Q. J. Li W. D. Li X. B. Li X. N. Li X. Q.Li Y. Li Z. B. Li H. Liang C. J. Lin G. L. Lin S. K. Lin Y. C. Lin J. J. Ling J. M. Link L. Littenberg B. R. Littlejohn D. W. Liu J. C. Liu J. L. Liu Y. B. Liu C. Lu H. Q. Lu A. Luk K. B. Luk Q. M. Ma X. B. Ma X. Y. Ma Y. Q. Ma K. T. McDonald M. C. McFarlane R. D. McKeown Y. Meng D. Mohapatra Y. Nakajima J. Napolitano D. Naumov I. Nemchenok H. Y. Ngai W. K. Ngai Y. B. Nie Z. Ning J. P. Ochoa-Ricoux A. Olshevski S. Patton V. Pec J. C. Peng L. E. Piilonen L. Pinsky C. S. J. Pun F. Z. Qi M. Qi X. Qian N. Rapert J. Ren R. Rosero B. Roskovec X. C. Ruan B. B. Shao K. Shih H. Steiner G. X. Sun J. L. Sun N. Tagg Y. H. Tam H. K. Tanaka X. Tang H. Themann Y. Torun S. Trentalange O. Tsai K. V. Tsang R. H. M. Tsang C. E. Tull Y. C. Tung B. Viren V. Vorobel C. H. Wang L. S. Wang L. Y. Wang L. Z. Wang M. Wang N. Y. Wang R. G. Wang W. Wang X. Wang Y. F. Wang Z. Wang Z. M. Wang D. M. Webber H. Y. Wei Y. D. Wei L. J. Wen K. Whisnant C. G. White L. Whitehead Y. Williamson T. Wise H. L. H. Wong E. T. Worcester F. F. Wu Q.Wu J. B. Xi D. M. Xia Z. Z. Xing J. Xu J. L. Xu Y. Xu T. Xue C. G. Yang L. Yang M. Ye M. Yeh Y. S. Yeh B. L. Young Z. Y. Yu L. Zhan C. Zhang F. H. Zhang J. W. Zhang Q. M. Zhang S. H. Zhang Y. C. Zhang Y. H. Zhang Y. X. Zhang Z. J. Zhang Z. P. Zhang Z. Y. Zhang J. Zhao Q. W. Zhao Y. B. Zhao L. Zheng W. L. Zhong L. Zhou Z. Y. Zhou H. L. Zhuang J. H. Zou and Daya Bay Collaboration and Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL)
中国物理C:英文版, ISSN 1674-1137, 2013, Volume 37, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 20
We report an improved measurement of the neutrino mixing angle θ13 from the Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment. We exclude a zero value for sin22θ13 with a... 
大亚湾 | 基线检测 | 相对速率 | 电子中微子 | 测量 | 中微子实验 | 反应堆 | 中微子探测器 | neutrino mixing | Daya Bay | neutrino oscillation | reactor | PHYSICS, NUCLEAR | SPECTRA | LOADED LIQUID SCINTILLATOR | PHYSICS, PARTICLES & FIELDS | Reactors | Neutrinos | Detectors | Oscillations | Antineutrinos | Standard deviation | Underground | Halls | oscillation | 72 | neutrino
Journal Article
Physical review letters, ISSN 1079-7114, 2012, Volume 108, Issue 17, p. 171803
The Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment has measured a nonzero value for the neutrino mixing angle 0(13) with a significance of 5.2 standard deviations.... 
Journal Article
European heart journal, ISSN 0195-668X, 08/2017, Volume 38, Issue suppl_1
Journal Article
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 2017, Volume 552, Issue 7683, pp. 63 - 66
High-energy cosmic-ray electrons and positrons (CREs), which lose energy quickly during their propagation, provide a probe of Galactic high-energy... 
SUPERNOVA-REMNANTS | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | DAMPE | CANDIDATES | ENERGIES | SIGNATURE | PROPAGATION | PARTICLE DARK-MATTER | GALAXY | Protons | Observations | Cosmic rays | Electrons | Cosmic-ray electrons | Energy measurement | Particle decay | Principal components analysis | Space telescopes | Dark matter | Energy | Energy resolution | Neural networks | Positrons | Sensors | Charged particles
Journal Article
by An, F.P and Bai, J.Z and Balantekin, A.B and Band, H.R and Beavis, D and Beriguete, W and Bishai, M and Blyth, S and Brown, R.L and Butorov, I and Cao, D and Cao, G.F and Cao, J and Carr, R and Cen, W.R and Chan, W.T and Chan, Y.L and Chang, J.F and Chang, L.C and Chang, Y and Chasman, C and Chen, H.Y and Chen, H.S and Chen, M.J and Chen, Q.Y and Chen, S.J and Chen, S.M and Chen, X.C and Chen, X.H and Chen, X.S and Chen, Y.X and Chen, Y and Cheng, J.H and Cheng, J and Cheng, Y.P and Cherwinka, J.J and Chidzik, S and Chow, K and Chu, M.C and Cummings, J.P and de Arcos, J and Deng, Z.Y and Ding, X.F and Ding, Y.Y and Diwan, M.V and Dong, L and Dove, J and Draeger, E and Du, X.F and Dwyer, D.A and Edwards, W.R and Ely, S.R and Fang, S.D and Fu, J.Y and Fu, Z.W and Ge, L.Q and Ghazikhanian, V and Gill, R and Goett, J and Gonchar, M and Gong, G.H and Gong, H and Gornushkin, Y.A and Grassi, M and Greenler, L.S and Gu, W.Q and Guan, M.Y and Guo, R.P and Guo, X.H and Hackenburg, R.W and Hahn, R.L and Han, R and Hans, S and He, M and He, Q and He, W.S and Heeger, K.M and Heng, Y.K and Higuera, A and Hinrichs, P and Ho, T.H and Hoff, M and Hor, Y.K and Hsiung, Y.B and Hu, B.Z and Hu, L.M and Hu, L.J and Hu, T and Hu, W and Huang, E.C and Huang, H.Z and Huang, H.X and Huang, P.W and Huang, X and Huang, X.T and Huber, P and Hussain, G and Isvan, Z and Jaffe, D.E and Jaffke, P and ... and Virginia Polytechnic Inst. and State Univ. (Virginia Tech), Blacksburg, VA (United States) and Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States) and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)
Nuclear instruments & methods in physics research. Section A, Accelerators, spectrometers, detectors and associated equipment, ISSN 0168-9002, 2016, Volume 811, Issue C, pp. 133 - 161
Journal Article