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Neuro-Oncology, ISSN 1522-8517, 11/2013, Volume 15, Issue suppl 3, pp. iii12 - iii31
Journal Article
by Adachi, K and Sasaki, H and Nagahisa, S and Yoshida, K and Hattori, N and Nishiyama, Y and Kawase, T and Hasegawa, M and Abe, M and Hirose, Y and Alentorn, A and Marie, Y and Poggioli, S and Alshehhi, H and Boisselier, B and Carpentier, C and Mokhtari, K and Capelle, L and Figarella-Branger, D and Hoang-Xuan, K and Sanson, M and Delattre, J.-Y and Idbaih, A and Yust-Katz, S and Anderson, M and Olar, A and Eterovic, A and Ezzeddine, N and Chen, K and Zhao, H and Fuller, G and Aldape, K and de Groot, J and Andor, N and Harness, J and Lopez, S. G and Fung, T. L and Mewes, H. W and Petritsch, C and Arivazhagan, A and Somasundaram, K and Thennarasu, K and Pandey, P and Anandh, B and Santosh, V and Chandramouli, B and Hegde, A and Kondaiah, P and Rao, M and Bell, R and Kang, R and Hong, C and Song, J and Costello, J and Nagarajan, R and Zhang, B and Diaz, A and Wang, T and Bie, L and Li, Y and Liu, H and Luyo, W. F. C and Carnero, M. H and Iruegas, M. E. P and Morell, A. R and Figueiras, M. C and Lopez, R. L and Valverde, C. F and Chan, A. K.-Y and Pang, J. C.-S and Chung, N. Y.-F and Li, K. K.-W and Poon, W. S and Chan, D. T.-M and Wang, Y and Ng, H.-a. K and Chaumeil, M and Larson, P and Yoshihara, H and Vigneron, D and Nelson, S and Pieper, R and Phillips, J and Ronen, S and Clark, V and Omay, Z. E and Serin, A and Gunel, J and Omay, B and Grady, C and Youngblood, M and Bilguvar, K and Baehring, J and Piepmeier, J and Gutin, P and Vortmeyer, A and Brennan, C and Pamir, M. N and Kilic, T and Krischek, B and ...
Neuro-Oncology, ISSN 1522-8517, 11/2013, Volume 15, Issue suppl 3, pp. iii136 - iii155
Journal Article
by Scott, IU and Oden, NL and VanVeldhuisen, PC and Ip, MS and Blodi, BA and Chan, CK and Bhargava, S and Figueroa, MJ and Musch, DC and Han, DP and Sadda, SR and Williams, GA and Wisniewski, S and Gaston, J and Figueroa, M and Bradley, L and De Stefano, J and Guan, E and Hoehn, A and Irazabal, A and Isman, S and King, J and Kondapaka, R and Kumar, H and Lahut, M and Lindblad, R and Lovett, R and Patschak, M and Rothwell, RS and Smith, R and Van Dyke, J and Watson, V and Yesko, L and Domalpally, A and Reed, S and Vargo, P and Reed, C and Abraham, P and Bement-Stump, B and Callahan, L and Dockter, M and Livermont, K and Nixon, R and Parks, D and Steinle, N and Thompson, A and Yu, DL and Bailey, S and Barth, J and Campbell, JP and Flaxel, C and Howell, C and Hui, J and Hwang, T and Ira, S and Lauer, A and Lin, P and Lundquist, A and Nolte, S and Pickell, S and Ryan, D and Schain, M and Steinkamp, P and Ukachukwu, C and Blefgen, S and Fujisaki, B and Liming, J and Mistretta, F and Petrolati, J and Berger, A and Darby, E and Dilts, V and Hamilton, R and Holm, L and McCarty, T and Medina, E and Misch, D and Moon, SJ and Owen, K and Randolph, J and Strickland, J and Sutherland, D and Tolentino, M and Varner, N and Balasubramaniam, U and Bojaj, S and Browning, D and Clark, L and Ennis, S and Fleming, C and Finch, A and Fredenberg, S and Gentile, A and Jackson, L and McClain, D and McOwen, M and Price, A and Punjabi, O and Rowland, B and Watson, L and ... and SCORE2 Investigator Grp and SCORE2 Investigator Group and for the SCORE2 Investigator Group
JAMA OPHTHALMOLOGY, ISSN 2168-6165, 12/2019, Volume 137, Issue 12, pp. 1389 - 1398
This secondary analysis of a randomized clinical trial investigates outcomes 1 year after cessation of the SCORE2 treatment schedule (24 months after... 
OPHTHALMOLOGY | RANIBIZUMAB | AFLIBERCEPT | Occlusion | Edema | Clinical trials | Retina | Vascular endothelial growth factor | Acuity | Bevacizumab
Journal Article
by Bavinger, JC and Ying, GS and Daniel, E and Grunwald, JE and Maguire, MG and Williams, DF and Beardsley, S and Bennett, S and Cantrill, H and Chan-Tram, C and Cheshier, H and Damato, K and Davies, J and Dev, S and Enloe, J and Follano, G and Gilbert, P and Johnson, J and Jones, T and Mayleben, L and Mittra, R and Moos, M and Neist, R and Oestreich, N and Quiram, P and Ramsay, R and Ryan, E and Schindeldecker, S and Snater, J and Steele, T and Selders, D and Tonsfeldt, J and Valardi, S and Fish, GE and Aguado, HA and Arceneaux, S and Arnwine, J and Bell, K and Bell, T and Boleman, B and Bradley, P and Callanan, D and Coors, L and Creighton, J and Crew, T and Cummings, K and Dock, C and Duignan, K and Fuller, D and Gray, K and Hendrix, B and Hesse, N and Jaramillo, D and Jost, B and Lash, S and Lonsdale, L and Mackens, M and Mutz, K and Potts, M and Sanchez, B and Snyder, W and Solley, W and Tarter, C and Wang, R and Williams, P and Perkins, SL and Anderson, N and Arnold, A and Blais, P and Googe, J and Higdon, TT and Hunt, C and Johnson, M and Miller, J and Moore, M and Morris, CK and Morris, C and Oelrich, S and Oliver, K and Seitz, V and Whetstone, J and Doft, BH and Bedel, J and Bergren, R and Borthwick, A and Conrad, P and Fec, A and Fulwylie, C and Ingram, W and Latham, S and Lester, G and Liu, J and Lobes, L and Lucko, NM and Mechling, H and Merlotti, L and McBroom, K and Olsen, K and Puskas, D and Rath, P and ... and Comparison Age-Related Macular and Comparison of Age-Related Macular Degeneration Treatments Trials Research Group and for the Comparison of Age-Related Macular Degeneration Treatments Trials Research Group
JAMA OPHTHALMOLOGY, ISSN 2168-6165, 11/2019, Volume 137, Issue 11, pp. 1306 - 1311
IMPORTANCE Recent reports suggest that cilioretinal arteries (CRAs) confer protection against developing advanced age-related macular degeneration (AMD).... 
OPHTHALMOLOGY | Macular degeneration | Atrophy | Angiography | Fluorescein | Clinical trials | Eye diseases | Age | Arteries | Vascularization
Journal Article
Oncogene, ISSN 0950-9232, 07/2015, Volume 34, Issue 28, pp. 3688 - 3699
Journal Article
by Campian, J and Gladstone, D and Ambady, P and Ye, X and King, K and Borrello, I and Petrik, S and Golightly, M and Holdhoff, M and Grossman, S and Bhardwaj, R and Chakravadhanula, M and Ozols, V and Georges, J and Carlson, E and Hampton, C and Decker, W and Chiba, Y and Hashimoto, N and Kagawa, N and Hirayama, R and Tsuboi, A and Oji, Y and Oka, Y and Sugiyama, H and Yoshimine, T and Choi, B and Gedeon, P and Herndon, J and Sanchez-Perez, L and Mitchell, D and Bigner, D and Sampson, J and Choi, Y. A and Pandya, H and Gibo, D. M and Debinski, W and Cloughesy, T. F and Liau, L. M and Chiocca, E. A and Jolly, D. J and Robbins, J. M and Ostertag, D and Ibanez, C. E and Gruber, H. E and Kasahara, N and Vogelbaum, M. A and Kesari, S and Mikkelsen, T and Kalkanis, S and Landolfi, J and Bloomfield, S and Foltz, G and Pertschuk, D and Everson, R and Jin, R and Safaee, M and Lisiero, D and Odesa, S and Liau, L and Prins, R and Gholamin, S and Mitra, S. S and Richard, C. E and Achrol, A and Kahn, S. A and Volkmer, A. K and Volkmer, J. P and Willingham, S and Kong, D and Shin, J. J and Monje-Deisseroth, M and Cho, Y.-J and Weissman, I and Cheshier, S. H and Kanemura, Y and Sumida, M and Yoshioka, E and Yamamoto, A and Kanematsu, D and Takada, A and Nonaka, M and Nakajima, S and Goto, S and Kamigaki, T and Takahara, M and Maekawa, R and Shofuda, T and Moriuchi, S and Yamasaki, M and Kebudi, R and Cakir, F. B and Gorgun, O and Agaoglu, F. Y and Darendeliler, E and Lin, Y and Wang, Y and Qiu, X and Jiang, T and Zhang, G and ...
Neuro-Oncology, ISSN 1522-8517, 11/2013, Volume 15, Issue suppl 3, pp. iii68 - iii74
Journal Article
Journal Article
Neuro-Oncology, ISSN 1522-8517, 06/2014, Volume 16, Issue suppl 1, pp. i71 - i96
Journal Article
Neuro-Oncology, ISSN 1522-8517, 11/2013, Volume 15, Issue suppl 3, pp. iii206 - iii216
Journal Article
Genes and Development, ISSN 0890-9369, 12/2013, Volume 27, Issue 24, pp. 2642 - 2647
Journal Article
Science Translational Medicine, ISSN 1946-6234, 03/2017, Volume 9, Issue 381, pp. eaaf2968 - eaaf2968
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Geller, T and Prakash, V and Batanian, J and Guzman, M and Duncavage, E and Gershon, T and Crowther, A and Wu, J and Liu, H and Fang, F and Davis, I and Tripolitsioti, D and Ma, M and Kumar, K and Grahlert, J and Egli, K and Fiaschetti, G and Shalaby, T and Grotzer, M and Baumgartner, M and Braoudaki, M and Lambrou, G. I and Giannikou, K and Millionis, V and Papadodima, S. A and Settas, N and Sfakianos, G and Stefanaki, K and Kattamis, A and Spiliopoulou, C. A and Tzortzatou-Stathopoulou, F and Kanavakis, E and Gholamin, S and Mitra, S and Feroze, A and Zhang, M and Esparza, R and Kahn, S and Richard, C and Achrol, A and Volkmer, A and Liu, J and Volkmer, J and Majeti, R and Weissman, I and Cheshier, S and Bhatia, K and Brown, N and Teague, J and Lo, P and Challis, J and Beshay, V and Sullivan, M and Mechinaud, F and Hansford, J and Arifin, M. Z and Dahlan, R. H and Sobana, M and Saputra, P and Tisell, M. T and Danielsson, A and Caren, H and Bhardwaj, R and Chakravadhanula, M and Hampton, C and Ozals, V and Georges, J and Decker, W and Kodibagkar, V and Nguyen, A and Legrain, M and Gaub, M. P and Pencreach, E and Chenard, M. P and Guenot, D and Entz-Werle, N and Kanemura, Y and Ichimura, K and Shofuda, T and Nishikawa, R and Yamasaki, M and Shibui, S and Arai, H and Xia, J and Brian, A and Prins, R and Pennell, C and Moertel, C and Olin, M and Bie, L and Zhang, X and Olsson, M and Kling, T and Nelander, S and Biassoni, V and Bongarzone, I and Verderio, P and Massimino, M and Magni, R and Pizzamiglio, S and ...
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Journal Article
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Journal Article