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synecology (10) 10
transplantation (10) 10
wildlife conservation (10) 10
chemistry, multidisciplinary (9) 9
gold (9) 9
scale (9) 9
spatial autocorrelation (9) 9
vascular plants (9) 9
alpha-diversity (8) 8
biomass (8) 8
care and treatment (8) 8
climate change (8) 8
complexes (8) 8
disease (8) 8
environment (8) 8
forest ecology (8) 8
tuscany (8) 8
abundance (7) 7
biogeography (7) 7
bryophytes (7) 7
cancer (7) 7
dynamics (7) 7
forest (7) 7
geography, physical (7) 7
habitat conservation (7) 7
immunotherapy (7) 7
network (7) 7
remote sensing (7) 7
restoration (7) 7
scale dependence (7) 7
species composition (7) 7
activation (6) 6
adolescent (6) 6
adult (6) 6
biodiversity assessment (6) 6
cancer vaccines (6) 6
catalysis (6) 6
checkpoint blockade agents (6) 6
child (6) 6
community (6) 6
ecological monitoring (6) 6
environmental aspects (6) 6
evolutionary biology (6) 6
forest soils (6) 6
gamma-diversity (6) 6
indicators (6) 6
landscape (6) 6
life sciences, general (6) 6
monitoring (6) 6
plant diversity (6) 6
plant systematics/taxonomy/biogeography (6) 6
sampling (6) 6
targeted therapies (6) 6
usage (6) 6
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asthma (5) 5
classification (5) 5
climate (5) 5
community structure (5) 5
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Journal Article
by Bruelheide, Helge and Dengler, Jürgen and Jiménez‐Alfaro, Borja and Purschke, Oliver and Hennekens, Stephan M and Chytrý, Milan and Pillar, Valério D and Jansen, Florian and Kattge, Jens and Sandel, Brody and Aubin, Isabelle and Biurrun, Idoia and Field, Richard and Haider, Sylvia and Jandt, Ute and Lenoir, Jonathan and Peet, Robert K and Peyre, Gwendolyn and Sabatini, Francesco Maria and Schmidt, Marco and Schrodt, Franziska and Winter, Marten and Aćić, Svetlana and Agrillo, Emiliano and Alvarez, Miguel and Ambarlı, Didem and Angelini, Pierangela and Apostolova, Iva and Arfin Khan, Mohammed A. S and Arnst, Elise and Attorre, Fabio and Baraloto, Christopher and Beckmann, Michael and Berg, Christian and Bergeron, Yves and Bergmeier, Erwin and Bjorkman, Anne D and Bondareva, Viktoria and Borchardt, Peter and Botta‐Dukát, Zoltán and Boyle, Brad and Breen, Amy and Brisse, Henry and Byun, Chaeho and Cabido, Marcelo R and Casella, Laura and Cayuela, Luis and Černý, Tomáš and Chepinoga, Victor and Csiky, János and Curran, Michael and Ćušterevska, Renata and Dajić Stevanović, Zora and De Bie, Els and de Ruffray, Patrice and De Sanctis, Michele and Dimopoulos, Panayotis and Dressler, Stefan and Ejrnæs, Rasmus and El‐Sheikh, Mohamed Abd El‐Rouf Mousa and Enquist, Brian and Ewald, Jörg and Fagúndez, Jaime and Finckh, Manfred and Font, Xavier and Forey, Estelle and Fotiadis, Georgios and García‐Mijangos, Itziar and Gasper, André Luis and Golub, Valentin and Gutierrez, Alvaro G and Hatim, Mohamed Z and He, Tianhua and Higuchi, Pedro and Holubová, Dana and Hölzel, Norbert and Homeier, Jürgen and Indreica, Adrian and Işık Gürsoy, Deniz and Jansen, Steven and Janssen, John and Jedrzejek, Birgit and Jiroušek, Martin and Jürgens, Norbert and Kącki, Zygmunt and Kavgacı, Ali and Kearsley, Elizabeth and Kessler, Michael and Knollová, Ilona and Kolomiychuk, Vitaliy and Korolyuk, Andrey and Kozhevnikova, Maria and Kozub, Łukasz and Krstonošić, Daniel and Kühl, Hjalmar and Kühn, Ingolf and Kuzemko, Anna and Küzmič, Filip and Landucci, Flavia and Lee, Michael T and ...
Journal of Vegetation Science, ISSN 1100-9233, 03/2019, Volume 30, Issue 2, pp. 161 - 186
Journal Article
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 07/1998, Volume 339, Issue 1, pp. 5 - 11
Journal Article
by Dengler, Jürgen and Wagner, Viktoria and Dembicz, Iwona and García-Mijangos, Itziar and Naqinezhad, Alireza and Boch, Steffen and Chiarucci, Alessandro and Conradi, Timo and Filibeck, Goffredo and Guarino, Riccardo and Janišová, Monika and Steinbauer, Manuel J and Acic, Svetlana and Acosta, Alicia T.R and Akasaka, Munemitsu and Allers, Marc-Andre and Apostolova, Iva and Axmanová, Irena and Bakan, Branko and Baranova, Alina and Bardy-Durchhalter, Manfred and Bartha, Sándor and Baumann, Esther and Becker, Thomas and Becker, Ute and Belonovskaya, Elena and Bengtsson, Karin and Alonso, José Luis Benito and Berastegi, Asun and Bergamini, Ariel and Bonini, Ilaria and Bruun, Hans Henrik and Budzhak, Vasyl and Bueno, Alvaro and Campos, Juan Antonio and Cancellieri, Laura and Carboni, Marta and Chocarro, Cristina and Conti, Luisa and Czarniecka-Wiera, Marta and De Frenne, Pieter and Deák, Balázs and Didukh, Yakiv P and Diekmann, Martin and Dolnik, Christian and Dupré, Cecilia and Ecker, Klaus and Ermakov, Nikolai and Erschbamer, Brigitta and Escudero, Adrián and Etayo, Javier and Fajmonová, Zuzana and Felde, Vivian A and Calzado, Maria Rosa Fernández and Finckh, Manfred and Fotiadis, Georgios and Fracchiolla, Mariano and Ganeva, Anna and García-Magro, Daniel and Gavilán, Rosario G and Germany, Markus and Giladi, Itamar and Gillet, François and del Galdo, Gian Pietro Giusso and González, Jose M and Grytnes, John-Arvid and Hájek, Michal and Hájková, Petra and Helm, Aveliina and Herrera, Mercedes and Hettenbergerová, Eva and Hobohm, Carsten and Hüllbusch, Elisabeth M and Ingerpuu, Nele and Jandt, Ute and Jeltsch, Florian and Jensen, Kai and Jentsch, Anke and Jeschke, Michael and Jiménez-Alfaro, Borja and Kacki, Zygmunt and Kakinuma, Kaoru and Kapfer, Jutta and Kavgaci, Ali and Kelemen, András and Kiehl, Kathrin and Koyama, Asuka and Koyanagi, Tomoyo F and Kozub, Lukasz and Kuzemko, Anna and Kyrkjeeide, Magni Olsen and Landi, Sara and Langer, Nancy and Lastrucci, Lorenzo and Lazzaro, Lorenzo and Lelli, Chiara and Lepš, Jan and Löbel, Swantje and Luzuriaga, Arantzazu L and Maccherini, Simona and ...
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Journal Article
Organic Letters, ISSN 1523-7060, 03/2012, Volume 14, Issue 5, pp. 1350 - 1353
The synthesis of architecturally complex polycyclic fused indolines is achieved in a chemo-, regio-, and stereodefined manner, via an enantioselective... 
Journal Article
by Steinberg, Martin H and McCarthy, William F and Castro, Oswaldo and Ballas, Samir K and Armstrong, F. Danny and Smith, Wally and Ataga, Kenneth and Swerdlow, Paul and Kutlar, Abdullah and DeCastro, Laura and Waclawiw, Myron A and Orringer, E and Jones, S and Strayhorn, D and Rosse, W and Phillips, G and Peace, D and Johnson-Telfair, A and Daitch, L and Milner, P and Tracy, A and Valdez, S and Allen, G.E and Moshang, J and Scott, B and Bigelow, C and Anderson, A and Sabahi, V and Harrington, T and Labrousse, W and Pegelow, C and Temple, D and Case, E and Harrell, R and Childerie, S and Embury, S and Schmidt, B and Davies, D and Saunthararajah, Y and Koshy, M and Talischy-Zahed, N and Dorn, L and Pendarvis, G and McGee, M and Telfer, M and Davis, A and Onyekwere, O.C and Nwokolo, C and Finke, H and Perlin, E and Siteman, J and Bryan, M and Saunders, T and Barber, Y and Gascon, P and Di Paolo, P and Gargiulo, S and Eckman, J and Carter-Randall, E and Bailey, J.H and Platt, A and Waller, L and Ramirez, G and Knors, V and Hernandez, S and Rodriguez, E.M and Wilkes, E and Vichinsky, E and Hagar, W and Hoehner, C and Hackney-Stevens, E and Claster, S and Earles, A and Kleman, K and McLaughlin, K and White, L and Maddox, B and Usry, L and Brenner, A and Williams, K and O'Brien, R and Genther, K and Shurin, S and Berman, B and Chiarucci, K and Keverline, L and Olivieri, N and Chow, J and Hui, M and Shaw, D and Lewis, N and Okam, M and Mandell, E and Palmer, A and Bridges, K and Tynan, B and Winograd, C and Bellevue, R and Dosik, H and Sheikhai, M and ... and Investigators Multictr Study Hydro and Investigators of the Multicenter Study of Hydroxyurea in Sickle Cell Anemia and MSH Patients' Follow-Up
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Journal Article
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 05/1995, Volume 332, Issue 20, pp. 1317 - 1322
Sickling of red cells in patients with sickle cell anemia is caused by the polymerization of molecules of deoxygenated hemoglobin S (α 2 β 2 s) into rigid,... 
MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL | BABOONS | FETAL HEMOGLOBIN | KINETICS | DISEASE | Evaluation | Hydroxyurea | Sickle cell anemia | Drug therapy | Medical research | Narcotics | Laboratories | Anemia | Leukemia | Body weight | Fetuses | Clinical trials | Polymerization | Studies | Pain | Hemoglobin | Sickle cell disease | Drug dosages | Human immunodeficiency virus--HIV | hydroxyurea | man | hematological diseases | hemoglobin | sickle cell anemia
Journal Article
Journal Article
Progress in Physical Geography, ISSN 0309-1333, 4/2011, Volume 35, Issue 2, pp. 211 - 226
Journal Article