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Cancer Cell, ISSN 1535-6108, 04/2015, Volume 27, Issue 4, pp. 516 - 532
Journal Article
JAMA - Journal of the American Medical Association, ISSN 0098-7484, 01/2019, Volume 321, Issue 1, pp. 69 - 79
Journal Article
Revista de Salud Pública, ISSN 1853-1180, 12/2016, Volume 20, Issue 3, p. 71
Journal Article
by Olga Lomakina and Ekaterina Alekseeva and Sania Valieva and Tatiana Bzarova and Irina Nikishina and Elena Zholobova and Svetlana Rodionovskaya and Maria Kaleda and Yasuo Nakagishi and Masaki Shimizu and Mao Mizuta and Akihiro Yachie and Yuko Sugita and Nami Okamoto and Kousuke Shabana and Takuji Murata and Hiroshi Tamai and Eve M. Smith and Peng Yin and Andrea L. Jorgensen and Michael W. Beresford and on behalf of On behalf of the UK JSLE Cohort Study and Eve M. Smith and Antonio Eleuteri and Beatrice Goilav and Laura Lewandowski and Angel Phuti and Dawn Wahezi and Tamar Rubinstein and Caroline Jones and Paul Newland and Stephen Marks and Rachel Corkhill and Diana Ekdawy and Clarissa Pilkington and Kjell Tullus and Chaim Putterman and Chris Scott and Antony C. Fisher and Michael W. Beresford and Eve M. Smith and Laura Lewandowski and Angel Phuti and Andrea Jorgensen and Chris Scott and Michael W. Beresford and Ezgi Deniz Batu and Can Kosukcu and Ekim Taskiran and Sema Akman and Kubra Ozturk and Betul Sozeri and Erbil Unsal and Zelal Ekinci and Yelda Bilginer and Mehmet Alikasifoglu and Seza Ozen and Hanna Lythgoe and Michael W. Beresford and Hermine I. Brunner and Gaurav Gulati and Jordan T. Jones and Mekibib Altaye and Jamie Eaton and Mark Difrancesco and Joo Guan Yeo and Jingyao Leong and Loshinidevi D/O Thana Bathi and Thaschawee Arkachaisri and Salvatore Albani and Nagla Abdelrahman and Michael W Beresford and Valentina Leone and UK JSLE study group supported by the National Institute of Health Research Clinical Research Network and Noortje Groot and D. Shaikhani and I. E. M. Bultink and M. Bijl and R. J. E. M. Dolhain and Y. K. O. Teng and E. Zirkzee and K. de Leeuw and R. Fritsch-Stork and S. S. M. Kamphuis and Rachael D. Wright and Eve M. Smith and Michael W. Beresford and Reem Abdawani and Laila Al Shaqshi and Ibrahim Al Zakwani and Natali W. Gormezano and David Kern and Oriany L. Pereira and Gladys C. C. Esteves and Adriana M. Sallum and Nadia E. Aikawa and Rosa M. Pereira and Clovis A. Silva and Eloisa Bonfa and Jessica Beckmann and ...
PEDIATRIC RHEUMATOLOGY, ISSN 1546-0096, 05/2017, Volume 15, Issue S1, pp. 105 - 201
Journal Article
by Lomakina, Olga and Alekseeva, Ekaterina and Valieva, Sania and Bzarova, Tatiana and Nikishina, Irina and Zholobova, Elena and Rodionovskaya, Svetlana and Kaleda, Maria and Nakagishi, Yasuo and Shimizu, Masaki and Mizuta, Mao and Yachie, Akihiro and Sugita, Yuko and Okamoto, Nami and Shabana, Kousuke and Murata, Takuji and Tamai, Hiroshi and Smith, Eve M and Yin, Peng and Jorgensen, Andrea L and Beresford, Michael W and Eleuteri, Antonio and Goilav, Beatrice and Lewandowski, Laura and Phuti, Angel and Wahezi, Dawn and Rubinstein, Tamar and Jones, Caroline and Newland, Paul and Marks, Stephen and Corkhill, Rachel and Ekdawy, Diana and Pilkington, Clarissa and Tullus, Kjell and Putterman, Chaim and Scott, Chris and Fisher, Antony C and Jorgensen, Andrea and Batu, Ezgi Deniz and Kosukcu, Can and Taskiran, Ekim and Akman, Sema and Ozturk, Kubra and Sozeri, Betul and Unsal, Erbil and Ekinci, Zelal and Bilginer, Yelda and Alikasifoglu, Mehmet and Ozen, Seza and Lythgoe, Hanna and Brunner, Hermine I and Gulati, Gaurav and Jones, Jordan T and Altaye, Mekibib and Eaton, Jamie and Difrancesco, Mark and Yeo, Joo Guan and Leong, Jingyao and Bathi, Loshinidevi D/O Thana and Arkachaisri, Thaschawee and Albani, Salvatore and Abdelrahman, Nagla and Beresford, Michael W and Leone, Valentina and Groot, Noortje and Shaikhani, D and Bultink, I. E. M and Bijl, M and Dolhain, R. J. E. M and Teng, Y. K. O and Zirkzee, E and de Leeuw, K and Fritsch-Stork, R and Kamphuis, S. S. M and Wright, Rachael D and Abdawani, Reem and Al Shaqshi, Laila and Al Zakwani, Ibrahim and Gormezano, Natali W and Kern, David and Pereira, Oriany L and Esteves, Gladys C. C and Sallum, Adriana M and Aikawa, Nadia E and Pereira, Rosa M and Silva, Clovis A and Bonfa, Eloisa and Beckmann, Jessica and Bartholomä, Nora and Venhoff, Nils and Henneke, Philipp and Salzer, Ulrich and Janda, Ales and Boteanu, Alina Lucica and Corral, Sandra Garrote and Giraldo, Alberto Sifuentes and Gámir, Mariluz Gámir and Mendoza, Antonio Zea and Adrovic, Amra and Dedeoglu, Reyhan and ... and Single Hub and Access point for paediatric Rheumatology in Europe (SHARE) and Juvenile Dermatomyositis Research Group and European Federation of Immunological Societies and UK JSLE study group supported by the National Institute of Health Research Clinical Research Network and on behalf of Juvenile Dermatomyositis Research Group (JDRG) and on behalf of PRINTO and Eurofever Project and on behalf of Italian Pediatric Rheumatology Study Group and PANLAR Pediatric Rheumatology Study Group and ICON study group and on behalf of On behalf of the UK JSLE Cohort Study and the Nordic Study Group of Pediatric Rheumatology (NoSPeR) and on behalf of PRINTO and PRCSG and on behalf of the UK Juvenile Dermatomyositis Research Group (JDRG) and BIKER collaborative group and on behalf of PANLAR Pediatric Rheumatology Study Group and GRIP study group and Juvenile Inflammatory Rheumatism (JIR) Cohort and CAPS and GRANT Medical University, Sofia 68/2015 and Drug Delivery Group and for the CARRA Registry Investigators and on behalf of PRINTO and Eurofever Registry and Juvenile Dermatomyositis Research Group (JDRG) and Nordic Study Group of Pediatric Rheumatology (NoSPeR)
Pediatric Rheumatology, ISSN 1546-0096, 05/2017, Volume 15, Issue S1
Journal Article
by Caminata, Alessio and Adams, Douglas and Alduino, Chris and Alfonso, Krystal and Avignone, Frank and Azzolini, Oscar and Bari, Giacomo and Bellini, Fabio and Benato, Giovanni and Bersani, Andrea and Biassoni, Matteo and Branca, Antonio and Brofferio, Chiara and Bucci, Carlo and Campani, Alice and Canonica, Lucia and Cao, Xi-Guang and Capelli, Silvia and Cappelli, Luigi and Cardani, Laura and Carniti, Paolo and Casali, Nicola and Chiesa, Davide and Chott, Nicholas and Clemenza, Massimiliano and Copello, Simone and Cosmelli, Carlo and Cremonesi, Oliviero and Creswick, Richard and Cushman, Jeremy and D'Addabbo, Antonio and D'Aguanno, Damiano and Dafinei, Ioan and Davis, Christopher and Dell'Oro, Stefano and Deninno, Milena and Di Domizio, Sergio and Dompè, Valentina and Drobizhev, Alexey and Fang, De-Qing and Fantini, Guido and Faverzani, Marco and Ferri, Elena and Ferroni, Fernando and Fiorini, Ettore and Franceschi, Massimo Alberto and Freedman, Stuart and Fujikawa, Brian and Giachero, Andrea and Gironi, Luca and Giuliani, Andrea and Gorla, Paolo and Gotti, Claudio and Gutierrez, Thomas and Han, Ke and Heeger, Karsten and Hennings-Yeomans, Raul and Huang, Roger and Huang, Huan Zhong and Johnston, Joe and Keppel, Giorgio and Kolomensky, Yury and Leder, Alexander and Ligi, Carlo and Ma, Yu-Gang and Marini, Laura and Martinez, Maria and Maruyama, Reina and Mei, Yuan and Moggi, Niccolo and Morganti, Silvio and Napolitano, Tommaso and Nastasi, Massimiliano and Nones, Claudia and Norman, Eric and Novati, Valentina and Nucciotti, Angelo and Nutini, Irene and O'Donnell, Thomas and Ouellet, Jonathan and Pagliarone, Carmine and Pallavicini, Marco and Pattavina, Luca and Pavan, Maura and Pessina, Gianluigi and Pettinacci, Valerio and Pira, Cristian and Pirro, Stefano and Pozzi, Stefano and Previtali, Ezio and Puiu, Andrei and Rosenfeld, Carl and Rusconi, Claudia and Sakai, Michinari and Sangiorgio, Samuele and Schmidt, Benjamin and Scielzo, Nick and Singh, Vivek and Sisti, Monica and Speller, Danielle and ... and Univ. of California, San Diego, CA (United States) and Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States) and Univ. of California, Oakland, CA (United States) and Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI (United States) and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States). National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) and Yale Univ., New Haven, CT (United States)
Universe, ISSN 2218-1997, 01/2019, Volume 5, Issue 1, p. 10
The Cryogenic Underground Observatory for Rare Events (CUORE) is the first bolometric experiment searching for neutrinoless double beta decay that has been... 
Majorana Neutrino | CUORE | Neutrinoless double beta decay | neutrinoless double beta decay | ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS | TE-130 | DOUBLE-BETA DECAY | PHYSICS, PARTICLES & FIELDS | Astronomy & Astrophysics | Physics
Journal Article
by Abate, Francesco and Todaro, Maria and Van Der Krogt, J.-A and Boi, Michela and Landra, Indira and Machiorlatti, R and Tabbò, Fabrizio and Messana, Katia and Abele, Cristina and Barreca, Antonella and Novero, Domenico and Gaudiano, Marcello and Aliberti, S and Di Giacomo, Filomena and Tousseyn, Thomas and Lasorsa, Elena and Crescenzo, Ramona and Bessone, Luca and Ficarra, Elisa and Acquaviva, Andrea and Rinaldi, Andrea and Ponzoni, Maurilio and Longo, D.L and Aime, S and Cheng, M and Ruggeri, B and Piccaluga, Pier Paolo and Pileri, Stefano and Tiacci, Enrico and Falini, Brunangelo and Pera-Gresely, B and Cerchietti, L and Iqbal, J and Chan, W.C and Shultz, L.D and Kwee, Ivo and Piva, Roberto and Wlodarska, I and Rabadan, R and Bertoni, Francesco and Inghirami, Giorgio and Cavallo, Federica and Chiesa, Nicoletta and Fienga, Antonella and Marchiorlatti, Rodolfo and Martinoglio, Barbara and Medico, Enzo and Ferrero, Gian Battista and Mereu, Elisabetta and Pellegrino, Elisa and Scafò, Irene and Spaccarotella, Elisa and Ubezzi, Ivana and Urigu, Susanna and Chiapella, Annalisa and Vitolo, Umberto and Agnelli, Luca and Neri, Antonino and Chilosi, Anna Caliò Marco and Zamó, Alberto and Facchetti, Fabio and Lonardi, Silvia and De Chiara, Anna and Fulciniti, Franco and Ferreri, Andrés and Agostinelli, Claudio and Van Loo, Peter and De Wolf-Peeters, Christiane and Geissinger, Eva and Muller-Hermelink, Hans Konrad and Rosenwald, Andreas and Piris, Miguel Angel and Rodriguez, Maria E and Chiattone, Carlos and Paes, Roberto Antonio Pinto and European T-Cell Lymphoma Study Grp and European T-cell Lymphoma Study Group and The European T-cell Lymphoma Study Group
Leukemia, ISSN 0887-6924, 06/2015, Volume 29, Issue 6, pp. 1390 - 1401
Although anaplastic large-cell lymphomas (ALCL) carrying anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) have a relatively good prognosis, aggressive forms exist. We have... 
NPM-ALK | ACTIVATION | FUSION | SIGNATURES | ONCOLOGY | KINASE | GENE-EXPRESSION | HODGKIN | T-CELL | HEMATOLOGY | NF-KAPPA-B | HUMANIZED MICE | Immunoprecipitation | Humans | Drug Resistance, Neoplasm | NF-kappa B - metabolism | Gene Expression Profiling | Tumor Suppressor Protein p53 - genetics | Flow Cytometry | Tumor Cells, Cultured | Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction | Repressor Proteins - metabolism | Lymphoma, Large-Cell, Anaplastic - genetics | Proteasome Inhibitors - pharmacology | Signal Transduction | RNA, Messenger - genetics | TNF Receptor-Associated Factor 1 - metabolism | Tumor Suppressor Protein p53 - metabolism | Repressor Proteins - genetics | TNF Receptor-Associated Factor 1 - genetics | In Situ Hybridization, Fluorescence | Receptor Protein-Tyrosine Kinases - metabolism | Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction | Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-myc - metabolism | Blotting, Western | Lymphoma, Large-Cell, Anaplastic - mortality | Xenograft Model Antitumor Assays | Animals | NF-kappa B - genetics | Receptor Protein-Tyrosine Kinases - genetics | Lymphoma, Large-Cell, Anaplastic - drug therapy | Mice, Inbred NOD | High-Throughput Nucleotide Sequencing | Mice | Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-myc - genetics | Positive Regulatory Domain I-Binding Factor 1 | Translocation, Genetic - genetics | Molecular targeted therapy | Translocation (Genetics) | Innovations | Development and progression | Lymphomas | Genetic aspects | Health aspects | Index Medicus | targeted therapy | Patient Derived Tumorgraft (PDT) | anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) | Tyrosine kinase fusion proteins | personalized medicine
Journal Article
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, ISSN 0027-8424, 7/1985, Volume 82, Issue 14, pp. 4712 - 4716
Journal Article
Cornea, ISSN 0277-3740, 09/1998, Volume 17, Issue 5, pp. 566 - 570
Journal Article
by Parak, F and Ostermann, A and Nienhaus, G U and Niimura, Nobuo and Eaton, William A and Hagen, Stephen J and Henry, Eric R and Hofrichter, James and Jas, Gouri and Lapidus, Lisa and Muñoz, Victor and Wang, Chih-chen and Bhuyan, Abani and Udgaonkar, Javant and Rüterians, Heinz and Woolfson, Derek N and Finucane, M D and Lees, J H and Pandya, M J and Spooner, G and Tuna, M and Olson, Wilma K and Chary, K V. R and Westhof, E and Wool, I G and Correll, C C and Ivanov, V I and Bondarenko, S A and Zdobnov, E M and Beniaminov, A D and Minyat, E E and Ulyanov, N B and Wigley, Dale B and Shimamoto, Nobuo and Kinebuchi, Takashi and Kabata, Hiroyuki and Kurosawa, Osamu and Washizu, Masao and Baird, Barbara and Holowka, David and Belrhali, H and Nollert, P and Royant, A and Rosenbusch, J P and Landau, E M and Pebav-Peyroula, E and Lala, Anil K and D’Silva, Patrick R and Pietrobon, Daniela and Pinton, Paolo and Magalhaes, Paulo and Chiesa, Anna and Brini, Marisa and Pozzan, Tullio and Rizzuto, Rosario and Montai, M and Wang, Shu-Rong and Carrascosa, José L and Bhattacharyya, B and Wilson, Ian A and Salunke, Dinakar M and Drickamer, Kurt and Imberty, Anne and Surolia, A and Johnson, Louise N and Neeman, Michal and Prince, S M and McLuskey, K and Cogdell, R J and McAuley, K and Isaacs, N W and Venturoli, G and Drepper, F and Williams, J C and Allen, J P and Lin, X and Mathis, P and van Grondelle, R and Junge, Wolfgang and Tsukihara, T and Shinzawa-Itoh, K and Nakashima, R and Yamashita, E and Fei, M J and Inoue, N and Tomizaki, T and Libeu, C Peters and Yoshikawa, S and Chaussepied, Patrick and Namba, Keiichi and Carlier, Marie-France and Ressacl, Fariza and Laurent, Valerie and Loisel, Thomas and Egile, Coumaran and Sansonetti, Philippe and Pantaloni, Dominique and Bansal, Manju and Knapp, E W and Ullmann, M G and ...
Journal of Biosciences, ISSN 0250-5991, 3/1999, Volume 24, Issue S1, pp. 5 - 31
Journal Article
International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Pathology, ISSN 1936-2625, 2013, Volume 6, Issue 7, pp. 1409 - 1415
Journal Article