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magnetic resonance imaging (4) 4
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by Abdellaoui, G and Adams, J.H and Allen, L and Anzalone, A and Asano, K and Attoui, H and Bartocci, S and Belenguer, T and Bertaina, M and Bobik, P and Bozzo, E and Caballero, K.S and Cafagna, F and Carlson, P and Caruso, R and Cassardo, C and Castellina, A and Catalano, C and Catalano, O and Chiritoi, G and Connaughton, V and Cotto, G and Cummings, A and Dagoret-Campagne, S and Donato, C. De and Martino, M. Di and Djemil, T and Dutan, I and Engel, R and Fenu, F and Fernández-Soriano, J and Fouka, M and Franchini, S and Fujii, T and García-Ortega, E and Hachisu, Y and Haiduc, M and Carretero, J. Hernández and Itow, Y and Kawasaki, Y and Khales, H and Krantz, H and Kreykenbohm, I and Kusenko, A and Barbera, A. La and Lakhdari, F and Lee, J and Licandro, J and Mackovjak, S and Mahdi, M and Maravilla, D and Marcelli, L and Marcos, J.L and Marini, A and Matev, R and Medina-Tanco, G and Mizumoto, Y and Ríos, J.A. Morales De Los and Nagataki, S and Napolitano, T and Naslund, W and Neronov, A and Ogio, S and Ohmori, H and Orleański, P and Pasqualino, G and Perfetto, F and Pindado, S and Piraino, S and Pliego, S and Pollini, A and Prévôt, G and Puehlhofer, G and Radu, A.A and Frías, M.D. Rodríguez and Sahnoune, Z and Sánchez, J.L and Sanz-Andrés, A and Schanz, T and Schieler, H and Scotti, V and Selmane, S and Serra, M and Szabelski, J and Tajima, N and Tajima, T and Takahashi, Y and Thomas, S.B and Tkachev, L and Toscano, S and Tsuno, K and Vaduvescu, O and Valdés-Galicia, J.F and Watanabe, J and Muñoz, R. Weigand and Weindl, A and Yano, H and Yashin, I.V and Young, R and Zotov, M.Yu and JEM-EUSO Collaboration
Journal of instrumentation, ISSN 1748-0221, 05/2018, Volume 13, Issue 5, pp. P05023 - P05023
Journal Article
by Allen, M and Azuma, R and Barcikowski, E and Bergman, D.R and Blake, S.A and Cheon, B.G and Chiba, J and Chikawa, M and Di Matteo, A and Fujii, T and Fujita, K and Fukushima, M and Furlich, G and Goto, T and Hanlon, W and Hayashi, M and Hayashida, N and Honda, K and Ikeda, D and Inoue, N and Ishii, T and Ishimori, R and Ivanov, D and Jeong, S and Jui, C.C.H and Kadota, K and Kalashev, O and Kasahara, K and Kawata, K and Kim, J.H and Kitamura, S and Kitamura, Y and Kuzmin, V and Kuznetsov, M and Kwon, Y.J and Lee, K.H and Lubsandorzhiev, B and Lundquist, J.P and Machida, K and Martens, K and Matthews, J.N and Minamino, M and Mukai, K and Myers, I and Nagasawa, K and Nagataki, S and Nakamura, T and Oda, H and Ogio, S and Ogura, J and Ohnishi, M and Ohoka, H and Okuda, T and Onogi, R and Oshima, A and Ozawa, S and Park, I.H and Pshirkov, M.S and Remington, J and Rodriguez, D.C and Rubtsov, G and Ryu, D and Sagawa, H and Saito, K and Saito, Y and Scott, L.M and Seki, T and Shah, P.D and Shibata, T and Shin, B.K and Shin, H.S and Smith, J.D and Sokolsky, P and Stokes, B.T and Stroman, T.A and Suzawa, T and Takagi, Y and Takahashi, Y and Takeishi, R and Taketa, A and Tanaka, M and Thomas, S.B and Thomson, G.B and Tinyakov, P and Tkachev, I and Tokuno, H and Tomida, T and Tsunesada, Y and Urban, F and Yamamoto, M and Yamane, R and Yamaoka, H and Yamazaki, K and Yang, J and Yashiro, K and Yoneda, Y and Yoshida, S and Yoshii, H and Zhezher, Y and Zundel, Z and Telescope Array Collaboration
Physical review. D, ISSN 2470-0010, 07/2018, Volume 98, Issue 2
Journal Article
Astroparticle physics, ISSN 0927-6505, 04/2015, Volume 64, pp. 49 - 62
Journal Article
by Abe, M and Barcikowski, E and Belz, J. W and Bergman, D. R and Blake, S. A and Cheon, B. G and Chiba, J and Chikawa, M and di Matteo, A and Fujii, T and Fujita, K and Fujiwara, R and Furlich, G and Hanlon, W and Hayashi, M and Hibino, K and Higuchi, R and Honda, K and Inoue, N and Ishimori, R and Ivanov, D and Iwakura, H and Jeong, H. M and Jeong, S and Jui, C. C. H and Kakimoto, F and Kalashev, O and Kasahara, K and Kasami, S and Kawai, H and Kawakami, S and Kawana, S and Kawata, K and Kido, E and Kim, H. B and Kim, S. W and Kuznetsov, M and Kwon, Y. J and Lee, K. H and Machida, K and Matsumiya, H and Matthews, J. N and Mayta, R and Minamino, M and Myers and Nakai, K and Nakamura, R and Nakamura, T and Nakamura, Y and Oda, H and Ohnishi, M and Ohoka, H and Oku, Y and Omura, Y and Ono, M and Onogi, R and Oshima, A and Ozawa, S and Park, I. H and Pshirkov, M. S and Rodriguez, D. C and Rubtsov, G and Ryu, D and Sahara, R and Saito, Y and Sakaki, N and Sako, T and Sakurai, N and Seki, T and Shibata, F and Shibata, T and Shimodaira, H and Shin, B. K and Shin, H. S and Smith, J. D and Sokolsky, P and Sone, N and Stokes, B. T and Stroman, T. A and Takahashi, Y and Takamura, M and Takeda, M and Takeishi, R and Taketa, A and Takita, M and Tanaka, H and Tanaka, K and Tanoue, Y and Thomas, S. B and Thomson, G. B and Tokuno, H and Tomida, T and Uehama, T and Urban, F and Wong, T and Yada, K and Yamamoto, M and Yamazaki, K and Yashiro, K and Zundel, Z and Telescope Array Collaboration and The Telescope Array Collaboration
Physical review. D, Particles, fields, gravitation, and cosmology, ISSN 1550-7998, 09/2020, Volume 102, Issue 6, p. 1
Journal Article
Astroparticle physics, ISSN 0927-6505, 07/2016, Volume 80, pp. 131 - 140
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Amans, J and Armstrong, T and Arqueros, F and Asano, K and Balzer, A and Bilinsky, A and Biteau, J and Blanch, O and Blasi, P and Bonardi, A and Brau-Nogué, S and Bugaev, V and Bulgarelli, A and Busetto, G and Cameron, R and Carosi, R and Chernyakova, M and Conforti, V and Covino, S and De Franco, A and Del Santo, M and Dwarkadas, V and Ebr, J and Egberts, K and Elsässer, D and Fesquet, M and Coromina, L. Freixas and Fujita, Y and Gadola, A and Garczarczyk, M and Giuliani, A and Goldoni, P and Grabarczyk, T and Granot, J and Hakobyan, H and Hara, S and Humensky, T. B and Hörandel, J and Inoue, Y and Jacquemier, J and Janecek, P and Jung, I and Kimeswenger, S and Komin, N and Konno, Y and Koyama, S and Mezek, G. Kukec and Lefaucheur, J and Lohse, T and Longo, F and Lopez, M and Malaguti, G and Martínez, G and Maurin, G and Maxted, N and Mineo, T and Mizuno, T and Moderski, R and Montaruli, T and Mori, K and Morlino, G and Moulin, E and Nagayoshi, T and Nakamori, T and Noda, K and Nosek, D and Ohm, S and Ostrowski, M and Paredes, J. M and Pavy, S and Persic, M and Pisarski, A and Principe, G and Quirrenbach, A and Ribó, M and Romano, P and Romeo, G and Saito, T and Sanchez, D and Sangiorgi, P and Santander, M and Shalchi, A and Stawarz, . and Testa, V and Torres, D. F and Tosti, G and Travnicek, P and Vagelli, V and Valore, L and Vassiliev, V and Vorobiov, S and Wilcox, P and Wojcik, P and Yang, L and Yoshida, T and Zampieri, L and Zdziarski, A and Zhdanov, V and Ziegler, A and Zorn, J and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States)
The Astrophysical journal, ISSN 0004-637X, 05/2017, Volume 840, Issue 2, pp. 1 - 14
Journal Article
Astroparticle physics, ISSN 0927-6505, 02/2015, Volume 61, pp. 93 - 101
Journal Article