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by Tomkins-Netzer, Oren and Lightman, Susan and Drye, Lea and Kempen, John and Holland, Gary N and Rao, Narsing A and Stawell, Richard J and Vitale, Albert and Jabs, Douglas A and Jaffe, G.J and Branchaud, B and Hahn, P and Koreen, L and Lad, E.N and Lin, P and Martel, J.N and Serrano, N.S and Skalak, C and Vajzovic, L and Baer, C and Bryant, J and Chavala, S and Cusick, M and Day, S and Dayani, P and Ehlers, J and Kesen, M and Lee, A and Melamud, A and Qureshi, J.A and Scott, A.W and See, R.F and Shuler, R.K and Wood, M and Yeh, S and Fernandes, A and Gibbs, D and Leef, D and Martin, D.F and Srivastava, S and Dunn, J.P and Begum, H and Boring, J and Brotherson, K.L and Burkholder, B and Butler, N.J and Cain, D and Cook, M.A and Emmert, D and Graul, J.R and Herring, M and Laing, A and Leung, T.G and Mahon, M.C and Moradi, A and Nwankwo, A and Ostheimer, T.L and Reed, T and Arnold, E and Barnabie, P.M and Belair, M.L and Bolton, S.G and Brodine, J.B and Brown, D.M and Brune, L.M and Galor, A and Gan, T and Jacobowitz, A and Kapoor, M and Kedhar, S and Kim, S and Leder, H.A and Livingston, A.G and Morton, Y and Nolan, K and Peters, G.B and Soto, P and Stevenson, R and Tarver-Carr, M and Wang, Y and Foster, C and Anesi, S.D and Bruner, L and Ceron, O and Hinkle, D.M and Persons, N and Wentworth, B and Acevedo, S and Anzaar, F and Cesca, T and Contero, A and Fitzpatrick, K and Goronga, F and Johnson, J and Lebron, K.Q and Marvell, D and Morgan, C and Patel, N and Pinto, J and Siddique, S.S and ... and Multictr Uveitis Steroid Treatment and Multicenter Uveitis Steroid Treatment Trial Research Group
Ophthalmology, ISSN 0161-6420, 11/2015, Volume 122, Issue 11, pp. 2351 - 2359
Journal Article
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 10/2010, Volume 330, Issue 6003, pp. 483 - 486
Hydrogen has been inferred to occur in enhanced concentrations within permanently shadowed regions and, hence, the coldest areas of the lunar poles. The Lunar... 
Italian ices | Hydrogen | Surface areas | REPORTS | Spacecraft | Neutrons | Lunar orbits | Regolith | Polar regions | Impact craters | Neutron counters | MERCURY | MOON | MARS | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | NEAR-SURFACE | ICE | PROSPECTOR | WATER | Extraterrestrial Environment | Spectrum Analysis | Moon | Research | Lunar geology | Lunar craters | Natural history | Mapping | Planetology | Neutron flux | Craters | Neutron detectors | Implantation | Missions | Drying
Journal Article
IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, ISSN 1041-4347, 03/2006, Volume 18, Issue 3, pp. 289 - 303
Journal Article
Journal of Materials Processing Tech, ISSN 0924-0136, 2005, Volume 170, Issue 3, pp. 494 - 500
The useful life of a cutting tool and its operating conditions largely control the economics of the machining operations. Hence, it is imperative that the... 
Twist drill | Statistical analysis | Artificial neural network | Tool wear | Cutting force | artificial neural network | tool wears | twist drill | MATERIALS SCIENCE, MULTIDISCIPLINARY | ENGINEERING, MANUFACTURING | statistical analysis | ENGINEERING, INDUSTRIAL | cutting force | Universities and colleges | Neural networks | Machining | Drilling and boring
Journal Article
by Cheng, Ching-Yu and Schache, Maria and Ikram, M. Kamran and Young, Terri L and Guggenheim, Jeremy A and Vitart, Veronique and MacGregor, Stuart and Verhoeven, Virginie J.M and Barathi, Veluchamy A and Liao, Jiemin and Hysi, Pirro G and Bailey-Wilson, Joan E and St. Pourcain, Beate and Kemp, John P and Timpson, Nicholas J and Evans, David M and Montgomery, Grant W and Mishra, Aniket and Wang, Ya Xing and Rochtchina, Elena and Polasek, Ozren and Amin, Najaf and van Leeuwen, Elisabeth M and Wilson, James F and de Jong, Paulus T.V.M and Vingerling, Johannes R and Tay, Wan-Ting and Zheng, Yingfeng and Chew, Merwyn and Rahi, Jugnoo S and Yamashiro, Kenji and Miyake, Masahiro and Delcourt, Cécile and Williams, Cathy and Guggenheim, Jeremy A and Northstone, Kate and Ring, Susan M and Burdon, Kathryn P and Fogarty, Rhys D and Igo, Robert P and Chew, Emily and Janmahasathian, Sarayut and Wilson, Joan E. Bailey and MacGregor, Stuart and Lu, Yi and Xu, Liang and Baird, Paul N and Rochtchina, Elena and Mitchell, Paul and Wang, Jie Jin and Nangia, Vinay and Hayward, Caroline and Polasek, Ozren and Campbell, Harry and Rudan, Igor and Vatavuk, Zoran and Paterson, Andrew D and Young, Terri L and Verhoeven, Virginie J.M and Klaver, Caroline C and van Duijn, Cornelia M and Metspalu, Andres and Haller, Toomas and Mihailov, Evelin and Pärssinen, Olavi and Wojciechowski, Robert and Schache, Maria and Pfeiffer, Norbert and Höhn, René and Pang, Chi Pui and Chen, Peng and Wegner, Aharon and Yip, Shea Ping and Ho, Daniel W.H and Murgia, Federico and Portas, Laura and Wilson, James F and Hewitt, Alex W and Ang, Wei and Wong, Tien-Yin and Fan, Qiao and Cheng, Ching-Yu and Zhou, Xin and Tai, E-Shyong and Mackey, David A and Hammond, Christopher J and Morrison, Margaux and Zhou, Xiangtian and Chen, Wei and Lehtimäki, Terho and Mäkelä, Kari-Matti and Raitakari, Olli and Kähönen, Mika and Burdon, Kathryn P and Craig, Jamie E and Iyengar, Sudha K and Igo, Robert P and Reinhart, William and Belin, Michael W and Schultze, Robert L and ... and Molecular Risk Factors Program Project and BMES and CROATIA-Vis and Duke Myopia Study and DNA, Genotyping, Data QC and Informatics Group and Epigenetics and Central ECG Reading Unit and GEMT and Consortium for Refractive Error and Myopia and AREDS1c and FITSA and Computed Tomography Reading Center and Estonian Genome Project / EGCUT and WESDR and Central Fundus Photograph Reading Center and Utah Timorese and Penn Family Studies and ALIENOR and Beijing Eye Study and Data and Analysis Group and TwinsUK and Wenzhou and EDIC Publications and Erasmus Rucphen Family Study and DCCT and Yokohama Study and ANZRAG and Members and CROATIA-Split and CIEMS and SCES and LIKI and External Evaluation Committee and 1958 British Birth Cohort and TEST and Gutenberg Health Study and Central Carotid Ultrasound Unit and SCORM and The Diabetes Control and Complications Trial/Epidemiology of Diabetes Interventions, and Complications Research Group and Central Biochemistry Laboratory and Myopia Genomics Study (Hong Kong HTI) and Central Neuropsychological Coding Unit and Framingham Eye Study and National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease Program Office and Genetic Studies Group and Ogliastra Genetic Park Study and CROATIA-Korčula and AREDS1a and BATS and Young Finns Study and Management Committee and Kyoto high myopia and Central ANS Reading Unit and SP2 and Publications Committee and Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium 2 and Rotterdam Study and Aichi cohort and Data Coordinating Center and SIMES and ORCADES and SINDI and The Fuchs’ Genetics Multi-Center Study Group and Study Chairmen and RAINE and STARS and Clinical Coordinating Center and Hong Kong cohort study and AREDS1b and Duke FECD Fuchs Dystrophy GWAS and ALSPAC and KORA and Consortium Refractive Error Myopia and Fuchs Genetics Multictr Study Grp and Diabet Control Complications Trial and Wellcome Trust Case Control Consor and Fuchs' Genetics Multi-Center Study Group and Diabetes Control and Complications Trial/Epidemiology of Diabetes Interventions, and Complications Research Group
The American Journal of Human Genetics, ISSN 0002-9297, 08/2013, Volume 93, Issue 2, pp. 264 - 277
Journal Article