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by Donato, Dominique M and Hanks, Steven K and Jacobson, Kenneth A and Balasubramanian, Ramachandran and Ciancetta, Antonella and Gao, Zhan-Guo and Qi, Xiao-Mei and Wang, Fang and Chen, Guan and Papaconstantinou, John and Hsieh, Ching-Chyuan and DeFord, James H and Menendez, Daniel and Nguyen, Thuy-Ai and Resnick, Michael A and Anderson, Carl W and Rossi, Marianna Nicoletta and Saleem, Sehar and Khanday, Firdous A and Phillips, Brittany L and Corbett, Anita H and Vest, Katherine E and Yang, Sheng-Wei and Hsu, Yuan-Hao and Guo, Jianman and Field, Jeffrey and Fiesel, Fabienne C and Caulfield, Thomas R and Ross, Owen A and Springer, Wolfdieter and You, Linya and Yan, Kezhi and Yang, Xiang-Jiao and Kelly, Michy P and Lobo, Miguel J and Zaccolo, Manuela and Houslay, Miles D and Choi, Nahyun and Moon, Jung-Hun and Sung, Jong-Hyuk and Gawecka, Joanna E and Ramos, Joe W and Mendoza-Viveros, Lucia and Cheng, Hai-Ying Mary and Kitazume, Shinobu and Kibbey, Richard G and Routray, Samapika and Rahman, Juber and Poole, Leslie B and Lazou, Antigone and Barlaka, Eleftheria and Popeijus, Herman E and Sergeeva, Elena and Villena, Josep A and Grzechnik, Agnieszka T and Newton, Alexandra C and Nagai, Maria Aparecida and Alli-Balogun, Ganiyu and Minogue, Shane and Radif, Yassmeen and Waugh, Mark G and Clarke, Jonathan H and Irvine, Robin F and Kumar, Sujeet and Selvakumar, Ponniah and Sharma, Rajendra K and Sasaki, Takashi and Kotera, Jun and Omori, Kenji and Chiu, Honyin and So, Lomon and Fruman, David A and Jang, Hyun-Jun and Yang, Yong Ryoul and Cocco, Lucio and Ryu, Sung Ho and Suh, Pann-Ghill and Murakami, Makoto and Gomez-Cambronero, Julian and Henkels, Karen M and Cottage, Christopher T and Sundararaman, Balaji and Din, Shabana and Hariharan, Nirmala and Sussman, Mark A and Onica, Dana and Litchfield, David W and Franco, Diego and Aranega, Amelia and Storz, Peter and Sadler, Anthony John and Strehler, Emanuel E and Agirbasli, Deniz and Agirbasli, Mehmet and Trimarchi, Hernán and Marathe, Gopal Kedihithlu and Jacob, Shancy Petsel and Sumanth, Mosale Seetharam and Lakshmikanth, Chikkamenahalli Lakshminarayana and Abhilash, Kandahalli Venkataranganayaka and ...
6/2018, ISBN 3319671987
Book Chapter
by Metze, Dieter and Cury, Vanessa F and Gomez, Ricardo S and De Marco, Luiz and Robinson, Dror and Melamed, Eitan and Leung, Alexander K. C and Nam, Jae-Hwan and Matsubara, Yoichi and Tada, Keiya and Sancak, Seda and Paschke, Ralf and Kupka, Susan and Plontke, Stefan K and Zenner, Hans-Peter and Kupka, Susan and Azhar, Gohar and Wei, Jeanne Y and Kang, Y. James and Yoshizawa, Katsuhiko and Nyska, Abraham and Jones, Graeme and Triantafilou, Kathy and Lepper, Philipp M and Leung, Alexander K. C and Bode, Johannes G and Bode, Johannes G and Kashtan, Clifford E and Schümann, Klaus and Weiss, Günter and Skerka, Christine and Licht, Christoph and Zipfel, Peter F and Cate, Hugo ten and Cate, Hugo ten and Cate, Hugo ten and Oette, Mark and Häussinger, Dieter and Ruel, Isabelle L and Couture, Patrick and Lamarche, Benoît and Siegmund, Sören V and Haas, Stephan L and Singer, Manfred V and Heintges, Tobias and Kubitz, Ralf and Häussinger, Dieter and Erhardt, Andreas and Erhardt, Andreas and Lammert, Frank and Lorenzen, Johann and Blum, Hubert E and Moradpour, Darius and Kubitz, Ralf and Merker, Georg and Häussinger, Dieter and Wettstein, Matthias and Wettstein, Matthias and Guevara, Mónica and Ginès, Pere and Cate, Hugo Ten and Leung, Alexander K. C and Heininger, Ulrich and Pfister, Markus and Zenner, Hans-Peter and Schmitt, Marcus and Schinkel, Arend F. L and Poldermans, Don and Bax, Jeroen J and Mairbäurl, Heimo and Bärtsch, Peter and Kubitz, Ralf and Merker, Georg H and Häussinger, Dieter and Chiu, Percy and Legro, Richard S and Nyhan, William L and Dave, Sandeep S and Kohlhase, Jürgen and Dielis, Arne W. J. H and Cate, Hugo ten and Mudd, S. Harvey and Simon, Christian and Schildgen, Oliver and Sternak, Suncanica Ljubin and Mlinaric-Galinovic, Gordana and Stockfleth, Eggert and Nindl, Ingo and Zerr, Inga and Bähr, Mathias and Stankus, Nicole and Lindenberg, Katrin S and Landwehrmeyer, G. Bernhard and Denecke, Jonas and Leung, Alexander K. C and Katsuragi, Shoichi and Grimbacher, Bodo and Woellner, Cristina and Holland, Steven and Koch, Christian A and ...
ISBN 3540671366
Book Chapter
by Benavente, O. R and Coffey, C. S and Conwit, R and Hart, R. G and McClure, L. A and Pearce, L. A and Pergola, P. E and Szychowski, J. M and Benavente, O. R and Hart, R. G and Pergola, P. E and Palacio, S and Castro, I and Farias, A and Roldan, A and Kase, C and Gavras, I and Lau, H and Ogrodnik, M and Allen, N and Meissner, I and Graves, J and Herzig, D and Covalt, J and Meyer, B and Jackson, C and Gamble, P and Kelly, N and Warner, J and Bell, J and Demaerschalk, B and Hogan, M and Wochos, D and Wieser, J and Cleary, B and Wood, L and Hanna, J and Zipp, T and Bailey, S and Cook, D and Liskay, A and Simcox, D and Kappler, J and Anderson, D and Grimm, R and Brauer, D and Pettigrew, C and Vaishnov, A and Sawaya, P and Fowler, A and Hughes, N and Rice, J and Vanderpool, K and Cruz-Flores, S and Walden, H. D and Holzemer, E and Santhakumar, S and Van Stavern, R and Chatuverdi, S and Flack, J and Mada, F and Wiseman, D and Berlow, E and Klinker, J and Chiu, D and Taylor, A and Katz, L and Coull, B and Howard, L and Malekniazi, M and VanSkiver, M and Bruck, D and Redman, S and Logan, W and Carpenter, D and Schroer, S and Katramados, A and Silver, B and Yee, J and Aiello, K and Wilson, K and McCarthy, S and Dandapani, B and Spies, C. P and Vasile, C and Anthony, B and Ferguson, J and Krubel, S and Synman, A and Andrews, N and Kirshner, H and Sussman, C and Brown, D and Elkind, M and Crew, R. J and Radhakrishan, J and Corporan, T. E and Diaz, J and Aragon, R and Slivka, A and ... and unav and The SPS3 Study Group and SPS3 Study Group
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 08/2013, Volume 382, Issue 9891, pp. 507 - 515
Journal Article
by Kopnina, Helen and Lacerda, Maria Sinara Alves de and Silva, Patrick Vinicius Fonseca da and Matheus, Carla and Inogwabini, Bila-Isia and Chiu, Eva and Kevany, Kathleen and Meiboudi, Hossein and Arjmandi, Reza and Semiromi, Farzam Babaei and Schneider, Petra and Belousova, Anna and Liarakou, Georgia and Otto, Daniel and Becker, Sara and Gimenes, Thamires Cesário and Machado, Micheli Kowalczuk and Vernalha, Estevão Brasil Ruas and Quaharre, Cristian Guzmán and Sandoval, Edgar Enrique Miranda and Nunoo, Edward Kweku and Mariwah, S and Shafic Suleman, S and Oliveira, Filipe Tadeu and Bernardo, Hermano and Diji, Chukwuemeka Jude and Oliveira, Sonja and Marco, Elena and Gething, Bill and Pandey, Umesh Chandra and Kumar, Chhabi and Sivapalan, Subarna and Clifford, Mike J and Mwaura, Grace M and Fitzgerald, Louise Michelle and deSouza, Priyanka and do Paço, Arminda and Laurett, Rozélia and Boshoff, Daniel S and El-Deir, Soraya Giovanetti and Cooper-Ordoñez, Robert Eduardo and Altimiras-Martin, Aleix and Leal Filho, Walter and Joseph, Kurian and Eslamian, Saeid and Ostad-Ali-Askari, Kaveh and Nekooei, Mohsen and Talebmorad, Hosein and Hasantabar-Amiri, Ali and Hoshino Neta, Carolina Shizue and da Cal Seixas, Sônia Regina and Gebeyehu, B and Adugna, B and Gammie, T and Simane, Belay and Mekuriaw, Abate and Ita, Vânia Fernandes Garcia and Machado, Micheli Kowalczuk and Vernalha, Estevão Brasil Ruas and Al-Saidi, Mohammad and Silva, Adriana Aparecida Magri da and Silva, Giovana Dominicci and Machado, Micheli Kowalczuk and de Lima Ribeiro, Missulia and Machado, Micheli Kowalczuk and Vernalha, Estevão Brasil Ruas and Karuzis, Joseph and Muller, Irene and Gaffney, Jessica L and O’Neil, Joy Kcenia and Wahl, Kim and O’Neil, Joy Kcenia and Tamašauskienė, Zita and Žičkienė, Skaidrė
10/2019, ISBN 3030113515
Book Chapter