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by Boedhoe, Premika S.W and Schmaal, Lianne and Abe, Yoshinari and Ameis, Stephanie H and Arnold, Paul D and Batistuzzo, Marcelo C and Benedetti, Francesco and Beucke, Jan C and Bollettini, Irene and Bose, Anushree and Brem, Silvia and Calvo, Anna and Cheng, Yuqi and Cho, Kang Ik K and Dallaspezia, Sara and Denys, Damiaan and Fitzgerald, Kate D and Fouche, Jean-Paul and Giménez, Mònica and Gruner, Patricia and Hanna, Gregory L and Hibar, Derrek P and Hoexter, Marcelo Q and Hu, Hao and Huyser, Chaim and Ikari, Keisuke and Jahanshad, Neda and Kathmann, Norbert and Kaufmann, Christian and Koch, Kathrin and Kwon, Jun Soo and Lazaro, Luisa and Liu, Yanni and Lochner, Christine and Marsh, Rachel and Martínez-Zalacaín, Ignacio and Mataix-Cols, David and Menchón, José M and Minuzzi, Luciano and Nakamae, Takashi and Nakao, Tomohiro and Narayanaswamy, Janardhanan C and Piras, Fabrizio and Piras, Federica and Pittenger, Christopher and Reddy, Y.C. Janardhan and Sato, Joao R and Simpson, H. Blair and Soreni, Noam and Soriano-Mas, Carles and Spalletta, Gianfranco and Stevens, Michael C and Szeszko, Philip R and Tolin, David F and Venkatasubramanian, Ganesan and Walitza, Susanne and Wang, Zhen and van Wingen, Guido A and Xu, Jian and Xu, Xiufeng and Yun, Je-Yeon and Zhao, Qing and Thompson, Paul M and Stein, Dan J and van den Heuvel, Odile A and Abe, Yoshinari and Alonso, Pino and Ameis, Stephanie H and Arnold, Paul D and Bargalló, Nuria and Batistuzzo, Marcelo C and Benedetti, Francesco and Beucke, Jan C and Boedhoe, Premika S.W and Bollettini, Irene and Bose, Anushree and Brem, Silvia and Busatto, Geraldo F and Calvo, Anna and Calvo, Rosa and Cath, Danielle C and Cheng, Yuqi and Cho, Kang Ik K and Dallaspezia, Sara and de Vries, Froukje E and de Wit, Stella J and Denys, Damiaan and Fang, Yu and Fitzgerald, Kate D and Fontaine, Martine and Fouche, Jean-Paul and Giménez, Mònica and Gruner, Patricia and Hanna, Gregory L and Hibar, Derrek P and Hoexter, Marcelo Q and Hu, Hao and Huyser, Chaim and Ikari, Keisuke and Jahanshad, Neda and ... and The members of the ENIGMA OCD Working Group and ENIGMA OCD Working Group and ENIGMA OCD Working Grp
The American journal of psychiatry, ISSN 0002-953X, 01/2017, Volume 174, Issue 1, pp. 60 - 69
Journal Article
SAE technical paper series, Volume 2002-01-0725.
Anti-vibration rubbers in vehicle play an important role in restricting vibration generated from engine and road. But, degradation occurs when rubber is... 
by Steidinger, B. S and Crowther, T. W and Liang, J and Van Nuland, M. E and Werner, G. D.A and Reich, P. B and Nabuurs, G. J and de-Miguel, S and Zhou, M and Picard, N and Herault, B and Zhao, X and Zhang, C and Routh, D and Peay, K. G and Abegg, Meinrad and Adou Yao, C.  Yves and Alberti, Giorgio and Almeyda Zambrano, Angelica and Alvarez-Davila, Esteban and Alvarez-Loayza, Patricia and Alves, Luciana F and Ammer, Christian and Antón-Fernández, Clara and Araujo-Murakami, Alejano and Arroyo, Luzmila and Avitabile, Valerio and Aymard, Gerardo and Baker, Timothy and Bałazy, Radomir and Banki, Olaf and Barroso, Jorcely and Bastian, Meredith and Bastin, Jean Francois and Birigazzi, Luca and Birnbaum, Philippe and Bitariho, Robert and Boeckx, Pascal and Bongers, Frans and Bouriaud, Olivier and Brancalion, Peo H H.S and Brandl, Susanne and Brearley, Francis Q and Brienen, Roel and Broadbent, Eben and Bruelheide, Helge and Bussotti, Filippo and Cazzolla Gatti, Roberto and Cesar, Ricardo and Cesljar, Goran and Chazdon, Robin and Chen, Han Y.H and Chisholm, Chelsea and Cienciala, Emil and Clark, Connie J and Clark, David and Colletta, Gabriel and Condit, Richard and Coomes, David and Cornejo Valverde, Fernando and Corral-Rivas, Jose J and Crim, Philip and Cumming, Jonathan and Dayanandan, Selvadurai and de Gasper, Ané L and Decuyper, Mathieu and Derroire, Géraldine and DeVries, Ben and Djordjevic, Ilija and Iêda, Amaral and Dourdain, Aurélie and Obiang, Nestor Laurier Engone and Enquist, Brian and Eyre, Teresa and Fandohan, Adandé Belarmain and Fayle, Tom M and Feldpausch, Ted R and Finér, Leena and Fischer, Markus and Fletcher, Christine and Fridman, Jonas and Frizzera, Lorenzo and Gamarra, Javier G.P and Gianelle, Damiano and Glick, Henry B and Harris, David and Hector, Anew and Hemp, Aneas and Hengeveld, Geerten and Herbohn, John and Herold, Martin and Hillers, Annika and Honorio Coronado, Eurídice N and Huber, Markus and Hui, Cang and Cho, Hyunkook and Ibanez, Thomas and Jung, Ilbin and Imai, Nobuo and Jagodzinski, Anzej M and ... and GFBI consortium
Nature (London), ISSN 0028-0836, 07/2019, Volume 571, Issue 7765, pp. E8 - E8
Journal Article
by Adachi, I and Ahlburg, P and Aihara, H and Akopov, N and Aloisio, A and Anh Ky, N and Asner, D. M and Atmacan, H and Aushev, T and Aushev, V and Aziz, T and Babu, V and Baehr, S and Bambade, P and Banerjee, Sw and Bansal, V and Barrett, M and Baudot, J and Becker, J and Behera, P. K and Bennett, J. V and Bernieri, E and Bernlochner, F. U and Bertemes, M and Bessner, M and Bettarini, S and Bianchi, F and Biswas, D and Bozek, A and Bračko, M and Branchini, P and Briere, R. A and Browder, T. E and Budano, A and Burmistrov, L and Bussino, S and Campajola, M and Cao, L and Casarosa, G and Cecchi, C and Červenkov, D and Chang, M.-C and Cheaib, R and Chekelian, V and Chen, Y. Q and Chen, Y.-T and Cheon, B. G and Chilikin, K and Cho, K and Cho, S and Choi, S.-K and Choudhury, S and Cinabro, D and Corona, L and Cremaldi, L. M and Cunliffe, S and Czank, T and Dattola, F and De La Cruz-Burelo, E and De Nardo, G and De Nuccio, M and De Pietro, G and de Sangro, R and Destefanis, M and Dey, S and De Yta-Hernandez, A and Di Capua, F and Doležal, Z and Domínguez Jiménez, I and Dong, T. V and Dort, K and Dossett, D and Dubey, S and Duell, S and Dujany, G and Eidelman, S and Eliachevitch, M and Fast, J. E and Ferber, T and Ferlewicz, D and Finocchiaro, G and Fiore, S and Fodor, A and Forti, F and Fulsom, B. G and Ganiev, E and Garcia-Hernandez, M and Garg, R and Gaur, V and Gaz, A and Gellrich, A and Gemmler, J and Geßler, T and Giordano, R and Giri, A and Gobbo, B and Godang, R and Goldenzweig, P and Golob, B and Gomis, P and ... and Belle II Collaboration and Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States)
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 04/2020, Volume 124, Issue 14, pp. 1 - 141801
Theories beyond the standard model often predict the existence of an additional neutral boson, the Z′. Using data collected by the Belle II experiment during... 
Flavor (particle physics) | Leptons | Quarks | Index Medicus | INSTRUMENTATION RELATED TO NUCLEAR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY | Extensions of gauge sector | Physical Systems | Invisible decays | Lepton colliders See more in Physics AUTHORS & AFFILIATIONS CLICK TO EXPAND ARTICLE TEXT CLICK TO EXPAND SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIAL CLICK TO EXPAND REFERENCES CLICK TO EXPAND Issue Vol. 124, Iss. 14 — 10 April 2020 Reuse & Permissions Physical Review A•B•C•D - 50 Years To celebrate 50 years of enduring discoveries, APS is offering 50% off APCs for any manuscript submitted in 2020, published in any of its hybrid journals: PRL, PRA, PRB, PRC, PRD, PRE, PRApplied, PRFluids, and PRMaterials. Learn More » APS and the Physical Review Editorial Office Continue to Support Researchers COVID-19 has impacted many institutions and organizations around the world, disrupting the progress of research. Through this difficult time APS and the Physical Review editorial office are fully equipped and actively working to support researchers by continuing to carry out all editorial and peer-review functions and publish research in the journals as well as minimizing disruption to journal access. We appreciate your continued effort and commitment to helping advance science, and allowing us to publish the best physics journals in the world. And we hope you, and your loved ones, are staying safe and healthy. Ways to Access APS Journal Articles Off-Campus Many researchers now find themselves working away from their institutions and, thus, may have trouble accessing the Physical Review journals. To address this, we have been improving access via several different mechanisms. See Off-Campus Access to Physical Review for further instructions. Sign up to receive regular email alerts from Physical Review Letters Enter your email APS Current Issue Earlier Issues News & Announcements About this Journal Journal Staff About the Journals Join APS AUTHORS General Information Submit a Manuscript Publication Rights Open Access SCOAP3 Policies & Practices Tips for Authors Professional Conduct REFEREES General Information Submit a Report Update Your Information Policies & Practices Referee FAQ Guidelines for Referees Outstanding Referees LIBRARIANS General Information Subscriptions Online License Agreement Usage Statistics Your Account STUDENTS Physics PhysicsCentral Student Membership APS MEMBERS Subscriptions Article Packs Membership FAQ APS News Meetings & Events Privacy Policies Contact Information Feedback ISSN 1079-7114 (online), 0031-9007 (print). ©2020 American Physical Society. All rights reserved. Physical Review Letters™ is a trademark of the American Physical Society, registered in the United States, Canada, European Union, and Japan. The APS Physics logo and Physics logo are trademarks of the American Physical Society. Information about registration may be found here. Use of the American Physical Society websites and journals implies that the user has read and agrees to our Terms and Conditions and any applicable Subscription Agreement | Particle dark matter | Hypothetical gauge bosons
Journal Article
by Shashi, Vandana and Pena, Loren D.M and Kim, Katherine and Burton, Barbara and Hempel, Maja and Schoch, Kelly and Walkiewicz, Magdalena and McLaughlin, Heather M and Cho, Megan and Stong, Nicholas and Hickey, Scott E and Shuss, Christine M and Freemark, Michael S and Bellet, Jane S and Keels, Martha Ann and Bonner, Melanie J and El-Dairi, Maysantoine and Butler, Megan and Kranz, Peter G and Stumpel, Constance T.R.M and Klinkenberg, Sylvia and Oberndorff, Karin and Alawi, Malik and Santer, Rene and Petrovski, Slavé and Kuismin, Outi and Korpi-Heikkilä, Satu and Pietilainen, Olli and Aarno, Palotie and Kurki, Mitja I and Hoischen, Alexander and Need, Anna C and Goldstein, David B and Kortüm, Fanny and Bacino, A and Lee, Brendan H and Balasubramanyam, Ashok and Burrage, Lindsay C and Clark, Gary D and Craigen, William J and Dhar, Shweta U and Emrick, Lisa T and Graham, Brett H and Jain, Mahim and Lalani, Seema R and Lewis, Richard A and Moretti, Paolo M and Nicholas, Sarah K and Orange, Jordan S and Posey, Jennifer E and Potocki, Lorraine and Rosenfeld, Jill A and Scott, Daryl A and Hanchard, Neil A and Alyssa, Tran A and Mercedes, Alejandro E and Mashid, Azamian S and Bellen, Hugo J and Yamamoto, Shinya and Wangler, Michael F and Westerfield, Monte and Postlethwait, John H and Eng, Christine M and Yang, Yaping and Muzny, Donna M and Ward, Patricia A and Ramoni, Rachel B and McCray, Alexa T and Kohane, Issac S and Holm, Ingrid A and Might, Matthew and Mazur, Paul and Splinter, Kimberly and Esteves, Cecilia and Jiang, Yong-hui and McConkie-Rosell, Allyn and Spillmann, Rebecca C and Sullivan, Jennifer A and Walley, Nicole M and Beggs, Alan H and Loscalzo, Joseph and MacRae, Calum A and Silverman, Edwin K and Stoler, Joan M and Sweetser, David A and Maas, Richard L and Krier, Joel B and Rodan, Lance H and Walsh, Chris A and Cooper, Cynthia M and Pallais, Juan C and Donnell-Fink, Laurel A and Krieg, Elizabeth L and Lincoln, Sharyn A and Briere, Lauren C and Jacob, Howard J and Worthey, Elizabeth A and Lazar, Joe and Strong, Kim A and Handley, Lori H and ... and Undiagnosed Diseases Network
American journal of human genetics, ISSN 0002-9297, 10/2016, Volume 99, Issue 4, pp. 991 - 999
The ASXL genes (ASXL1, ASXL2, and ASXL3) participate in body patterning during embryogenesis and encode proteins involved in epigenetic regulation and assembly... 
developmental delay | macrocephaly | glabellar nevus flammeus | whole-exome sequencing | intellectual disability | ASXL2 | Genetic variation | Health aspects | Phenotype | Proteins | Genotype & phenotype | Embryology | Transcription factors | Genes | Index Medicus
Journal Article
American Journal of Physiology - Cell Physiology, ISSN 0363-6143, 03/2010, Volume 298, Issue 3, pp. 611 - 623
Journal Article
American journal of human genetics, ISSN 0002-9297, 08/2018, Volume 103, Issue 2, pp. 221 - 231
Bloom syndrome, caused by biallelic mutations in BLM, is characterized by prenatal-onset growth deficiency, short stature, an erythematous photosensitive malar... 
double Holliday junction dissolution | BLM | Bloom syndrome | genomic instability | topoisomerase III | RecQ helicases | Life Sciences & Biomedicine | Genetics & Heredity | Science & Technology | Topoisomerases | Physiological aspects | Genetic aspects | Research | Helicases | Risk factors
Journal Article
Neonatology, ISSN 1661-7800, 11/2012, Volume 102, Issue 4, pp. 319 - 320
... Eyi, E.G.Y . 157 Fauchère, J.-C. 172 Finer, N.N. 185 Fischer, H. 190 Flageole, H. 45 Gantert, J. 81 Gantert, M. 81 Garnier, Y . 81 Gavilanes, A.W .D. 81 Georgieff... 
Further Section
Journal Article
The European physical journal. C, Particles and fields, ISSN 1434-6044, 11/2018, Volume 78, Issue 11, pp. 1 - 8
We report evidence for the charged charmed-strange baryon $$\Xi _{c}(2930)^+$$ Ξc(2930)+ with a signal significance... 
Nuclear Physics, Heavy Ions, Hadrons | Measurement Science and Instrumentation | Nuclear Energy | Quantum Field Theories, String Theory | Physics | Elementary Particles, Quantum Field Theory | Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology
Journal Article
by Biswas-Fiss, Esther E and Alturkestani, Albtool and Jones, Jazzlyn and Korth, Joscelyn and Affet, Stephanie and Ha, Malissa and Biswas, Subhasis and Paolini, Alessandro and Baldassarre, Antonella and Masotti, Andrea and Li, Jian and Tarren, Josephine R and Holgate, Joan Y and Bartlett, Selena E and Pérez-Aguilar, Benjamín and Vidal, Cecilio J and Gomez-Olivares, José Luis and Gerardo-Ramirez, Monserrat and Gutiérrez-Ruiz, Ma. Concepción and Gomez-Quiroz, Luis E and Takenaka, Nobuyuki and Satoh, Takaya and Maloberti, Paula M and Castillo, Ana F and Orlando, Ulises and Podesta, Ernesto J and Gallo, Gianluca and Young, Paul W and Ajaykumar, Amarendra Praburam and Blumer, Joe B and Lanier, Stephen M and Robinson, Christian R and Pieper, Ina Laura and Kanamarlapudi, Venkateswarlu and Kasirer-Friede, Ana and Gosney, Benjamin J and Robinson, Christian R and Kanamarlapudi, Venkateswarlu and Robinson, Christian R and Kanamarlapudi, Venkateswarlu and Antoni, Ferenc András and Alexander, Jonathan and Pirone, Antonella and Jacob, Michele and Dessauer, Carmen W and Lanoue, Vanessa and Kirchhoff, Christiane and Cappallo-Obermann, Heike and Kirchhoff, Christiane and Davies, Ben and Caselli, Chiara and Tamaddon-Jahromi, Salman and Kanamarlapudi, Venkateswarlu and Tamaddon-Jahromi, Salman and Kanamarlapudi, Venkateswarlu and Modjtahedi, Nazanine and Kroemer, Guido and Benhar, Inbal and Abramson, Jakub and Gabrovsek, Laura and Bucko, Paula and Carnegie, Graeme K and Scott, John D and Blaustein, Matías and Anthony, Bryan A and Hadley, Gregg A and Saleem, Sehar and Khanday, Firdous A and Gannon, Mary and Wang, Qin and Martin, Andrew P and Topp, Justin D and Prakasam, Gopinath and Iqbal, Mohammad Askandar and Singh, Rajnish Kumar and Bamezai, Rameshwar N. K and Nenseth, Hatice Zeynep and Tesikova, Martina and Saatcioglu, Fahri and Sheikh, Søren Paludan and Tufo, Grégory and Galluzzi, Lorenzo and Kroemer, Guido and Brenner, Catherine and Peden, Andrew A and Matsuda, Shinji and Yuzaki, Michisuke and Martinez-Lostao, Luis and de Miguel, Diego and Anel, Alberto and Naval, Javier and Liu, Zhiqing and Chen, Haiying and Zhou, Jia and Ferreira, Patricia and Villanueva, Raquel and Martínez-Júlvez, Marta and Medina, Milagros and Southam, Katherine A and Stennard, Fiona A and ...
6/2018, ISBN 3319671987
Book Chapter