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The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 10/2017, Volume 377, Issue 14, pp. 1319 - 1330
Journal Article
by Henriquez, Dacia D.C.A and Gillissen, Ada and Smith, Sharissa M and Cramer, Roos A and Van Den Akker, Thomas and Zwart, Joost J and Van Roosmalen, Jos J.M and Bloemenkamp, Kitty W.M and Van Der Bom, Johanna G and Aiaanse, H. J and Van Den Akker, E. S.A and Baas, M. I and Bank, C. M.C and Van Beek, E and De Boer, B. A and De Boer, K and Van Der Borden, D. M.R and Bremer, H. A and Brons, J. T.J and Burggraaff, J. M and Ceelie, H and Chon, H and Cikot, J. L.M and Delemarre, F. M.C and Diris, J. H.C and Kleffens, M. Doesburg Van and Van Dooren, I. M.A and Van Duijnhoven, J. L.P and Van Dunné, F. M and Duvekot, J. J and Engbers, P and Hulst, M. J.W.Van Etten Van and Feitsma, H and Fouraux, M. A and Franssen, M. T.M and Frasa, M. A.M and Van Gammeren, A. J and Van Gemund, N and Van Der Graaf, F and De Groot, C. J.M and Hackeng, C. M and Van Der Ham, D. P and Hanssen, M. J.C.P and Hasaart, T. H.M and Heniks, H. A and Henskens, Y. M.C and Hermsen, B. B.J and Hogenboom, S and Hooker, A and Hudig, F and Huijssoon, A. M.G and Huisjes, A. J.M and Jonker, N and Kabel, P. J and Van Kampen, C and De Keijzer, M. H and Van De Kerkhof, D. H and Keuren, J. F.W and Kleiverda, G and Klinkspoor, J. H and Koehorst, S. G.A and Kok, M and Kok, R. D and De Kok, J. B and Koops, A and Kortlandt, W and Langenveld, J and Leers, M. P.G and Leyte, A and De Mare, A and Martens, G. D.M and Meekers, J. H and Van Meir, C. A and Metz, G. C.H and Michielse, E. C.H.J and Mostert, L. J and Bijvank, S. W.H.Nij and Oostenveld, E and Osmanovic, N and Oudijk, M. A and Pagano Mirani-Oostdijk, C and Van Pampus, E. C.M and Papatsonis, D. N.M and Peters, R. H.M and Ponjee, G. A.E and Pontesilli, M and Porath, M. M and Post, M. S and Pouwels, J. G.J and Prinzen, L and Roelofsen, J. M.T and Rondeel, J. J.M and Van Der Salm, P. C.M and Scheepers, H. C.J and Schippers, D. H and Schuitemaker, N. W.E and Sikkema, J. M and Slomp, J and Smit, J. W and Lange, Y. S.Snuif De and ...
BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, ISSN 1471-2393, 10/2019, Volume 19, pp. 1 - 10
Background: The absence of a uniform and clinically relevant definition of severe postpartum haemorrhage hampers comparative studies and optimization of... 
Postpartum haemorrhage | Maternal morbidity | Maternal mortality | Definition | Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Journal Article
by Ahmad, Q.R and Allen, R.C and Andersen, T.C and Anglin, J.D and Bühler, G and Barton, J.C and Beier, E.W and Bercovitch, M and Bigu, J and Biller, S and Black, R.A and Blevis, I and Bardman, R.J and Boger, J and Bonvin, E and Boulay, M.G and Bowler, M.G and Bowles, T.J and Brice, S.J and Browne, M.C and Bullard, T.V and Burritt, T.H and Cameron, K and Cameron, J and Chan, Y.D and Chen, M and Chen, H.H and Chen, X and Chon, M.C and Cleveland, B.T and Clifford, E.T.H and Cowan, J.H.M and Cowen, D.F and Cox, G.A and Dai, Y and Dai, X and Dalnoki-Veress, F and Davidson, W.F and Doe, P.J and Doucas, G and Dragowsky, M.R and Duba, C.A and Duncan, F.A and Dunmore, J and Earle, E.D and Elliott, S.R and Evans, H.C and Ewan, G.T and Farine, J and Fergani, H and Ferraris, A.P and Ford, R.J and Fowler, M.M and Frame, K and Frank, E.D and Frati, W and Germani, J.V and Gil, S and Goldschmidt, A and Grant, D.R and Hahn, R.L and Hallin, A.L and Hallman, E.D and Hamer, A and Hamian, A.A and Haq, R.U and Hargrove, C.K and Harvey, P.J and Hazama, R and Heaton, R and Heeger, K.M and Heintzelman, W.J and Heise, J and Helmer, R.L and Hepburn, J.D and Heron, H and Hewett, J and Hime, A and Howe, M and Hykawy, J.G and Isaac, M.C.P and Jagam, P and Jelley, N.A and Jillings, C and Jonkmans, G and Karn, J and Keener, P.T and Kirch, K and Klein, J.R and Knox, A.B and Komar, R.J and Kouzes, R and Kutter, T and Kyba, C.C.M and Law, J and Lawson, I.T and Lay, M and Lee, H.W and Lesko, K.T and Leslie, J.R and ...
Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 08/2001, Volume 87, Issue 7, p. 071301/6
Journal Article