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2007, ISBN 9787801668875
by Sun, Luanluan and Clarke, Robert and Bennett, Derrick and Guo, Yu and Walters, Robin G and Hill, Michael and Parish, Sarah and Millwood, Iona Y and Bian, Zheng and Chen, Yiping and Yu, Canqing and Lv, Jun and Collins, Rory and Chen, Junshi and Peto, Richard and Li, Liming and Chen, Zhengming and Chen, Junshi and Chen, Zhengming and Clarke, Robert and Collins, Rory and Guo, Yu and Li, Liming and Lv, Jun and Peto, Richard and Walters, Robin and Avery, Daniel and Bennett, Derrick and Boxall, Ruth and Bragg, Fiona and Chang, Yumei and Chen, Yiping and Chen, Zhengming and Clarke, Robert and Du, Huaidong and Gilbert, Simon and Hacker, Alex and Holmes, Michael and Kartsonaki, Christiana and Kerosi, Rene and Lancaster, Garry and Lin, Kuang and McDonnell, John and Millwood, Iona and Nie, Qunhua and Radhakrishnan, Jayakrishnan and Ryder, Paul and Sansome, Sam and Schmidt, Dan and Sohoni, Rajani and Turnbull, Iain and Walters, Robin and Wang, Jenny and Wang, Lin and Wright, Neil and Yang, Ling and Yang, Xiaoming and Bian, Zheng and Guo, Yu and Han, Xiao and Hou, Can and Jing, Biao and Liu, Chao and Lv, Jun and Pei, Pei and Tan, Yunlong and Yu, Canqing and Pang, Zengchang and Gao, Ruqin and Li, Shanpeng and Wang, Shaojie and Liu, Yongmei and Du, Ranran and Zang, Yajing and Cheng, Liang and Tian, Xiaocao and Zhang, Hua and Zhai, Yaoming and Ning, Feng and Sun, Xiaohui and Li, Feifei and Lv, Silu and Wang, Junzheng and Hou, Wei and Zeng, Mingyuan and Jiang, Ge and Zhou, Xue and Yang, Liqiu and He, Hui and Yu, Bo and Li, Yanjie and Xu, Qinai and Kang, Quan and Guo, Ziyan and Wang, Dan and Hu, Ximin and Wang, Hongmei and Chen, Jinyan and Fu, Yan and Fu, Zhenwang and ... and China Kadoorie Biobank and China Kadoorie Biobank Collaborative Group and National Co-ordinating Centre, Beijing and Regional Co-ordinating Centres and International Steering Committee and International Co-ordinating Centre, Oxford and on behalf of the China Kadoorie Biobank Collaborative Group
Nature Medicine, ISSN 1078-8956, 2019, Volume 25, Issue 4, pp. 569 - 569
Journal Article
by Cai, Na and Bigdeli, Tim B and Kretzschmar, Warren and Lei, Yihan and Liang, Jieqin and Song, Li and Hu, Jingchu and Li, Qibin and Jin, Wei and Hu, Zhenfei and Wang, Guangbiao and Wang, Linmao and Qian, Puyi and Liu, Yuan and Jiang, Tao and Lu, Yao and Zhang, Xiuqing and Yin, Ye and Lie, Yingrui and Xu, Xun and Gao, Jingfang and Reimers, Mark and Webb, Todd and Riley, Brien and Bacanu, Silviu and Peterson, Roseann E and Chen, Yiping and Zhong, Hui and Liu, Zhengrong and Wang, Gang and Sun, Jing and Sang, Hong and Jiang, Guoqing and Zhou, Xiaoyan and Li, Yi and Zhang, Wei and Wang, Xueyi and Fang, Xiang and Pan, Runde and Miao, Guodong and Zhang, Qiwen and Hu, Jian and Yu, Fengyu and Du, Bo and Sang, Wenhua and Li, Keqing and Chen, Guibing and Cai, Min and Yang, Lijun and Yang, Donglin and Ha, Baowei and Hong, Xiaohong and Deng, Hong and Li, Gongying and Li, Kan and Song, Yan and Gao, Shugui and Zhang, Jinbei and Gan, Zhaoyu and Meng, Huaqing and Pan, Jiyang and Gao, Chengge and Zhang, Kerang and Sun, Ning and Li, Youhui and Niu, Qihui and Zhang, Yutang and Liu, Tieqiao and Hu, Chunmei and Zhang, Zhen and Lv, Luxian and Dong, Jicheng and Wang, Xiaoping and Tao, Ming and Wang, Xumei and Xia, Jing and Rong, Han and He, Qiang and Liu, Tiebang and Huang, Guoping and Mei, Qiyi and Shen, Zhenming and Liu, Ying and Shen, Jianhua and Tian, Tian and Liu, Xiaojuan and Wu, Wenyuan and Gu, Danhua and Fu, Guangyi and Shi, Jianguo and Chen, Yunchun and Gan, Xiangchao and Liu, Lanfen and Wang, Lina and Yang, Fuzhong and Cong, Enzhao and Marchini, Jonathan and Yang, Huanming and Wang, Jian and Shi, Shenxun and ... and CONVERGE Consortium and CONVERGE consortium
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 07/2015, Volume 523, Issue 7562, pp. 588 - 591
Journal Article
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 01/2014, Volume 9, Issue 1, p. e87569
Journal Article
by Holman, Rury R and Coleman, Ruth L and Chan, Juliana C N and Chiasson, Jean-Louis and Feng, Bo and Feng, Huimei and Feng, Jinhua and Ge, Junbo and Gerstein, Hertzel C and Gray, Richard and Huo, Yong and Huo, Yanming and Lang, Zhihui and McMurray, John J and Rydén, Lars and Schröder, Stefan and Sun, Yu and Sun, Xiaochun and Sun, Yihong and Theodorakis, Michael J and Tendera, Michal and Tucker, Lynne and Tuomilehto, Jaakko and Wei, Xiaoshuai and Wei, Guanglin and Wei, Jinru and Wei, Yidong and Wei, Hua and Yang, Jin and Yang, Bo and Yang, Zhenyu and Yang, Ping and Yang, Wenying and Yang, Tianlun and Yang, Chengming and Yang, Ming and Wang, Dongmei and Wang, Chunxue and Wang, A'li and Wang, Jingping and Wang, Gang and Wang, Duolao and Wang, Mingsheng and Wang, Bangning and Wang, Bin and Wang, Daowen and Wang, Changqing and Wang, Yuanming and Wang, Li'na and Wang, Yanping and Wang, Hairong and Wang, Yan and Hu, Rong and Hu, Taohong and Hu, Ling and Hu, Dayi and Pan, Changyu and Keenan, Joanne and Milton, Joanne and Doran, Zoe and Bray, Chris and Rouleau, Jean L and Collier, Jane and Pocock, Stuart and Standl, Eberhard and Swedberg, Karl and Weng, Jianping and Zhao, Yulan and Zhao, Xia and Zhao, Shuwu and Zhao, Zilin and Zhao, Ruiping and Zhao, Dong and Petrie, John R and Petrie, Mark C and Connolly, Eugene and Jhund, Pardeep and MacDonald, Michael and Myles, Rachel C and Bai, Rong and Bai, Wenwei and Li, Kaili and Li, Hongmei and Li, Ling and Li, Dongye and Li, Zhanquan and Li, Xueqi and Li, Juxiang and Li, Decai and Li, Zhongcheng and Li, Zicheng and Li, Jing and Li, Haitao and Li, Yuehua and Li, Tong and Li, Xiaoyan and Li, Hongwei and Liu, Junming and Liu, Xincan and Liu, Qiliang and ... and ACE Study Grp and ACE Study Group
The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, ISSN 2213-8587, 11/2017, Volume 5, Issue 11, pp. 877 - 886
Journal Article
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 01/2014, Volume 9, Issue 1, p. e86674
Journal Article
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 11/2013, Volume 8, Issue 11, p. e80030
Journal Article